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Hoping for A Heartbeat by lindslo2012
Chapter 8 : Just a Dream?
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 There were bright white lights above my head.

Where was I? St. Mungo’s? 

I opened my eyes to view a huge window where raindrops hit it like bullets. I sensed that I was here in the hospital for some reason but I couldn’t pinpoint exactly what that reason was. And suddenly I felt terrified.

 “Ginny?” I whipped around from the uncomfortable stretcher to face the familiar voice and saw my brother, Fred, looking at me from the hospital doorway. He was dressed in the neon robes that Healers wear and he wore a very grim expression on his face.

“FRED! OH MY GOD, FRED!” I screamed to my brother, jumping off the stretcher and running into his arms. “You’re alive! Where have you been hiding?!”

My brother, the jokester, must have faked his death!

Fred then ignored my question and sat in a circular Healer chair near me. He motioned for me to return to the stretcher while not looking me in the eyes. It looked like… was he crying?

Tears fell down his cheeks as he said, “Let me take a look please?”

I questioned, “Look at what Fred?”

“I need to look at the baby Ginny. Something’s wrong!” Fred said alarmingly. His voice sounded as though he was whispering, very distant.  

I looked down and realized I was bleeding. Bleeding so bad that it looked like I was in one of those horror movies Ron watched on Hermione’s muggle TV. My bare pale legs were covered in red, warm liquid and I realized I was cramping horribly.

“What’s going on?” I asked, panicked. “Is the baby okay?”

“Just let me see-” Fred said calmly as he approached my exposed (more bloated than I remembered) stomach with his wand.

I watched as a huge projection picture of what I guessed was my uterus showed up in mid-air from his wand and Fred wasn’t saying a word.

There was a huge black circle amongst the many black and white dots, and there was an odd shape inside the black circle which was a pretty good size. It looked like a tiny child.

I then realized with horror that it was my baby and it wasn’t moving. Nothing was moving.

“Ginny, your baby is-”

 “GINNY?! Are you okay love?! What’s wrong?”

I opened my brown eyes to look into my husband’s terrified green ones. My body was covered in cold sweat and my heart made such hard vibrations that it shook my shirt as it beat faster than ever before.

“Wha-?” I asked, looking wildly around me. I was in my bed… not in a hospital room, and Fred wasn’t there. It was just a nightmare. Just a stupid nightmare…

I looked over to the alarm clock Hermione bought me a few Christmases ago and sighed. It was two-thirty in the morning and Harry had to get up in two and a half hours.

My mind then started to focus on the fact that Fred looked and talked like he was really there. I felt like he was really there. It was as though he came to see me in my dream.

“Why are you crying Gin?” Harry asked me, grabbing my shaking hand with his right hand as he leaned on his left elbow to look at me.

“I had a dream about- never mind.” I didn’t want to talk about it as I put my hands to my face, realizing that I was indeed crying quite heavily. I turned away from him and propped my head on the pillow to face the huge window.

“Please tell me what’s wrong Ginny! What scared you?” Harry begged, obviously tired of me not telling him things like this.

“It was horrible and I don’t want to talk about it yet!” I said defensively back, “I just want to go back to sleep!”

“Fine, I’m sorry for caring.” He said angrily, turning with force to the opposite way that I was turned, sighing as he settled again.

“I’m sorry.” I said sadly, hating that I had such an unnecessary temper with him sometimes. I then decided to go ahead and tell him what my dream held.

“I had a nightmare and Fred was in it. He was a Healer and he was telling me something is wrong with the baby. That was all and I woke up. It was terrible-”

Harry turned toward me again and put a strong arm around my body. “I think the baby’s fine,” he said tenderly, stroking my hair with his fingers after kissing the back of my neck.

“I sure hope so,” I said worriedly. Why else would Fred be in my dream if nothing was wrong?


Harry soon fell back into a deep sleep, leaving me wide awake. It took hours until I finally convinced myself that everything is most likely okay and that the dream wasn’t a warning.

The morning came rudely with more thunder screaming in my ears. Winter was brutal and the start of spring is starting out quite wet and stormy.

Hermione had given me the muggle estimation of how far along I am now. She said according to my last period I am now twelve weeks and I still had no symptoms besides the one day I vomited at The Burrow.

When I walked into the kitchen, no one was there as expected and everyone was at work. Hermione left a note on the kitchen counter explaining that she had made us biscuits and that I could eat those with jam and tea.

Even though I tried to avoid thinking about it, the dream about Fred’s grim face was still on my brain as soon as I woke up. I started to feel like I needed to make that Healer’s appointment to assure myself that the dream in fact was not true.

