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Harry Potter and the Fidelius Charm by theholytrinityHRH
Chapter 2 : The Double Agent
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Disclaimer: None of the characters are mine. J.K Rowling is the genius behind them, blah blah blah. I earn nothing from this, she earns billions etc.

A/N: Please note in my story Remus Lupin is not a werewolf. He managed to escape Greyback’s attack. He is not ostracised by the wizarding community.

Again, review if you can. Feedback would be great. Like I said, first time writer, just having some fun. Beta needed.


James Potter was bored, so excruciatingly bored. Since that fateful day that Dumbledore had heard the prophecy from Sybil Trelawney he had been stuck inside his cottage in Godric’s Hollow. The only visitor he had received was Dumbledore and that was brief. He loved his wife and son and cherished every moment with them but James was not one to be confined. In his youth he was always seeking adventure and mischief. His mind flashed back to his Hogwarts days and how he, Sirius, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew had become animagus and frolicked around the school grounds. They had done so purely because they wanted too. They had seen Professor McGonagall transform into a cat and wanted to do the same. They spent months practicing and refining their transformation. James had become a stag, Sirius a black shaggy dog, Remus a fox and Pettigrew a fat, brown rat.

James looked over at Lily and his son. He was always fascinated every time he looked at her. She seemed to gain more beauty every day. He then glanced over to his son. The day he was born was the happiest day of his life. There is nothing like the moment of holding your son for the first time, smelling him the first time. Only new fathers know that moment. Despite his perfect life, he needed some space. Something pulled him back. He had promised the people he loved the most, he had promised Dumbledore.

His mind flashed back to the night after Dumbledore had performed the Fidelius charm.


James was standing behind Lily on the sofa, Harry was sound asleep upstairs. James started to slowly knead his fingers and thumbs into Lily’s shoulders. It had the desired effect. Lily let out a sigh and a small moan.

“James, I’m tired.” She said reluctantly and turned to face the bespectacled man.

“Then let me do all the work” James said, indicating that he would take charge of the situation.

He continued massaging Lily’s neck and was rewarded with her continued groans of gratitude. His skilful fingers worked their way deeply into her tissues and muscles, finding that tense bundle of nerves and relieving the pressure in those troublesome areas. James moved her flowing red hair from her neck. He moved his face down and started tracing kisses along her neck. Lily sighed deeply.

“James” she breathed heavily.

“Yes dear” he said innocently.


“Is asleep” he finished.

“What if he wakes up?”

“Then you will end up eternally frustrated and we will never have sex again” James said grinning into Lily’s neck whilst he kept kissing, moving down to the collarbone and lightly brushing his lips against her silky smooth skin.

“Always the joker, James”

“You haven’t stopped me though” he said and turned her to face towards him.

James brushed Lily’s hair out of his face. He looked into her green eyes. He had always loved her eyes. Even when she told him off in the Gryffindor common room in the second year for accidently burning one of her books, he had been smitten. He moved his lips gently towards here and kissed her softly.

“I love you so much, I hope you know that” He barely whispered.

“Who knew you could be such a softie” She grinned.

“I’m so lucky to have you”. He moved towards her again and their lips crashed together with a fiery passion. James moved his tongue into her mouth which she gratefully received. Their tongues duelled inside each other’s mouths as their breathing increased. He could never get bored of her taste, a taste that he could never really describe, it was just......... Lily. His hands moved from her flaming hair to her hips. His hands began to slowly slide under her shirt.

“I suppose it has been a while” Lily gasped.

“Its times like these I question why we had a child” James laughed at the end of his sentence.

His hands moved under her shirt and began to slowly move over her stomach. Goosebumps began forming over Lily’s form. “God she feels good” thought James. His hands were almost moving independently now seeking out the rest of her body.

“Oh god” moaned Lily “Keep going” She encouraged.


The Potter’s fireplace erupted in Green flames and seconds later, a handsome looking man with longish hair stumbled out of the fireplace. He stopped and surveyed the scene in front of him. He broke out into a knowing grin.

“Interrupting something” the man raised his eyebrows.

“More like ruining it, Sirius” James replied.

“Sorry, mate. Not my decision. Dumbledore needs to see you immediately”

“What about?” James asked.

“Something about the order” Sirius answered back.

“He can’t come here though, the Fidelius remember” Lily said impatiently.

“You can go to mine though. James and Lily Potter, I live at 12 Grimmauld Place, London”

James and Lily felt some sort of magic pressure shoot through them.

“There you go, that breaks my Fidelius, and I trust you with it anyway. Not that you could tell anyone.... apart from Dumbledore that is”.

“Does he want both of us?” Lily queried.

“Yes, go now.....I will look after Harry, after all it’s about time he spends some time with his godfather” Sirius said quickly. He knew Lily was about to worry about her young boy.

