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Confronting Temptation by EarthsTrueGreen
Chapter 24 : Reacting Actions
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Chapter 24

Hugo Weasley stared at his sister’s hands as she held his daughter in her hands. Not even Hugo looked like a Weasley but this child was Weasley through and through. She had freckles across her little nose and cheeks and a splotch of copper red hair.

Rose carefully tucked her hand behind her niece’s neck. “Who knew you could make something so perfect,” she joked lightly looking up to the proud father.

“Even if she was an accident she sure was a happy one,” He commented slowly.

“Should we even bring up the fact that her uncle is the ex-husband of her mother?” Rose said cleverly.

“Should we bring up the fact that you married the ex-husband of her mother?” Hugo said in the same sly tone.

Rose shrugged “Fair enough,” and walked over to the couch that Hugo sat on, handing the sleeping baby back to her father. Hugo’s smile widened immensely as he cradled his child in her arms. Looking around the room Rose observed that the apartment had hardly been used in the recent months. “How often do you stay at Lexie’s?”

Hugo gave a low grumble “Every night,” He hadn’t had a good night’s sleep since Belinda had been born, and it wasn’t because she was a crying baby. It was because Lexie’s couch was about the most uncomfortable thing he had ever slept on in his life. “She isn’t adjusting to parenthood as easily.”

Quirking her eyebrow “Is that the reason why you’re the one who stays home with the baby all day while she goes to work?”

“She is up for a promotion as editor, it is more important for her to go to work than me,” Hugo said stiffly.

“I’m sure mum loves her,” she stated causing Hugo to snort and Belinda to stir o slightly.

“Mum’s coming around, she wasn’t too pleased with me after I told them.”

“I bet.” Rose muttered. “Dad was excited though.”

“You know dad.” Hugo felt as Belinda nuzzled her head into his chest. “I’m half convinced that he’s known for a while and was just waiting for me to bring it up.”

“What makes you think that?” she asked.

“He just didn’t seem that surprised when I told him.” Hugo had to think over his words “Dad was always good about letting me come around in my own time. Remember when he threatened to disinherit you if you didn’t get into Gryffindor?”

Rose snorted “You mean scare the daylights out of me?”

Hugo nodded, same thing, “He never did that to me, it was as if he knew that I was supposed to be different. He was still proud of me but…” he paused with a remorseful smile “He knew.”

“Did you know before mum started writing her books about her cases and working from home she used to take us to the office with her.” Rose said suddenly, the memory coming back to her for some reason. “She had a play pin for me set up in the corner and she would put your carrier next to her desk. Then during lunch dad would come and visit.” Smiling fondly “He would sit on the floor and put me in his lap and him and mum would talk. I remember feeling that there was no place safer than being right there just listening to him.” Rose became oddly quiet as the memory lingered on.

Observing her Hugo broke the silence “He misses you too.”

“He sure has a way of showing it.” Rose shook her head not wanting to have this conversation. Rubbing her thumb across her wedding ring, she could feel her brothers gaze on her. “Doesn’t matter anyways,” She commented, her finger stopping and holding her hand out, not hiding her ring.


“So how is married life again?” Vivian said looping her arm through Scorpius’ playfully as they walked down the busy streets of Diagon Ally.

“How did you…” Scorpius said but the look on her face told him “I love my mother but she drives me insane.”

Vivian laughed, “What can I say I’m the daughter she always wanted, so she gossips to me whenever she gets the chance.”

“Good to know,” Scorpius said under his breath.

Vivian tipped her head back and let out a laugh. “So tell me what prompted this sudden need to get married?”

Scorpius shrugged “Just felt right.”

The blond stopped walking and unlooped her hand giving Scorpius a hard and serious look “Be honest did you marry her so soon because you were scared she’d run again.”

He let out a low breath not moving his gaze from his friend “I wanted to marry her, I didn’t care when it happened, but when she suggested going ahead with it… the thought may have occurred to me.”

“Scorpius you of all people know that a ring doesn’t mean anything.” Vivian argued crossing her arms.

“I know but I had just proposed and she said yes and in the moment everything was right and I didn’t want to lose that.” Scorpius smiled to himself “I don’t regret doing it, and neither does she.”

Vivian hated spoiling Scorpius’ happiness “And what about after this honeymoon period ends and she still isn’t talking to her father and realizes that getting married may have just driven a bigger wedge between them.”