After taking a few brief bites of Hermione’s biscuits and fresh-brewed tea, I scrambled around to find some parchment, nervousness taking hold of me as I went.

It was probably just my nerves from the hormones, I tried to convince myself while finally finding parchment and a quill while settling at the kitchen table once more beside my half-eaten biscuits.

I then beckoned myself to start writing.

Dear Pregnant Witch Ward, (I was not entirely sure what it was called)

My name is Ginevra Potter and I recently found out I am pregnant.

It has been about three months since my last period and I have had no known complications such far and I want to acquire an appointment with a Healer as soon as she may be available to check up on things.

I am very grateful.

Thank you,

-Ginevra Potter

I folded the letter delicately and got up to find an envelope that was sitting on Harry’s office’s desk.

I wrote my address and St. Mungo’s address on there and whipped around with my heart beating unsteady again to find Pigwidgeon.

I entered Hermione and Ron’s bedroom and chuckled a bit at how very clean it was probably due to Hermione’s upkeep. It was not the blue color like ours but more beige, the kind of color Hermione enjoyed. Their bed had a comforter the color of gold and pillows to match.

I looked toward the corner of the room where the bird sat quietly in his cage, still almost as small as it was the day Ron brought him home.

“Pig! I need you to deliver a letter for me!” I said to him while startling him to wake. He looked at me deceivingly but stuck his leg out regardless.

I attached the letter to his tiny leg and walked over to the window to open it up. He seemed to glare at me because of my asking him to go out into the rain but he once again went anyway.

Dazedly, I walked into the living room after watching Pig fly into the lazy London clouds and lay on the couch to listen to the rain. It was still steady enough where I could hear it hitting the roof quite hardly still and it calmed me.

I look up at the ceiling fan and thought about the fact that I have no idea about pregnancy or being a mum. I thought about this before but now the fact that I am pregnant is finally settling into my brain for good, making me question my abilities to be responsible for another human being.

What if my child is the next Voldemort? No, I wouldn’t let them be.

Then the dream crept back into my mind and realized maybe I shouldn’t get attached to this baby.  Harry had dreams that turned out to eventually be real and it made me even more skeptic that this one was just a nightmare.


The three other people who accompany me in my flat arrived home at different times although all not too far from six o’clock.

To get the dream off my mind I decided to cook for the first time in a very long time so they came home to a dining room table full of hot goods containing fried chicken, mashed potatoes, squash, and corn.

“Bloody hell it smells like heaven!” Ron said with a grin as my masterpiece of dinner came into his view.

Harry gave me a knowing look because he knew that I didn’t cook much but then he said after Ron while sitting down, “I am starving.”

Hermione followed close behind them and she too sat at the table with a smile. “Wow Ginny it looks wonderful!”

After we all settled into our seats we started filling our stomachs satisfyingly up.

“What made you cook us a feast Gin?” Ron asked me, his mouth full as usual. Harry followed his gaze, wondering the same but knowing that it was indeed because the dream bothered me.

I decided to be honest, “To get my mind off of things.”

“That’s okay with me!” Ron said with another forkful of mashed potatoes.


After dinner we all sat in the living room and talked about their work. Harry expressed that he had ten new cases that he had to finish by this weekend, Hermione laughed at him saying that she had twenty, and Ron, like me, just watched on with nothing to say.

Bedtime came earlier than usual because Harry and Hermione started to get into a debate about something to do with wizarding laws. I said my goodnight at only eight thirty and noticed Pig standing outside my window sill as I walked into Harry and my bedroom.

I opened the windowsill and let him fly out my bedroom door after picking the letter off of his leg.


First off, congratulations!

We have an available appointment next Friday. Please bring someone with you, preferably your husband because we will have a lot to talk about tests in the future and ect.

I am overjoyed to hear Mr. Potter and yourself are expecting! See you Friday!


Healer McKnight

I rolled my eyes at the fact that she already realized I am Harry Potter’s wife. Oh well, I’m used to the fame I guess.

Too tired to walk into another one of their debates just to tell Harry I have an appointment, I decided to settle into my pajamas and get into bed. Sleep seemed far off though because the dream still wouldn’t leave my mind.

I guess Friday will be the day to find out if everything is okay.

A/N: Well... the dream was very eery and sad. 
As you know Ginny will have a miscarriage... but will it be now or later? 
She is smart to wonder whether her dream was just a dream or more because of the past with Harry's dreams. Either way... our poor Ginny has a rough road ahead of her. 
Thank you to previous reviewers and readers of my story! I hope you still enjoy it. 







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Hoping for A Heartbeat : Just a Dream?


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