James took Lily’s hand and moved towards the fireplace. They threw floo powder into the fire and stepped into the emerald flames that somehow reminded James of her eyes.

“12 GRIMMAULD PLACE, LONDON” Lily said slowly, loudly and clearly and they disappeared in a burst of green.

They reappeared in a dark house full of grime and mysterious objects. James realised this was the first time he had set foot in Sirius’ family home.

“Nice place” James grimaced.

“Now James, it is not ones upbringing that determines their character. You should know that more than anyone.” Dumbledore spoke from the shadows.

“Sorry, I was only joking” looking thoroughly ashamed of himself.

“So you should be” Lily scolded. “Or did you forget I’m a muggle-born?”

“Didn’t mean it like that Lily, it’s me you’re talking to, not a death eater.” James bit back.

“I know, sorry. This situation is getting to me a bit.” Lily softened.

“Understandable of course” Dumbledore went on serenely “I have called you here to give you information. Information we have recently received from Voldemorts’ inner circle.

“How?” Lily asked in astonishment.

“I have many spies in many places, but this is the first at my disposal within his inner circle. I will not tell you who to keep their identity secret, but nevertheless they are already proving most useful. This information is about one of your friends James. The prophecy was indeed right. One of them has tried to betray you and on the same night as the prophecy was foretold.”

“Pettigrew” James immediately said.

“Yes” Dumbledore answered gravely "I assume you have had your doubts?”

“He had been acting strangely lately. Almost like he has been depressed, we hadn’t seen him in a while” Lily pondered.

“Indeed, he must have been in something of a moral quagmire. It seems we put the Fidelius in place in the nick of time. Pettigrew was going to give away both yours and Sirius’ location the same night. He was prevented by your swift actions and choices that evening. I have moved Remus Lupin out of harm as well. Pettigrew thought his capture and death could maybe set you both off. I have become his secret keeper as well. Your friends are all safe. I must also warn you that you must not use your animagus form as Pettigrew has told Voldemort of them. They will not help disguise you in any case.”

“I can’t believe it” James slumped into a nearby chair. “Peter, a traitor....I suppose a rat is about right for him then”.

“This seems so unlike him Albus, he adored James and Sirius” Lily said disbelievingly.

“You as a muggle-born should know better than anyone how power can corrupt. Muggle history is littered with those who have abused control; even in Wizard history we have repressed nearly every magical creature with laws and violence. Some are weaker than others....I advise you to hold tight and stay safe at home with Harry. I have told Sirius and Remus the same. I have asked Sirius to add me and Remus to your fidelius charm as the traitor has been revealed. You have been asked by Remus to be welcome to his abode. He lives at Elm Cottage, Cobham. Do you understand?”

James and Lily both nodded.

“What about this girl in the prophecy?” James enquired.

“The same as last night, I do not know, Voldemort does not seem concerned about her, he is more concerned about Harry...and me I might add, although I am confident in my own abilities” at this Dumbledore’s eyes went to his wand and they twinkled with a knowledge that no-one knew about, apart from him and Gellert Grindlewald.

“I now must ask you to leave and wait for my next message. It could be a while but I and the Order are waiting for more information before we make a move. It is all moving towards its climax, that is for certain” he finished.

Both Lily and James looked at each other and communicated silently. They knew that they must follow orders and not put others at risk. They moved back to the fireplace and went back to their house, Willowy.

James wondered what had happened in only a night. Little did he know, things moved quickly.


“What news?” the voice hissed.

“No sign of Potter or Black, Dumbledore continues to be elusive to say the least” Nott bravely replied.

“They are now almost impossible to reach my Lord, the protection they are under is too powerful and with Dumbledore in charge of them, we cannot act” Snape truthfully finished.

“You see this, someone not afraid of telling the truth” Voldemort eyed his death-eater.

“What other avenues are there?”

“Well the plan was to get to their other friend”

“Lupin?” Questioned Voldemort.

“Yes my Lord. That is also now impossible. Dumbledore has protected him under the Fidelius as well. If we want to move against any of them, we have to move against Dumbledore.” Snape rationalised.

“Then we take Dumbledore” Voldemort snapped.

“My Lord, the prophecy” the death eater interrupted.

“What about it?” The snake-like man asked threateningly.

“To chase Dumbledore could be risky, he is powerful” Yaxley added.


Yaxley writhed on the floor, screaming in agony. He body throbbed and pulsed as Voldemort circled him. He let everyone in the room watch his display of power, letting the fear seep into them. After he thought his message was clear, he ended the spell.

“FOOLS! All of you. How dare you question me! I, who have brought you all on the edge of greatness; I have brought pure-bloods to the front of the wizarding world. I will show you and the rest that Dumbledore is half the wizard I am. The old fool cannot maintain the glory of his youth. I have done things that Dumbledore could only think about, dream about. Our plan is simple. Kill Dumbledore, kill Black and reach the Potter’s. Then my destiny will be filled.” He spat out his final words. None of them understood he muttered in his mind. They did not understand his power.