Scorpius looked to the sidewalk, people walking around the pair. “You think it was a mistake don’t you?”

She took a moment before shaking her head “I didn’t say that, I think you’re happy and when you’re happy you sometimes think sporadically and don’t think things all the way through.”

“What’s your point?” Scorpius was becoming slightly agitated.

“My point is that I’m concerned that by not settling everything with her father first then there may be a part of her that might end up resenting you.” Vivian let her words settle in before adding “I however don’t think that marrying her in general was a mistake.”

“Well that’s news coming from you,” Scorpius commented light heartedly, not wanting to think about the possibilities of what might and might not happen. “Does this mean that you’ll actually be nice to her when you see her over Christmas?” They had started walking again.

Vivian rolled her eyes deciding to let the topic drop “For your sake and your sake alone I will be polite.”

Scorpius smirked to cover a laugh, he hadn’t expected to get much else out of Vivian. “So Bryan says that you have a boyfriend.” He raised an eyebrow curiously.

“Bryan doesn’t know when to shut up,” Vivian argued walking ahead of Scorpius, “I have a person who happens to be a man, but is not a boyfriend.”

“Not making yourself sound any better there Viv.” He joked catching up to her.

Giving into her friend “I met him during a photo shoot for the Prophet. He was part of the Auror team that helped take down the Gibbler case last month.”

Scorpius gave an impressed expression “So he likes danger. Do I get a name?”

“I’m going to tell you the same thing I told Bryan, you two meddle like girls.”

“I could always just look up the Auror list for the case,” He countered smugly.

“Or you could focus on your own insecure issues with your wife, who happens to be walking toward your right this minute.” Vivian gave nod to a person behind Scorpius.

Quickly Scorpius turned around and almost knocked Rose off her feet, “Hey,” he said cheerfully “I didn’t know I was going to see you.” He quickly pecked Rose on the lips before she was able to balance herself.

Rose seemed slightly shocked by his sudden action, didn’t have time to kiss him back before he pulled away. “I was just walking back from visiting Hugo,” she said slowly staring behind her and giving Vivian a curt nod, which the blond retuned. “And thought I would get some shopping done.” She trailed off giving an odd gaze between the two, curious about Scorpius’ behavior a moment ago.

“And how is the sperm donator?” Vivian asked crudely, taking Rose’s mind of the subject.

Her eyes went wide while Scorpius mumbled “I thought you were going to be polite,”

“You said during Christmas it’s not Christmas yet, besides you were thinking it.” She rationalized.

“He’s fine,” Rose said through gritted teeth while tightly gripping onto Scorpius upper arm. “And how are you?”

Vivian looked down to her watch “At the moment I’m late for work, my lunch break ended about ten minutes ago.” Looking to Scorpius, she chuckled to herself, it was hard not getting under Rose’s skin. “I’ll see you tomorrow for your parent’s Christmas Eve party.” And she turned to walk towards the direction of the Daily Prophet.

“Scorpius I know I said I would try but she is making it pretty hard for me not to hex her.” Rose said watching her husband’s best friend went through the doors.

Scorpius grinned “She means well,” he tried to say but was starting to doubt himself.

“So where are you heading,” she asked curious about his plans for the rest of the day. They had exchanged a few ideas that morning but neither one of them had been certain exactly what they were doing.

“I was actually thinking about going to lunch, care to join me?”

Rose nodded with a bright smile, slipping her hand into his.


They went to a restaurant that Scorpius used to go to with his work friends. It was across the street from the Ministry’s entrance and it was small. There were white table clothes on every table, red Poinsettia’s sitting in the corners, and Mistletoe hung from the ceiling to show their celebration for the season.

“So you have still yet to tell me what you want for Christmas.” Rose inquired while they waited for their food to be prepared.

Scorpius who had hardly uttered a word since they arrive only reached up and covered her hand which was lying on the table.

Rose gave him a hard stare wondering who on earth could possibly be preoccupying his mind so badly. The Christmas music in the background lingered in and she felt herself becoming frustrated.

“Scorpius,” she said in a sing song voice trying to get his attention. There was no response. “Scorpius,” her voice a little harsher. Growing annoyed she raised her free hand and snapped her fingers in front of his face, causing Scorpius to jerk and his knee hit the underside of the table.

