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Purebloods Don't Cry by SlYtHeRiN gOdDeSs90
Chapter 16 : Chapter 16-Merry Christmas Baby
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I woke up, no the better way to state this is I was rudely jolted from sleep, by Draco bouncing up and down on the bed. I was being mildly lifted from my warm spot on the bed each time he landed causing me to groan.

“IT’S CHRISTMAS!” he shouted.

“Bloody hell,” I muttered rolling over and pulling the blanket up over my bare shoulders, “How old are you?”

“Doesn’t matter because it’s CHRISTMAS!” he said continuing to bounce around me.

“Merlin, you are serious,” I said looking at him through one open eye I had originally thought it was joke.

His smiled went all the way to his eyes as he flopped down next to me, “Come on get up let’s go open presents.”

“Are your parents even awake?”

He nodded vigorously, “They have been.”

“Fine,” I sighed.

I got up out of bed pulling on the pajamas I had left in a pile on the floor next to my side of the bed. He grabbed my hand and practically dragged me down the stairs to the tree. Narcissa and Lucius were already there smiling as Draco plopped us down in front of our presents. A fire was going in the fireplace and I couldn’t help but think of how cliché the scene was. Yet despite its storybook perfection I loved every bit of it.

The few Christmases I remembered that I spent at home and not shipped off somewhere consisted of waking up around noon and opening presents with our house elf. I am sure when I was younger my parents were around but by the time I was 8 they couldn’t be bothered and by the time I was 11 it was obviously easier to send me off. I had always stayed at Jade’s and her family had a nice simple Christmas with a beautiful, yet average tree and no real traditions. So this holiday experience had been new and I was enjoying every minute of it. This is how I had always thought Christmas should be.

“Happy Christmas Lina,” Narcissa said.

“Happy Christmas Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy,” I smiled though I was still groggy.

“Can we open presents now?” Draco pleaded.

Narcissa laughed but nodded. I just watched Draco for a moment it was surprising to see him full of so much childlike wonder. It was obvious his family had wonderful holidays that he looked forward to and I adored this side of Draco. I was wondering what other traditions he would bring into our lives when we were married and out on our own. That sentence suddenly paused my amusement and love of Draco at this moment. Married, we were getting married; I looked down at the ring on my finger and gave a half smile.

“Everything ok Lina?” Narcissa asked jolting me from my thoughts.

“Oh yes,” I replied reaching for my first gift.

The gift was from my parents according to the tag it was wrapped in paper was matte red and covered in reindeer. Inside the wrapping was a box and inside the box was a hunter green cashmere sweater. The rest of the presents from my parents were equally as lovely and equally as unsentimental. Some jeans, some emerald earrings, a new purse, a pair of knee high brown heeled boots, an expensive looking book detailing the greatest witch and wizard weddings, a brown leather jacket, and some more clothing items. I moved on in my piled to presents wrapped in metallic red paper with metallic green bows. These were from Narcissa and Lucius. The first present contained a silver frame with a picture of Draco and myself with our parents at the announcing of our engagement. The next one was a pair of white high heeled sandals which were studded with what appeared to be diamonds across the strap that went across the toes.

“Those were the shoes I wore when I married Lucius,” Narcissa said, “They seemed like something you would like.”

I smiled broadly, not only did I love them but it meant so much she would give them to me, “They’re beautiful!”
Narcissa smiled as I carefully placed them back in the box and began to open my next gift. They had also gotten me a gift certificate to get my wedding dress, for an unlimited amount, and some clothes.

Draco was finished opening his mountain of clothes, various Quidditch items, a new broom, and plenty of other stuff that was buried under the clothes and Quidditch items. Narcissa and Lucius opened the presents I had gotten them which they both loved and then what Draco had gotten them. He had gotten his father a pair of silver snake cufflinks and his mother a crystal vase which would keep flowers alive without the owner having do anything.

“Thank you Draco and Lina,” Lucius said.

“Yes thank you both very much. We’re going to go get some breakfast while you two exchanged your gifts,” Narcissa winked as she got up.

Draco’s POV

Once my parents exited the room I turned to Lina and smiled at her.

“Are you having a good holiday?”

“The best!” she exclaimed jumping over into my lap and hugging me.

This was amazing as I glanced at the pile of gifts next to me I knew I didn’t need any of them because I have her here and she loves me. I conjured her presents as she sat back down next to me and I was nervous hoping she would like them. She handed me two presents wrapped perfectly in snowman wrapping paper and she had a wide smile on her face as she did so.

“Well open them!” she prodded.

“No you first,” I replied.

She opened her mouth then closed it I could see her debating whether or not she wanted to continue back or forth or just open hers and move our morning along. She unwrapped the larger box first and I watched her reaction as did so. She smiled broadly once the paper was clear and I felt myself smile too. She pulled out the t-shirt with our picture on it and unfolded it causing the real present to fall out. She picked up the photo from my bedside and smiled.