“We can use Pettigrew my Lord” Snape offered.

“How, Severus?”

“He is in animagus. Small enough to infiltrate Hogwarts and Order meetings. If he does not fail and uses his stealth, he can tell us Dumbledore’s movements and his next step. Then we can plan accordingly. Dumbledore will be caught unawares.”

“Pettigrew” Voldemort shouted!

“Yes, my Lord” Pettigrew replied bowing low.

“You shall follow Dumbledore carefully. You must stay hidden as they no doubt know about your animagus form. Succeed and you will rewarded beyond your dreams”

“Of course, my Lord”. Pettigrew transformed into his rat form and scurried off.


Dumbledore was waiting in the shrieking shack when he heard a distinct pop of apparition.

“Severus” he instinctively knew who had arrived “Did he take the bait?”

“Yes. Pettigrew has been ordered to follow you in his rat form. If you let information slip it will be reported back.”

“Thank you Severus, I realise the risk you are taking”

“It is worth it Albus. Are Lily and James safe?”

“Completely” the elder replied.

“Thank you.”

“Thank yourself. Your bravery will be needed even more I believe. You have a bigger part to play in this whole war than even I can fathom. We shall speak again soon”

Dumbledore apparated away back to Hogwarts (being headmaster did have its privileges). In his office he began to plan what could end up deciding the war.


James snapped out of his daydream. He had been day dreaming a lot recently. It had been over a month and despite a few visits from Sirius and Remus, he was getting itchy feet. Cabin fever was most definitely setting in. No news from Dumbledore, not a jot.

“Hey sweetheart” Her flaming hair swayed behind her.

“Hey you”.

James moved towards her and slowly kissed her.

“Harry is asleep and I’m bored” he said with eyebrows raised.

“So that’s the reason you want me, to stave off boredom” she pretended to look offended, but ended up smiling.

“No.... I want you because you are incredibly sexy and I find you irresistible” he gave her his best puppy dog eyes.

“Good answer” she acknowledged.

James kissed her again this time prying open her lips so his tongue could roam freely inside of his wifes mouth. She drew back and bit is bottom lip. She wanted him badly and reached quickly for the belt on his jeans.

BANG! Their fire roared into life with the normal bright green flames.

Out of the fire stepped a man of average height. His auburn hair was swept to one side and his complexion was clear and healthy. His brown eyes twinkled with intelligence and he was well dressed in wizard robes.

“Will I ever get to be with my wife without my friends interrupting?”

“Sorry James” Remus Lupin chuckled. He went over to hug his friend. Oh, how he had missed James, Sirius and Lily. Being cooped up wasn’t much fun. James had a wife and son and at least he had company. Being on your own was rather lonesome. He agreed with Sirius though, it was too early to settle down, especially in the middle of a war. He and Sirius were content to play the field, and with it being desperate times, there were desperate women available. He rarely thought like this though, maybe Sirius was a bad influence? However now he wasn’t allowed out the house, he couldn’t even go looking for company. His nights were becoming tedious.

“Only joking Red”

“Must you call me by my animagus name, Prongs?” Lupin asked.

“Only to wind you up” he said jokingly.

“Well the time for jokes are over”.

“What do you mean Remus?” Lily chimed in.

“Albus sends word, he would like us to meet tomorrow at seven o clock here, if that’s ok with you?”

“Are you kidding me, sounds great. Any news at this stage is welcome. I feel like we are going crazy stuck here”.

“I know what you mean” Lupin nodded in agreement.

“What’s so important then?” asked Lily.

“Dumbledore has a plan, the battle is near” Lupin ominously foreboded.


Miles away in Fetcham, Surrey the baby once again awoke. It was her father who entered the room this time. The baby had woken at the same time every night for a month. Her parents could not fathom why. They had been to numerous doctors’ surgeries and none of them had found any problems with the child. They were now taking turns to make sure their daughter got back to sleep.

“It’s ok Hermione, Daddy’s here.” He said softly.

“Shhhh shhh shhh” he repeated as he rocked his baby girl softly back to sleep and replaced her in the cot.

Slowly the child’s eyes closed and she was replaced back in the cot. Her father wondered what on earth was causing the child to wake every night. What he didn’t know was Hermione Granger had a gift, a very special gift. At the moment though, it was more of a curse and every night her dreams were being haunted by a snake like face with burning red eyes.



Lupin - In this story Remus Lupin was not made a werewolf by Greyback. His animagus form is a fox. He is far more handsome and has no trouble finding work.

Red – Lupin’s animagus name. So called because of his red fur, this comes itself from his auburn hair.

Elm Cottage, Cobham – Another little town in Surrey. Elm Cottage is completely made up

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