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The Invisible Thief by lovestings
Chapter 30 : Dress Shopping, ice cream, and TPG
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 Dress Shopping, ice cream, and TPG



After Christmas, winter break began to go on in a blur. The conversation I had with Albus had went to the back of my mind and instead of dwelling on the what ifs I just enjoyed my friendship with him and the rest of the gang.




I spent the majority of my time with Dominique and Louis back at the villa. Victoire had finally left to go on a mini vacation with Teddy so they would be away during New Year’s Eve. Dominique was practically crying tears of joy when she had heard the news.




We had a celebratory dance party in honor of Vic’s departure. Fleur wasn’t so kind about the idea but Bill broke out his hideous headband and did a duet with me.




It was epic.




Louis tried to get him to do some dance with him to this explicit gangster song but Bill told him that he would hex him if he didn’t leave him alone.




Ah, the joys of being the loved one in the family.




Or well…not that they’re my family but y’know my temporary holiday family. Yeah.




“We’re going shopping today,” Dominique informed me with a radiating smile on her lips. Her blonde hair was pulled back in a pony tail and she was practically jumping for joy at the idea of spending more of her parent’s money on clothes she didn’t need.




“But…why?” I whined, fighting the urge to throw my spoon at her and run to the nearest safe spot.




Dominique scowled at me and pushed her breakfast away from her, leaning back in the chair she was sitting at by the kitchen table. “We need to find dresses for the Potter’s New Year’s Eve party. It’s really big and practically everyone from our school goes to it.”




“I’ve never gone to it before.”




“Yes, well, you’re a special case.” She said as she leaned forward to pat me on the head like a dog.




Bitch, I ain’t a dog. I’m Brielle.




Woof Woof.




I frowned, “Can’t I just wear jeans and call it a day?”




And like I had just suggested a horrid crime to commit Dominique gasped, shaking her head violently. “Are you insane?!” She asked with an urgent undertone to her voice, standing up while still shaking her head like a mad women.








“Possibly,” I responded blandly, shaking my head at her.




Dominique didn’t seem to think I was that funny as she frowned and continued to talk, scooping away the Wiz O’s I wasn’t done eating and began to put them in the sink. “It’s a formal event Brielle. That means dresses and heels and the whole nine yards.”




Oh lord. I don’t do well in heels. I usually trip and shit.




“Can’t we just go like two yards instead of the whole nine yards?” I asked sarcastically, earning a used spoon thrown at my face.




Thanks Dom, you could have blinded me but no big deal. Just the usual here at the Weasley’s villa.




“Very funny Bri but no.” She responded while rolling her eyes, wiping her hands off on the nearest cloth she could find. “Besides, I have to make sure you are the hottest girl there.”




“And why is that?” I asked.




She snorted as if it was the most obvious thing in the world, “To get back at my cousin for being the biggest prat I’ve ever had the privilege of meeting.”




Oh, well if that’s the plan that hell yeah.




I stood up abruptly, nearly knocking down the vase on the table before brushing it off awkwardly and just smiling. “I’m in.”




“Obviously you are. I would have just dragged you to Diagon Alley anyways.” Dominique said before grabbing my arm and dragging me upstairs to get changed.






Three hours , six boutiques down the road, and one very angry Dominique later and we were trudging down the roads of Diagon Alley empty handed with nothing but strawberry ice cream in our stomachs.




If you ask me I would say the day was going pretty successful since that strawberry ice cream was to die for but Dominique seems to be fuming so I wouldn’t risk angering her. The last store we were in Dominique threw a sparkly crusted shoe at the poor sales girl because they brought her the wrong size when Dominique hadn’t even told them her shoe size.




Are they supposed to be feet wizards and know what size shoe you wear?




“Maybe we should head home it’s starting to get late…” I say, trailing off with my words but Dominique silences me with the palm of her hand.




“Don’t test me.” She snaps before scanning the ups and downs of the road, looking for any suitable shop to go in.




I doubt Dominique will find anything of her liking since we’ve been to every stinking shop I never knew existed and they each came up short. Either the dresses were too tacky, didn’t fit right, or just were plain out ugly.




But like Merlin was trying to play some sick, fashion related joke on me Dominique managed to find what she was looking for.




It was a little boutique on the far end of the corner shoved right between a pie store (yum!) and a thrift shop. It looked plain from the outside with its classic brick exterior but had a large sign that read in cursive letters ‘Queen Bee Boutique’ with a small bee floating and zooming around in a circle around the sign.




