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Founding Hogwarts by UnluckyStar57
Chapter 4 : Alsace-Lorraine
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IV. Alsace-Lorraine

It is you who ask Godric to dismiss the students to bed. Sleep came upon them quickly, and they came to learn, not to oversleep. The first lesson that you will teach keeps running through your mind as you ensure that every detail is perfect.

No, you’ve done that enough, haven’t you? You have made it your business to know everything that you possibly can about magic, so imparting your knowledge to the students will come easily if they are sharp and willing to listen. These days, you are in the habit of using magical theory as a distraction from the thoughts that are truly on your mind.

If anyone knows what prejudice is, it is you. Born into a noble Wizarding family, you were encouraged to be a proper lady, to forsake the pen and paper for sewing and dancing lessons. However, you rebelled against the notion that you should be considered less than a man. You read books and practiced magic, writing treatises about your own theories. Whenever a learned guest visited, you listened at the door of your father’s study so that you could discern the secrets of the universe.

Naturally, finding a husband was difficult, but your father finally found a nobleman who was willing to accept a wife with a thirst for knowledge and a sharp tongue. Away you went to your new castle, where you began to manage your husband’s affairs. He was only too happy for the assistance.

Your marriage, while not saturated with love, was one of pleasant symbiosis. Soon, a child came along, a beautiful girl with her mother’s black hair and her father’s gleaming green eyes. She lit up your world, and there was nothing that you could deny her.

A few years later, the world as you knew it came to an end. The premature death of your husband left you with a young daughter, a large estate, and restive serfs. Although you had proved yourself time and again as a woman of reason, the men resented being governed by a woman—a woman with magical powers, no less! Things began to happen: they threw rocks at your windows, set fire to your stables, hobbled your livestock, and the servants in the castle whispered plots against you. When it became clear that there was no way to persuade the serfs to desist, you fled with your daughter to the south.

You are the mastermind behind most of the enchantments and wards around the school. These children should not have to know fear of their fellow humans because they have magical blood, or are not male. Power comes from knowledge, and anyone who wishes to hold that power should be able to, regardless of gender.

Because of your intelligence and creativity, the lessons that you teach will remain in students’ minds for years to come. You have found a place where you can have the power that the world denies you: the power of knowledge.

You are wise, Rowena Ravenclaw.

A/N: As always, I own nothing. Hoorah, after this, I have one more chapter to post! I hope that you have enjoyed it thus far. :)

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