“What…” He looked to her, his expression confused “Sorry, I didn’t hear what you said.”

“I noticed,” Rose said coyly while raising an eyebrow, “What’s gotten into you? You seem very distracted.”

The truth was, Vivian’s words had gotten to him. Even though he wanted to believe that he was perfectly secure in the fact that his marriage was strong and that they were going to last, there was that small part that was concerned. Scorpius honestly believed that Rose would never resent him for her choices. But he also knew that Rose missed her dad, even if she was angry with him, and it was that thought that worried him. No matter how much she loved Scorpius, Rose would always know that he was the single reason why her and her father weren’t on speaking terms. That he was the reason why she no longer had a relationship with him. Recently Scorpius’ greatest fear had become that Ronald Weasley would one day decide to try and contact Rose and that she may miss him enough to actually listen.

He was being insecure and unreasonable, but at the same time there was that nagging side of him that told him he wasn’t. Rose had promised to stay with him before and she ran.

Giving her hand a squeeze, Scorpius pushed an easy going smile on his face trying to hide his wondering thoughts. “It’s nothing really, just thinking is all.”

Rose bit her lip a small smile hinting at her lips as she did so. “Good thoughts or bad?”

Scorpius shrugged “Just thoughts,”

Rose wanted to push him but the sound of a way to familiar laugh coming from the table in the back corner caught her attention. Instantly flipping her head around, her eyes were met with the back of her father’s bright red head that was salted with grey. To his left her mother sat giving a wry eyebrow as she stared across to her uncle Harry, who shook his head vigorously to a comment he had made.

The table suddenly went quiet and Ron must have felt someone watching him because suddenly he turned and their eyes met. Scorpius tightened his grip on Rose’s hand, now more aware of his surrounding than ever before.

What happened next was in the flash of a second. Rose bolted up from her chair and ran towards the door. Ronald Weasley stood up and sighed, “Rose,” he called softly fallowing her out of the restaurant.

Scorpius looked over to Hermione and Harry who both had bewildered looks on their faces.



She kept walking, unsure of where she was going.

“Rose,” she heard again.

Bending her head down, as if it blocked out any of the nose, she shoved her fingers into her pants pockets. She had rushed out so quickly that she had left her coat hanging off the back of her chair.

“ROSE ELIZABETH WEASLEY,” Ron said in a raised but not angry voice

Crap full name, Rose stopped and turned on her heels almost tripping backwards. She kept her stare on the cracks of the pavement and listened as her father caught up to her, stopping a safe distance away.

The two stood in silence, neither one sure of what to say. Rose was unable to look up and see her father, and Ron only wished that she would try.

“How have you been?” Ron finally said breaking the quiet that was between them.

Rose kept her head down. She had pictured the moment when she would see her father again. She had imagined that she would stare him straight in the eye and say she was happy and his opinion of her life didn’t matter to her. And although his opinion didn’t matter, she was starting to realize that his approval did.

Was it so much to want to be on good terms with the two most important men in her life? She hated constantly being stuck in choosing one side or the other. Even though she had chosen her father before and now she had chosen Scorpius, she wished more than anything that she didn’t have to choose at all. There was still a large void in her heart, a part that missed her father more than she could know, and she didn’t understand why.

Opening her mouth to speak, no words came out, only a slight squeaking sound.

Ron took a step forward “I’m trying,”

“No you’re not,” she whispered quietly, gaining the courage to look at him. It was much harder than she thought it would be. He had dark circles under his eyes and some stubble from his unshaved chin was growing.

“Rose,” he said in a defeated tone, trying to reach his hand up and lay it on her shoulder.

Rose pulled back quickly shocked by the action. A look of horror crossed her father’s face at her inability to let him near her. “Daddy I…” she tried to start, not sure what she was going to say as an explanation. Subconsciously sliding her hands out of her pockets she rubbed her arms, gazing past her father to the sound of rushing footsteps coming towards her.

Her mother caught up to them. Hermione walked past Ron and over to her daughter. Not caring if Rose was going to reciprocate or not, she wrapped her hands around her in a tight embrace. Pulling back Hermione patted Rose’s cheek. “You look good dear.”

