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Bulldozer by free elf 25
Chapter 16 : Bludgers and Bulldozers
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Everyone now knew that Rose Weasley was pregnant.

Everyone was now over the suicide scandal, and Rebecca's abrupt switch of personality.

Everyone was now used to the space between me and Albus Potter, along with his sister's radical changes in appearance every few days.

So, on the day of the Gryffindor-Slytherin match, there was nothing that could hold me back.

"Wood has the quaffle. She's rushing towards the posts, dodging a bludger- beautiful display of a Sloth Grip there- and she's making the shot and SCORE! 40-20 to Gryffindor!"

I grinned, throwing a punch in the air for the audience. They roared back at me, red banners flashing in the air.

Rose was in the audience somewhere with Scorpius, Aidan, Laura and Rebecca. The last two had really hit it off after Laura's new haircut, talking mainly about fashion and models. All the girly sort of stuff me and Rose don't bother with.

Her replacement, Lucy (fourth year) was faring well, having only let two of the five attempts in. Unfortunately, we'd aimed to score at least nine times by now, and less than half of them had actually got in.

"That's another shot blocked by the new Keeper, Lucy Miller! The snakes are beginning to get a little impatient now, with the lions still in the lead."

Albus was scouring the sky for the snitch, his hands tight around his broom as the Slytherin seeker watched him from a few metres off, not even bothering to disguise it.

"That's Sykes and Fields blocking off those two pesky bludgers from Wood and Lockhart as they hurdle towards the posts. I can barely keep track of who has the ball!"

My hands were slipping each time they caught the Quaffle, immediately throwing it away and preparing to catch it again. Soon they started to get a hold of our pattern just as we neared the posts, so I let my sweaty palms let it slip...and fall...and fall...right into Sal's arms as she swooped up and scored.

"OH MY GOD! Did you guys see that? An amazing play by the Gryffindors, boosting them up to 50-20! You can really see the rage on the snakes' faces, especially their Captain! Those Gryff-Girls had better watch their step!"

It was getting cold outside. My nose was no longer streaming, but instead stiff and stuffed. It felt like even the smallest touch could shatter it, leaving me as noseless as a snake.

A Slytherin nearly barrelled me, causing my arms to let the quaffle slip through. They caught it. They scored.


Evangeline passed to me. I hurtled halfway across the pitch, spotted a bludger, and threw it to Sal. Evangeline zoomed underneath the chaos, catching it from Sal and scoring.


The Slytherin's had it. The one with the quaffle and the greasy hair elbowed Sal in the face. It went unnoticed by everyone except us. He aimed.


My head was reeling as they spun circles around me, Evangeline and Sal standing by, hopeless.


I took the ball. I flew straight and fast, my speed beating them by far. There was no longer any defence, except for their Keeper, who was as stuffy-nosed and brain-dead as me. Albus went into a dive. The Slytherin followed. I reached the goals.


I turned around, ready to watch him catch the snitch. They both swooped up, having lost it. I looked for the quaffle. Something smashed into my side, causing me to lose grip of my broom. It was like I was going into a Seeker's dive, but there was nothing to stop me from pulling out of it. It was a Wronski Feint gone wrong.


Game over.


Albus' P.O.V.



She was pale in the hospital bed. Her hair spilled out on the cushion. For some reason it was still slightly straight, the tips curling in on themselves.

The match had been ended in the moment that she fell. We won, though there wasn't a victory party. Not to my knowledge anyway.

Me and Aidan hadn't left our seats since they took her in. I knew that as soon as she woke up, I would have to leave, but that was okay. No one had tried to kick me out so far.

Rebecca had screamed. Pomfrey had given her a calming potion, and Laura and Sal had taken her away, probably to the Great Hall or the library or just somewhere else. Somewhere away from the ghost of a girl that lay in a hospital bed, the colour of her hair matching the blood on her face, and the colour of her skin matching the white of the sheets.

Rose had cried. And she just wouldn't stop. Scorpius had held her hand, keeping his eyes trained on her or the bump. He didn't dare look at anything else.

Aidan just sat with me in silence. The food he had in his bag for after the match lay untouched, even when our stomachs were both growling. What our bodies wanted was one thing- what our bodies could take was another.

It wasn't until after Rose had finally let Scorpius lead her back to her bed that I realised I'd never congratulated her on becoming a mother, only Scorpius. He still met me every few days in the library, promising to stay my friend.

It was amazing how much impact she still had on my life. It had been too long. The last I'd really seen her was at Christmas. I can still taste the bitter jealousy in my mouth when I remember James rushing after her before any of us could speak. Except for Rose, of course. Her voice had been the first to call her name that night.

I don't know what he did in the attic. I don't know what they did. I don't want to jump to conclusions anymore, not with her involved. All I know is that over 40 minutes later, they returned. The family had scattered by then. I watched from my seat in the living room, pretending to be part of a conversation between my Dad, Uncle Percy and Uncle George.

He held her hand, gently squeezing it when people spotted them. Everyone turned away quickly. Her eyelashes were wet, sticking together in a clumpy fashion, but a smile shone from her lips. They didn't let go of each other's hands, acting as an anchor to the other.

I can still remember the time that I was that anchor.

I miss my anchor.

I miss her.


My mimosa and pomegranate and vanilla and wind and grass stained Kasy.

Even in her state, do you think she missed me? Do you think she ever missed her Bulldozer?

Aidan's hand reached for my own. I squeezed it, not looking at him as his tears finally fell. I was the opposite of Scorpius- my eyes couldn't even bear the thought of training on anything else.

She looked so small, so fragile. I wanted to protect her, we all did, but we also knew that she hated it. She hated all her weaknesses.

So we sat. Aidan's hand didn't leave mine. Our eyes didn't leave her. We just sat, and waited for her to wake up in time.


Kasy's POV

My eyes felt hot and sticky. My entire body felt hot and sticky in fact, like I'd been dipped into a large vat of jam.

Somewhere in the distance, Pomfrey was ordering someone to leave. A few voices shouted back. It must have been a group. My mind began racing. Why was Pomfrey in my dorm? Why couldn't I move? Who were they?

And then it clicked. Bludger. Falling. Did we win? At least I wasn't cold anymore, though my side hurt quite a bit.

Pomfrey's voice grew louder. My mind suddenly figured out that she wasn't in the distance, that she was quite near actually. I tried to open my eyes, but a crack of light burst through and I quickly shut them again.

Instead I lifted my tongue. It was heavy, like I was lifted weights, not part of my body. Still, I raised it, and tried to say something.

"Mmm..." I tried again. Louder. "Madmmm..." Once more. "Madame. P...Pomfrey."

It was a whisper, but they heard. Everyone fell silent. Her shoes clip-clopped over, and she rested a cool flannel over my eyes. I hummed in agreement.

"Welcome back to the world Kasy. We've all been quite worried."

My lips cracked as I smiled.

"Bastard Slytherins." I uttered, just before the wooziness in my limbs began to drag me down. It took everything in me to stay just long enough to hear the loud laughter, a few sighing my name.

I'll deal with them tomorrow.


Author's Note

ALBUS IS BACK BITCHES! It appears that my chapter's are getting a bit smaller than I'd like, but ah well. Review? :)

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