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Awkward Nature by green lady
Chapter 1 : Awkward as Always
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“And then he stuck his head into the fish tank!”

I start laughing maniacally from the next table over. Here I am, that super weird Hufflepuff who was friends with the Gryffindor’s, laughing alone at my friends’ story of their most recent prank. They all turn and rolled their eyes at me: the weird one. All friend groups have one!

Lily then says, “Why don’t you come sit with us Evi?” She is always the kind one.

“Moving is too hard.”

They all turn back to their food, and the normal people resume their normal people conversation.

I suppose introductions are in order… I’m Evelyn Periweather. A Hufflepuff and a self proclaimed weird person. There is nothing particularly extraordinary about me. I’m 173 cm tall. Brown hair. If I’m being truthful, I do get lost in my own lovely blue eyes. My nose is only nice from certain angles, and I fluctuate between athletic and curvy. Luckily, that gives me great boobs… not that anyone would notice from under my sports bras. I have surmised that I am not what anyone would classify as a true beauty. I’m just me. I have a talent for Herbology, Care of Magical Creatures and Transfiguration. I’m an exemplary student despite my proclivity for procrastination. That might be my true super power. That and my skill of avoiding meaningful conversation with anyone who isn’t my best friend or a family member.

My best friend is the fiery and delightful Lily Evans. We became best friends first year when we bonded over having terrible older sister; not kidding, my sister hit me over the head with a knife for eating the last chocolate… mental that one. Lily on the other hand is not quite as mental. Red hair, green eyes, perfect body with sex appeal and poise that oozes from her pores. To boys, she seems untouchable.

Except for the incomparable James Potter. He has been annoyingly in love with Lily for the past seven years and has only recently upgraded from most hated enemy to almost friend. I think this change had much to do with the fact that Lily accidentally fell onto his shirtless torso one night. But we can’t blame her for hormones at seventeen years old! He’s egotistical; he’s goofy; he’s heartwarmingly sincere… I ship it.

Next is Remus Lupin; the sweetest and most respectful of this crew. Along with Lily, I would consider him to be one of the few people with whom I feel comfortable.

There’s Peter Pettigrew… Meh. Not much there to talk about.

And I would be remiss to not mention the supposedly “god-like” Sirius Black. Out of the new additions to Lily and my growing friend group, I found Black the least likeable. For some reason, I have an aversion to those who think of themselves as exceptionally cool. His swagger and flirtatious demeanor are far too much for the feeble female of Hogwarts… just the pathetic ones. I would have to be blind to deny his obvious good looks. He’s 193 cm tall, only surpassed by Remus Lupin. His jaw bone is strong and manly while his cheek bones could cut ice. His grey eyes are supposed to pierce souls, but the true love of his life is his hair. It’s black like his name and his soul, but also shiny and the kind of hair you want to run your fingers through… not that I’ve ever fantasized about that. The point is, physically he is unsurpassable, but his interior lacks the sincerity and realness I search for in my friends.

I enjoy flaws, quirks. Lily is just as crazy as I am; she hides it better. Remus is a werewolf and so humbled by that fact. James will do anything for love; he’s never afraid of looking foolish. I lack normal social skills. The imperfections make us interesting.

Dinner soon ends. Unfortunately, there was no pie. After giving Lily the slip, I squeeze out of the castle and walk through the quidditch field to the Forbidden Forest. I walk a third of the way across the field before I notice Black writhing on the ground with some sixth year. Unsettled, I try to rush past as quietly as possible. Of course I trip once I get even with them. Sprawled on my stomach, I frantically look over towards the snogging couple.

Black smirks, “Trying to figure out how normal people interact? You should try acting human sometime.” I blush but am too embarrassed to know that I should run away. “You can leave now.”

Rude! In a huff, I stand, glare, brush myself off, and walk away. Moments later I hear a yelp as the ground under Black has halfway sucked him into the ground while birds dive bomb his exposed head. I smile in satisfaction. Did I not mention that I am this generation’s Mother Nature in training?

First story! I’ve been reading HPFF for years and thought I should finally try to write. Thank you J.K. Rowling for the amazing world and characters you have created. It’s lovely to live in it for a while

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