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The Safety of the Shadow by LightLeviosa5443
Chapter 1 : Leaving Your Comfort Zone
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thanks to milominderbinder@tda for the lovely chapter image 







She looked around as she stood at the edges of the shadow. The sun was at it’s lowest in the sky, and the shadow had been slithering back further and further as each minute passed. She would always remember the way that the sun would slink down in the sky behind the castle. The way that the shadows played across the lake, and the trees. The way it made the forest look so much more forbidden. She would remember the memories, dancing in the shadow of the school with her Scorpius. Chasing James across the school and into the pitch because he had taken her broom and was trying to use it himself.

Rose sighed, she never wanted to leave the shadow of Hogwarts. It held everything that she thought dear. The lessons that taught her how to be the witch she was today, the friends she made that she would keep for years to come or part ways with in a matter of months after being released into the wizarding world. The way that she had blushed when Scorpius had asked her out in the middle of the Great Hall at dinner, and the way that she had tried to hide under the table when her dad sent her a Howler for dating a Malfoy.

The shadow had been there for all of that, the shadow had seen her through her first kiss, and countless study sessions. Through fights with friends, boyfriends, and even teachers. It had seen her through the graduations of her cousins and older schoolmates, and even through the death of her grandpa Arthur. She had hidden in the shadow’s safe darkness from the sun and from reality. It had seen her laugh and cry, scream, shout, and simply just be. The shadow had been a place of comfort, for the last seven years. The idea of leaving it now just seemed odd to Rose. Like it couldn’t be true. How could something that faded away each day, come back just as strong the next.

How could it support someone who needed it so dearly. How could it embrace the people who loved it when they didn’t know they were. The shadow was her life support, it was the thing that kept her going. The shadow of Hogwarts was something for Rose to use as a way of coping. Where other students had found Quidditch, friends, books, and endless games of wizarding chess, Rose had found the Shadow. She had hid here before her first quidditch game, studied for her first and last tests. Scorpius had snogged her senseless countless times in these shadows. She had made friends here, and here, in the shadow, was Scorpius, on one knee. Proposing to her.

Except he wasn’t in the shadow, for the shadow had slinked away, only to cover her. She looked up, at this last moment in the shadow. Her last chance to enjoy it before it was taken away from her. She looked at Scorpius, his eager face and unwavering trust. The shadow was slinking away, it was uncovering her as well. As the receding traces of sunlight danced on her red hair, Rose couldn’t help but think. Maybe this was the shadow handing her over to her new safety. To a new place to see her through a new set of years and emotions. She took a step forward and nodded her head. No longer hiding in the shadows, no longer seeking that safety. She stepped out of the shadows and into the sunset.




So for an assignment for my Creative Writing class in uni, we had to write about "a shadow" that was literally the entire prompt. So I came up with this (so far all of my writting assignments have been HP based). 

I hope you like it! Tell me what you think!! Good, bad? What Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Flavor is the best? (I like half baked and red velvet)

Thanks for reading loves!

xoxo Sarah

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The Safety of the Shadow: Leaving Your Comfort Zone


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