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Witch against the World by Pottergirl7
Chapter 19 : The One with the Start of Godric's Week
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Chapter Nineteen

 With all things considered (my very first hangover), I was feeling surprisingly chipper come Monday morning. I got up without complaint, snagged the bathroom first due to my new-found early bird attitude, and had a hearty breakfast of porridge and toast. I even managed to get to Transfiguration first and was now sat back in my chair skimming through the textbook and waiting for the bell to ring.

I had heard actually heard around school that this coming Saturday was supposed to be an important historical day. It was really bothering me because I was sure that I knew what it was but I just couldn't remember. I don't know whether it was the lingering traces of alcohol still hiding in my head and fogging my thoughts or whether I was just being forgetful. Either way, it was really starting to bug me and I was hoping McGonagall would discuss it at the beginning of the lesson.

The sound of the bell made me jump and my textbook flew out of my hands and hit the floor with a thump.

“Oh shoot,” I muttered, reaching down to get it.

“Sup Lily.” I fell off my chair in surprise at the voice and looked up to see Jess grinning down at me. “What are you doing down there?” she asked, the smile never leaving her face.

“That is a question,” I replied slipping back onto the chair. “To which I have no answer.” There were a few more people in the previously empty room now including Peter and a pale, sickly Remus sitting at the back. He offered me a wan smile in reply to my questioning look so I turned back to Jess.

“Is uh- is Remus okay?” I asked. Jess frowned slightly and bit her lip.

“I'm not entirely sure- he doesn't seem it does he?” I shook my head and she sighed. “Yeah I know. He won't tell me what's wrong though, just keeps brushing it off.”

That did surprise me a bit. Remus had never been an open book but I had always thought that he and Jess were the kind of couple who didn't have any secrets. They seemed so close.

“Well I'm sure he's just feeling a bit under the weather and doesn't want to worry you.” I assured her and felt a bit better when her face lightened a little.

“Yeah you're probably right.”

“Hey ladies.” Nicola popped up beside me and grinned.

“Hiya Nik, Sirius, Mol.” I nodded to Sirius and Molly who came in behind Nicola. I got half asleep 'morning's from the two of them and then they collapsed in their seats. Some people obviously couldn't hold their drink. I felt a light tap on my right shoulder so I turned and James appeared from the left. He saluted me then slumped onto his desk next to ours and in the seat beside Sirius.

“Good morning James.” When I got no reply, I laughed. “It is a lovely bright morning isn't it?” James groaned and buried his head in his arms.

“You can't seriously be so cheerful after the amount of dangerous liquid you consumed over the weekend and so early on a Monday morning?” I smiled.

“Sorry,” I shrugged. “I just feel very happy today.” And I did. I couldn't explain it but I had this warm fuzzy feeling in my chest and I just could not stop smiling.

“Well it's not right,” James replied. “This kind of stuff won't fly when we're married.” I was seriously feeling so joyful I brushed the comment aside and ignored the flash of panic in my stomach at the thought of marriage.

Just. Don't. Think. About. It.

Jess and Sirius laughed and I rolled my eyes. “Neither will your behaviour at the party the other night.” James' head slowly rose.

“What do you mean?”

“You spent the whole night talking to that girl...” I trailed off awkwardly as the realisation of what I had said hit me like a herd of hippogriffs. Had I really just openly admitted that for some reason (which was completely unknown to me) I was regrettably but undeniably jealous of James and the mysterious blonde?

From the reactions on everybody's faces, I think I actually did. Oh my god I really just said that to James' face.

I blushed a deep red and didn't need to turn around to know that Jess was boring holes into the back of my head. Sirius' mouth dropped open- and right there and then I wished the floor would open up and swallow me whole because James' face gad cleared of all signs of fatigue and had morphed into his legendary smirk.

“You mean you didn't like me talking Marlene McKinnon, a colleague of my dad's?” he asked, eyes glittering. I swallowed thickly and tried to back up.

“No I just mean- like you know as like your wife, I maybe- you know, wouldn't enjoy you um- talking to other women...” That sounded awful. And possessive.

James' smirk grew wider. Oh no.

“So you're my wife now?”

My heart actually stopped in my chest for a minute and my throat seemed to close up. “Um no that's not-”

“Good morning class,” McGonagall greeted us as she swept to the front of the room. I exhaled loudly in relief and turned my attention to the front, ignoring Jess' incredulous looks. It was nothing; I had to keep telling myself that the jealousy I had felt at the party and was admittedly still feeling a little now, was absolutely nothing. It was just friendly, I had been jealous that my friend had been making a new friend.


