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The Quidditch Cup by shewhomustnotbenamed_
Chapter 11 : Chapter Ten
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A quidditch victory would not be complete without a victory party. The clue is in the name. And anyway it’s a Gryffindor tradition, well it was. Now it’s going to be a Hogwarts tradition.

Call me a psychic but I’d already pre-planned the party… what? You have to put at least some thought into it… how else is supposed to be out of this world, spontaneous shit doesn’t just happen like that you know. Anyway the party was going to go ahead whether we won or lost it just so happened we won. Or in our case fucking annihilated them. 270 – 30 we are definitely a team to be reckoned with, anyway enough nostalgia back to the party at hand.

It was an hour before it was due to start. Me being the completely loveable character that I am, decided that it was best to invite a lot of the student body… fourth years and up. Everyone, opposing teams the lot. I told Cora it was only going to be a small get together, she’ll find out soon enough though that I lied. Oh well, by that time I plan to be too drunk to care.

Freddie had already started on the pre-drinks, actually all the dorm had. But it was Freddie’s idea. We’d ordered two huge crates of fire whiskey, and we just so happened to keep a bottle for ourselves, or two. Ok, ok, three. But we paid for them so I don’t see how it matters…

“Is Cora coming tonight?” Wood asked. I looked at him, he already had the bloodshot eyes informing me that he wasn’t going to last the night, hell he might not even last the journey to the room of requirement. Yeah we thought it was best to have it there, remote, changeable room size and well frankly we didn’t want the mess in our common room again.

“She said she’d pop in for a bit” I told him. Those were Cora’s exact words, frankly I don’t think she ever heard me, she was smiling too much about winning the game. Not that, that’s a bad thing after all her smile is award winning. Four shots in and I’m already sounding like a pansy. Brilliant. Here’s for keeping my thoughts to myself for the night. I took one more shot…. For good luck.

“You going to you know?” he raised his eyebrows suggestively at me, it was quite disturbing really. Not that Wood’s an ugly looking bloke or anything; he’s just not my type, or gender.

“Don’t make that face at me” I told him, laughing his comment off. The comment didn’t escape Freddie though, he jumped straight off his bed and on to mine, which was less than 5 foot away.

“JAMES” he shouted his tone serious, I looked at him alarmed.

“Freddie?” I questioned back my eyes searching over to the others for help. Freddie cleared his throat and placed both of his hands on my shoulders. His eyes were searching mine. Staring into them like McGonagall does when she knows you’re lying about not doing your homework.
“Break her heart before we finish the cup and I’ll kill you” he jumped away quickly and grinned wickedly at me telling me there was a hundredth percent truth to his words. I gulped. Maybe I would be staying clear of Cora tonight. He had a point. I liked Cora I did. But why confuse the game with an un needed relationship. It could complicate things to end. I thought back to the conversation I had with Cora, that seemed like ages ago. Let it happen. She said. I wasn’t going to force it tonight. I wasn’t.

Finally I answered Freddie back “I won’t” and I meant every word of it, even in my half drunken state.

The party was in full swing. I was seeing double times two. I couldn’t work out the difference from mine and everybody else’s drink. Ok maybe I was doing that on purpose. It’s just easier than queuing for the a thousandth time of the night. Not that I James Potter needed to queue for anything, I found out tonight I only had to flash a smile and somebody willingly got me one. After all we are practically heroes for winning the first game of the cup.

I hadn’t seen Cora so far. And I may or may not have been looking frantically for her. I did see Scorpius though; he had his tongue stuck heavily down my cousin’s throat. I didn’t have to separate them though, Lily did it. It was quite amusing actually, she threw a bottle of clear-ish liquid over them and I watched as they separated and screamed in protest. There was hope for Lily yet.

Roxanne managed to get that bird brain like Josef to come to the party. I don’t know how, he’s a bigger loser than me. After screaming at his team mates for half an hour, I heard that he broke down crying. But he looked like he was having fun, well he was having fun grinding up Roxanne before me and Freddie saw to it. Pulling them apart quite viciously. Roxy maybe a year younger than us, perfectly legal but it’s wrong and yeah in our eyes she’s definitely not old enough. Saying that though, I haven’t seen any of them since…

With two taps on my shoulder I turned around my confused state soon turned into a goofy grin, as I saw the lady of the hour smiling in front of me.

“You said you were only going to be inviting a few people” she had her arm balancing on her hip and a playful smirk written across her face. I looked at her in bemusement.

“Just a few hundred” I slurred, not being able to hide my drunken state in the slightest.

“You’re out of your face” she said laughing softly.

