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Love Must Be Secret by Ari
Chapter 1 : Love Must Be Secret
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Love Must Be Secret
It was summertime and Harry was sentenced to his room for saying the "m" word, even though the TV program Dudley was watching was one of those anime cartoons, where all the main characters have magic cards.
In his room, Harry kept his quills parchment and one textbook at a time under the loose floorboard in his room. He was just about to write a letter to his friend, Ron Weasely, when a gray featherball smashed against his window. It was Errol, Ron's family owl. Harry took the piece of parchment off of Errol's leg and gave him some water. The note read:

Hey Harry,
What’s new? I'm just writing to tell you we’re coming to pick you up at this very moment. Whether those stupid muggles like it or not!
Harry’s spirits picked up a little. He gathered his things and looked out the window as he waited. Finally he heard a knock on the door.
Harry ran down the stairs as fast as he could. He grabbed his stuff from the cupboard under the stairs, which was mysteriously unlocked. He looked over at Mr. Weasley who held up his wand ever so slightly and winked. Mr. Weasley and Ron were the only two that were at his door. This is good, Harry thought to himself we wouldn’t want the twins mutating Dudley’s tongue again Harry smiled at that memory.
“How did you get here?” Harry asked Ron while they watched the Dursleys push Mr. Weasley out the door as he tried to strike up a conversation. “Portkey” Ron answered.
The Portkey turned out to be the Durlsey’s neighbor’s flamingo lawn ornament. The three of them felt awkward, standing around the huge, hideous, pink bird but a second later they were transported to the Burrow.
The Burrow was like home to Harry. The Weasleys were almost like a family to Harry. They were kind, caring, and funny, Harry wondered, If his parents were alive, would they be like this?
Two days before they left for Hogwarts, Harry, Ron, and the rest of the Weasleys went to Diagon Alley for school supplies. After they were done, Harry and Ron sat down at the local ice cream parlor to talk.
“Did you see Hermione walk in to the beauty store?” Harry asked. “Nope,” said Ron “but I beilieve you. She was starting to act all girly last year. Remember the Yule Ball?” “Oh yeah.” Harry said. “I hope she’s not trying to make herself beautiful for some guy!” Ron exclaimed “Ron, she’s our best friend!” Harry said loudly. And she’s not that ugly. He thought. “Yes she is and don’t get me wrong she’s a great friend and all, but she’s not the prettiest girl in school.” Ron explained. “If anyone went out with her, the Slytheryins might laugh them out of school. And I might join them!” “What about inner beauty?” Harry asked. “She’s a great person,” Ron started. Then he suddenly stopped and said “Why? You don’t like her do you?” “No” said Harry. “Then lets talk about someone else” Ron said.
On the Hogwarts Express, Harry and Ron took their usual car in the back of the train. Then Hermione walked in. She looked different. She looked pretty. Then again, Harry thought She was always pretty to me. Hermione’s hair wasn’t bushy, it was just in waves that looked, well, sexy. Her teeth were strait and her figure was much more girly. “Hey guys!” Hermione said in her usual bossy tone. “Hi Hermione!” said Ron “You look, uhh, different.” Yeah, my mom says I’m past my ‘akward’ stage” Hermione answered. “Harry?” “Uhhh Hullo Hermione,” was all he could stammer. His crush on her and never stopped him From talking to her before.
The next day, after the beginning of the year feast, and the first years were sorted, classes began. In potions, Snape was just like always, snapping at all the Gryffindors. Hermione finished her potion early, and had time to gaze at Harry, her crush since 3rd year. He was so brave, loyal and funny, and not to mention handsome. Now if only he could love a freak like her.
A/N not much romance but its only the first chapter. PLEASE read and review!!!!!!!!!!!!! Second chapter is out soon, or when I feel like it k?

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Love Must Be Secret: Love Must Be Secret


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