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Finding the Future by marauder lady
Chapter 23 : Debate
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Chapter 23




“MUM!  AUNTIE ALLEGRA’S HERE!” Addie shouted after opening the front door to his mother’s sister.




“Oh for god’s sake!” Allegra mumbled, walking into Francesca’s house. “Stop calling me Auntie.  I keep telling you its weird!”  Addie shrugged and ran up to his room.




“Tea, Al?” Francesca called as Allegra made her way to the kitchen.




“Please. Have you got any biscuits? I’m starving.”  Allegra sat at the table as her sister boiled the kettle and put a packet of biscuits in front of her.




“Where’s Renee?”   Francesca asked, sitting down.




“She’s working in the shop.  Auntie Lily gave her a job.”




“And have you warned her about what Auntie Lily’s like when she’s at work?”  Francesca grinned.




“I tried, but there are no words to describe!” Allegra giggled.  “Mum’s around anyway, so she shouldn’t be too bad.”




“And how was your date?”




“Fine. Good.”




“Did Dad behave himself when Dan arrived to pick you up?”




“Only because Mum made him.  And I had to be home by 10.30!”




“You’re lucky.  When I first started seeing Dean, I was only allowed to go out with him during the day if Harry or Steven were around.  And that was because Mum wouldn’t let him chaperone.”  Allegra laughed.  She sipped her tea thoughtfully.




“Ces…” she began.




“Yes?” Francesca replied warily, knowing what Allegra was like when she had an agenda.




“Is Steven around?”




“No, he’s out with Emily. Why?”




“Remember that ex girlfriend of his that we saw the other day?”




“Lauren? Yeah. Why?”




“Well, she was at the restaurant Dan took me to, I went to the bathroom, and I swear I overheard her talking about making a play for him.”




“Who? Steven?”




“No, Ces. Snape! Of course Steven.”




“Alright, Al.  Are you sure it was her?”




“It sounded like her.  And she said his name when her friend asked her.”




“Are you sure?”




“How many Steven Blacks would be talked about on Diagon Alley, Cesca?”




“I wouldn’t worry too much, Al. You know Steven loves Emily.”




“Should I tell him, though?”




“You know Steven; he’d only get pissed off with you.”








“Tell him if you want, but he’ll say you’re making something out of nothing!” 




“I don’t think I am.  There’s something about her…”




“Have you said anything to Mum? Or Auntie Lily?”




“Mum knows we bumped into her the other day.  Why?”




“No reason.” Francesca said slightly shiftily.




“Ces, what?”




“Nothing. Al.”




“Fine.  I’ll ask Mum.  Or Uncle Jimmy.  He usually tells me what’s going on!”




“NO, Al.  Don’t.”  Francesca gripped her sister’s wrist.




“What’s going on Ces? Why are you being weird?”




“I’m not.”




“You are.  Tell me or I’ll tell Uncle Jimmy.”




“Mum and Dad will kill me if I tell you.”




“Ces. That’s not fair!”  Francesca sighed.




“Fine.  When I was about 1, and Harry was 2, Uncle Jimmy had a fling with one of Mum’s old Beauxbaton friends…”




“What??”  Allegra was truly shocked.   She had thought that her Uncle and Aunt were devoted to one another.  “Do Harry and Aurelia know?”




“Yes they do.  And Harry didn’t speak to Uncle Jimmy for ages after he found out.”




“What’s this got to do with Steven?”




“Years later, when you were little, this woman turned up again.  And Steven was dating her daughter.”




“Lauren?”  Francesca nodded. “Did he know who she was?”




“No.  It was a weird coincidence.  But the mother was a piece of work by the sounds of it.”




“But she was Mum’s friend?”




“Well not after all that, obviously.  I think she saw Uncle Jimmy as a meal ticket.”




“So who’s to say that Lauren isn’t the same about Steven?”  Allegra exclaimed.  “It would be horrible if he split up with Em!”




“Allegra, stop.  For one thing, even if she does make a pass at him, it doesn’t mean he’ll do anything.  For another, just because her mother is a bitch doesn’t mean she is.”




“You think so?”  Allegra was unsure.




“Yeah, you know about Dad and Tonk’s family, don’t you?  Our grandmother was a hideous old cowbag, as mum would say, you can’t say that about Dad or Tonks can you?”




“I still think…”




“Look, Al.  What happened when you told Teddy what you think about Victoire?”




“That’s different.  It’s not like I’m talking about Em…”  Francesca buried her face in her hands.  When Allegra had something on her mind, she could be like a dog with a bone.






Later on, Allegra still hadn’t got any solution.  She was curled up in an armchair at home, staring out the window and taking advantage of the empty house to try and think about everything she had talked about with her sister.  She heard a clatter in the kitchen, indicating someone had arrived by floo.




“Anyone home?”




“In here, Dad.” She responded.  Sirius walked in to see his youngest daughter, and was surprised to see her sitting so quietly.




“What’s the matter, Monkey?”  He asked. 




“Nothing.” She replied half heartedly.




“Did your date not go well?”




“Yeah, it was good.”




“So what’s up?  It’s not like you to be this quiet.”  Allegra knew that her Dad wouldn’t leave her alone until he found out what was bothering her.  She relayed her conversation with Francesca.  Sirius sighed.




“Cesca shouldn’t have told you about your Uncle Jimmy…”




“It wasn’t her fault Dad; I made her tell me when she got weird about Auntie Lily finding out.”  Sirius sat on the arm of the chair and put his arm around his daughter.  She leaned her head against him.




“You know it was a long time ago, sweetheart.  It doesn’t have any baring on anything now.  James loves Lily, he always has.  He just made a drunken mistake one night over 30 years ago, so it’s really nothing for you to worry about. Ok?” 




“Ok.” She agreed. 




“And I wouldn’t go saying anything to Lulu or Tabs…”




“Dad! Of course I won’t!”  He laughed at her outrage.




“Alright, sweetheart, I know you wouldn’t.”




“What about Steven though?”




“I don’t think that’s anything to worry about, darling.  Honestly.  Knowing Steven, if she did do anything he’d just shrug it off and forget about it.”




“Do you think so?”  Allegra was slightly reassured.




“I do.”  Sirius smiled down at her.  She was so like her mother, wanting everyone to be happy and unable to resist getting involved if she saw something threatening the equilibrium.  He knew, however, that she was enough like him to go charging in without thinking of the consequences. He hoped he had reassured her enough to stop that happening.  For the time being at least.







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Finding the Future: Debate


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