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Bound to be Burned by rupertgrintislove
Chapter 15 : Chapter Fifteen
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 Chapter 15



A/N: Hello all :) Another chapter from me to you <3 Hope you like it !!


Disclaimer: I do NOT own Harry Potter




“Read alone” Cas mouthed, clutching the yellowed letter in her hand. Cas whipped her head around, trying to see if anyone had noticed her strange behaviour.


Once sure no one had noticed her, Cas turned her chair around, as she shoved the letter into her pants pocket. 


“Off to the loo.” Cas muttered, striding out of the office quickly, ignoring the awaiting owl sitting on her desk.


“Didn’t ask.” Kayle mumbled back, moodily stamping a piece of parchment


Cas ignored her and raced to the bathroom, the note feeling like a thousand pounds in her pocket. She quickly checked to see if there was anyone else in the stalls before tearing open the letter. 


“I know who murdered your parents. Reply by this owl as soon as you read this if you want to know more. Destroy after reading.” Cas read out loud, her heart racing.


Cas stared long and hard at the piece of parchment, her breath coming out in uneven gasps. 


‘Who the hell wrote this? How did they know this information? Who the hell wrote this?’ Cas repeated in her mind, over and over again.


Her stomach lurched, causing her to be sick in one of the toilets. After puking Cas sat up, wiping the sweat from her brow and slid down the wall of the stall.


“Who the hell wrote this?” Cas wondered loudly, running her hands down her face slowly.


“Who wrote what?” A voice answered.


Cas cursed and quickly stood up, ripping the paper and throwing it into the loo, flushing it before she could even think properly.


“Just some gossip on the stall.” Cas nodding awkwardly to the stall she had just left.


“Did you just rip something up?” Paige asked, replying her light pink lipstick in the mirror.


Cas laughed, her laughter coming out too high pitched before leaving the room without answering. As soon as she got to her desk she grabbed a piece of parchment and her quill.


‘Yes.’ She wrote quickly, tying the letter to the owl’s awaiting leg. 


She breathed heavily before falling roughly into her chair, the legs creaking as she went.


“What the bloody hell was that about?” Paige asked, returning to the office.


“What do you mean?” Cas asked, pretending to be busy with the load of paperwork in her office.


“You’re an odd one Morris.” Paige stated after a long moment of watching Cas fidget. 


Cas laughed again, it coming out more strangled. She tried to work the rest of the day, she really did. But all she could think of was the letter and who was owling her such cryptic messages.


She waited all day for a response, but no letter came. Finally when it was time to leave Cas had given up.


‘Maybe I didn’t answer quick enough.’ Cas thought, silent as Paige and Kayle chatted loudly about Kris’ firm buttock. 


“Later Morris.” Paige called over her shoulder as the two went to the floo together. Cas waved back, distracted, before throwing her own powder into the fireplace and thinking of Lily’s pad.


She landed in a blur, barely able to throw her hands out to catch herself as she landed. Cas muttered curses before following the laughter into the kitchen.


“Oy.” Cas greeted, sitting down roughly on Lily’s bar stool.


“Hello to you too Cas. Bad day at the office?” Lily asked, flipping through a binder full of wedding dresses.


“Just had a lot to think about I guess.” Cas answered vaguely, accepting a cup of tea from Dorcas.


“Like Kris’ damn fine ass?” Marlene asked, taking a long sip from her cup.


“What?” Cas asked, her mind snapping back to the present.


“You heard me, quite a catch Morris.” Marlene applauded, clapping her hands slowly.


“Who? Kris? He is just a friend.” Cas stated hurriedly, her hand shaking as she took a long sip of tea.


“A friend you’ve gone and shagged!” Dorcas burst out, her eyebrows waggling up and down.


“That was before I knew him!” Cas argued, putting her cup down.


“Well if he isn’t yours, then I’d like to get to know him if you know what I mean.” Marlene winked, shaking her hips slightly as she walked.


Cas stared at her angrily as she watched Marlene grab a binder from Lily.


‘Bloody slag.’ Cas thought moodily, her eyes narrowing at the thought of Marlene and Sirius. 