“See! It’s an omen!” Dominique cried before grabbing my arm and crossing the street, pulling me into the boutique.




Not that I’m some word wizard or anything but I’m pretty sure an omen is a sign for bad luck so perhaps Dominique should find a more well suited word than that like…an uber sign!




Merlin bless the word uber.




It’s a life saver.




The door made a jingle tune was we entered, swinging shut behind us. Dominique rudely brushed past the sales people as she began to drag me towards the dresses like we were on a mission. Technically, we are on a mission.




A ‘Make Albus Potter jealous because he’s a stupid wanker that didn’t want me but he will soon” mission. That name is a bit of a mouth full, eh?




We could like abbreviate it but then it turns into MAPJBHASWTDWMBHWS which just looks and sounds like a whole shit ton of gibberish.




Let’s just go with mission “Jealous Albus Potter”, or JAP for short.




Yes, that is a splendid mission name.




“Well, what are you doing? You’re wasting precious time!” Dominique stared at me before exploding, throwing her arms into the air in exasperation. “Pick out dresses!”




Who knew someone could be so violent when suggesting to go dress picking?




In a hurry to get away from the fire breathing dragon that was Dominique Weasley I made a sharp right and began to go through the millions of dresses on the rack. How was anyone trusting me to pick out an outfit? Merlin, I wore the same outfit everyday practically.




I thought my blue sweater with the magically charmed moving hearts on it was fashionable until Amelia “accidently” spilled oatmeal on it and ruined it.




 I think the bitch was just jealous that she didn’t have her own if you ask me.




Back to this whole dress situation we have on hand. Like mentioned before, my style is pretty simple and the whole concept of wearing a fancy dress isn’t really my thing. It works for other people but not really for me.




Dresses are so constricting and I just feel like I can’t move. How am I supposed to get my grove on if the dress is so tight it’s suffocating me? And what if I really have to pee?




Do you know how much of a pain in the arse it is to hold up your whole entire dress so you can take a tinkle? I wouldn’t know since I don’t wear long dresses but I’ve got to assume it’s hard – real hard, man.




“Brielle! Stop talking to yourself and get your head in the game!” Dominique screams at me as she zooms past me with her hands full of possibly a few dozen dresses.




Oh lord.




She bulldozes into my back and pushes me in the direction of the three mirrors and the changing rooms. Dominique throws all the dresses in my lap, instructing me to sit on the couch while she tries on a few dresses she picked out for herself.




Apparently this whole monster pile of seven thousand dresses are the ones for me. Dominique must have bumped her head if she thinks I’m wearing any of these. I wish Amelia was here so she could punch Dominique in the face and tell her I don’t need some fancy dress to wear to this stupid party but I’m still so damn mad at Amelia that I’ll have to punch Dominique in the face myself.




It’ll be a chore but I’ll gladly to it.




Instead of whack-a-mole they should have punch-a-Weasley. I’m sure who ever runs the both would make a lot of money. Merlin, we can even have a Potter edition because who doesn’t want to smack Albus and James across the face?




Every girl James and Fred every screwed over would be lining up to break their noses.




“Earth to Brielle,” Dominique snapped in my face, catching my attention. She took a step back so I could properly look at her. She was wearing a stunning black dress that hung to ever part of her body. It was halter neck and tied delicately around Dominique’s neck. It had a deep V neckline that she filled out and it was completely backless in the back. The skirt of the dress was form fitting before spilling out at the bottom.




I whistled, “Merlin, Dom, are you trying to give Billy Boy a heart attack?”




“That’s not my main goal but it wouldn’t hurt.” She giggled, flipping some blonde hair off her shoulder. “Do you think Beau would like it?” She asked, talking about whatever Slytherin Dominique has became obsessed with.




Apparently he’s on the quidditch team and a real looker. He’s a Zambini and family friends with Scorpius. I’ve never seen him before – or at least not that I remember – but I’ve heard his name before here and there.




“He’ll have to be gay to not like you in that dress.” I responded bluntly.








What? I meant no offense to anyone that likes the same sex because really sometimes I considered turning lesbian because dealing with boys is too much of a hassle. Not to mention if I was with a girl we could complain about our time of the month together and eat cartons of ice cream.








But alas, I have the attraction to the male species so I have to deal with all their shit.




“I’m being serious, Dom, you’re hot and any guy would be crazy to not want to be with you.” I said honestly, girl crushing on my friend in front of me.




“Aw, B, that is honestly one of the nicest thing anyone has said to me!” Dominique cheered with a bright smile, clapping her hands together in excitement. “It’s your turn now!”




