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Always, For You by HufflePuff_Blitz
Chapter 1 : A new Kind of Dream
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The last thing I saw before I fell was him. He looked up into my eyes, a devilish grin upon his bright face. He was trying to give me something, but as I reached for it the world was turned upside down. Now, as I fall, the mysterious man fades into the surrounding darkness with the rest of the world.

It feels like it has been hours since the beginning of my descent into the unknown. As I start to give up hope, I slow, then suddenly fly up; my back slamming against the ground. Groaning in pain I heave myself up and look around. I landed on what appears to be a sidewalk, winding along a dried up river.

All of the buildings towering above me were in ruins. The trees and shrubbery were on fire, but not burning. As I turn on the spot, trying to locate any sign of life, I see in the distance through the haze, a chapel. Unlike the rest of the city, this stone chapel shone brightly as if it has been just built.

I sense that the answers to what is going on will be in that chapel. I start working my way over the rubble, though I am careful I got several cuts on my hands and arms, and the jeans I am wearing have a large tear in them. Finally, I see a somewhat stable looking staircase that will allow me to get to the level that the chapel appears to be at.

I make my way over to the stairs and slowly ascend them. At the top I am greeted by another unusual sight, the ruined city behind me is not like the city in front of me. Like the steeple of the chapel I saw, the rest of the buildings and wildlife were all still intact. The cars moving down the street, and the hundreds of people walking along the sidewalks didn't appear to notice the strange destruction so obviously in front of their eyes.

I look back towards the destruction and notice that it seems to be expanding outwards like a bubble. It must be some type of dark magic, for as it increases the people who enter its grasp turn to dust, the cars rust and fall apart, and the plants die and light on fire. I still feel like the chapel will hold some answers for me, so I start working my way towards it.

I start out cautiously, working my way through the people with a fair bit of respect. But being paranoid, I keep looking back towards the ruined city. To my dismay, it has seemed to sense my destination and is expanding fast. I start to move faster, too worried for the destruction of the chapel, I push my way past people, all the while ignoring their protest to my rudeness.

I dare not look back towards the oncoming destruction, but in the foggy corners of my eye, I can see it nipping at my heels. I sprint across one last busy road and enter the small park that stands before the chapel. I can feel my heart pounding in my chest, and my lungs ache with pain as I try to speed up more. I have gained some ground on the destruction when I finally make it to the large oaken doors that highlight the towering steeple above it.

The doors swing in slowly, revealing the man I saw before. This time, though, he had no smile, and looked like he just fought a war. Then the world stopped. The children running around stopped mid stride, and the cars on the street ceased to creep forward. The only thing that did move in the city was the destruction, which was receding in on itself; restoring the city back to its normal self.

I smile at the normalcy, but when I turn my face back to the mysterious man, who had not lost his frown. Instead, he had raised his wand directly at me. Tears streamed down his face as his lips formed unknown words. With a flash of blinding red light, the world shattered.

I woke up gasping for air. I thought the dreams had stopped, that's why I take the potion each night before I go to sleep. As I crawl out from under the covers, a sudden wave of nausea hits me. I rush towards the bathroom across the hall, just barely making it to the toilet in time. As I lean against the toilet retching, I hear a small sigh come from the door.

Soft footsteps work their way over to me, and a small thud and shift of air tells me that they sat down beside me. Soft hands rub my back until I feel well enough to look up. "Thanks Victorie," I say with a small smile. Her face glows as she gives a warm smile back. I then take notice to her outfit, a pair of dark skinny jeans and a loosely buttoned, long sleeve plaid shirt covering a white tank top. It is unusual to see her in anything other than expensive sundresses, or her Hogwarts robes.

"I see Teddy has started to influence your taste," I smirk. She stared at me confused for a moment, but when she figured out what I meant she smacked me upside the head. "Ow!" I yell. "What did you do that for, I was only talking about your unique attire today."

"I know you Louis Weasley, you were not just passing comments on my clothes. My sex life with Teddy has nothing to do with the way I dress, I actually think this outfit is quite comfortable which is why I chose to wear it," she said as she stood up and moved to the door.

"Vic! I did not need to have that picture in my mind! I don't want to be in here all day being sick."

"Oh please Louis, stop being such a drama queen. I read your journal when you were fourteen---"

"Gasp! You read my own personal Journal? How could you!"

"---Yes Louis I read your blasted journal. Do I need to tell Teddy how hot you thought he was, and all of your other twisted fantasies about you and him?"

"You wouldn't dare," I say. "Nobody can know about the crush I had on him, it would absolutely ruin me."

"Well, I wouldn't have to anyway," She grinned maliciously. "You made it completely obvious whenever he talked to you. Teddy isn't easily fooled, and he always had his suspicions about how you felt."

"My life is ruined!" I wail, slamming my head into my arms. I peer over my crossed arms and Vic is rubbing her temple like she has a migraine. "When you're done with your pity party Louis, get ready to go. You and I are going to Diagon Alley today while Mum, Dad, and Dom help nana Weasley set up the party for you tonight."

"Yes, ma'am," I salute her, as she smiles and closes the door. I turn the tap for the shower and as it heats up I lean against the wall and allow myself to slowly slide down it. Vic and I have always, for the most part got along fairly well, and after the dreams originally started happening, she knew how to distract me and get my mind off of them.

This dream was different, all of the dreams before had been small snippets packed with an assortment of emotions that would have me wake up screaming. We let them go on for a little bit to see if they would stop, but every night it was the same routine of hopelessness.

We ended up going to a healer to see if they could make them stop, that is why I take the potion now. Last night was the first time since I started taking the potion that a dream had happened.

I stand up, slowly undress, and get into the shower with my mind still reeling. Who was the man from the dream? Why did he seem so familiar? What was that city, and what happened to it? I keep asking myself these questions with no answers in return. I shut off the shower, towel myself off, and start my usual morning routine.

While I brush my teeth, I notice a thin white scar high up on my forehead. Confused, I push back my slightly shaggy blonde hair to get a better look. It is a couple inches long, snaking across my hairline. I know that it wasn't there yesterday, since when did the dreams starting to leave marks? It would probably be best not to let the others know.

I quickly finish getting ready and work my way downstairs, where Vic has a plate of sausage, eggs, and toast smothered in raspberry jam sitting on the counter. "Eat up Louis. It's going to be a long day today, and I do not want to deal with you, if you are hungry."

Between mouthfuls of food I say, "I don't get that irritable Vic."

"Trust me Louis, you do."

"Whatever you say Vic, oh, and thanks for the food," I say. "By the way, upstairs you said you read my Journal when I was fourteen?"

"Yes, you're not going to complain about that all day are you?"

"No. It's just, I didn't come out until I was sixteen. You didn't tell anyone?"

"I didn't," she smiled. "People have their reasons for keeping things from others, and it is up to their heart to decide when it is the right time to tell people, not mine."

"Thanks Vic. For everything."

"No problem Louis. Now hurry up so we can get going, I have a surprise for you, waiting in Diagon Alley," she said briskly, but with a happy tone. As I finish scarfing down the plate, I cannot help but wonder what she has up her sleeve this time.

A/N- Good Helloo to you! thanks for reading this I hope you enjoyed :) I think I got rid of the big gaps, the editor has it out for me. Thanks again! - Kyle

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