“Bloody slag!” Dorcas chirped, causing Cas to think she accidentally stated her opinion out loud.


Cas looked around but once everyone started laughing, she figured she was in the clear.


“Lighten up Morris, I was just pulling your leg.” Marlene added after she had stopped laughing, “Though if you aren’t interested, I would love the man’s number.” 


“I thought you and Sirius were together?” Cas asked, pretending not to be too interested, twirling a finger around the inside of her cup.


“Sirius and I? Not at all, that is ancient history.” Marlene laughed, throwing a magazine at Cas. 


Cas caught it and put it on the table, her mind still trying to process the information she had just received.


“These two used to be together, what a bloody nightmare.” Dorcas laughed, twirling around in her seat like a hyper preteen. 


“We were not!” Marlene argued, slapping Dorcas slightly on the shoulder.


“Oh yah? Girls back me up here, the two were always at each other throats!” Dorcas laughed, scowling slightly as she rubbed her sore arm.


“Remember that one time when we didn’t know about Rem’s condition? And Marlene thought Sirius was ditching to go snog that broad from Ravenclaw? Bit of a nasty shock when we found out wasn’t it Marls?” Mary laughed, her face turning a cute pink.


“Only joke was, he actually did snog that bimbo.” Marlene snapped, leaving the room.


The room was silent. 


“Awko” Dorcas muttered from her stool.


“Oh dear, I didn’t know that part!”  Mary stuttered, running after Marlene.


“Just leave it, love the bird but she is a tad sensitive at times.” Dorcas added after a moment of silence, flipping through the papers roughly.


“So they’re not together?” Cas asked, her curiosity getting the worst of her.


“No, not for a while now. They weren’t ever serious, mostly shag buddies.” Dorcas answered honestly, making Cas glower.


She did not want to think about those two having sex.


“Speaking of shagging Dor, are you and Rem back at it?” Lily asked, waggling her eyebrows at Dorcas.


Dorcas laughed, accepting a cupcake from Alice.




“Of course, we hump like rabbits.” Dorcas winked, her eyes twinkling.


“More like wolves.” Alice chirped in, causing the girls to fall in laughter.


“Well, well, well what do we have here?” James asked, leaning on the doorframe.


“Yeah Dor? What were you saying?” Remus added, his face a bright shade of red.


“Oy Moony! Are you deaf? She said you two shag like rabbits.” Peter stated loudly, causing Remus to groan in embarrassment. 


“Personally I didn’t know you had the stamina Moons.” Sirius added, shrugging off his motorcycle jacket and joining Cas at the table.


Cas stiffened as he approached, her heart speeding up.


‘Get it together you loon.’ Cas chanted in her mind, turning back to the scene in front of them.


“Rem c’mon, it was one fleeting comment!” Dorcas argued, standing in front of him with her arms straight at her side.


“We talked about this Dorcas, it isn’t anyone else’s business.” Remus stated firmly, his voice a lot quieter than hers.


“It is just this lot! Who bloody well cares? You don’t think these ladies don’t share information? I know that James has a weird foot fetish and that Sirius loves getting oral but doesn’t like giving it. Al-” Dorcas stopped her rambling once she noticed the look she was getting from Lily.


“Oy! Who said I don’t give it? I love to give it! I am deeply hurt, I am the King of giving.” Sirius protested, his voice in a joking tone. 


Cas laughed with him, and before long the argument had been forgotten and everyone was laughing along with.


“What did we miss?” Marlene asked, observing the laughing group before her.


“Apparently I didn’t satisfy your needs Marls.” Sirius joked, winking at her slightly.


“Sorry love, sometimes the truth hurts.” Marlene answered laughing, grabbing a cupcake from Lily.


Choosing to ignore her comment, Cas turned back to Remus.


“And to be frank Remus, what your mom has to say about you is ten times worse than what Dorcas has shared.” Cas joked, licking the frosting off her cupcake.


She stopped halfway through as she felt Sirius watching her, catching his eye she sent him a quick wink, licking the frosting even slower.


“Oy! Get a room.” Lily snapped, throwing a dish towel at Cas.