Oh lord, that isn’t happening. There is no way I’m gonna get off my arse and try on dresses after Dominique just stepped out looking like a goddess. No one wants to see a beach whale in a tight dress.




Just in case you didn’t get it I’m the beached whale.




Moo or whatever sounds a whale makes.




“I’m not really feeling the whole trying on dresses lark. Perhaps we should just keep me benched while you put on a little fashion show and then afterward we can go get some pie and – “




Dominique stopped my rambling, pulling me up by the wrist making the dresses fall to the ground. She dismisses the mess and began to pull me into the dressing room, throwing three or four dresses in with me. “Shut up and try on the dresses.” She instructed before slamming the door shut in my face.




My, my, someone is a bit touchy today.




I glared at the door even though Dominique couldn’t see my threatening glare. I let out a barely there sigh before giving up as I began to strip of my winter jacket. I kicked my boots off and began to sort through the pile of four dresses Dominique had thrown at me in her haste.




The first one was an aqua marine color that looked tacky. It was a halter style and had ruching all over the stomach area before spiraling out into a train wreck of a skirt. I was semi-offended that Dominique would even suggest this dress for me before I realized that this was one of the dresses I picked out.




Merlin did I have horrible taste in clothing.




No wonder Dominique didn’t trust me.




After physically cringing at the blue dress I pushed it to the side so I could fully survey my other options.




The second one wasn’t as bad as the first but it was still lacking any of the factors that Dominique would deem an acceptable dress. This one was short and in a deep navy color. It was strapless with a sweetheart neckline but the bejeweled bodice was already starting to come off and someone had left deodorant stains from when they had tried it on.




That’s rude.




Stupid chick leaving her pit stains all over the place.








Or yeah...something like that.




I moved on to the third dress and breathed a sigh of relief when I noticed it was actually pretty nice. It was a calming purple color with a cap sleeve. It was full length and the neckline was modest which made up for the fact that that back was completely backless.




I resentfully took off my t-shirt and jeans despite the struggle that ensued when the denim wouldn’t come off my thighs.




Curse all my late night snacks and lack of quidditch practice.




I’m packing on the pounds but I really don’t care cause I’m still fabulous.




The dress slipped on easily besides the small amount of wiggling I had to do to get it up and over my hips considering there was no zipper. I ran my fingers through my hair before stepping out carefully, leaving my door slightly ajared.




“Well?” I ask Dominique, tilting my head slightly.




Dom looks up from whatever magazine she’s looking at and I’m horrified to see it’s a bridal magazine. The idea of Dominique getting married and having kids is almost scary. Her face doesn’t seemed to change as she takes in the sight before her.




She puckers her lips before offering a smile, “It’s pretty but it’s not the one.”




I sigh and agree with her even though I didn’t bother to look in the mirror. If Dom wasn’t blown away by it then frankly I wasn’t either. I mean, can we really trust me fashion sense?




I thought neon sweaters with animals on it was the newest trend. I wore a polka dot sweater with my plain school skirt. Any girl with at least a tinge of common sense in fashion would have kicked me in the face if they saw what used to wear.




I’m a walking advertisement on what not to wear.




Warning fashion less girls everyday on the hazards of having no style.




You’re welcome.




I dress was a pain in the arse to get off because like I mentioned before, I had to do a little dance to get it up over my hips and now I have to do a little dance to get it off.




It’s not really a dance but more of a jerking hop which ensues me crashing into the wall and banging my head against the glass mirror.




“B, you okay in there?”




No, I’m dead.




“I’m all good!” I called as the stupid piece of fabric finally released its deathlike grip on me.




Brielle “The awesome” Patil: 1 POINTS


Stupid piece of fabric: 0 POINTS




Yeah, okay, I’m weird. I don’t care.




I threw the dress to the side with the other two even though I’m sure they cost a hundred galleons or some other ridiculous amount of money. If I was a good person I would have re-hung it up but let’s be honest here I don’t even hang up my own close let alone other peoples.




I mean, don’t people get paid to clean up the dress rooms right?




I avoided my clothes-less reflection and faced the little chair where the last dress sat. It must have been a mistake because this dress looked like it was straight out of a pile of dresses Dominique was considering for herself.




It was black but covered head to toe in sequins. They didn’t look cheap but instead looked beautifully hand crafted. It was long sleeve which I liked however it had a daring deep V in the front that would prevent me from wearing any time of real bra. It went all the way down to the floor and had a nice flare to it.




I was ready to throw it right back at Dominique from over the dressing room door but after checking the size I realized she had pulled it for me.




