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The Fight of the Fallen by SiriusAura92
Chapter 8 : 8- Teddyís Orders
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8- Teddy’s Orders

Harry carefully looked up and down the street of Villers Crescent from beneath his cloak. The sunlight was all but gone and the street seemed almost abandoned but he did not trust the sound his Apparition had made. Eventually, he reached the front door of Andromeda Tonks’ house and made quite sure he was on the doorstep before removing his Invisibility cloak. The moment he entered the house, he had the wands of Lawrence, Enzo, Hestia, Narcissa and Draco pointing directly at him. Raising his hands up in surrender, Harry said “You can put down your wands, especially the one you stole from your interrogator back at the Ministry, Lawrence.”

“It’s him.” Lawrence said with a smirk and all of the wands were withdrawn.

“All go well down your end?” Harry asked, approaching Lawrence.

“Three of them arrived shortly after us.” And he produced from his inside pocket, three crooked wands. “Thought they’d come in useful. Although, this one really belongs to Enzo. Best uppercut I’ve ever seen.” And after handing Harry one of the wands, Lawrence mimed an uppercut followed by a thumb’s up to Enzo who returned the gesture with a smile as Lawrence handed over the wand he had just indicated. “Terrence was a little shaken when we brought him up to date but apart from that he seems fine. Cho’s with him now. But we… uh… also ran into someone else while we were there.” Lawrence hesitated as a tired looking grey haired figure bustled into the corridor.

Harry’s eyes widened at the sight of the Muggle Prime Minister trying to look down on him dressed in his full working suit and bright red tie.
“And you must be Harry Potter?” He said in a Scottish accent as Harry continued to stare.
“W-what… How..?” Harry spluttered. Lawrence looked like he was about to answer when the Prime Minister interrupted.

“After Shaklebolt sent an order to evacuate what I could of London, the two guards that were apparently assigned to me left for… Whatever your version of the House of Commons is, so I sought refuge in the company of the only MP I knew wouldn’t think me insane. Now tell me, Mr Potter, what on earth is going on?”

Harry glanced a look at Lawrence before saying “You should take a seat, Prime Minister.”

Sitting at the kitchen table directly opposite the Prime Minister, Lawrence and Enzo behind him, Harry explained everything. About Selwyn’s plan, the attacks on the other Ministries, the majority of the Confederation’s reluctance to send their own forces to fight. All before explaining the invasion of their own Ministry.

“So what you’re saying is that the people I’m supposed to protect are, and not for the first time either, getting caught in the crossfire of one of your wars?”

“Well,” Harry said thinking fast. “I think the Dark Wizards are too focused on the Confederation to be troubling with your people.”

“And if you’re wrong?” The Prime Minister pressed, straightening up so much it looked like he was about to leave his chair.

“Then I’m sorry but there is nothing anyone can do.” Harry admitted and the Muggle leader slumped back making him look as useless as Harry felt.

“So what am I supposed to do? I can’t run a country that’s secretly at war let alone from a house that I can’t even use so much as a mobile in.”

“I’m sure we can figure something out, Prime Minister.” Lawrence answered.

“Ah, Harry.” Andromeda exclaimed as she came through into the kitchen.

“How is everyone?” Harry said, standing up to hug her.

“Dennis and Lee were in pretty bad shape and Sturgis is still out cold but I think they should all be okay but the problem is that I don’t have much room for everyone.”

“That’s not a problem Mrs Tonks, just give us the smallest corner and we’ll be just fine there.” Lawrence said with a bow. “But we need to figure out what we’re doing next.” He added to Harry.

“I need to find the others. I’m going to check the Burrow at first light.” As much as Harry wanted to check as soon as possible, he still felt shaken from his trip to Hogwarts and weary due to his lack of a proper rest since the battle and knew that if he needed to fight, he’d best be at full strength.

“Uh, we, you mean.” Lawrence said, turning on Harry. “You’re not on your own any more, Harry. Is he Enzo?” Lawrence said and Enzo replied with a nod and the same smile he had given earlier and Harry was beginning to wander if he was only smiling at the use of his name. “Then it’s settled.” Lawrence said decisively and Harry slowly gave him a single nod.

“Wait, you’re leaving?” The Prime Minister exclaimed. “I was told that you and your… Auroras were the best. You can’t just leave me.”