The group laughed as the rest of the boys joined them at the table.


“Yah Rem, everything Dorcas has said has been rather impressive. If anything you are hotter in our minds.” Marlene joked, the girls nodding in agreement.


“Lilypad, that isn’t true is it?” James pouted, seemingly unaffected by the group knowing about his foot fetish.


“Of course not.” Lily soothed, hugging him gently. 


With his back from the group, Lily caught eyes with Remus and nodded a ‘yes’. Remus choked on his drink, making Dorcas pound him hard on the back.


Coughing roughly, Remus gained back his breath just as a owl flew directly into the kitchen and landed on Cas’ plate.


Cas grabbed the letter, recognizing the owl from earlier. She stuffed it into her bag before excusing herself to the bathroom.


She ripped open the letter the moment she locked the door.


‘For obvious reasons, I cannot state my name. I know that your parents weren’t suppose to be there that night. The whole fight was set up, purely to murder your parents as they were high threats to Voldemort. I shall be in contact with you within a week, you have information I need and I have information you need. Do not respond. Ps. You have a spy amongst your Order’


Cas screamed into her arm, her muffled screams echoing off the bathroom. She reread the letter, over and over again. Her body shaking with uncontrollable anger. She checked the back for any clues or additional messages. Finding nothing she sat on the side of the tub. Her mind fuzzy and pounding.


‘They were set up.’ Cas thought, her fingers clenching tightly onto the tub. 


“They were set up.” Cas muttered again, jumping from her position quickly and kicking the trash bin across the bathroom.


“They were set up.” She muttered again, as she paced. 


She relived the information given to her from Dumbledore that day, how the Order had needed extra help, how they had to send her parents to protect many. When in reality, they were the ones needing the protection.


“They were set up.” Cas said loudly, tears threatening to fall from her eyes.


Her parents were high up in the Order, working late into the night on missions and always on patrol. How Cas had hated the Order growing up, knowing that it was the reason her parents weren’t home. Her parents were barely there, always being called out because they were needed. The Order always needed extra help. Always.


Cas slid down the side of the tub, her body craving the cool of the tiles. She sat there, head between her legs as she tried to calm herself down.


‘Remember why you’re here. Remember what cause you are working for.’ Cas thought to herself again and again until finally she believed it.


‘Think of the lives you have saved because of the Order, the progress made against Voldemort, however small, was more than most were doing.’ Cas thought again, pushing herself off the ground and looking at her reflection in the mirror.


Her hands no longer shaking, Cas wiped the tears from her face. She cast a charm on her face to remove the redness before splashing water onto her face.


She observed herself, looking at how the war had changed her.


‘I can still see my mother in me,’ Cas mused, smiling slightly at the thought of her mom, ‘And my father in my actions.’ Cas thought, her eyes hardening.


She looked down at the crumpled letter in her hand, before nodding to herself. She looked up to where she pictured her parents watching over her.


‘I will avenge you, I will stop him.’ Cas thought strongly, her hand still clenched around the letter before throwing it back in her bag. 


She gave herself a once over before striding from the bathroom. 


She walked back into the kitchen, smiling as she saw her newly found friends smiling. Who would’ve thought that this group would end up meaning so much to her. A group she used to be intimidated by. She smiled as she caught Sirius’ eye, a very unlikely friend indeed. After everything that had happened, she was glad that for once she could put aside her past and forgive. 


Sirius gestured for her to come sit beside him. Cas smiled and sat down softly, as she listened into the conversation.


“What do you mean that cow is coming to our wedding?” James exclaimed, causing Cas to chuckle slightly.


“That cow is my sister!” Lily argued back, clutching the guest list in her hand.


“She is still a cow Lils! For Merlin’s sake, she calls you a freak!” James stated, his hands taking the sheet from her.


The two continued to bicker, much to the amusement of the group.




“You’ve been crying.” Sirius whispered, causing Cas to jump a bit.


“What?” Cas asked, touching her face slightly.


“It’s not on your face, it’s written in your eyes. They’re always brighter after you’ve been crying.” Sirius commented, his arm on the back of her chair casually. 


Cas nodded, shocked at how much he noticed about her.


