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Killian Earhart Vs The Weasleys by Akussa
Chapter 8 : Killian Earhart Vs Teddy (Potter (Weasley)) Lupin
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Romulus. I hate you from the bottom of my heart.

It’s Saturday. I haven’t slept the night before and would really love to sleep the day away. Will you stop pecking at my head?

I finally open my eyes and I’m faced with my owl’s ugly black eyes staring straight into mine as he bends down to peck at my hair once more. I push him away and he screeches like a maniac to which my dorm mates answer with annoyed growls. I want to do more than growl when I notice it’s barely six o’clock. Again.

I was planning to sleep in today after the horrible sleepless night I had and then the even more horrible fight for my life against those Blast ended skrewts. Granted, I brought this one on myself but still, I deserve a nice lay in don’t I?

Teddy doesn’t think so, apparently, because he’s the one that sent Romulus on a pecking rampage this early. He wants to see us all at six thirty in the Room of Requirements because that is a totally reasonable hour to be up. I’m guessing it’s the only time he was able to slip through the school’s security system. Actually, I wonder exactly how he slipped through it since I know that all the secret passages are being watched.

All this thinking hurts my head this morning and, will you look at that! Already 15 minutes went by and I still hold my socks in my hands. Ah well, they’ll just have to take me when I arrive.

Slowly but surely, I get dressed and make my way to the seventh floor. I meet absolutely no one during my walk and when I get inside the room, I find out that only Teddy, Lucy and Fred have arrived. Teddy greats me profusely, while Lucy and Fred yawn at me. I answer them the same way before taking a seat. Within the next 10 minutes, the others join us and Teddy takes the stand while we slump in our couches.

“Well guys, you all did an excellent job this week, I’m impressed,” Teddy begins excitedly.

I wonder what he expected. If he’s impressed that we all failed, he must have imagined we would all hide in fear and cry in a corner rather than face Killian. I’m too tired to answer though so I keep it to myself and let him continue.

“Seriously, you were all very original and really proved to be challenging for him,” Teddy continues, his blue hair turning more electric looking by the second. Guess he really is excited. “So, his last challenge will be later this afternoon, with me and I’ll do my best, just like you guys did.”

Silence. Teddy looks at us as if he’s expecting us to jump up and scream. It’s too early for huge demonstrations of joy, Ted, sorry.

“So that’s why you woke us up at 6 in the morning?” James asks his god brother, “to tell us something that we already knew?”

“Well,” Teddy shrugs uncomfortably, “you didn’t know it would happen in the afternoon.”

“We didn’t need to meet this early to learn that,” Louis shakes his head.

“We didn’t need to meet period,” Fred shakes his head. “A simple mention in the letter would have done just as well.”

“Hey, I was excited, I wanted to see you all and congratulate you in person,” Teddy tries to defend himself. “Who knows how long I’ll be able to stay after my challenge, when the staff discovers that I’m in the school?”

“Thanks then and now that you’ve done so, can we go back to bed?” Lucy asks him in a very James-like way.

“Well you guys really aren’t morning people,” Teddy shakes his head, annoyed while we all grunt in response. “Alright, go back to bed but please meet me around 1 o’clock on the quidditch pitch?”

“Sure,” we all answer before getting up to leave, happily thinking of our pillows and warm blankets. Just as I walk out the door, James stops me and keeps me back a little.

“Look Hugh, congrats on last night, that was a really great challenge, especially considering you had to find something else to do in such little time,” James scratches his neck, clearly uncomfortable to apologise.

“Thanks, I had the most horrible sleepless night because of you but it was worth it.”

“Sorry about that. It’s just, I had to do it, you know? Play chess against him because there was no way Killian would have won against you, no one is up to your standard.”

“Thanks, I guess.”

“No I’m serious,” James presses, “I just thought that if I lost at chess, it wouldn’t be a big deal, people know I’m not that great but you, if you’d lost in order to let him win, it would have been obvious to everybody.”

“Killian knew you lost on purpose; it was pretty obvious,” I sigh.

