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Free by anythingcouldhappen
Chapter 1 : The Master
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It was too late.

Far too late.

Lily, tears streaming down her face, turned to Hugo. They were at a dead end—no escape from the hellish warehouse they had found themselves hiding after the attack. They had thought here they would be safe. No one would suspect sweet Lily Potter and quiet Hugo Weasley to hide in such a nightmarish place as the warehouse.

But they were wrong.

“It’s over,” Hugo croaked, staring at the blank wall ahead of them. In seconds, their pursuers would catch up. There was no way out. If only they had their wands—so much would have changed. But like Lily’s namesake, they had been caught unawares, with no chance to grab their wands.

“At least we’re together Hugo,” Lily said softly. “I think that’s better than being alone.”

Hugo took Lily’s hand in his and opened his mouth to reply, but at that moment their pursuers rounded the corner, faces twisted in cruel excitement.


Lily and Hugo both fell without another word.

When she awoke, it only took Lily a moment to remember the events of the previous days. Strangely, she wasn’t as upset as she thought she would be upon capture. Instead, all she felt was flat—a piece of paper already used up and with no more purpose in life.

Her arms were tied behind her back, uncomfortably pushed between the wall and her body. She could feel her hair, tangled and knotted, itching against the right side of her face. It was too dark to see anything, so she whispered, “Hugo?”

She was answered with a noncommittal grunt. Lily breathed a sigh of relief. As long as her cousin was with her, she wouldn’t feel so alone. She could face what awaited them with Hugo.

Before she had any time to dwell on what did await them, the sound of a door opening screeched into her eardrums and a lit wand appeared opposite her.

Squinting, she watched as a heavy set man walked over to Hugo, pulling him up by the collar. “The Master wants to see you, up on your feet!”

Hugo stumbled, but managed to keep his balance and the man moved onto Lily, pulling her upright as well. She caught the stench of his clothes and breath and wrinkled her nose, turning to avoid the noxious scent. It was funny how much little things got on your nerves when there were so much bigger things to worry about.

The guard pointed his wand at their backs alternately as they walked down the passage. There wasn’t much to see—only a few more doors and the occasional crack in the stone floor. After about forty-five seconds of walking, they reached a staircase.

Lily hesitated to walk up, fearing her ability to balance with her arms tied, but the guard poked his wand into her back and grunted threateningly, so she did her best, frequently stumbling into Hugo ahead of her and the guard behind her, but managing to stay on her feet.

At the top of the staircase, they emerged into a hallway, lit badly with a few candles, and carpeted with dark blue fabric. It looked grand, but not well kept up. After a few steps, the guard stepped ahead of Hugo and Lily to open a door.

As he fumbled with the knob, Lily looked at Hugo apprehensively, biting her lip. He stared back with no comforting smile or reassuring nod. They both knew what was coming. There was no comfort or reassurance that could help them now.

The door opened, and the guard pushed the witch and wizard into the room. It was an ominous room—the windows were curtained with black velvet and the walls were patterned in black and silver wallpaper. The only light came once again from candles that lined the walls.

It wasn’t the room that terrified Lily and Hugo however—it was the being that sat at the end of the room, his small body perched on a black throne–like chair. His luminous green eyes watched Hugo and Lily’s approach with malicious delight, as if tasting the fear that colored their insides.

“Lily Potter, Hugo Weasley, Dobby is glad to see you,” Dobby said, clasping his bony fingers in his lap.

Lily trembled. Her head told her to be brave, but her heart could not stop the dread that ran through her veins and made her tongue heavy and speechless. Hugo was equally dumbfounded, sweat dripping down his forehead in salty ribbons.

“Dobby told Lily and Hugo running would be no good. Lily and Hugo must not try such things again,” Dobby said, wagging a finger at them. “Dobby does not like running.”

Lily, finally finding a semblance of her voice, said, “W-w-why are you doing this? My dad freed you! He helped you! And now…” she broke down. His gaze was too evil to continue.

“Harry Potter freed Dobby, yes he did and Dobby is most grateful. Harry Potter freed Dobby to do exactly as he likes. Dobby is a free elf, miss, and that means Dobby is his own master. Dobby is the Master.”

“If you value freedom, then let us go free,” Hugo pleaded. His sandy red hair was plastered to his forehead, a difference from it usual bushy state.

“Dobby cannot do that, sir, Dobby must not let wizards go free. Only the house elves must be free. Wizards must see what they did to Dobby and his kin.”

“Please,” Lily said, her voice barely over a whisper. “ Please let us go. We’ve never had a house elve—maybe other wizards have wronged the house elves, but not us. Please.”

Dobby leaned forward, his baggy sweatshirt sliding to almost reach the mismatched socks on his feet. He gazed down his long nose at the two standing in front of him.

“Dobby does not care.”

Lily broke into sobs. She had always been strong, never crying when her brothers knocked her down in quidditch or when she go teased. But this—this was the end. Hugo’s face was twisted in terror, but he stumbled over to Lily and pressed his shoulder to hers.

“Together Lily, we’re together. It’s ok.”

Dobby laughed—a high-pitched squeaking that was far more ominous than any deep chuckle could have been. “Hugo Weasley is very sweet. Dobby thinks it is too bad that he is going to die.”

Lily glared at Dobby through her tears, suddenly finding an iron vitality in her soul. If she was going to die, she was going to die with her head held high. “Dobby is a creature twisted by hatred and madness. Lily thinks that Dobby is enslaved by his own freedom.”

Dobby’s face twisted savagely. “Dobby is no slave miss, Dobby is a free elf!”

It was Lily’s turn to laugh, her voice ringing out almost hysterically. “Dobby is a slave! Dobby is a slave!”

Hugo joined in, screaming. “Dobby is a slave! Dobby is a slave!”

Dobby stood up on his chair, hatred creasing his face into an ugly wrinkled visage. When he spoke, his cold voice might have come from the depths of the earth. “Miss Lily will die first.”

He snapped his fingers and with a crack, flung Lily to the groun, her head slamming against the stone floor. Her red hair spilled out behind her, and her soft brown eyes were still wet with tears and rebellion. 

Hugo fell to his knees beside his dead cousin still screaming. His eyes were a light with a wild fire of rage and heartbreak. He lowered his head to her chest, his pale red hair contrasting with her navy t-shirt. 

With two more cracks of his fingers, Dobby sent Hugo slammng against the stone as well. He lay beside his cousin, still pressing a hand to her shoulder.

Dobby looked at Lily and Hugo with cold contempt. Blinking his great green eyes slowly, he commanded the guard squeakily to remove the bodies. Once they were gone, Dobby leaned back dispassionately and twisted his oldest, faded grey sock between his spindly fingers.

“Dobby is a free elf.

AN: Yeah...that just happened. Tell me what you think! 

Written for BLONDEBehaviour's Canon Craziness Challenge

The World of Harry Potter belongs to JK Rowling

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