“What was it about? Is it because James has a weird foot fetish? It’s nothing to cry about dear, it is quite common in the UK.” Sirius joked his hand touching her slightly.


Cas laughed, nodding her head in agreement, glad for him not prying. 


“I was just so scared for Lily’s safety and all. You never know what people with foot fetishes want.” Cas added with mock seriousness, causing Sirius’ lip to twitch slightly.


“Yes, it is clear to me now. We must rescue her!” Sirius exclaimed, catching the attention of the group.


“What are you two going on about?” Lily asked, her face still reddened with anger.


“Don’t worry Ging! The dynamic duo will save you!” Sirius exclaimed, jumping from his seat whilst tugging Cas along.


Cas laughed as Sirius grabbed Lily, throwing her on his shoulder roughly.


“Let us go sidekick! We must protect her from the evil villain, Mister Foot-Toucher!” Sirius yelled, running out of the kitchen with a shrieking Lily.


“Oy! Why am I the side kick?” Cas yelled.


“Why do I have to be the villain!” James protested, chasing after his best friend.


The rest of the day was spent playing capture the flag, the wedding magazines left forgotten on the kitchen table.




“That is all I have to say for today’s meeting, does anyone else have anything else to add?” Dumbledore asked, standing at the end of the table at the Burrow.


“This meeting is adjourned, Sirius can you meet with me for a second?” Dumbledore asked after a moment of silence. 


Sirius looked up, confused but still nodding in agreement.


“Pads, we are going to mums for dinner. Meet us after you’re done here?” James asked, his arm slung over Lily’s shoulder.


“Sounds good.” Sirius muttered, following Dumbledore into the Burrow’s office. 


“Cas? You coming? Mum is expecting you.” James teased.


“Yeah, I’ll wait for Sirius. Meet you there.” Cas answered, ignoring the teasing faces of her friends.


“Bugger off.” Cas muttered, walking away from the catcalling group.


Cas sat at the table, waiting for Sirius. Why she decided to wait, she wasn’t too sure. She had very conflicting feelings about Sirius, one minute she wanted to snog him senseless but the other minute she remembers how cruel he was to her when they were at Hogwarts.


‘He grew up though.’ Cas thought to herself, spinning an abandoned bottle cap on the wooden table.


Cas sighed, as her thoughts continued to spin in front of her. How was she suppose to forget the past when it affected her so deeply?


The office door opened and out walked a very stony Sirius. Cas leapt up to reach for him, her previous thoughts lost at the sight of his face. 


“Everything okay Sirius?” Cas asked, reaching out to touch him gently on his elbow. 


“I thought you were already gone?” Sirius asked, his head snapping up at the sound of her voice.


“I told the guys I’d wait for you, what happened?” Cas demanded, making him look her in the eyes.


“It’s nothing. Do you mind sitting with me before we go to the Potter’s? I just need a bit before facing more people.” Sirius asked, gesturing to the door.


Cas nodded and put on her winter wear. They left the burrow and walked steadily to the gazebo. 


“Do you want to talk about it?” Cas asked, sitting down on the bench.


Sirius sighed and sat down roughly beside her. They sat there for a minute or two, watching the snow fall heavily to the ground. Cas shivered at the cold as she rubbed her hands together. 


Noticing her discomfort, Sirius moved closer so their shoulders were touching. He cautiously wrapped a arm around her, pulling her closer.


“Thank you.” Cas stuttered, her breaths coming out foggy.


“It’s my brother.” Sirius started finally, looking toward the tree line.


“What about him?” Cas asked, loving the feeling of him so close.


“Dumbledore wanted to inform me that he is now a Death Eater. I guess in a raid a while back his mask fell and Dumbledore caught a glance of him. He wanted to know if I still had contact with him, apparently they couldn’t catch him last time.” Sirius continued, rubbing Cas’ shoulder slightly. 


“I told him that I hadn’t, seeing as how he hasn’t spoken to me since I was kicked out.” Sirius sighed, kicking the snow off the bottom half of the bench angrily.


“You were kicked out? Where did you go?” Cas asked, her mind reeling at the new information.