“I love this picture.”

I nodded, “I know and the t-shirt isn’t too bad either huh?”

She laughed, “The t-shirt is adorable.”

“I thought you would want to have that picture in your dorm.”

“That’s very sweet of you Draco,” she smiled, “And I am totally wearing the shirt on the train back to Hogwarts.”
I blushed a little, “I didn’t think you would actually wear it.”

“Well that was your mistake,” she kissed my cheek.

I shook my head, “Yeah your right I should’ve known you would wear it.”

“Now your turn open that one,” she pointed at the larger of the two presents she had given me.

“Noooo,” I whined, “Open your other one.”

She shook her head, “Nope you have to open one now.”

“Fine,” I sighed and began to open the snowman paper.

Inside was a book that appeared to be a journal. I opened it and began to flip through. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing as I skimmed it I realized it was all about us. There were pages of writing and also videos throughout the journal. As I continued to skim through I would catch glimpses of us smiling or yelling. I caught Lina’s angry face a few times and I realized she had put everything in this journal the good and the bad. I paused on the video of us quipping back and forth after I had answered the portrait hole to see Tristan. I flipped back towards the beginning of the journal back to when we were together the first time. I stopped when the word love jumped off the page at me.

“Wow Lina,” was all I could say.

“Do you like it?” she asked.

I got caught up reading the passage I found about when she first realized she loved me.

I felt a gentle shove and looked up at her, “Do you like it?”

I nodded, “I love it! I can’t wait to read it.”

She smiled and gently kissed me. I was nervous to read the part of the memoir of when were first together but I also wanted to sit there and continue reading it but I also desperately wanted her to open her other gift.

“Now open your second one,” I said in a whiney tone causing her to scowl a little at me before giggling so I would know she had given in.

She unwrapped the smaller package and opened the deep navy velvet box. She gasped as she saw the platinum bracelet of the snake wrapping around and holding its own tail with its emerald eye shining in the fire light. She inspected it closer and I saw a tear come to her eye as she found the inscription, ‘Forever Yours,’ I thought it fit how we both felt about the other.

She grabbed me and kissed me intensely and I felt her hot tears as they slid down my face. She placed one hand on my neck and the other on the side of my face as she kissed me deeper. I felt more tears slip from her to me as her hand fell from face to my shoulder.

“What’s wrong?” I whispered, breathless, as I pulled away from her.

She just shook her head and pointed at the small box left for me to open. She was still crying but she had a smile on her face so I picked up the box and removed the paper. I opened it to find a black carbonite ring with a small emerald in it. When I looked inside the ring I saw it read ‘Forever Yours.’

Normal POV

I saw a tear escape Draco’s eye and I felt much less silly for crying. He slipped the ring on then leaned over and did the clasp on my bracelet. I leaned over placing my head on his shoulder and closing my eyes as he slipped his arm over my shoulders. We sat like that until I heard his stomach growl and then mine as if mine was replying. We both chuckled.

“Breakfast?” he asked.

“Definitely,” I replied.

He got up and extended his hand to me helping me off the floor. Instead of letting my hand go he pulled me to him and hugged me tightly. I felt his warmth engulf me as his hand traced circles on my lower back. I completely forgot my hunger and just wanted to stay there in his arms forever.

“I love you Lina,” he whispered pushing some of my hair behind my ear.

“I know,” I whispered into his chest, “I love you too.”

If possible he held me even tighter.

“Aren’t you two hungry?”

We jumped apart at the sound of Narcissa’s voice.

“Starved,” Draco replied taking my hand and smiling as we walked past his mum.

We both laughed as we made our way to get something to eat.

“Why do you always act so guilty?” he asked jokingly.

“Me?! What about you!?” I replied.

“I usually am guilty I don’t act,” he smirked.

I just shook my head at him as we went into the kitchen and sat down at the island where a house elf immediately set chocolate chip pancakes, sausage, and scrambled cheese eggs in front of us.

“Traditional breakfast,” Draco said as if reading my mind that was asking why the house elf already had plates ready, “Chocolate chip are my favorite.”

We ate slowly glancing at each other and smiling. About halfway through eating Draco took my hand with a sly smile on his face. He quickly kneeled down and took the ring off my finger.

“Lina,” he asked, “I truly am forever yours will you please marry me?”

I felt the tears well up again and slid warm and wet down my face. I held up a finger to signify I needed a minute. I had already publicly agreed to marry him but privately I had told him no. I stared at him through my blurry, tear stained vision and he somehow seemed more handsome as light glinted in my tears off of his face. I could see how hopeful he was and I didn’t want that hopefulness to ever leave him because it would keep him trying and keeping him loving. I noticed how empty and light my hand felt without that ring and also realized I didn’t think I would actually be able to speak. I sniffled and more tears came and I just nodded furiously causing him to slide the ring back on my finger and jump up and pull me close engulfing me in his heat once again.

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