“To you guys maybe but to the rest of the school, even our cousins didn’t see that I lost on purpose. Look I’m sorry but, I think you agree with me that Killian is a good guy for Molly and he’d really be a great Weasley; I didn’t want to see him lose.”

“He could still lose to Teddy,” I argue.

“Oh don’t worry,” James grins, “no matter what Teddy has planned, I’ve got a plan to make sure he doesn’t come out a winner.”

“Oh yeah? Can I help?” I ask before thinking. Did I just willingly offer to help James in one of his prank? Sleeplessness really isn’t good for me.

“We’ll see,” James winks at me without another word. And now I’m nervous.

At one o’clock sharp, the entire school is standing on the quidditch pitch. This place always seemed gigantic to me but right now, with the rest of the 400 and so students, it appears much smaller. And smellier. Some kids really need to take a bath...

I hear lots of things around me about who the last (or is it really?) dueler might be. Roxanne seems to be the most popular suggestion and until I hear someone suggest that all the girls might have bounded up together to challenger Killian, I have to admit that Roxanne is the one that looks scarier. But all the girls together? Killian would be a smart man to decline the offer.

When I spot Teddy walking toward the pitch, there's about two seconds of silence until a murmur grows stronger. Basically, everyone is wondering who that guy is. When the question reaches Teddy's ears, he seems insulted but I can't imagine why. The guy has been out of this school for three years which means that the actual seventh year were tiny fourth year and, therefore, wouldn't have given a care about the goofy Hufflepuff that he was. Just then, Teddy changes his hair from blue to yellow.

“It's Teddy!” Some Hufflepuff girl shouts suddently. Oh well, they might remember him afterall. I guess the metamorphus thing isn't all that common, that would leave a lasting memory.

“Killian Earhart, I am Teddy Lupin-Potter-Weasley,” Teddy begins loudly with this lame made up name. “As an honorary Weasley myself, I know just how hard your life will be in the years to come if you enter our family. You thought that last week was weird and challenging? You haven't met their parents. You haven't met the true female Weasley gene. Did you know that before Molly's aunt was born, it had been several generations since another girl was born. The reason? The world needed a break; the Weasley girls are a handfull and you need to be prepared.”

Wow, way to put six dangerously talented and extra-scary girls in your pocket Teddy. Suddently I'm not too sure that there will be a wedding to go to this summer; Victoire will most likely be mourning her love by the end of today if he keeps it up.

“Do you openly wish to get killed Teddy?” James calls at his godcousin over the growling crowd of Weasley girls. Rose looks about ready to pull his eyes out and Roxanne's fists are closed so tight, I physically feel the anger that she gives off.

“Moving on from that,” Teddy clears his troat, flashing a challenging grin to Molly, “I call you up for your next, and last, challenge.”

“About time you crazy morons,” Molly snaps at him altough she also looks toward the rest of us. Teddy's comments have not cleared our names like I expected.

“What's the challenge then?” Killian asks, confident in his potential to end this for good.

“Whatever you want,” Teddy nods his head. “You chose the challenge this time and I will try to beat you at your own game.”

“Really?” Killian sounds suspicious. And I understand him completly; Teddy cannot have made such an easy choice.

“Really.” Apparently he did.

“Alright,” Killian thinks for a moment before seemingly coming to a decision, “How about we play a game of 21?”

“21 history questions?” Teddy asks and I think I hear a tiny bit of hope in his voice which is strange because, what other possibility is there when talking about a game of '21'?

“No,” Killian says as he frowns, “21 basketball points.”

“Oh right,” Teddy nodds knowingly. I'm so glad I'm not in his shoes right now, I would have melted on the spot after making a mistake like that.

“We can add the history questions as well if you like,” Killian offers as he produces an orange ball out of thin air but Teddy shakes his head.

“Your challenge mate, you decided it was basketball and so it will be. Why don't you begin?”

For the next couple of minutes, I have no idea what is going on. Teddy's challenge is a mess; no rules explained, nothing clear, no scoreboard. The crowd reacts as one though. Except for me and a couple of other people, we react a couple seconds late and that is reassuring to me because I'm not the only one that doesn't have a clue what's happening and who's winning and who's losing and how the points are even calculated. All I know is that when Killian wins his battle with Teddy and ends up with the ball, he stands far away from some hoop and the ball still goes in all the time and when Teddy has the ball, he stands close to the hoop and the ball sometimes goes in. Most of the time it doesn't though. So I'm guessing Killian is winning.

