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The Wedding by The Ghost Of His Last Laugh
Chapter 1 : I Do
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“Padfoot, I’m so nervous. I am so bloody nervous.”

James paced across the room, his forehead shiny with sweat. His dress robes swished behind him with every turn, creating a nice rhythm while he panicked.

“Mate, don’t be. It’s Lily. The girl you’ve been in love with since you were like twelve. Just calm down.” Sirius sat in front of James and watched him pace back and forth. His efforts to alleviate James’ nervousness were failing. In fact, he was mildly amused that James was so nervous for the day he’d been counting down to for almost three years.

“What if she doesn’t want to go through with it? What if she changes her mind? She was upset about her parents not being here. Maybe she doesn’t want to go through with it anymore…” James trailed off and ran a hand through his dark hair. It was standing straight up, as usual. Even on his wedding day, he couldn’t manage to tame it.

Sirius shook his head slightly and stood up. He started toward the pacing James and placed his hands on his shoulders, holding him an arm’s length away. “James,” he said clearly, “Prongs. You have got to bloody calm down, or I will personally toss you into the Whomping Willow.”

James nodded and took a seat on the sofa. “I’m just still in awe that Lily Evans wants to marry me,” he said. “Of all people. Me…Lily Evans...” He trailed off again, and put his head in his hands, resting his elbows on his knees.

Remus knocked softly from outside. “It’s me,” he called.

“Come in!” He heard Sirius yell from inside. Remus entered the parlor and closed the door behind him. The full moon was only a few days ago, and he still looked a little peaky. Even though he wore his nicest dress robes, he still looked as if he slept in them.

“How’s he doing?” Remus asked and plopped down next to Sirius. “The poor bloke looks scared out of his wits.” He smiled slightly.

Sirius laughed. “Don’t be sorry for him, Moony. He gets to marry the most wonderful girl in the whole world tonight. You hear that, James?” He prodded James with his elbow. “The most wonderful girl.” James mumbled something in return, and stood up to walk towards the window.

In just fifteen minutes, James would be out there with the woman of his dreams to be bound together for life. And it scared the wits out of him. He watched the leaves fall from the trees, a slow shower of red, orange, and yellow. Lily planned it so they’d be married right at dusk, and all the colors would be in the sky; it would be her favorite time of day on what would be the best day of her life. Until that moment, at least. She had much to look forward to with James. A husband, a home...maybe even a witch or wizard of their own to raise.

Remus and Sirius remained sitting on the sofa, watching James look out the window. "Where have you been?" Sirius asked Remus. "Well, I was just attending to a few last minute details - Lily asked me to oversee that the officiant from the Ministry arrive alright. Seems she didn't trust you with it," he answered coyly. 

Sirius rolled his eyes in response. “She acts as if I am totally unreliable. Where’s Peter?” He asked. “Shouldn’t all of us be together before one of us gets dragged into marriage?” He mocked a shutter and grinned wildly at James, who smiled back softly. It wasn't too often James was too distracted to laugh.

“Well…” Remus began, his voice hesitant. “That’s what I came to tell you. He sent an owl saying he wouldn’t be able to make it - arrived just as went outside. No explanation, but he does wish his best to you and Lily, James.”

James nodded, and turned back to the window. Only a few more minutes, now.

“That rat,” Sirius said. “You would think he’d be able to make it to one of his best mates’ wedding.”

There was a knock on the door, and James face turned absolutely ashen. He knew it was time.

“I’m sorry to bother you, sir, but the ceremony is about to begin and it is custom that the groom is there before the bride,” said the wedding minister from the Ministry from outside.

“He’ll be out in a minute,” Sirius called. He stood up and pushed his long black hair from his face. “C’mon, James. You’re ready.” He smiled encouragingly at his best friend. Sirius glanced in the mirror one last time, adjusting his dark gray dress robes. They had been best friends since they were eleven; it was hard to believe he was already acting as best man at James' wedding. He turned to James, only to find his face drained of color.