“I apologise for my lateness but I was in a meeting with the Headmaster,” McGonagall said. I briefly wondered what they would be meeting about at this time but what McGonagall was scrawling on the board in chalk, quickly captured my interest.

'Godric Gryffindor Day'.

McGonagall turned back to face us. “Every fifty years we celebrate one the school's founders, and we remember them for their wisdom, loyalty, courage, ambition and above all, their devotion to their students. This coming Saturday is Godric Gryffindor Day.”

That sounded so magical. Well exciting anyway. A day to celebrate my house (Gryffindor rules) and the man who founded it? I couldn't think of anything better!

Jess broke out into a wide grin and clapped her hands excitedly. A chance to showcase her Gryffindor pride? I knew she wouldn't pass that up. McGonagall noticed our grinning faces and let out a thin lipped smile.

“Party in the Gryffindor Common room on Saturday!” James jumped up and yelled, thumping the desk. Everybody cheered and with a dirty look from McGonagall, he retreated to his seat.

“I know that many of you are excited but this is not an excuse to slack with your school work and misbehave. This is a serious celebration and I want you to treat it as such.” She looked around at all of us (Transfiguration was shared with the Hufflepuffs) and the smile disappeared. “I am gravely serious.” Well talk about a party pooper.

The rest of the lesson passed without incident and before long the double period was over and we all rushed into the hall.

“So what are we going to do to truly honour our founder?” Jess asked, jogging to keep up with my brisk pace. She had such little legs, it's a wonder she got anywhere.

“What do you mean?” Nicola asked from my right side.

“I was completely serious about that party,” James added, using his long legs to push in front of us. I rolled my eyes.

“I'm not sure that's a good idea James. We need to get a head start on our N.E.W.T revision, they're in a few months you know-” James clapped a large hand over my mouth and I walked right into him.

“Hush Lily. No one wants to hear about exams, we've got ages yet.” He removed his hand from my face and I recoiled in disgust.

“Your hand smells weird,” I told him, continuing to walk.

“Odd smells and exams aside, we need to make this founder's day fabulous. This may be the last one we ever have,” Jess pushed. Molly sprung out of nowhere and grabbed Jess by the arm, swinging her round in an attempt to stop herself.

“Molly!” Jess shrieked as she was flung into a crowd of people and Molly was sent spiralling into a wall. We rushed forward to help them but found that someone had already saved Jess. The crowd parted and revealed Amos Diggory, in all of his Roman God glory, holding Jess around the waist and preventing her from falling over. I stopped stock still and everyone crashed into me. Remus pushed his way round and stopped next to me.

“Gosh thank you Amos,” Jess smiled, straightening up. “Without you I most definitely would have have landed on my face!” Amos laughed, completely ignoring the rather large group of onlookers -including ourselves.

“Wouldn't want that, your face is far too pretty,” he replied smoothly. Remus coughed awkwardly and Jess looked up, noticing us. She distanced herself from Amos and shot him an easy smile whilst shouldering her bag.

“Well anyway, thanks for not letting me fall.” Amos winked.

“No problem, you're precious cargo.” My eyebrows were somewhere up by my hairline and I think my hands had subconsciously moved to my hips. Jess patted him on the shoulder and walked back to us.

“Sup guys.” Remus looked at her, mustering up all the hurt he could manage into one knock dead puppy dog face and stormed off. Jess sighed.

“I better go after him,” she said.

“Hey friends, thanks for the help!” Molly snapped, emerging from a gaggle of girls. I shrugged in a what-can-you-do type gesture.

“Jess' show was more interesting,” I replied. She frowned then suddenly lit up.

“Oh Jess I wanted to tell you about Godric's day!”

“Yeah I know, we heard about it too,” Jess answered, turning to go.

“Well anyway, I was thinking we make it Godric's week, in true Gryffindor fashion.” Jess stopped and looked at Molly, awe, amazement and curiosity on her face.

“And how do you propose we do that?” she asked. Molly grinned.

“Two words. Glitter canons.”


A/N- Sup guys. Sorry about the colossal wait for chapter nineteen but my laptop went kaput and totally died on me so a very nice friend of mine wiped it and thanks to her hard work and persistence, it works again! But life has been hard and horrible so I kind of lost my muse for a while.


And ready to write! Aaaaaand, the 8th April marks Witch Against the World's second birthday! Can you believe it?! I'm hoping to get a celebratory chapter out in honour of my two year old baby but I'm a little stuck for ideas. So, if you guys have any ideas for a completely fabulous chapter please leave me a review and tell me and I will try and write it! It doesn't have to have much relevance or it can be some great Godric's week ideas or whatever pops into your minds!


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