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Tantrum by alicia and anne
Chapter 1 : Tantrum
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 When Mummy had told us all those years ago that we would be getting a little sister, me and Fred were very happy. We thought that we would be able to train her to be like us, maybe teach her to be mean to Ron.

But having a little sister wasn’t exactly how we imagined it to be, she liked things that we didn’t, girly things such as dolls and flowers and Ron. She didn’t like getting dirty and she always, always cried and when she cried she would always get her way.

It was like she could turn her tears on and off whenever she wanted to, me and Fred had tried, but once we started crying we found it hard to stop. The fact that she was a total Daddy's girl, so he would always be protective of her. The worst weapon at her disposal was the most dangerous talent she had. The name of this act alone brought fear into mine and Fred’s bodies.

Mummy called them ‘Tantrum’s’.

And Ginny knew how to throw one hell of a tantrum.

The worst part was that absolutely anything could set her off on one, you could be looking in a direction near her and she would scream the entire place down. She really did scare me and I don’t scare easily, just ask Fred. This is why we generally tried to avoid her, we were worried that she would blame us for something that we hadn’t done.

Me and Fred had finished our lunch and decided to go outside, whilst mum was teaching Ron how to tie his shoes. As we got into the garden, we decided to begin throwing Ron’s ball around, because we couldn’t find our own. Both of us had been enjoying our game for quite some time, when out of the corner of our eye we could see Ginny standing by the swing set and glaring at us, her hands on her hips and her face set into a scowl.

We almost left the garden at the look on her face, knowing that it wouldn’t be long before we were in trouble. She obviously didn’t trust us playing with Ron’s toys, especially because we ended up destroying anything we played with. It wasn’t our fault that they made toys, so flimsy and easy to break nowadays.

The reason she didn’t like us having Ron’s things was due to how protective she was of Ron. She would follow him around and chat aimlessly about whatever was on her tiny mind, forcing him to play dolls with her and play ‘make-believe’, we could tell that it annoyed him and that he would rather be hanging around with us. But he didn’t really have a choice in the matter, mainly because we didn’t want him to play with us.

I had looked away from Ginny and continued throwing the ball with Fred, knowing that continued eye contact with her would end up being a mistake, Fred was also doing his best to ignore her as we continued our game in silence. I wondered if maybe we should go inside, it might be more fun and we could get away from Ginny.

I glanced quickly to look at Ginny again and noticed that she had crouched down and seemed to be looking at something in the glass by her feet, she seemed to be distracted by something. I whispered quickly to Fred that now would be our chance to make a run for it, maybe go and hide by the shed, when a wicked glint filled his face.

I instantly had the same wicked glint in my eye as I realised what he had planned, he rose his eyebrows at me as if in question and I gave an excited nod. Fred grinned before turning to face Ginny, who was still distracted, and raised the ball in his hands so that it was above his head.

Fred quickly looked around the garden, to check that the coast was clear, before throwing the ball as hard as he could towards Ginny. It landed on the floor in front of her, before bouncing back up and hitting her in the chest, causing her to fall backwards so that she landed on her bum.

Fred let out a snigger and I laughed loudly as Ginny looked stunned, before turning to look at us as if she knew exactly who had done it, she was very clever for someone who was three years old. Her face screwed up and began turning red and I knew what was about to come next. Throwing my hands up to cover my ears, I prepared myself for the tantrum to arrive and Ginny did not disappoint.
A loud piercing scream filled the air as she got to her feet, I noticed that a mud print was now on her pink dress, me and Fred didn’t care, we hated the colour pink. Ginny grabbed for the ball and threw it at us, screaming loudly again, before stamping her feet and clenching her hands into tiny fists. She made a step towards us and I was worried that she was going to hurt us.
Fred grabbed for my hand and began to pull me across the garden, running towards the back of it and towards some bushes that Daddy had promised to cut down ages ago. We knew that we would both be hiding here for a while, Mummy would never look for us here. We were very good at hiding.

