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Sudden Blessings by harrypottaaaa
Chapter 10 : Hospital
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(AN: Hey guys!  Sorry this one took so long!  I was feeling uninspired and I only got two reviews sooo it was a little dissappointing.  Is anyone even reading this?  Anyway, I did put up a Dramione one shot while I was away so it would mean alot to me if you went over and read that!  It's titled 'Scars' and it's a bit darker than this story.  Enjoy this chapter!)

      It was now three months later, Hermione Granger was five months pregnant, and on her way to the bathroom. The babies had been kicking her like crazy today, as they had been for about a month now. One of them was dancing on her bladder at the moment and it felt like the other was trying to break her ribs.

      After the bathroom, classes were switching and she had a free period. She laid her hands on her prominent belly and ignored the whispers that began at the sight of her. She’d gotten used to them by now. Suddenly, she felt a quick pressure on the palm of her hands. A baby was kicking! No one had been able to feel them from the outside yet! She had to find Draco.

      She caught a flash of his platinum hair down the hallway and began pushing her way through the crowd. He was in a group of his guy friends, laughing with his back turned to her.

      “Draco!” she called out excitedly. He spun around and saw her concentrating stare down at her stomach.

      “What’s wrong? Is it the babies? Are they hurt? Are you hurt?” He questioned worriedly as he hurried over. She looked up with a huge smile and placed his hand on her bump. He was confused at first and opened his mouth to question her when he felt it: A slight pressure bumping his hand and disappearing.

      “Is that- are they…?” He stumbled around his words before she shut him up with a kiss and nodded.

“Kicking, Draco. They’re kicking! I’ve been able to feel it for a month but this is the first time their daddy can feel them too.” She replied with teary eyes, watching him gazelovingly where his hands were still placed. The hall had cleared as classes began again.

      Draco said goodbye and planted a kiss on her large stomach before promising to come visit her before taking her to her healer’s appointment today. She nodded and waddled up to her dorm room to take a quick nap. The two little monkeys in her stomach were wearing her out. She lovingly rested her hands back on her stomach and began climbing the stairs. She made a mental note to add a few more baby names to the list Draco had started.

      Falling into bed, she did a spell to make the curtains open and wake her up ten minutes before her healer’s appointment.

      Three hours later, she was pissed. Not at anyone, necessarily but just in general. Throwing the nearest object at Draco, a shoe, she felt hot angry tears burning down her face. She screamed in rage and ran out of the room. She could hear his loud footsteps pursuing her.

      Whirling around, she shouted, “LEAVE ME ALONE MALFOY, I HATE YOU.”

      Draco stopped, trying not to smile and responded, “That may be, Granger, but the matron told us you HAVE to drink the potion. I don’t care if you don’t like it, it’s for the babies. Now come here and take it!”

      Hermione took off the other way again, feeling her hair whip behind her. She had told him that the potion tasted bad and she wouldn’t take it. He was being rude by not respecting her choice. She was sure the babies would be fine without a stupid vitamin for a day.

      “Hermione, STOP,” she heard Draco calling out behind her, his voice beginning to grow desperate. She may be pregnant, but she was still fast- and determined. She felt a pang of guilt and turned her head to look at him, still running. She didn’t want him to be mad at her.

      As she turned to look at him, she saw his face become relieved and then terrified. She felt a sensation of falling and then everything went black.

      She woke up squinting, in a room full of white. Looking around, she noticed it was a magic hospital room. She turned her head to the left and noticed dozens of machines attached to her arms through tubes. What happened? She looked up at an angle and saw Draco with his eyes shut and arms crossed.

      “Draco…” she croaked, just noticing how dry her throat was. His pale eyelids fluttered and he peered back at her before leaping out of his chair and pressing a button on the wall.

      “Hermione! Thank God you’re finally awake. Are you sore? Hungry? Thirsty? How are you feeling?” He asked, flustered.

     She attempted a smile and said, “I can’t move. I feel sluggish. And my throat hurts. Draco, what am I doing here?”

      He shut his eyes and replied, “That’s the effects of all the potions you’re on. I’ll explain it all later, right now you should rest some more.”

       “Draco, the babies… Are they alright!? Tell me what’s going on!” Hermione insisted.

      Just then, a healer in white robes rushed in. He began fiddling with the machines attached to Hermione. Wheeling in a cart, came another healer. This one was pretty, with red hair and blue eyes. She smiled at Hermione before reaching for her arm.
“I’m sorry ma’am, but your body is still trying to heal. We can help it do that better when you’re asleep.” She explained as she injected something into Hermione’s pale arm before dropping it back on the bed.

      “No, I… can’t sleep… don’t know… going on… the babies…” Hermione struggled to stay awake as her heavy eyelids fought to close. Before she knew it, everything was black again.

      Draco stood and approached the healers who were attempting to retreat.
“Are they going to be okay? You said the girl was fine but she landed on the boy? What about him?” Draco questioned worriedly.

      The pretty healer smiled at him and ushered him back to his chair, “Sir, we’re doing the best we can. Obviously the babies are too early to deliver so we can’t take care of them like we want to now. Hermione’s body has to heal itself first, and we have no doubt that it will by the end of the day. The baby girl seems unaffected by the fall.”

      Draco nodded but continued to press her for more information. “But the baby boy.. what about him?”

      The healer shook her head as she left the room. “We’re going to do everything we can for him, Mister Malfoy. I can’t make any promises other than that we’ll try.” The door shut as he opened his mouth again, eyes red and watering up.

      Draco lunged out of his chair, his mind going insane. “NO, that’s not enough. You have to help them, NOW! Fix it, I know you can fix it. Save my little boy, please…” He sobbed, beating against the door she had shut on him.

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Sudden Blessings: Hospital


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