“Prime Minister, with all due respect, me and my Aurors need to leave so that we can try and fix this mess.” The Prime Minister looked reproachfully at Harry. “Look, this house has been enchanted with some of the most powerful magic there is and is full of some of the most competent wizards and witches I know. You’ll be safe here. Now, if you don’t mind, I need to talk to my Aurors about our next steps.” The Prime Minister stood up and, with an insulted look on his face at the fact he was being excluded, he left the room with Andromeda.

“So what’s the plan boss?” Lawrence asked as he took the Minister’s seat.

“First, we check the Burrow for signs of the others. At the very least Ginny would have been there for the kids. If we find them there, we’ll need to plan a way to either fight back or leave the country.”

“And if we don’t find them?” Lawrence asked but Harry had his answer for this ready.
“Then we leave for Scandinavia. They’ve been taken over too and they’re leading the rest of the Confederation into a trap by hosting a meeting there soon while commencing another simultaneous attack on America.” Lawrence bolted up right.

“What?” He shouted. “Are you sure?” Harry nodded sadly.

“Marius Yvault and Akrahn Colby Imperiused their Head of Magical Law and some of their Aurors before framing Boyson for Minister Soelberg’s murder. He’s now on the run with a bounty on his head.” Lawrence stared at Harry disbelievingly making Enzo look worried. “And there’s something else too.” Harry added. “Aaron Kirke is dead and Mosby is offering Peace Treaties to all Ministries outside of the Confederation.” Lawrence let out a long breath as though this final blow of information had hit him in the stomach.

“Right, so how do you plan on getting to wherever it is in Scandinavia we need to get to?” Lawrence asked eventually, obviously trying to remain focussed on a plan. “They’ll be monitoring all forms of transport.”

“Not Muggle one’s they won’t.” Harry said. The idea had come to him during his conversation with the Prime Minister. “We’ll fly their on planes.”

Lawrence seemed to consider Harry for a moment before saying “We’ll need disguises. Muggle clothing at the least and we’ll have tickets and passports and whatever else there is to worry about. Unless, you just want to Confund our way through?”

“I don’t see another way to do it.” Harry said trying to plan it out in his head.

“And once we get there?” Lawrence pressed.

“Well, if we can, find Boyson. He’ll know his way round better than any of us.” Lawrence nodded.

“Well then,” Lawrence said taking it all in. “It would seem we best get a good night’s sleep then.” He then turned to Enzo. “Now, how the hell do I describe all that with hand gestures?”

The Tonks’ household was a full one that night. Once they had made their plans, Harry had explained to the others that he, Lawrence and Enzo would be leaving the next morning and after putting down either their arguments against the idea or their insistence of joining the trio of Aurors, everyone eventually and begrudgingly agreed that an early night would be best for everyone.

The entire Malfoy family had taken room in the spare bedroom that Harry had woken up in while the seriously injured that had been rescued from the Ministry resided in Teddy’s room. Teddy spent the night with his Grandmother in her room and the others were scattered around the ground floor including the Prime Minister who had grumbled throughout getting into his sleeping bag. Harry, Enzo and Lawrence resided in the small front room using spare blankets and pillows to make themselves comfortable enough to sleep. Or at least to attempt to. Harry suspected that, like him, the others would be silently awake with the same fear and uncertainty dwelling in their stomachs. Harry, however, also had the feeling of failure mixing in with those emotions and more.

His thoughts were focussed on the large number of people they had lost in the past week. Albert, Emily, Gawain, the countless lives that had been lost at the Ministry. Even their Head of Magical Law Enforcement, Natasha Walton, had died to help Harry and all with the last words of Edmund Selwyn echoing in his mind. “You have failed!

At this thought, Harry noticed anger mix with the emotional cocktail now stirring within him at that people were still dying for him. Then, it hit him. Harry had been imagining this time for years for Selwyn had been the last loyal Death Eater. All of Lord Voldemort’s inner circle - with the exception of the Malfoy’s who had defected after the Battle of Hogwarts - was now dead. He often thought he would be feeling relief when this time had finally come and not even more fearful for his friends and family than ever before. Harry’s mind continued to hang on to this thought even as he drifted in and out of sleep until morning light began to seep through the curtain gaps.

