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Dear Diary by Mischief_managed18
Chapter 11 : Towels
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First of all, a huge thanks to all of my reviewers from the last chapter, Wishes, AriesGirl40, and Magic_Hogwarts, you guys are AMAZING.

Disclaimer: I know that I'm no JK Rowling, and I know you readers are smart and know what's mine and what isn't. The characters and this world all belong to the AMAZING JK Rowling!

(Chapter image by me!)

Rose sighed and slid off the bed, opening her trunk and placing the diary on top before grabbing her pajamas and shutting the trunk. Turning to head to the bathroom, she realized she’d forgotten to grab her toiletries, which she grabbed from the top- having placed them strategically based on her mother’s suggestion. She smirked as she made her way to the bathroom and knocked.

“Y’all are good to just come on in,” a muffled voice said from behind the door, though it was the accent that surprised her- definitely American Southern.

“Errm are you sure?” she asked cautiously and heard a tinkling laugh.

“Positive,” the voice said. “It’s like a locker room  in here, we’re sharing with the other first years and there’s a door on the other side that connects from their side, but really, there’s like five showers and five bathroom stalls and seven or so sinks. Y’all are fine.”

Rose opened the door and had to stifle a gasp. The tile across the floor was a dazzling bronze color, and there was a midnight blue door directly across from her, which opened just a few seconds later, revealing a black-haired girl who smiled at Rose.

To her right was a few feet of tile and the entire wall was filled with a row of sinks, and the voice had been right, there were seven.

To the left was a row of stalls and across from it were more stalls, where Rose saw steam rising in tendrils and realized that it was a row of showers. She walked in and glanced around, smiling to herself.

The stall doors were the same midnight blue as the doors, with a single bronze stripe running down the left side of each. The showers were the opposite, the shower curtains bronze, with blue stripes running along the bottom. On the back wall was a large mirror that went from the floor to the top of the wall. When she glanced up, Rose saw that once more, while the walls were white in here, the ceiling was still splattered with bronze stars.

Steam stopped coming from the shower stall and the curtains were pulled back, revealing a small girl with a towel wrapped around her hair- though a few loose strands revealed a dark brown color- and watery blue eyes. There was a splash of freckles across her nose, but aside from the towel, the girl was completely naked.

“Umm,” Rose said, her eyes wide. The girl glanced down and laughed.

“Right… sorry. I’m not used to sharing bathrooms and whatnot, being an only child. Not quite sure what’s expected and all that,” she said, blushing. “If y’all would excuse me,” she smiled at Rose and the black haired girl and slipped through the door Rose had come through.

The girl rolled her eyes, “Well she’s a bit thick to be in Ravenclaw.”

Rose turned and looked at the girl, her eyes wide, “Excuse you?”

“Oh please. She’s probably some homeschooled freak from America who couldn’t make any American school and had to beg to get in here. Mum always said McGonagall had a knack of being a pushover,” she said, flicking her black hair over her shoulder as she began brushing her teeth.

Seething, Rose took a deep breath and closed her eyes. “Nice snap judgment. You really should get to know people before you do that sort of thing.”

She set her toiletry bag on the shelf above one of the sinks and made her way out of the bathroom and back into the dorm room.

The brown-haired girl sat on the bed to the left of Rose’s in a ball, her arms around her legs and her chin resting on her knees.

“Hey,” Rose said cautiously, making her way over to the girl who jumped a couple inches before wiping at her face.

“Umm… hey,” she said and gave Rose a weak smile.

Rose sat on her bed facing the girl and gave her a reassuring smile. The girl was dressed now, wearing light blue pajama bottoms and an oversized black t-shirt. “You alright?”

The girl nodded, her eyes still glossy with tears, “I think so.”

“I’m Rose,” she said, offering her hand though the gap was several feet wide. “It would be nice to have a friend around here, and I think you’ll do just fine,” she winked.

The girl tentatively slid off her bed and closed the gap, grasping Rose’s hand and shaking it. “I’m Becky. Well, Rebecca Lauren Miller- though now that I’ve said all that it seems rather pointless.” She shook her head but gave Rose a smile. “I’m sorry about the whole being naked thing…” she trailed off, looking embarrassed.

“Hey, you left an impression already, that’s impressive,” Rose laughed and Beck’s lips curled upwards- the beginning of a smile. “Anyways, I’m going to go brush my teeth and then we can continue this conversation, alright?”

“M’kay!” Becky said, now beaming.

Making her way back to the bathroom, Rose prayed that the black haired girl would no longer be in there, though as she opened the door she was disappointed.  The girl was standing before the large mirror, poking and prodding at different parts of her face.

“Have to go comfort your girlfriend?” the girl said, glaring at Rose through the mirror.

Rose closed her eyes and shook her head, making her way to the sink. “Is there a reason you’re so bitter towards her?”

“I’m a proper Ravenclaw,” the girl said with a cold laugh. “That girl clearly isn’t, she’s already displayed that she lacks common sense.”

“She had a moment of confusion,” Rose said, putting toothpaste on her toothbrush and nearly squeezing the bottle everywhere due to the anger rising inside her. “And you need to get off your high horse, wouldn’t want to fall and hurt that pretty little face.”

The girl turned as Rose was wetting her toothbrush and began brushing, hard. Her gums began bleeding instantly and she winced but continued to brush.

“Was that a threat?” the girl said, her left eyebrow arched nearly to her hairline.

