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When A Siren Calls by lightthecandle
Chapter 33 : Chapter 33 - Epilogue
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 The motorbike engine roared down the busy streets of London, the occupant’s black hair blew around his face as he zipped around a corner. He didn’t bother with a helmet because he’d never had an accident before and he wasn’t about to start having one now. It was only a few more minutes until he reached his apartment building anyway so he didn’t see the point.

The familiar white building loomed in front of him and he pulled his bike into his own personal garage, giving it a quick inspection to see if anything needed fine tuning. This bike was his second most prized treasure; his first wasn’t home at the moment. She was currently in America; he was expecting a magical post card from her any day soon to see which state she was currently in.

He hadn’t been kidding when he told her that it would be the longest year in his life, each month slowly seeped into the next and it was now May, he’d missed her 19th birthday and wasn’t quite sure what exact day she’d be back yet. He locked up the garage door with his keys and headed into the lobby, the usual receptionist was there but she had learnt not to talk to him anymore. He wasn’t interested. He collected his mail from the box and headed up to ‘7G’ and into his empty apartment. He was used to the quietness and the shuffling of his feet across the carpet, he kept thinking how weird it would be when she moved in because he’s so used to the quiet.

To have another person there would be weird but he’d get used to it because it was her. He chucked his keys into the glass bowl by the door but kept his wand in his hand, he was always prepared because it never did any good to forget about the times he lived in. He lived for the postcards that she sent him, otherwise he’d be consumed by paranoia that something had happened to her.

That’s why he took different shifts for Dumbledore so he’d had something to occupy his time and not think about her too much, alone out somewhere unprotected. Once he made himself comfortable on the leather couch, he rifled through the mail. It was just a bunch of junk mail from random companies and a few take-away leaflets. However, when he got to the back of the pile, there it was.

A postcard with her smiling face on the front, her midnight blue hair had grown longer and was now almost to her waist and perfectly straight. She smiled widely at him, waved for a few seconds before it played from the beginning again, continuously waving and smiling. The writing along the top clearly said ‘New York’ and showed the Empire State Building in the distance behind her. He flipped the card over,

‘Dear Sirius,
I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing New York is! I spent literally the whole day in Central Park yesterday, New York during the summer is absolutely beautiful. I really wish you were here with me, it gets really lonely sometimes. Today I went right to the top of the Empire State Building and I felt on top of the world! It was absolutely magnificent. I’ve already seen about 4 different Broadway shows as well, Mum’s written to me a few times but I haven’t had time to reply so please could you visit her and tell her that I’m doing fine. There’s a lovely Siren that’s been showing me round Manhattan recently and she’s been telling me everything she’s learnt so far. She’s only 43 so it’s not much but I’ll take anything I can get. The next postcard you’ll get is when I’m in Detroit in two weeks from now, I’ll try and send another next week. Wish you were here.
Lots of love,
Kataryna Dutton.

A soft laugh escaped his lips and he could just imagine how excited she probably looked whilst walking around and writing the postcard. He stuck it onto the noticeboard in the kitchen where the rest of the postcards were. There were 4 from Australia, 2 from South Africa, 5 from Europe, 1 from Thailand, 1 from Turkey and 3 from America. He stared at each one, her features slowly changing in front of him but it was still the same girl to him and she always would be.

A/N: Last chapter... short but sweet, eh? I really hoped you enjoyed going on this journey with Ry. Like I said last chapter, I might do a sequel... I'm not quite sure. It feels so weird that I'm not going to be writing about Ry until I do end up doing a sequel but even that's not for certain. Thank you so much for sticking with the story and for the 21 people who've favourited it, you know who you are ;) Thank you for accepting the story so well, I was so nervous putting it up and all your reviews have really made me continue with it :D They might persuade me to write a sequel *hint hint* ;)

Lots of love, Aimee

xoxo <3

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When A Siren Calls: Chapter 33 - Epilogue


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