“I’m not nervous about me being ready. I’m nervous about her. About her not” James said, his voice breaking on the last word.

Sirius and Remus exchanged a worried glance and started towards James, both putting an arm around either shoulder.

“Don’t say that, Prongs”, Remus said. “She loves you so much. She loves you so much she’s willing to marry you in a heartbeat just because of the War.”

“Yeah, Moony’s right. Any girl who’s willing to plan a wedding in a week and isn’t pregnant has to either be crazy or crazy in love, and I can tell you now, Lily is not crazy.” Sirius added. James laughed and appreciated his friends’ efforts to make him feel better. It definitely worked, but he still had a knot in his stomach.

“Alright then?” Sirius asked James, and slowly began guiding him toward the door.
James nodded and followed Sirius out of the room. Remus followed after him, and the trio made their way to the backyard, where James and Lily would be wed outside their soon to be home in Godric’s Hollow.

It was a perfect autumn evening, just as Lily planned it would be. The sky was only just beginning to darken, the horizon swirled with traces of orange and yellow. The wedding minister directed James to stand to his left under the ancient oak tree in the back yard, with Sirius and Remus beside him. A few lanterns were hung nearby; Lily made sure their small ceremony wouldn't be affected by curious muggles.

A soft piano melody began playing quietly. When James heard it, his ears perked up, recognizing it immediately as he and Lily’s song - an acoustic version of the Gryffindor fight song. Sirius laughed when he noticed this and waited for the bride to make her simple (but still grand) entrance. Remus chuckled alongside him, and waited for the bride to appear.

And there she was. You could tell by James’ eyes. When she appeared from the back door, it was like he couldn’t notice anything else in the entire world.

Lily Evans.

She looked beautiful. Her long red hair flowed and stopped right under her breasts in soft waves. Her dress was a short, longsleeved, and very simple white lace dress. She held a bouquet of lilies as she took short, deliberate steps toward James, who smiled so wide when her piercing green eyes met his that there wasn’t enough room on his face to contain it. She finally arrived in front of him and smiled. “Hi,” she said softly, chuckling at James’ reaction.

Sirius stifled a laugh when James couldn’t even respond. Remus nudged his arm in response.

The minister started the ceremony, which only lasted about ten minutes. Finally, the minister got to the vows. Lily and James hadn’t taken their eyes off each other yet, and they both shared a small smile while awaiting for the best to come.

“And finally, the vows,” said the wedding minister. “Do you, James Potter, take Lily Evans to be your wife, for whom you will dedicate your entire being to until death do you part?”

“I most certainly do,” replied James.

“And do you Lily Evans, take James Potter to be your husband, for whom you will dedicate your entire being to until death do you part?”

“I do.” She said. James grinned wider than he ever had before.

“I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may -” At this point, James was already kissing his new wife, the new Lily Potter, with whom he would spend the rest of his life.
Sirius and Remus started clapping, both of them smiling at their close friends, who were still kissing.

Sirius cleared his throat. “Not to bust the party, but I think you ought to save something for the wedding night, guys,” he joked. James pulled away from Lily, still grinning. “My wife,” he said. “My husband,” she replied with a smile. The love between the two hung in the air.

“Well, I think this deserves celebration!” Remus announced to the group. The group made their way into the house, where champagne was waiting in the kitchen. Sirius poured everyone a glass and distributed them.

“To James and Lily,” he said. “The best goddamn people around.” Everyone laughed, while Remus shook his head slightly.

The night ended in cheer, and Lily and James Potter lived happily ever after; that is, until He Who Must Not Be Named changed everything.

Thank you so much for reading! I've actually never written a one-shot before, and I know this probably isn't that good, but I'd love feedback! Trust me, good or bad, I could use it. I hope you enjoyed it and if not leave a review and tell me why! I live to improve. 

EDIT: Hi again! I just edited this. I used a lot of the feedback I received in the reviews to guide me, and I think it turned out better. Please let me know if you like this, as I really want to write more marauder stories in the future! Thank you so so much for reading! <3

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The Wedding: I Do


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