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The Girl Without A Name by AlwaysHope
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1: Prologue
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Chapter 1: Prologue

I looked around for the first time in my life actually seeing the world around me. I didn't look back, I went on "Everything will be different now." He said to me. I looked up to him staring into his kind blue eyes. Wishing that he still would look at me with kindness in his eyes and not the coldness they watched me now.

I woke up of a Hermione who shaking me. "Wake up sleepy head! It's the first day of school! Come on!". This often happened when you are best friends with a bookworm. I grumbled but pulled the covers of me and dressed while Hermione was putting all her books in her bag. "Hermione we don't even have our timetables yet.." I called after her as she ran the stairs down. "Come on!" She shouted back. I walked down the stairs and ignored all the stares. I was used to it now as they watched my arm. I didn't know how it had gotten there but I guess it had something to do with the time I spent in Azkaban.

My life was different than others. Bloom, that's my full name. My parents are both death. According to Dumbledore both murdered by Voldemort and almost every teacher seems to dislike me. But I have friends even if I have the mark branded on my arm. It had been no secret of my years spent in the wizarding prison or the black snake, slythering out a skull on my arm. But what Dumbledore doesn't seem to understand is why this mark is on my right arm and not on my left like all the other Deatheaters.

I filled my plate with eggs and bacon as Hermione and I waited for Harry and Ron to come down. When the bacon and eggs were almost gone we saw them walking into the Great Hall both looking tired. In the meantime McGonagoll past them our timetables and greeted Hermione while ignoring me. "Oh no, double defense with the Slytherins" Harry said with disappointment written all over his face. This year Professor Snape got the job to everyone's surprise and the job for potions went to Professor Slughorn who Harry had to befriend for Dumbledore he told us. Hermione (as always) took as much subjects as she could and needed all of her books which she had in her bag, which were a lot. "Hermione why do you have so many subjects all the time?" Ron asked flabbergasted as he took Hermione's timetable in. "Yea, you're almost as good in everything as Bloom here" Harry said grinning. I scowled at him while Hermione laughed at my expression. They knew all perfectly well that I didn't like them to say those things. Why? A normal person would want that but that's just the thing I'm not normal. Even if I tried, which believe me I have, I would never be normal. I know that no one is normal at Hogwarts but I wasn't the same kind of abnormal if you still follow me. You could compare me with Harry who like me:
Didn't have any parents, was natural talented and didn't want to be famous (he was at least famous in a good way.. Well sort of). But he didn't seem to mind the talent he had.

We walked into the defense classroom as Professor Snape sneered at the three of them but didn't sneer at me, he was just watching me closely. This was another peculiar thing about me, that Snape was one of the teachers who didn't seem to despise me, together with Hagrid who was kind to me. I sighed as we opened our text book at page 12 and started to take notes. This year was going to be a year different from others. With Sirius gone, the Prophecy known and Harry's great burden this year would be like none other before.

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