“The Potters of course, took me in with no questions. Good people they’re. Poor mum, hasn’t been the same since Mr. Potter has died. Really broke her heart that did. They were the parent’s I never had, and James the brother I wish I had. My brother was promising at the start, had a similar mind sight like me. But that was destroyed after I left, he let them brainwash him and look where he is now.” Sirius muttered, his voice distant.


“Have you tried reaching out to him?” Cas asked hesitantly, knowing how certain things trigger Sirius.


“At Hogwarts yes, but it was when I caught him and his friends torturing a muggle born that I finally gave up. He was too far gone, no matter how hard I tried.” Sirius breathed, running a hand through his hair roughly.


“I’m sorry.” Cas muttered after a moment, her heart aching for the boy beside her.


“Don’t be, if anything I should be sorry. I can say sorry as much as I like, but I know what I did to you will always be in your mind. Just know at the time, my home life was pretty rough, I was in a bad place and I was acting out to piss off mom and dad. The usual preteen tantrum.” Sirius joked darkly.


“Except you had a reason to act out Sirius, that must’ve been a hard living condition.” Cas reasoned.


“Still doesn’t excuse how I acted. I remember McGonnagal, bless that woman, calling me into her office after I would act out. There was no screaming, or punishing just a open chair across from her. She would sit me down, offer me a biscuit and discuss the latest Qudditch match with me. I don’t know if she knew how much she helped me through that time, but I appreciate it. I really don’t know how she knew, McGonnagal that is. I never told her, and she never asked. I suspect Prongs might’ve mentioned it to her after my detentions increased remarkably.” Sirius wondered out loud, his breathing returning back to normal.


“McGonnagal is pretty smitten with you. I swear she loved when you called her Minnie.” Cas smiled, leaning in closer to Sirius.


“Minnie! I almost forgotten that nickname. She may hate you when I start it up again though.” Sirius laughed, tickling Cas’ side gently.


Cas laughed as she tried to squirm out of his grasp. She got up and grabbed his hands, pulling him to his feet. The snow fell down on her as she hugged Sirius tightly. Sirius responded, holding onto her for dear life.


“I’m sorry for rambling.” Sirius muttered softly, stroking her hair slightly. 


“I can’t always be the one rambling you know, its refreshing for it to be someone else for a change.” Cas joked, pulling back from Sirius.


Sirius laughed, pulling her closer as she tried to leave. He placed a gentle kiss on her forehead, leaning his forehead against hers afterwords.


“Seriously though, thank you.” Sirius whispered, lingering close to her face.


Cas smiled, staring at Sirius softly.


“Anytime. Now c’mon! I can hear your stomach growling. Mrs. Potter is waiting!” Cas exclaimed, pulling Sirius along with her.




“Thank you so much for dinner mum, it was great!” Sirius exclaimed, hugging Mrs. Potter gently.


She looked a lot worse than the last time Cas had seen her, her face pale and more shrunken in. Cas smiled and hugged her after Sirius. The night had been amazing, full of laughter and great food. Cas smiled, staring at Sirius as he clapped James on the shoulder.


The boys were laughing about something as Cas watched on with Mrs. Potter.


“Look after my boys will you?” Mrs. Potter asked weakly, her voice very soft over the roar of the laughter.


“Of course. Although Evans is far better at that than me.” Cas answered, her eyes still on the boys.


Cas waited for a response, but after a moment of silence Cas turned just in time to catch the older woman in her arms.


“Mrs. Potter? Mrs. Potter? JAMES! SIRIUS! SOMETHING IS WRONG.” Cas yelled, lying the woman down to the ground as she checked for a pulse.


“She still has a pulse. Quick we need to get her to St. Mungos!” Cas demanded as the boys ran over.


“Mom? Mom!” James yelled, brushing her hair from her face. After no response James lifted her in his arms, running to the fireplace.


“Sirius throw some floo powder in the fireplace!” James demanded, silent tears falling down his face as he moved.


Sirius threw the powder in as James got into the fire place, his face pure white.


“St. Mungos!” James yelled before being engulfed into the green flames.




