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The Last Heir by Smile_Beautiful_
Chapter 2 : Being Noticed
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I do not own Harry Potter!!

The next morning, I sat at the Slytherin table to eat breakfast before my classes. My seat was at the very end, a detailed carving of a tree scared the wood from my butter knife when I had nothing better to do.


I filled my plate, my book from last night open to the page I had left at. I didn’t get far before someone sat down in front of me, filling their plate as well.


“Morning, Charlie. Hope you don’t mind that I join you?”


I looked up, knowing full well that Draco was across from me. I glanced sideways, noticing many eyes looking at the scene that lay before them.


“Of course not, Draco. Good morning to you as well.”


He flashed me a breathtaking smile, “We have transfiguration together, did you know?”


I nodded my head silently.


“Mind if I sit with you?”


My forehead creased, “Why?”


He put down his knife, having spread jam on his toast, “Why not?”


I looked down the table again, meeting the glare of Pansy Parkinson, “Won’t your girlfriend be upset?”


It was his turn to give a confused look, “My girlfriend?” His eyes followed mine, Pansy quickly smiled at him, blowing a kiss his way.


“Pansy? She’s far from my girlfriend, love. She’s created this fantasy in her head.”

My heart skipped a beat when he called me “love.” I let out a small laugh, bringing my attention back to the food before me.




I sighed, “So, what?”


“Can I sit with you?”


“You are sitting with me.”


He rolled his eyes, “You’re a funny one, aren’t you? Who knew?”


I raised my eyebrow, “I’d like to think so. No one has given me the chance to show it.”


His hand reached across the table to take ahold of my own, “I am. I want to know everything about you, Charlie.”


My cheeks stained red, “I would love for you to use the unoccupied chair besides me.”


He squeezed me hand, “Wonderful, then it’s settled! Shall we be off?”


I nodded my head, reaching to grab my bag, before Draco took it himself.


He noticed my weird look; “Pretty girls have boys to carry their stuff for them.”


I bit my lip and followed him out of the Great Hall, feeling the burn of many eyes on my back.




I stared outside longingly. Snow glistened on the white ground, covering everything in a white sheet. The whomping willow shook itself every couple of seconds, hitting a student in the process that was too close. 


I giggled at the boy whose black robes were splattered with white as he glared at the tree. I felt Draco lean closer to look out the window, putting his hand on my shoulder to steady himself. I pointed in the general direction, the boy getting up to move only to slip on a hidden patch of ice.


We both snickered lightly, trying not to draw attention to ourselves. I wiped the lone tear that had fallen in my laughter, turning back to my notes. Before I could do so, Draco put a piece of parchment between us, only holding his own writing.


Would you rather marry Snape or the Giant Squid?


Giant Squid-less slimy. If you could be an animal for a day, what would it be?


An eagle, so I could fly away.


Away from what?


What is expected of me.


It’s your life, live it your way. That’s what my Nana always says.


It’s not that simple with my Father; he’s a ruthless man


Tell him to go jump off a cliff.


He smirked slightly before writing again. New topic, tell me about your life.


I hesitated for a moment. What about it?


Why do you live with your Grandmother?


My parents didn’t want me anymore.


I’m sure that’s not true.


When I was eight, I showed my first signs of magic. They sent me to England that night with no goodbye. My sister isn’t even allowed to write me.


Maybe they didn’t want her to be jealous of you.


Jealous? Of what? She was always the perfect one.


You have magic, she doesn’t; I’d be jealous if I were her. And I doubt that, you’re beautiful.


I once again, blushed at his compliment. I miss her; all I want is to see her again.


You will, one day.


New topic. Red or green?


Red. Don’t tell anyone. Broom or thestral?


Broom. Pumpkin juice or butterbeer?


Butterbeer. Will you go to the ball with me?


I stopped, rereading the words to make sure they were right. My mouth was agape, my body unmoving. I looked up at Draco, my bottom lip between my teeth.




He took my hand, and intertwined my fingers with his, “Really, really.”


I looked down at the parchment, and then back to meet his grey orbs, “I’d love too.”


He smiled and leaned down so his lips met my ear, “Then I will be the most envied guy of the night.”


Then he did something unexpected; he kissed me.

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The Last Heir: Being Noticed


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