Rose sniffled, she had written her mother occasionally, but not as much as she should have. “Thanks.” She choked, raising her left hand to push some hair behind her ear.

“You’re married.” Ron stated in a shocked voice.

Rose’s eyes instantly went to the ones of her father’s, following their gaze to the ring displayed on her finger.

“Yeah.” She said breathlessly expecting him to start screaming only he didn’t. When she looked up at him he was studying her, his face expressionless, as his gaze burned into her skin.

Hermione lowered her arms and gave a sad smile. “Well…” and that was all she could say.

“Rose.” Scorpius strutted up in front of her, stiffly passing her father. Walking behind her he laid her coat on her shoulders and then put a protective arm over her.

Rose didn’t move her head; she kept her eyes on her father’s hoping beyond hope that he would somehow show a sign of happiness for her or at least remorse for not trying to contact her. But there was nothing.

“Congratulations,” Ron mumbled softly, his face frowning making him look older than he was. Backing away he walked off and Rose could feel the tears start to prickle in her eyes.

Her mother just observed her grown daughter standing in front of her and took a step back giving her the space that Rose desired. Visibly more hurt to learn about her marriage than Ron was.

“I do hope your happy dear,” Hermione said sincerely, glancing her eyes between Rose and Scorpius “The both of you,”

“We are.” Scorpius said sternly in his strict Malfoy voice of authority while tightening his grip around Rose’s shoulders.

Hermione pushed her lips into a thin line and nodded, “Good,” and she began to walk away herself.

Scorpius could feel Rose trembling under his hold. Quickly relaxing his body he turned to her “Are you alright?” but she didn’t need to give an answer. The broken hearted look on her face told him everything that he needed to know. Pulling her into him he apparated her out of the public and into his bedroom at the Malfoy Manor.


When there Rose pulled away and went to sit on the edge of the bed staring down at her hands. Her skin was pale and she felt exhausted. Scorpius stood in front of her waiting for her to say something.

“I don’t understand,” she started after several minutes “how I can be so mad at him and still miss him as much as I do?”

Finally pushing aside his own insecure thought Scorpius gave in to the need to comfort his wife. “Because you’re human,” he said taking the seat next to her.

“Why won’t he write to me?” Slow tears started to streak down her cheeks “He knows what he has to do to fix this and he has not once tried to contact me.”

“Rose,” Scorpius’ voice whispered, he hated to see her so hurt. Snaking his arm around her waist he began to rub her back in small circles.

Rose’s body began to shake uncontrollably as she bent forward burying her face in to her hands. Scorpius wrapped his other arm around her and pulled her head into his chest. He held her and attempted to sooth her pain, unsure if he should feel so awkward that she wanted to be in touch with the man that could potentially break them up.

Rose had been strong through all of this. She would never say that excluding her father from her life was a mistake, because it wasn’t. It was what she had to do that was best for her. Over the past few months, she was aware that she missed him but she was able to push those feeling away, her happiness with Scorpius taking over and allowing her to not think about her dad. However, today was just where it became too much and all of that pain and questioning that she harbored had to be released. She would never miss her father enough to ever go crawling back to him and saying that he was right, but she did miss him enough to wish that he would at least try to get past his hatred and accept Scorpius. He didn’t even have to like Scorpius but he just need to accept that he wasn’t some evil man who was the son of a school bully.

Once she had calmed down enough she nuzzled her head into Scorpius shirt, smelling his comforting scent, and feeling at home in his arms. Lifting her head up she almost bumped Scorpius’ chin, which made him give a tad smile. She raised her hand to his neck and felt her finger sink into his hair at the nape. Bending her fingers she tipped his head forward for her to see him.

Rose’s eyes passed back and forth between Scorpius’, trying to figure out where the evil was that her father was so adamant existed, but she saw nothing. Only the sweet and gentle side of her husband that she loved more than anything else. The only side that she knew was there

Sniffling she felt Scorpius finger move to wipe her eyes, “I hate crying over him,” she said hoarsely with her eyes closed just taking in his touch.

“I know,” He mouthed unsure if she heard him.

Shaking her head she opened her eyes and pushed a smile on her face “I’m sorry that you had to see that, I know he is probably the last person you want to see me crying over.”

Scorpius stared at her, “Its fine,” he lied, moving to kiss her on her forehead.

