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Reckless by Slytherin_Ravenclaw_chick
Chapter 1 : Head Girl
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"Lian, wake up!!" Came a shout from somewhere far away. Suddenly cold water splashed over me and and I bolted up in bed.

"Ahh!" I screamed and I turned to see my brother laughing at me. "Derek! You suck!"

"That he does." His boyfriend hollered from the hallway.

"Ew." I cringed. "I did not need to know that Jerry!"

"If you want breakfast before Allison picks you up you better get up now." Derek prodded me as I tried to snuggle back in my blankets. "He made French toast."

"Really??" I sat up. "Yes!"

"Get dressed and bring your trunk down." He ruffled my hair as he left.

"Can you braid it for me while I eat?" I called.

"You got it munchkin." He laughed as he left my room. I stretched and quickly dressed. I conjured my trunk to follow me down the stairs, thank god I turned 17, and went to the kitchen.

"Here you go." Jerry put a large plate in front of me. I immediately started shoveling it while Derek braided my hair.

"Ready to go Head girl?"

"No." I snorted. "I can't believe I got made head girl."

"I was shocked when you were made a prefect." Derek laughed as he finished up.

"Shut up." I mumbled. There was a knock at the door and I opened it up to have a blond boy and a dark skinned girl trough themselves at me. "Get off me!"

"Sorry Lian." Scorpius smirked at me. "Adam dared us to."

"And it was so worth your face." Allison, my best friend giggled.

"Why?" I asked Adam who walked in laughing.

"Payback for telling Kelly I liked her." He grinned wickedly. We all chuckled at the memory. She was a nightmare, one of those girls with fake blond hair, a fake tan, and a fake attitude. It was well known she had a crush on him and he couldn't stand her.

"Come on guys, we have to get going!" Mrs. Malfoy came in. "We don't want you to be late."

"Coming!" We all shouted. I grabbed my trunk and threw it in the car before I hugged Jerry and Derek good bye.

"Have a good year munchkin." Derek squeezed me.

"Good luck tonight." I whispered in his ear.

"Thanks." He kissed me on the head. We got in the car and drive to King's Cross station.

"So Derek is proposing to Jerry tonight!" I burst, finally able to tell them.

"What?" Allison squealed. "That's so exciting!"

"I know, right?" I gushed.

"Good for them." Mrs. Malfoy smiled.

"So, I've been thinking quidditch." We all groaned but quickly got to talking. We may be Hufflepuffs but we were good. We always do pretty good, we even made the finals last year, but we still get overlooked.

"I'll se you guys later." I groaned. "Longbottom wants to talk to the head before the prefect meeting."

"See you." They all waved goodbye as I made my way to the front of the train. Waiting by the compartment was Dose Weasley having a conversation with Professor Longbottom, with Albus potter making out with his girlfriend Courtnet Thomas.

"All in saying is that Albus and I work well together." Rose smiled. "You said that Lian and I had the same considerations, so wouldn't picking two heads that knowingly work well together benefit everyone?"

"Professor McGonnagall made the final decision Rose." Longbottom told her looking rather uncomfortable. "If you have a concern, talk to her about it."

"Hello professor." I smiled.

"Ahh, hello Lian." He smiled back. "How did it go on Saturday? I'm sorry I wasn't able to help you."

"It was fine." I smiled. "The mandrakes behaved themselves for the lost part and my brother made sure his earmuffs were extra tight."

"You grew mandrakes?" Rose asked, eyes wide in horror. "Don't you need a special permit?"

"Yes, and I got one." I blinked. "Then I delivered them to St. Mungos for use."

"I've never seen Mandrakes so well behaved before." Longbottom chuckled. "Well, we better get the meeting started."

"I'll see you later." Courtney kissed Albus again before she and Rose left, muttering angrily. I didn't exactly like Rose, but I kept it to myself. She was very nice indeed, unless you had the audacity to be better than her at something. She and Scorpius constantly clash in classes and I've seen how rude she really is when she doesn't get her way. Now that I was Headgirl instead of her, I had a feeling I needed to watch my back.

"Lexi, right?" Albus asked me as we walked in. "Your Malfoy's girlfriend?"

"Lian." I corrected him. "And no. Ew. He's just a close friend."

"Alright you two." Longbottom said as handed us papers. "Here are the first weeks schedules. All prefects need to submit their extra curricular schedules to you by the end of the week and I need you to make a schedule for the rest of the year. All schedule change requests the rest of the year will go through you two and you both have to sign off on it and find a replacement. If their isn't anyone who can switch, one of you can offer to do it or deny the request. If it's marked by a teacher or the student is sick then you have to replace them if you can't find another. The Head office at the back of the Prefect Study Hall has been notified of you two and it is bewitched to only allow in the pair of you. You will help check off students on Hogsmead trips and assist the professors with the Halloween dance and Winter Ball, but you'll be excused from the end of the year formal and the other prefects will handle it. Any questions?"

"Yeah, I'm going to be wrapped up in quidditch next weekend." Albus said. "With tryouts and everything. So can Linn do the scheduling and I'll owe you one?"

"Li-an." I stretched out in annoyance. "And I'll be busy with quidditch too."

"Yeah, but you guys don't really have a chance." He snorted. "You can take a few hours to do it."

"Mr. Potter." Longbottom snapped at him. "That is very rude."

"Yeah, especially since we got the most overall points in our matches last year." I huffed. "You only got to the snitch first last year because it happened to fly right next you you."

"Whatever." He snorted again. "I still won't have the time."

"Then I refuse to do it alone." I crossed my arms.

"Mr. Potter!" Longbottom exclaimed. "Miss DeMour! This is not how heads are suppose to behave!"

"Rose and I wouldn't fight." Albus pointed out and I glared at him.

"Well she's not head girl." I snapped at him. "I am. What, just because I'm a Hufflepuff you think I'm going to let you walk all over me and undermine me? Not happening. Let me put it in simple terms for you; Rose Weasley, top of the class and Hogwart's darling was passed over for a lowly muggle born Hufflepuff. Then when the work doesn't get done by the heads, they'll expect me to fail. But Albus Potter? That'll be the talk of the England. You are so wrapped up in living in your father's shadow that the utter shame from yourself will be enough to break you. Not to mention that family of yours. I have nothing to lose, but you have everything. So either you shape the hell up now, or I'll sit back and watch your world crash around you. And the worst part is you'll know deep down, it's your own fault."

"Miss DeMour." Longbottom stuttered as Albus gapped wordlessly at me. "That's..."

"Completely true." I pointed out. "I'll be in the Head's office at 3pm on Saturday. If you aren't there by 3:30, I won't make the schedules. Now I believe the Prefect meeting will be starting soon? I can talk about scheduling if you want to talk about rounds and duties."

The two of them continued to stare at me and I simply shrugged. "I'll take your silence as a yes." I then opened the compartment door to the waiting students.

"Welcome Everyone." Longbottom snapped into Professor mood. He introduced Albus and I and then disapperated. I said my part and Albus said his.

"Any questions?" I asked at the end.

"Why are you the Head girl instead of Rose?" A rude little Gryffindor asked. I recognized her as Lily Potter.

"I'm starting to think its one drawn out cruel joke." I deadpanned. "If that's all the questions, you are dismissed. And Albus, remember; Saturday at 3."

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