“Anyone actually sleep?” Lawrence asked as he lay face up on the couch.

“Just try not to wake the others.” Harry said as he threw the blankets off of him. The three of them silently crept into the kitchen and prepared themselves some breakfast without saying a word to each other.

“Everyone ready?” Harry asked as they sat at the table with three empty plates in front of them.

“As I’ll ever be.” Lawrence replied and even Enzo nodded encouragingly at Harry. The slight sound of the kitchen door opening was enough to break their secluded silence and Harry drew his wand and readied it, turning in time to see Teddy creep in, fully clothed and with a bag of what remained of his Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes merchandise over his shoulder.

“Going somewhere?” Harry asked, stowing his wand away.

“I want to come with you.” Teddy stated quietly and it was obvious he did not want his Grandmother to hear.

“I’m sorry, Teddy, but you’re going to have to stay here. Look after your Gran and help her with the others.”

“But I want to help.” The boy said sternly and Harry knelt down to his level. “You know I can help.” Teddy carried on and, closing his eyes in a strain, his hair turned bright brown and his jaw became more square with a large mark across it and before Harry knew it, he was face to face with what appeared to be a miniature Lawrence.

“I’m a little taller, mate.” Lawrence said with a laugh and Harry smiled as Teddy continued to look hopefully up at him.

“I tell you what,” Harry said, groping around in his inside pocket. “The most important Muggle in the country is currently residing here.” And Harry pulled out the crooked black wand that Lawrence had given him the other day and handed it to Teddy. “Keep an eye on him. He’s a major target at the moment so make sure he doesn’t try to take matters into his own hands and leave. Tell the others if he does but just in case, do you remember that disarming charm I taught you?” Teddy was looking from the wand to Harry and nodded vigorously.

“Expelli-armus.” Teddy chanted and he gripped the wand tightly in his hand as he examined every inch of it.

“Now remember, this is not a toy, it is only to be used when needed, okay?” Teddy nodded and, after admiring his very own wand, he placed it in the back pocket of his jeans and pulled his jumper over the handle.
“Good, now go back to bed, you look as though you could do with the sleep.” Teddy looked at Harry in the eye for a moment and, after turning back into his original state, Harry could see the dark twinkling eyes of Nymphadora Tonks before Teddy threw his arms around Harry and hugged him tightly. After releasing Harry, Teddy than smiled broadly before leaving the kitchen and running up the stairs back to his Grandmother’s room.

“We best go, Harry.” Lawrence said and Harry led the other two outside before placing a hand on each of their shoulders and turning on the spot.

Harry took an intake of fresh air as they appeared in the wooded area of the Burrow’s outskirts. “This way.” Harry ordered and Lawrence and Enzo followed, wands raised.
After about a minute’s walk Harry then came to a stop and gently and slowly waved his wand in the air and his wand tip glowed bright gold. “Here,” Harry said. “This is where the Burrow’s enchantments start.” Then, with more strokes of his wand, he began undoing enough of the enchantments for them to proceed. Five minutes later, Harry lowered his wand, a slight amount of suspicion dwelling in his mind.

“What’s wrong?” Lawrence asked but Harry continued to stare at the remaining spells that he could not see.

“It’s the number of enchantments. If they’d retreated here, surely they’d have put more of them up.” Harry continued to look uncertainly in the direction of the Burrow.

“It’s your call, boss.” Lawrence said as he too scanned the surrounding trees for activity.

If something had happened at the house of his in-laws, Harry wanted to know. “We go on but stay alert.” And Harry continued to lead them towards the house.

The three of them continued without any sings of danger until the Burrow came into sight. “I can’t see anyone inside.” Lawrence remarked as he looked around. “But something was definitely here.” And he walked towards a large flattened patch of grass. “A shelter maybe?” Harry nodded.

“Well, if they’re not here now, they were. Come on, let’s check the house.” And cautiously, they moved towards the seemingly empty building. Along the way, now that he had been alerted to them, Harry noticed a small number more of the flat patches of grass and it was obvious the survivors of the Ministry had little time to tend to the evidence of their time here.
Then, from the corner of his eye, Harry saw something glimmer in the Summer’s morning sun on the edge of the wood. As he approached it, he noticed that it was a shard of glass. He glanced at the house. No windows had been broken. He looked back and leaned to pick it up only to notice more shards scattered around it and that they all had reflections. “No,” Harry murmured as he looked around at what he could only assume was a destroyed mirror.