Rose disagreed but didn’t have the strength to argue about it. Staring over her shoulder to the bed, it looked so alluring at the moment; all of her energy having been cried out. “I’m going to lie down for a while, care to join me?”

Scorpius thought it over “No, I think I’m going to go see if my mum needs me to do any last minute errands before tomorrow.”

Rose gave a weak nod and kissed Scorpius on the cheek before turning her body around and crawling up the bed to lie down.

Scorpius stood up and walked towards the door. When he reached the handle he heard “Hey Scorpius,”

“Hmm,” he asked looking back to Rose; she had a curious expression with serious eyes.

“You know this changes nothing about how I feel for you?” she said sternly, hoping that he understood that today was a fluke and not to be taken as anything more than that.

Scorpius gave a blank stare and quickly shook his head. “Of course I do.”

Rose furrowed her eyebrows together debating if she believed him “Good,” she answered after figuring that they were alright. She gave a short smirk “The last thing I want is for you to worry about that.”

He didn’t like how he felt that she was reading his mind, but he hid it well “Get some rest Rose, I’m fine.” And he left before he could give her the chance to say another word.


Rose had slept most of the day and Scorpius decided not to disturber her when it was time for dinner. Afterwards he went up to his room, listening as she slept heavily in the dark room. The window curtains were pulled back allowing for the view of the garden at night to fill the room like a portrait. The sky was clear and there was something almost peaceful about it. Using a combination of the moon and lights from the yard as light to guide his path, he let his eyes fall on Rose’s sleeping body.

Walking over to her he kneeled down on the side of the bed and leaned in to kiss her temple. Rose stirred slightly revealing an object that she had cradled closely to her chest. Reaching for it he carefully tugged it out and smiled. It was the framed picture of him in his quidditch uniform just staring out at the world; the one that she had said she was going to keep.

Gazing his eyes back to her, he had a horrible feeling come over him for doubting her. He knew that Rose loved him more than anything and that she wasn’t going to run. He had let his insecurities take over him for no reason. For the first time since he had talked to Vivian he had peace of mind that no matter what problems him and Rose ran into, they would be able to work them out. Placing the picture on the bedside table beside her, he tucked his arms under her and picked her up, grinning as she instinctively leaned into him.

“What are you doing?” she asked groggily, not even opening her eyes.

Scorpius grinned “I’m just tucking you in.” he said while maneuvering his wand from under her legs to pull down the bed sheets, and laid her back down.

Rose gave an understanding sigh and quickly fell back into a light sleep.

Bringing the blankets back up over her body, he sat on the edge of the bed, stroking his fingers down her outline. A calm wave ran over him, that was until tapping from the window caught Scorpius’ attention.

Giving one last look to his wife, Scorpius dragged himself away to relieve the owl of its job. Opening the window Scorpius took the thick letter that was clutched to the owl’s beak.

Examining the envelope it had Rose’s name sloppily written on the front and in the upper left hand corner was the return senders name Ron Weasley. Scorpius froze. It was as if an entire world of possibilities of the future flashed before his eyes and none of them ended with Rose standing beside him at the end. He hadn’t realized he had been holding his breath until he heard Rose say “Who’s that from?”

Shock had taken over him and Scorpius jolted his head to the sound of her voice. Rose had her elbow propped up and her eyes squinted trying to focus on anything in the room’s darkness; the owl must have woken her up. She rubbed one of her eyes waiting for his answer.

Scorpius glanced back down to Ron’s name, his nerves racing through him as he heard a non-logical part of him say “No one important,” It was his voice but it was foreign and it spoke to casually for the situation. Meeting her eyes again “Just one of my old work friends.” He finished the lie, pushing on a smile for good measure.

Rose gave an accepting nod and laid her head back on the pillow “You coming to bed soon?” she mumbled.

Tucking the letter into the inside of his coat pocket he nodded, “Yeah I’ll be right there love.”

A/N: Alright I know that I am extremely late and I feel awful, February was a very dramatic month, an ice storm that knocked out my power for five days, then midterms, then getting sick... needless to say my writing life has been nonexistent. Anyways I am trying to catch up and I am going to try my best to get the next chapter done in two weeks.

So to the chapter I hope that you enjoyed it, and I hope you can see that this story does still have a plot left to it. Please review and let me know what you think about Rose and Scorpius actions.

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