“Last shot,” Killian says, a bit out of breath.

“Only if you can make it,” Teddy throws the ball on the rim and when it falls back on the ground, they begin their wrestling to know who will end up with the ball. Typically, Killian has it but rather than trying to take it from him, Teddy pushes him further away from the hoop. Feeling trapped, Killian shoots and scores. I jump up and shout, happy that he won but only about 10 other people do the same. I want to disapear as I sit back on the ground, wishing to be swallowed up.

“You crossed the 3 points line,” some beefy Gryffindor explains loudly. “You only needed 2 points to win and because you went over 21 so you're back at 11 points.”

“Same as the Weasley guy then,” a girl calls close to him. Teddy stops and turns to her; flashing her a seductive smile he says :

“The name is Ted, young lady.”

“Teddy the cuddly bear, more like,” James shouts causing the entire crowd to laugh. Teddy doesn't seem to appreciate the humour though and turns to Killian.

“Alright let's get this going for real shall we? I fear some teachers might be coming along soon and I'm technically not supposed to be here.”

“We weren't playing then?” Killian throws the ball in and they begin their fight to reach the hoop. In one gracious movement, Teddy backs to the three point line and effortlessly scores.

“You were,” Teddy winks at him before throwing the ball at the rim once more. “And now I'm at 14.”

The game gets a lot more brutal after that and Killian hardly manages to get his hands on the ball so much that Teddy is fast. It's impressive really, I never knew he had such talents. He was never the athletic type either; impossible to beat at '21 history questions' among other things but a really bad quidditch player. And now that I think about it, I realise that quidditch is the only sport we ever play and that it might not be representative of one's physical abileties afterall. Maybe I could be a good athlete as well if I tried some muggle sport? Or maybe I could just stay the same and not even try to find out? Yeah, I'll do that and keep on mastering chess.

“It's tied, 20-20,” the same beefy guy says and I silently thank him for keeping me on track with the score.

“Only one shot in and I win,” Teddy tells Killian. “You let me get this shot in and it's over, you can't date Molly anymore. Or you manage to get this in and we fold back.”

“If you think this really matters to me, you're wrong,” Killian laughs, out of breath. “I'm accepting these challenges for the fun of it but no matter how this turns out, I'll keep on dating Molly wether you like it or not.”

“So this means nothing to you?”

“It means that Molly has a family that cares a bit too much about her well being and who are really overstepping their boundaries into her private life but at least they love her. It doesn't change a thing to the fact that I love her as well though, even if I'm not as dramatic or flamboyant as you guys are.”

“Flamboyant?” Teddy scoffs, “have you seen yourself? Getting your girlfriend's entire family involved in this elaborate scheme of yours just to get her attention?”

“What?” I ask, looking at my cousins. I'm pleased to see that they all share my blank expression and don't seem to undertand what Teddy just said.

With a smile at his challenger, Killian grabs the ball and throws it in the hoop before turning to his girlfriend, one knee on the ground and a small velvet box in his hand.

“Molly Weasley,” he says as the crowd holds their breath, “we've been together for over a year now but I know in my heart that I want to spend the rest of my days by your side. You are funny, smart, fearless and the most beautiful woman I have ever set my eyes on. You once told me that your family is the thing that's the most important to you and, altough they had no idea they were being played, your cousins challenged me for your happiness. I want to keep making you happy everyday, no matter who I have to beat for it. Will you marry me?”

He played us. Him and Teddy played us in order for him to propose? If I were a girl, I'd be sobbing like Rosie and Lily are right now. As a dude though, I'm just angry that I worried myself almost sick in order to beat a guy that had planned on winning anyway. He got us into thinking that we were outsmarting him everyday when, in truth, he was making us dance like puppets.

“Yes,” Molly answers excited while the crowd cheers as they kiss.

Well played Killian Earhart, well played. And now we wait for Uncle Percy to murder you at our next family meeting.

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