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Seven by freckled_weasley
Chapter 23 : Opening Pranks
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Despite the night’s events, Lily had a very good night sleep. James’s warmth helped her to relax, and she knew she was safe in the circle of his arms.


She was woken up by a familiar pair of lips just below her ear. Half asleep, she instinctually tilted her head to allow them more access to her neck. At this the lips chuckled and murmured a “good morning Lily” against her skin


Lily hummed, opening her eyes and rolling onto her back to see James looking down at her


He began to plant little kisses all over her face.


“Sleep well?” he asked after placing one on the tip of her nose he retreated to look at her face.


She knew this was so he could judge whether she was lying or not, not that she cared, it gave her a chance to study him. His eyes were still a bit sleepy behind his glasses, but bright. His hair was more disheveled then usual and his shirt was all wrinkled. It really wasn’t fair that someone should look so amazing without trying.


“Yeah, and you?” she smiled softly, her eyes examining his face.


James nodded with a smile. She was incredibly beautiful in the morning. Her hair was fanned out beneath her, her eyes still a bit closed and full of sleep. He struggled every day not snogging her senseless when waking her up.


“Something wrong?” he asked her, she was biting her smiling lips with a strange look on her face. It was the one look he hadn’t riddled out yet.


“You’re just very sexy in the morning and I'm having a bit of trouble keeping my hands off of you” Lily said honestly.


“Thank Merlin” he grinned, “I have that struggle every bloody day I wake you up.” He then attacked her lips with his own


They both seemed to have a new hunger for each other. Lily smiled under James’s lips.


 Now this was a proper good morning.


“Thank you for staying last night” she said between kisses


“Anytime” he chuckled


Lily could really get used to this. Sleeping in James’s arms, waking up to a thorough good morning snog. She knotted her fingers in his hair, pulling herself closer. He broke away from her lips and began to run his lips down her neck while he breathed a laugh.


“Someone’s impatient this morning,” he teased against her skin


“Are you complaining Potter?” she challenged


“No,” he said, lips getting closer and closer to her mouth “I could stay like this forever.” And his lips met hers.


But nothing could last forever.


“Mr. Potter, Miss Evans!” A frazzled voice called from the common room.


Lily and James froze, looking at each other with panicked eyes.


“No way in hell this is happening. No way in hell she’s-“ Lily muttered to herself


“Potter, Evans, downstairs now or I will come up there and get you myself!” McGonagall shouted irritably


They both sprung out of bed quickly. They fixed their hair a bit and Lily straightened the sweatshirt she was wearing. They went out onto the landing and seeing Professor McGonagall raise a single eyebrow at their exit. It was clear she was not expecting them to be exiting the same room in the morning.


“Good morning, Professor” Lily said, confused. She was suddenly very aware of her shorts and the fact that she was wearing James’s sweatshirt.


So, it seemed, was Professor McGonagall.


She looked at Lily, who blushed furiously and resisted the urge to hide her face in James’s chest to hide it. She realized that, although it would make her much more comfortable, it probably wouldn’t help the situation.


“Miss. Evans, how are you this morning?”


“Fine, thank you. What can we do for you Professor?” Lily asked nervously.


She chanced a glance at James, who seemed to be enjoying the whole exchange. He had a small, almost invisible smirk on his face. She subtly jabbed his stomach with her elbow. At this his smirk flawlessly grew into a charming smile, the one he usually saved for when he was getting around trouble with McGonagall.


“Yes, Professor, how can we be of service?” He said smoothly.


“Well Potter, I was wondering if the Head Boy and Girl knew anything about the desks.” She looked directly at James when she said this.


“Sorry professor, desks?” Lily asked, she looked more surprised then James. The cocky expression on his face hadn’t changed or flickered for a moment.


“Yes, Miss Evans,” McGonagall said, peering at them over her spectacles
“It seems all the desks have disappeared and cannot be summoned. Someone has made them untraceable. All of them. Teachers desks included.”


“Professor, I honestly have no idea where the desks are.” Lily said with a small smile


“And you, Mr. Potter?” McGonagall looked at James


“Now Professor, would I be a good student, no a good citizen, if I knew where those desks were and didn’t tell you?” James said with a grin


“Potter, I already spoke to Mr. Black, Mr. Lupin, and Mr. Pettigrew. Do you want to hear something strange?”


“I would be delighted Professor.” James smiled politely


“They all said the same thing.” she raised her eyebrows “Exactly the same thing.”


“Huh, I guess we really do spend too much time together…”


James continued to smile as she looked at him. All the other teachers were easy, but McGonagall tended to see right through him. At this point he and the other marauders didn’t even try to act innocent around her. They had an unspoken understanding. McGonagall couldn’t punish them without proof, which they hadn’t left in years, so if she asked the marauders wouldn’t let a joke go too far…most of the time.


“Mr. Potter, lessons are going to be canceled today if the desks cannot be recovered, the teachers lesson plans were in their desks, and there is nowhere for students to sit. Now, one day shouldn’t be too destructive to learning, but two days would be unnecessary, as I'm sure you’ll agree.” she lowered her glasses to the tip of her nose


“Well then, Professor, I would imagine those behind this would know that and return them by tomorrow!” he grinned


“I should hope so, Mr. Potter, I should hope so. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must go inform Professors Slughorn, Sprout, and Flitwick that they should announce the cancelation of classes to their houses.” McGonagall said


Lily could’ve sworn she saw McGonagall smile, but the flicker disappeared even more quickly then it had come.