We could hear Mummy running out of the house, she sounded really worried, but we knew that Ginny was just faking it, the ball wouldn’t have hurt her. It didn’t stop Ginny from screaming though, we could hear her still stamping her feet.

“Ginevra, what’s wrong?”

“Why is Ginny crying, Mummy?” we heard Ron ask.

“Fred...” we heard Ginny say through her loud cries, “Fred.... Hit me... with the ball...”

“What a little sneak,” Fred told me outraged, I nodded along with him. There was no need for her to tell on us.

We looked through the bush and I could see that Ron was hugging Ginny and patting her head, just like Mummy did when we were upset. Ginny was pointing down at the floor by her feet and seemed to be crying again.

“They killed my bug. He was my friend. I hate them!” Ginny screamed the last three words. We could see that Ron looked angry, I don’t see why, we didn’t hit him with the ball.

“Where are Fred and George now, Ginevra?” Mummy asked, looking around the garden, me and Fred quickly moved backwards as quietly as we could, knowing that Mummy would be able to see us if we didn’t. She had superpowers that made her able to see everything, she had even told me and Fred once that she had eyes in the back of her head. Me and Fred had searched for ages, but we couldn’t find any eyes in the back of our heads, maybe it was only something mummies could have?

“I’ll find them, Ginny.” We heard Ron say. I turned to look at Fred again and he seemed scared. We knew that Ron was the biggest sneak by them all, he was always running off and telling Mummy and
Daddy what we were doing, he was almost as bad as Percy.

“What are we going to do?” I asked Fred. Fred gave a shrug before shaking his head.

Before we could come up with a plan, Ron had come around the side of the bush and found us, pointing at us and yelling loudly, “here they are Mummy! I found them!”

We wanted to shove Ron and run for it, but Mummy had come over quickly, she was carrying Ginny, who was now smiling at us. She knew that we were going to get into trouble.

I looked up at Mummy and tried to give her an innocent smile, but she was frowning at us.

“Mummy, we...” Fred began, but Mummy stopped him speaking with a look.

“I think you should both go and see your father, tell him why you’ve been sent in to see him.” Mummy said as she pointed towards the shed that Daddy was in. Me and Fred walked slowly out of the bush and towards the shed, turning to look at Mummy one more time before we went inside and closed the door behind us. Daddy looked up at us as we ran over to him, grinning widely at him.

He gave us both pats on the head as we each hugged him on either side, Fred took his left and I took the right.

“What are you boys up to?” he asked us.

“Nothing,” Me and Fred said at the same time, grinning at him again.

“Why was your sister crying?”

Me and Fred looked at each other quickly, both knowing that we had the same story in our heads, we were going to blame someone else entirely, like always.

“Ginny’s bug friend was squashed by a ball – “ I said as I nodded.

“Someone threw it on purpose – “ Fred continued.

“Ron did it.” We both said at the same time.

Daddy shook his head.

“Well, I’m glad that I have two boys that are very well behaved,” Daddy told us, we both grinned. “Why don’t you both go and get some gloves and glasses. You can help me finish building this.”

Fred grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the part of the shed that held the gloves and glasses, both of us grinning widely, we loved when Daddy would let us build with him.

“One day we’re going to have our own shed and build things, aren’t we Fred?” I said, looking at my brother who nodded at me.

“We could sell it to customers,” he grinned at me before turning to look at Daddy. “You could help us, couldn’t you Daddy.”

Daddy grinned at us, “I would always help you both.”

We heard Ginny screaming from outside, knowing that she was having another tantrum. But we didn’t care what about this time, we just knew that it wasn’t us.

“RON!” we heard her screaming, before we heard Ron letting out a loud cry himself.

“Mummy! Ginny won’t let me go on the swing!”

I was very glad that me and Fred were safe from the tantrums in the shed.

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