Accio” Harry said, his wand raised and the hilt of the mirror that had belonged to Ron flew from within a bush towards him. He grabbed it with his free arm and examined it. The silver frame had been scratched by its time in the bush. “Dammit, Ron.” He said quietly to himself. What had happened here?
Repairo” Harry said waving his wand again and the scattering of shards around him flew into the air and landed into the frame. Before he knew it, Harry was staring at the mirror as though nothing had happened to it.

“Everything alright?” Lawrence said from behind Harry. “Is that-?”

“Yeh.” Harry answered. “It’s Ron’s Two-Way-Mirror. Come on we need to check the house.” And Harry led him towards the front of the Burrow, stowing Ron’s mirror away with its twin.

Homenum Revelio.” Harry murmured though nothing happened. “Seems clear. Come on.” And Harry opened the front door. The Burrow was more deserted then Harry had ever seen it. It unnerved him. “See if they left any clues.” Harry ordered actually hoping his friends might have missed something.
Enzo went to check upstairs with Lawrence as Harry searched the ground floor. As he walked into the kitchen, there, hanging on the wall was Sirius staring at him.

“Harry,” Sirius said in an unnaturally soft tone.

“Sirius!” Harry exclaimed, running towards the portrait. “What happened here? Were the others here? Where are they now? Are they safe?” But despite Harry’s bombardment, Sirius continued to stare at him with a smile beginning to stretch across his face.

“They’re safe, Harry.” He answered simply. “The French Ministry executed a rescue mission last night. That’s where they are now. Ginny, Ron, Hermione, the kids. All of them.” Harry breathed a sigh of relief as the reality sank in and leaned on the fireplace’s mantelpiece looking as though he was recovering from a marathon he had just run. “But, Harry.” Sirius continued. “Harry, they think you’re dead.”
Harry’s head shot back up. “What?”

“Neville said he saw you fall from the Ministry roof.” Harry’s heart sank and the reason why the others had taken the Elder Wand slid into mind.

“They think I’m…?” Harry started but the feel of a light breeze of one of the Burrow’s protective enchantments stopped him.
The the sound of the indoor wind chimes jangled through the air and Harry’s heart began thumping so hard he found it difficult to believe that Lawrence and Enzo could not hear it upstairs.

“Go.” Sirius said, noticing the chimes and, as though Sirius had fired a starting pistol, Harry ran towards the stairs only to bump into Lawrence.

“Is that what I think it is?” He asked and Harry nodded as Enzo ran towards the window and peered through the curtain. Turning, he then pointed vigorously towards the yard.

“Brooms!” Harry exclaimed and he indicated the two Aurors to follow and led them to the side of the house and through the door leading to the broom shed. There, hanging on the wall, were Harry’s Nimbus Twenty-Twenty and Ginny’s Firebolt Mark Two along with a number of the Weasley family’s old brooms. “Here,” Harry said grasping the two superior broomsticks and thrusting the Firebolt into Enzo’s hands. “Take it.” Harry said shaking his own Nimbus at Lawrence.

“I’m not taking your broom, Harry. Out of the two of us, you’re the one who needs it. Besides, I prefer the classics.” And he grabbed Ron’s old Cleansweep off the wall. Deciding it quicker not to argue, Harry peered out of the front door of the old broom cupboard. There were at least a dozen Dark Wizards approaching them with four more on brooms of their own.
“We’ll be shot down before we even take off.” Lawrence said as he glanced a look. Harry couldn’t help but think of his God-Father’s old motorbike hidden away in Arthur’s garden shed with its brick wall exhaust and its Dragon fire blast that would carry them away from here within moments.

“Hang on.” Harry said pulling out his Mokeskin Pouch and tapping it with his wand. A black lump jumped out of the pouch and Harry caught the Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder. With a swish and flick of his wand the powder lump floated and, with an extra jab, Harry placed a Disillusionment Charm upon it and the powder became camouflaged. Opening the door again and noticing the horde getting closer, Harry sent the seemingly invisible powder out of the shed and towards the Dark Wizards.
“Get ready. Lawrence, focus on defence and cover us and Enzo,” And Harry pointed at his broom and named the incantation of curses and Enzo nodded in understanding.