Was this girl crazy?




I considered just going out in my knickers when Dominique started pounding on the door yelling obscene threats but I finally gave it and slipped the dress on.




It had a side zipper which I had no struggle zipping up, walking out immediately without even a glance in the mirror. If I looked I would probably change my mind and hide in the dressing room all day.




Man, my self esteem needs to turn up.




Get it?




I’m too funny.




Dominique turned away furiously from the salesclerk that was yelling at her for being too loud upon hearing my arrival. Her blonde hair swayed from the sudden movement and she had a perpetual frown plastered on her lips.




“Can you believe that girls nerve, B? She’s just a fake blonde, nobody who’s jea – “




She stopped midway through her rant on the salesclerk to stare at me wide eyed and open mouth like a deer caught in the head light.




Ah shit.




This can either be good or bad.




“Al is going to be on his knees begging for you to marry him when he sees you in that dress.”




Apparently it’s a good thing. Splendid.




“Really?” I asked semi-shocked, taking a step to the little foot platform and stepping on so I could see my reflection in the three mirrors and I was surprised that I did in fact look good.




I looked like the darker skinned, darker hair, darker eyes, just generally darker version of Dominique Weasley with a few added pounds of course. Sorry but salad sucks and I like food. I’m not going to apologize for being amazeballs.




The glittered sequins shined in the light and it reflected every single bright object that hit it giving me a glow. The black was flattering on my skin tone and the deep v was sexy. I had to take off my bra so I could try on the dress but it was worth it to see the small peak of my creamy skin and just a barely bit of my round chest sneaking through.




The dress hugged every single part of my body which usually would be a sure sign for me to NOT get something but this time it worked in my favor. The only part it didn’t hug like glue was by my knees where it flared out dramatically to the floor to giving a circular halo around my feet made out of expensive fabric.




“Do you like it?” Dom asked, arching an eyebrow as her smiling face into the background of the material.




I examined my reflection a few more times before smiling. “I think I do.”




“Think isn’t good enough, bitch.”




I had to bite the inside of my cheek to keep me from laughing at Dominique’s change in mood and the glare the salesclerk gave her from a respectful distance.




I opened my mouth to laugh, still smiling as I did so. “I know I do.” I corrected myself earning a happy grin from Dominique before she pestered me back into the dressing room so I could change back into my clothes so we could leave.








Both mine and Dominique’s dresses were expensive and despite all my protests and that fact that I literally pulled my wand out on her Dominique wouldn’t let me pay.




That strong-headed blondie.




She may look like a Barbie but she’s lethal, people. Just a warning to anyone out there that wants to mess with Dominique Weasley.




It was starting to get late but we weren’t in the mood to go back to the villa so we stopped at the local ice cream parlor. It was cute and tucked in the corner of the street with a florescent sign. Dominique snagged us a spot in line, pushing some poor little ten year old out of the way so we could be in front of him.




Like I said, she may look all sweet and stuff but she’s got not one nice bone in her body.




“I’ll have five scoops of double chocolate chip, chocolate sauce, and chocolate sprinkles.” Dominique said loudly to the pizza face boy working the counter that was eyeing up Dominique.




Leave it to the size zero Barbie doll to order the most calories possible at an ice cream parlor. I wish I could eat what she did and still manage to not look like the three eyed beast. I eat two slices of pizza and I gain five hundred pounds the next day like excuse me???








“Can I have two scoops of vanilla ice cream and rainbow sprinkles please?” I asked in my most polite voice. Pizza face ignored me as he held out Dominique’s ice cream cone, staring at her. Well then, that’s rude.




I cleared my throat, “Excuse me.”




Pizza face still didn’t look at me.




I cleared my throat again more loudly, making a gagging noise but Pizza face was still more interested in Dominique’s stupid pretty face than getting my ice cream.




“Oh my goodness, ma’am are you choking?” Some little girl with pigtails asked me loudly.




I shook my head quickly however there was a gross feeling in the back of my throat from clearing it so I coughed while shaking my head.




Pigtail’s eyes went wide and she literally started screaming, “SOMEONE CALL WIZARD 911 THIS GIRL IS DYING!”








I’m not dying.




Still breathing here, all good, nothing to worry about.




“Liar!” I shouted. “I swear I’m not dying people, I just want my ice cream!” I waved off people trying to help me and I gave Dominique a nasty look after she wacked me on the back to ‘prevent me from choking’.




The blonde chick knew I wasn’t choking she just wanted to hit me.