“I am so sorry James.” Cas whispered, placing a comforting hand on the sobbing James.


The healers had tried their best, but in the end the same wizard illness that took Mr. Potter took Mrs. Potter as well. Mrs. Potter had been sick for years, struggling with dragon pox. No one knew it had returned, seeing as how Mrs. Potter made the healers promise not to tell James. The whole event had shook the group and left everyone in tears.


Cas left James with Lily, hugging them as she went. She was on a mission to find Sirius. He had mysteriously disappeared after Mrs. Potter went, and no one could find where he had ended up. Cas passed a pain stricken Remus and Peter as she went, stopping to hug them as well. After all, Mrs. Potter had an impact on everyone’s lives over the years.


Cas reached the lobby, her eyes glancing over the crowd for a leather jacket. Seeing no one who even remotely looked like Sirius she made her way to the front desk.


“Hello, how may I help you?” The help witch asked.


“Did you seen a man wearing a leather jacket leave here?” Cas asked, knowing it was a long shot.


“Did he have black hair? Stormy eyes?” The girl asked, her face turning pink as she spoke. 


Cas narrowed her eyes before nodding.


“Yes, he left through the floo about ten minutes ago.” The witch responded, pointing toward the fireplaces that lined the east wall of the hospital. 


Cas nodded her thanks before walking quickly to fireplace. She wasn’t too sure where he would go, but she thought she should at least give it a shot. Muttering what she thought was Sirius’ flat address she was once again taken through the green flames.


She landed roughly in a darkened room. 


“Sirius?” Cas called out softly, not knowing if she was in the right place or not.


There was no response, but she could hear shuffling in the next room. Trying to be as quiet as possible, she tiptoed into the next room. Inching the door opened, she saw Sirius just before he started to knock everything off his desk.


Panicked, Cas ran in and tried to stop him from trashing his room.


“Stop! Sirius Stop it!” Cas cried, pulling his arms away from his desk and around her instead. 


“It’s okay, it’s okay.” Cas repeated over and over again, rubbing his arms until he finally gave in and hugged her back. 


Cas held him as he fell apart, it wasn’t long until she could hear his almost silent sobs. Cas soothed him whilst rubbing his back gently. They stood in each others arms for what seemed like forever before she felt him start to sag slightly in her arms. Sighing in relief Cas pulled back, happy to see his sobs had stopped.


“I’m here, it’s okay. Want to go to bed?” Cas asked, nodding to the bed behind them.


Sirius nodded slightly, his eyes still closed. Cas sighed, turning them around to back Sirius onto the bed. She sat him on the bed as she helped remove his shoes and socks. Feeling Sirius’ bare skin on hers made her shiver as she slipped his jeans off.


Before she could look away, Sirius’ face crashed into hers. Taking her lips to his softly, caressing her face gently. He pulled back, his breath coming out uneven.


“I’ve been wanting to do that for a while.” Sirius murmured slightly against her lips. His thumb rubbing her cheek slightly. 


Cas smiled, kissing him softly once more.


“Me too.” Cas whispered, loving the feeling of butterflies in her stomach. 


Sirius smirked before capturing her lips with his again, this time rougher. He pulled her on top of him as he sat on the bed, making her straddle him.  He felt himself come to life again as his lips moved with hers.




They broke apart, catching each others eyes. Their breaths coming out fast and uneven. Her smile left though, when she saw the tears back in his eye.


“Not like this Sirius,” Cas muttered, her chest heaving as she pushed back his hair soothingly, “Not like this.” Cas eye’s searched his as he tried to blink away his tears. 


Cas leaned in and kissed him softly, her thumb brushing away any tears that fell. 


After a moment Sirius nodded in agreement, pulling them both into a laying position. He pulled the covers over both of them, still holding Cas tightly to his chest.


“Thank you.” Sirius whispered into her ear as they both started to fall asleep. 


Cas held on to him, smoothing his hair away from his face until she heard his gentle snores. Cas smiled as his snores and snuggled in closer to the slumbering Sirius.






A/N:Well!! There it is! How did you like it? Let me know! I should be updating soon so look forward to the next chapter :) Love you all





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