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Civil Conversations by LilyFire
Chapter 1 : Civil Conversations
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The woman stood on the doorstep, her hand raised to knock. She had been standing that way for some time. A faint wind blew her blonde hair around her face, but she didn’t move to put it back in place. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She could do this. It was just knocking on a door. She had lied to the most powerful wizard alive, and she could knock on a door.

Opening her eyes, she knocked. She waited patiently as the footsteps she heard through the door became louder. The door opened, revealing a woman with light brown hair. She took one look at the woman who had knocked before slamming the door shut.

“Andi, please. I want to talk. Can’t we have a civil conversation?”

The door flew open, Andromenda’s eyes narrowed into a glare. “Civil conversation? Where were your civil conversations when Ted and I got married? Where were your civil conversations when my daughter, your niece, Narcissa, was born? Or when I struggled with her powers? Or when I lost both of them in that blasted war that you did nothing to stop? A civil conversation? I don’t think so.” She took a deep breath, shaking her head.

“I was wrong.” The statement was simple, but Narcissa’s eyes filled with tears. “I was so wrong. I’m sorry it took so much for me to see it. I need to talk to my big sister.”

Andromeda scoffed, turning to walk back into the house. “Talk to the other one.”

“She’s dead.” The crack of Narcissa’s voice stopped Andromeda. “And she wouldn’t understand even if she were here.”

“Do you expect me to feel sad about that? I mourned the loss of both of you long ago.” She turned to look at Narcissa, pity covering the anger in her eyes. “Why now, when none of it matters?”

Narcissa licked her lips, pulling her cloak closer around her. “Can’t I come in?”


Sighing, she nodded. “How did you not turn out like Bella and I?”

Andromeda sighed. “I used my brain. I talked to people. I realized that what our parents taught us was wrong. I don’t know how Sirius learned it at such a young age. I didn’t even question it until third year. I talk to students and professors. I read books. I thought for myself and formed my own opinions. I did try to talk to you and Bellatrix about it, but neither of you listened. Tell me, why did you betray Voldemort?”

Narcissa flinched at the name. “My family was in danger. Bella had pushed Draco and pushed Draco until he had the mark and his life basically gone. I didn’t want him to join to Dark Lord like that. I didn’t want him in this at all. I wish it had never happened.”

“That is good to know. Now—“

“Andi, please, I need your help. I want to be a better person, but I don’t know where to start. I’m trying, but it’s hard.”

Andromeda studied Narcissa for a moment. “Are you saying you don’t believe muggles and muggle-borns are the scum of the earth?”

“No. I’m saying I want to believe that. Potter saved Draco. Did you know that? I wouldn’t have saved Potter. Draco wouldn’t have either. I want to be able to do that, to save those who wouldn’t save me.”

Her face softened as she smiled a little. “To hear Harry tell it, you’re the only reason he’s alive. You’ve got that ability in you.” Walking into her house, Andromeda turned. “Would you like some tea?”

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Civil Conversations: Civil Conversations


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