“See anything, Kristain?” Harry heard one of the Wizards say and the image of the Grindelwald follower he had seen in Hogsmead the other day came to mind.
“Seems empty but search it first before ve burn it!”

“Now!” Harry said and with a flick of his wand, he saw the Darkness powder become visible as the Disillusionment charm was removed and explode into a smokescreen around those on the ground. Harry, Lawrence and Enzo all shot off into the air, jets of light flying from their wands and into their startled airborne foes. One of Enzo’s curses hit one of the men in the chest, sending him flying off of his broom and vanish into the smoke below. Harry sent a curse at Kristain as he zoomed towards him at speed. He, along with his fellows, scattered from the attack and when Kristain did try to retaliate, his spells were blocked by Lawrence who was right behind Harry.

“After them!” Kristain bellowed as the three Aurors sped past and Harry looked over his shoulder to see the three remaining flyers regroup and begin their pursuit. Harry and Enzo were now side by side but Harry noticed that Lawrence was lacking behind. He looked around again just in time to see a jet of green light head straight for him. Harry swerved and saw Kristain’s allies quickly gaining on Lawrence, Kristain himself focussing on Harry as they all flew as quickly as their brooms would allow them; the Burrow now completely out of sight.

A streak of white light burst from Enzo’s wand and struck the broom of the man closest to Lawrence, breaking it into two pieces. The man, still holding the handle of his half broom, dived and wrapped his arms tightly around Lawrence.

“No!” Harry cried as he watched the two spiral towards the ground, the old broom unable to support the weight of the extra passenger. Harry braked his broom forcing it to a complete halt and Kristain zoomed past him allowing Harry to see Lawrence and his assailant crumple to the ground, although Lawrence did not get back up. Both Harry and Enzo flew towards him and two jets of light shot from their wands and into the chest of Lawrence’s attacker. As Harry and Enzo landed, Harry looked up just in time to deflect a curse that had been sent by Kristain’s last aerial ally.
The curse instead flew upwards and hit the top of the tree closest to the hooded man. The blast knocked him sideways though he gripped tightly to his broom, regained control and quickly landed behind a tree, just escaping Harry and Enzo’s curses. Harry then heard someone behind them and he turned to see Kristain gracefully dismount his broom and aim his wand at Harry.

Harry dived out of the way and behind a tree just in time to avoid another killing curse and reappeared the other side. Harry then quickly began putting pressure on Kristain with a volley of hexes and curses. He could tell Kristain was eager to get a shot at him but, regardless of how Kristain attempted it, Harry was quicker forcing him to either block or dodge Harry’s barrage. One of Harry’s hexes missed by an inch as Kristain mimicked him in diving to take cover behind a tree. Thinking fast, Harry aimed at the bottom of the trunk and, with a slash of his wand a large chunk was blasted from it. Kristain peered around just in time to see Harry cry out “Reducto!”

With a flash of white light, the tree began to fall. Kristain jumped, but not well enough and he gave a wail of agony as the thick tree crashed upon his legs. There was then a flash of red light as Kristain’s wand flew out of his hand and became camouflage on the forest floor surrounded by sticks and twigs.

Turning away from his trapped and squirming opponent, Harry saw Enzo standing over his own adversary’s body. “Check on Lawrence.” Harry ordered pointing at Lawrence who was still unconscious and, although Enzo might not have been able to distinguish the words, he understood Harry’s indication and ran to Lawrence’s aid.

Harry looked back at Kristain as he writhed in pain from his crushed legs and suddenly remembered where he recognised him from. From the Nurmengard attack, right alongside Akrahn Colby who had ordered him to ruthlessly murder one of Lance’s unarmed Aurors.

“W-what happened?” Harry heard Lawrence say wirily and he saw that he was still holding the splintered handle of Ron’s old broom.

“We need to move.” Harry ordered, picking up the Firebolt and throwing it to Enzo, indicating him to fly with Lawrence. Harry knew the rest of Kristain’s squad would find them eventually and, with a final glance at the whimpering man, he gave Enzo the gestured order to fly low for a while and took off.

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The Fight of the Fallen : 8- Teddyís Orders


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