“OMG you were fake choking just so you could get your ice cream? That’s horrible.” The pigtail girl informed me, crossing her arms over her non-existent chest and standing next to the awkward boy behind us.




“I wasn’t fake choking…”




Okay so I was kind of lying but I think Merlin will forgive me. It was just a miscommunication.




“You’re a liar too, wow, you’re like satan with really bad hair.”




Uhm what did this lil’ bitch call me? I’ll show you satan you little pigtail, flatchested, freaky lil’ bitch…




“And you need a nose job.” She smirked at me.




How can someone who was trying to save my life do a total 180 and now offend me? This is just not my day.




“Excuse me you little dwarf, my nose is lovely so stop offending it. Noses have feelings too!” I yelled back at the little brat, earning a few odd stares before I turned on my heels and glared at pizza face. “And I want my stupid ice cream!”




Ok, yah, Dominique and I are getting kicked out of this ice cream parlor.




Pizza boy scrambled to give me my ice cream, the vanilla dripping on the side of the cone. He practically dropped it when he gave it to me before Dominique threw a few dollar bills towards the cashier.




“Yo, lets get out of here before you beat up that little girl.” Dominique pulled at my sweater while I had a staring face off with this 4 foot chick. She stuck her tongue out at me while we were leaving. I stuck me tongue out too so we’re kind of even.




“I hate little kids,” I informed Dominique as we left the parlor, licking my ice cream.








At least I got ice cream.




“You only hate little kids because they act just like you.”




I nearly shit myself at the unexpected voice. Thankfully I didn’t shit myself nor did I drop my ice cream. Instead I smiled like a bloody idiot as I turned to look at the owner of the voice and there he was in all his glory. Smiling with his dark eyes bright his hair messy was Joshua Fable.




In case you aren’t good at remembering names I’ll just make it short and easy for you.








“Uh, no…I’m like…way cooler than them and…uh…I don’t shit my pants so…yeah.”




Wow, Brielle, real smooth.




I am in expert with my words.




Dominique snorted with laughter, shaking her head and inhaling her ice cream. “What lovely words, B. You’re so poetic it hurts.”




I flipped the bitch off with my free hand.




Suck it, losers.




“You are way cooler than them,” Josh said after laughing, ignoring my other comment though he was grinning at me. “What brings you two into this part of town on break?”




Apparently Dominique thought I was incapable of answering questions because she spoke up before I could. “We were getting dresses for the Potter’s New Year’s Eve party.” She smiled flirtatiously at him and I was tempted to smash her face in her ice cream cone but friends don’t do that.




Or do they?




Dominique used to be in the grade above but she got held back so I’m sure she obviously knew who Joshua Fable is. Granted, she was only in the same grade as him when they were eleven year olds but he was really popular when he still attended Hogwarts.




“Ah, yes, the Potters and their parties.” He grimaced before turning his body more towards me instead of Dominique. “I wish I could stay and chat but I’m meeting my friend for lunch but we should keep in touch. You still have my address, right?”




I nodded my head as Dominique stared at me in shock.




That’s right, biatch, I’ve got game.




“You should owl me some time.” He smiled before winking.




Josh just WINKED at me. My life is complete.




“Yeah, I totes will.”




He laughed again, shaking his head. “Of course you will. It was nice seeing you Bri. You too Dominique.” He turned on his heel after waving goodbye, walking away.




Dominique latched onto my arm like a cat, baring her teeth in a creepy smile. “B, when the hell did you become so close to Joshua Fable?”




“Honestly, I have no clue.”




But I’m not complaining.




A/N: Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry it literally took me so long to update. Weather has been pretty crazy here so since I've been out of school for so long I had a lot of work to make up. I had slowly been writing this chapter and it just took so long. I know this isn't the NY's party but that's next chapter since this chapter was already almost 5,000 words! 



I'm sorry I took so long but I missed you all and I love you all as well! So, back to the story! 



What did you all think? Dress shopping with Dom sounds like fun, right? Har Har. What about seeing TPG again? Any guesses on what can happen in the future? I'm just gonna give you guys a heads up - there is going to be A LOT of drama these next couple chapters so put your seatbelt on and get ready for the ride!



So happy to say this is the 30th chapter and I'm so happy I get to share this story with all you amazing ladies and gents. Tell me what ya think in a review and hopefully I'll update very soon once this is published! xx 



Edit: Sorry this took so long! It was rejected at fisrt because of my own mistake (my banner link was broken) but hopefully you will all see this soon! I've been writing and can't wait to post soon xx 





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