“Mm-hmm” I murmured, my earlier promise had left my mind completely right now I was transfixed on her face. She had make up on, her hazel eyes were amplified with her shadowy make up (I’ve been listening to Lily for too long), her cheeks were shimmering and even in this dark lighting I could see her blushing. She’d straightened her hair, or at least left it straight? I reached forward not really thinking, I put a loose strand of hair behind her ear. She smiled at me confused as me hand remained touching her face.

“James?” she questioned.

“Mm-hmm” I murmured again.

“What are you doing?” I reached down while simultaneously bringing her face closer to mine. I was getting ready to kiss her, when she suddenly pulled away shouting “stop”. I took a step back, hurt passing through my face.

“Sorry” I began.

“It’s ok” she said studying my face “you’re drunk and I don’t want you regretting anything” her words blurred together. I smiled at her, not believing her words in the slightest.

“I wouldn’t regret it” I told her honestly, as I stepped forward. The same confused look came to her face, I grinned as I placed my hands clumsily on either side of her pretty little face. I reached down and kissed her forehead. I stepped back and grinned at her, her bottom lip was dropped open. I smirked before leaving her with one comment “I’d just want you to know I meant it when I do”. I looked over my shoulder one last time, to see her standing exactly where I’d left her, bewilderment splashed across her face.

I saw Freddie next he was talking very closely to some girl with extremely pink highlights, they were both laughing away their eyes crinkled and happy tears streaming down the girls face. Part of me wanted to interrupt just to see what the joke was, the other side of me knew not to. Bro code and everything.

Andie Star, possibly one of the only first years to actually make it into this party was happily sliding away in the middle of the dance floor, alone. I made my way over grinning at how much fun she seemed to be having.

“What are you doing?” I asked laughing.

She looked like a dear caught in headlights. “Urmm…” she released already looking around for her escape route. “I was sliding on the floor” she eventually said “it’s really slippery and it’s fun” she added her usual tone returning.

“Is that so?” I asked keeping a natural face on.

“Yep” she replied. I barked out a laugh as I kicked off my shoes, leaving me in my home knitted snitch socks, what Nana Molly made them for me and they’re comfortable. Forget you guys.

“Come on then!” I said to Andie rushing past her and sliding on the dance floor. She was right it was fun, and it was even more awkward slipping and sliding when drunk, my arse mostly stayed glued to the floor. It was funny though, and I wouldn’t be feeling the pain until tomorrow, so why not?
I woke up the next day my head and body were throbbing. The whole room was spinning, around and around and around. I clenched my eyes shut; I could feel the contents of my stomach slowly making its way back up. To put it bluntly I felt like shit, complete and utter shit. I slowly opened up my eyes letting them daze back into focus.

At least I made it into the dormitory in one piece. I looked down quickly. Yep. Definitely one piece…

I rolled over slowly stretching, my back cracked and small moan escaped from my lips. My eyes shot open as I saw the scene on Freddie’s bed. He wasn’t alone. Lucks like somebody got lucky, the girl was concealed but I could just about see the pink hair poking over the pillow. The same girl he was talking to last night… I mused suddenly remembering details I’d rather forget.

I managed to pull myself up groaning. My head felt heavier than ten rhinos riding morbidly obese dragons.

“Morning” said Frank he was already up reading a book on his neatly folded bed.

“Morning” I mumbled, not even positive if he heard me fully or not. I cleared my throat. “Any idea who’s with Freddie?” I mouthed at him, his bed was opposite mine always had been. Freddie to my right, Wood to my left, then it was Jordan and Thomas, Frank and Morgan. And there you have the Seventh year Gryffindor boys in all of their glory, well not literally.

He laughed “Leah Henry, German” he added as an afterthought.

“Oh…” I looked over trying to get a better look. I could see facial piercings her nose and septum and one on her bottom lip.

I walked past quickly as I heard them shuffle, for all I knew she was naked under there and I definitely did not want to get caught snooping. I’ll wait, till they’re awake. I walked into the bathroom, hanger over potion was my first priority and then the day ahead.


WHAT ABOUT FREDDIE AND LEAH???? DOES ANYBODY RECOGNISE LEAH? ;) still need a lot of characters for teams so if you're interested drop a few names and descriptions and you might see them here...
Anyway this is getting a bit long, but again i am so sorry for not updating, been too busy with coursework and deadlines and I'm lazy so there's no help really... anyway until next time
lots of love
Aimee xoxxox

(also i haven't proof read it properly, so if there's any mistakes please feel free to tell me :)

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The Quidditch Cup : Chapter Ten


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