Rose shook her head and finished brushing her teeth while the girl was glaring at her. “Depends,” Rose muttered as the girl approached her.

“Wait,” the girl said, a sneer forming on her face. “You’re the Weasley kid, aren’t you?” she said, walking around to the other side of Rose and causing Rose to have to turn, placing her back against the cold sink.

“What if I am?” Rose asked, trying to sound confident.

The girl laughed, “So that’s where you get all that false confidence. Mum was right about your family. So smug and arrogant in all the ways they shouldn’t be. Stop sticking up for the weak, you could do so much better.” The girls eyes were now sparkling with something Rose couldn’t quite read. Joy? Anticipation?

Rose looked the girl straight in the eyes, “Meaning?”

“Be friends with me. We could take this place by storm, you and I would make a great pair,” she said, offering her hand out to Rose. “The name’s Kira. Kira Butler.”

Rose shook her head and grabbed her toiletries from behind her, “No thank you. I’m perfectly capable of sorting out those I see fit to be friend material out from the rest.” Rose pushed past Kira and heard her scoff.

“You’re going to regret this,” she hissed.

Rose turned and winked at Kira before going into her dorm, “Or maybe you will.”

Three girls sat in a circle in the center of the room when Rose walked in, Becky being one of them.

“ROSE!” she shrieked and stood up to give her a hug. “I’m being totally honest here; I thought y’all was a goner. That girl is far too evil,” she said with a shiver.

Rose smiled a little bit, “I have a feeling I only made her angry. Though the good news is it’ll all be directed at me now, not at you.”

“Well what’d you say?” Becky asked, her blue eyes wide.

“A bit of this, a bit of that. She told me I was already choosing the wrong friends and wanted me to be friends with her instead all because I’m a Weasley and she thinks that means something and wants her and I to be the best of friends and ‘take this place by storm’.” Rose said, putting air quotes around the last bit.

Becky still looked scared, “I said no, of course. And she didn’t take it too well.” Rose smiled reassuringly, not sure if she should be proud or not to have already made an enemy.

“I could kiss you already!” Becky said, wrapping Rose in another hug.

Rose just laughed, “I would much rather be friends with you. That girl is awful.”

“Well, c’mon!” Becky said with a smile. “We all gotta get to know each other!” she pulled Rose down so that she was sitting with the other girls as well, both of whom were blond, one with green eyes, the other with brown.

“Errm… hi. I’m Rose,” she nervously waved and looked between the blonds.

“I’m Victoria,” the brown-eyed girl said, “and this is my sister Robin. Our last name is Wilson and I’ve got to say, it’s kind of a shock for us to have ended up in the same house.”

Robin nodded, “We went into this expecting to only be seeing each other during meals and the occasional lesson and stuff, but I think it’ll be nice to still be together.” She beamed and nudged her sister in the arm.

“So we’ve got Becky, Robin, Rose, and Victoria in this dorm,” Rose said with a smile. “I already like you guys better than the other first year I met.”

“Who was that?” Victoria asked, cocking her head.

“Kira Butler,” she said, grimacing.

Robin let out a laugh, “That girl is awful, not that it’s any surprise. It’s Pansy Parkinson’s daughter. She married some bloke from Durmstrang who didn’t speak a whole lot of English and ended up leaving Pansy when Kira was a few years old. Pansy tells everyone he died so she was able to keep the last name and the money, he didn’t want it anyways. Rumor is he’s living in the Muggle world and he has a whole other family somewhere.”

Becky’s eyes were wide, “Why would Pansy tell everyone that?”

“She’s ashamed. But mum’s really good friends with Pansy’s so called best friend Daphne Greengrass and Pansy told Daphne everything. She wants everyone to believe she’s still loyal to her ‘dead husband’ even though it comes down to nothing but blood status and money, mum reckons that she had him under a love potion for years and when he escaped he didn’t care about returning to the wizarding world for fear someone else might do it to him,” Robin said, shaking her head. “So. Much. Drama.”

“Poor Pansy,” Victoria said, shaking her head.

Robin scoffed, “Yes and no. I mean, yeah, it sucks to be left, but look at the circumstances. I wouldn’t want to live under a love potion and have to deal with a wife who I didn’t actually care for and a life I’d never asked for. The whole situation is just kind of awful.”

Victoria shrugged, “I suppose you’re right.”

Becky yawned and they all seemed to snap out of whatever state they’d been in.

“I think it’s time for bed,” Rose said, laughing. Becky yawned again but nodded in agreement and they all stood up, making their way to their beds after quick hugs and mumblings of good nights.

Rose quickly changed into her pajamas and jumped onto the bed, causing Elune to lift her head from under her paws, lazily looking up at Rose and letting out a disgruntled meow.

“Oh, hush. You’ve been sleeping all night, I’m sure,” Rose said, picking the cat up and holding her against her chest where she purred contently. She buried under the covers and pulled them up to her chin, placing Elune right on her chest and scratching under the cat’s chin.

Elune purred with content and was asleep within seconds, “And you’re out already,” Rose laughed.

Lights were turned off and within a few minutes, the dorm room was completely dark, save for a tiny sliver of moonlight coming through each of the windows around the room, and the faint glow of stars from the ceiling. Rose smiled to herself; it was like being back in the field with Al and watching the meteor shower. Within minutes, she was asleep.


A/N: Thank you all for reading, you guys are amazing. Please please please leave a review? :)

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