“You two enjoy your day…” she gave Lily a look that clearly said she knew more then she was letting on.


“Thank you Professor, we intend to” James smirked. Lily blushed again and went to take a step back but found James was much closer then he had been a minute ago. He wrapped his arms around Lily’s waist. She, again, blushed furiously and wriggled out of his grasp.


“So help me James…” she muttered.


“May I just remind y-” McGonagall began


“Prongs, everything went- oh hello professor!” Remus said with a smile as he entered the heads common room


“Boys” she nodded her head in greeting at the marauders


“Morning Minnie!” Sirius said lightly, bouncing through the door “Find those desks yet?”


“I told you Black, it’s a point every time you call me that. And No, I haven’t. Although you don’t seem very surprised about that” McGonagall looked at Sirius who, it seemed, hadn’t even bothered to put on a uniform this morning.


“Well the Hogwarts hoodlums are quite skilled.” He said with a smile


“Uh huh…” she fixed her glasses before exiting the way they came in. when the door had closed they all grinned at each other


“You got rid of all the desks in the school?” Lily smiled


“Yup.” Sirius smirked


“And they're undetectable?” she shook her head in disbelief


“Completely” Peter smiled


“And there’s no evidence that you lot were even near the classrooms last night?” she raised her eyebrows


“Not a single wolfy hair” Remus grinned


“Brilliant.” Lily beamed


Just then Beth, Alice, and Emma burst through the door. They all looked bright and excited about the day, it seemed the marauders had sent them a note and informed them of the day’s cancelations. They each had a pile of normal clothes over their arms. None of them were wearing a tie and their uniforms were loosened around them.


“You lot are amazing!” Alice exclaimed


“Seriously, awesome.” Beth laughed


“We know” Sirius said smugly


“And we accept any tokens of gratitude offered” Remus said, staring innocently at the ceiling


“Food” Peter said happily


“Homework assignments completed at an O standard” James added, returning to hug Lily from behind


“A clean dorm” Remus smiled as Emma approached him and greeted him with a peck on the cheek


“A good snog couldn’t hurt either!” Sirius grinned.


They all laughed happily at the joke. Everyone, except one person.


Beth took three long strides over to Sirius and kissed him full on the mouth. He seemed a bit stunned for a moment before he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her back hungrily. His arms snaked around her waist and hers found themselves around his neck.


“Umm…guys?” Lily said softly as Beth’s hand went down the back of Sirius’s shirt


No response.


“Guys…” Remus added a bit more forcefully as Sirius’s hand crept up Beth’s thigh, under the hem of her skirt.


The snogging was getting quite heated and everyone became even more uncomfortable.




They finally seemed to hear the world around them. Neither one looked embarrassed. They simply shrugged and left the common room, evidently to do exactly what James told them to do.


The remaining friends simply looked around at each other before breaking out in laughter.


“It’s about time, don’t you think?” Alice chuckled


“Damn right it is!” James smirked “If I had to hear one more complaint about those boys following her around I may have actually hurled myself off the astronomy tower.”


“Ugh and the conversations about the hair! Merlin’s beard, the hair!” Emma laughed


It’s perfect, but not too perfect!” Lily imitated Beth’s voice


She’s so bloody fit none of those wimps can handle her anyway, I don’t know what they're playing at!” Remus joined in, copying the complaints his friend had made over the past few weeks multiple times


And his eyes!” Emma feigned attraction “They’re so mysterious!


“Thank god that’s finally over!” Alice groaned


“Tell me about it!” Peter added


“So…” James grinned, “What are we going to do with our day off?”


A/N: OH MY GOODNESS I AM SO SORRY!! I have been so super busy and haven't had much time to write! I only have a few chapters left and I wanted to stay a bit ahead! I seriously feel awful. All of you who have been requesting a new chapter, I am especially sorry to you!

Okay, so a few matters of business. First of all I know the prank was kind of lame but I needed something to get them out of class for the day due to a plot idea. Second of all, I'm not super sneaky so I can't think of any good jokes to do! I am seriously considering where I want Sirius and Beth to go (especially after this chapter. I just had to let them snog though, the sexual tension could be felt in the keyboard!) Tell me what you think of them! I really want to know! They seem a little to alike, I think. Any opinions are welcome!! Finally, I know my updating has been terrible. Trust me, I do. I am hoping that I will get back into the swing of things a little more and will definitely be able to finish this particular story by the end of summer.

Also, for those of you who have been so awesome as to give me your feedback, THANK YOU! I have decided that when this is done I will be doing a prequel to this story! I think that as much as I love to write for the relationshippy James and Lily, the bickering ones will be super fun too. I also want to focus a lot on her development of such a close relationship with the marauders. Keep a close eye out as I might be posting sneak peaks as one shots in the coming months!!! Fingers crossed I can find inspiration!

Anyone who read this whole authors note, you're awesome! Sorry it was so long but I had a bunch of stuff to share!

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