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Harry Potter and the Fidelius Charm by theholytrinityHRH
Chapter 1 : The Prophecy
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Disclaimer: None of the characters are mine. J.K Rowling is the genius behind them, blah blah blah. I earn nothing from this, she earns billions etc.


The darkness and cold were growing deep in the Highlands of Scotland as a man with long silver hair looked out of his office window. He knew that the time of reckoning was nearly upon wizarding kind. He knew of the sacrifices that were being made all around the country even as he was contemplating his next step. When he had gone to interview a new divination teacher earlier that night, he had not expected to hear a glimmer of hope. Sybil Trelawney’s words rang round his head again and again, like a set of wedding bells. She had almost gone into a trance and her voice had become dark and harsh.

“The Dark Lord’s power has crossed the line

The man who is in front of me he fears,

He is the man to defeat him the first time

The other is born as the end of July nears

You must protect this babe in arms

The fidelius will cause him no harm

They must not trust all of their friends

One of them could cause their end

The boy has power the Dark Lord knows not

A beautiful girl that he thinks is hot

The man in front of me he fears

The dark lord could be killed by the boy aged one year

The man in front of me he fears

The dark lord could be killed by the boy aged one year


Dumbledore continued pacing back and forth across his office, his mind whirring. He placed the tip of his wand to his temple and a grey, shimmering substance came with it. He placed it carefully into the dish that lay on his desk. He purposefully strode over to the fireplace and grabbed a handful of powder casting it into the fire. He put his head inside.

“James Potter, Willowy, Godric’s Hollow!” He shouted clearly and loudly.

James Potter was in the living room, lazily lying on the sofa with his feet up and reading the newspaper when his fireplace burst into life. “A little late for visitors” he thought. When he saw Dumbledore he immediately assumed something had happened. Some-one had died. It seemed to be happening everyday at the moment.

“Albus, what’s wrong?” James asked quickly.

“Nothing James, but at the same time, everything. I request that you and Lily join me immediately in my office. I need to speak to you both urgently. Bring Harry, this concerns him”

With a roar of the fire, Dumbledore disappeared out of view.

“Lily!” James shouted upstairs.

“James” Lily scolded as quietly as possible “Harry has just fallen asleep, I would appreciate it if you kept it down otherwise you will wake him.”

“Sorry dear, but we need to go to Dumbledore’s office immediately. He asked us to bring Harry.”

“What’s happened, is everyone alright?”Lily asked.

“You know Dumbledore, he was rather cryptic. I’m not sure what to think” James answered truthfully.

“Alright, hopefully Harry will stay asleep”. Lily said with a hint of annoyance that they had been summoned at quite a late hour.

She came downstairs clutching a beautiful baby boy with jet black hair and green eyes that could melt anyone. His mother’s eyes.

“Well let’s get going.” Lily grabbed a handful of floo powder and cast it into the fire as she, James and Harry stepped into the green flames.

“Dumbledore’s office, Hogwarts.” James roared.

Both felt a tug and a pull as they were ripped from the ground and were sent spiralling on their way.


James and Lily arrived in Dumbledore’s oval shaped office and brushed down their robes so that they were slightly cleaner in appearance. James looked Dumbledore in the eye and immediately asked “What’s going on Albus? This must be important to call us in this late”

“I am afraid it is” he said in a serious tone.

“First you must understand how grave the situation is” He paused and stepped towards the bowl which was full of his memories. “You must step into my pensieve, both of you. No questions, I will hold Harry.”

James and Lily did as the old man had asked; they trusted him completely and always had. They held their hands and both dipped their heads into the pensieve being sucked into Dumbledore’s memories. Dumbledore looked at Harry as he waited for the boy’s parents to return. There would be questions to answer. He stared at the sleeping baby and wondered if his gut instinct was right, were James, Lily and Harry in mortal danger, was this the boy to finally defeat Tom Riddle?

He stared at the baby. “The end of July, it could only be one other” he explained to himself. He was drawn away from his thoughts by the re-appearance of a nervous looking James and an even paler than usual Lily Potter.

“Have a seat” and Dumbledore pointed towards the cushy red chairs in front of his desk. He pointed his wand at the fire and lit it up, warmth spreading into the room immediately. He then pointed at his drinks cabinet and poured out three glasses of mead that he had picked up from Madam Rosmerta earlier in the week.

“Drink, it will help, then ask any questions you have” he calmly stated.

James downed his drink in one “Does it mean Harry?”

“I believe so, yes.”

“How are you so sure?” Lily interjected.

“There are only two boys who are currently one years old in the wizarding world who were born at the end of July, Harry and Neville Longbottom.”

“Then it could mean Neville.” James said hopefully

“Yes it might, however I believe Voldemort will choose Harry as the greater threat.”

“What do you mean” James hollered “How does Voldemort even know”?

“Voldemort had death eater spies at the inn tonight, the prophecy has been overheard and he will act quickly, we need to react even quicker, which is why I called you here immediately”

“Why us and not the Longbottoms?” Lily asked in barely a whisper. The news seemed to have hit her the hardest.

“You, Lily. The reason is you” He pierced her with his twinkling blue eyes “Voldemort has marked Harry as an equal because he his half-blood just like him. He had a muggle father and a witch as a mother. I believe he will not choose the pure blooded Longbottom because of this. He will fear Harry more.”

“How do we protect Harry? How do we protect ourselves” James asked.

“The best way is the Fidelius charm, and we must do it tonight. You must choose someone you trust implicitly. You heard the prophecy; there could be a traitor amongst the Order. I offer my services for you, Voldemort will not move against me, even for this”

“Albus, we can’t ask you to do that. I pick Sirius, no doubt. Lily, do you agree?” James turned towards his wife. His eyes looked into those emerald pools that he loved so much. She looked so frightened, like she was carrying the world on her shoulders.

“Can we trust him one hundred percent James? You heard the prophecy”

“I will trust him with all our lives; he’s my best friend, basically my brother.”

Dumbledore and Lily nodded. Dumbledore strode over to the fire place and once again the fire turned green, moments later after Dumbledore had briefly disappeared he returned to the room with Sirius Black.

“James!” He cheerfully said and went over and hugged his best mate. “Lily, my darling” and gave her a swift kiss on the cheek.

“Sirius, it’s good to see you” James beamed.

Dumbledore flicked his wand and an extra chair appeared next to James and Lily, he motioned for Sirius to sit, Sirius thought he looked strangely stern.

“What’s going on?” Sirius immediately questioned.

“You have been summoned here on behalf of James and Lily. I beg that you listen to begin with and ask no questions. Lily and James’ lives are in danger. I will not go into details. Needless to say they need protection and they want you to be their secret keeper so they can stay safe. Do you accept the offer?”

“Of course, but won’t that be expected? Wont whoever is after you, think to go after me immediately? Why not Pettigrew?” Sirius reeled off his questions.

“That is true Sirius, however I know you would never betray us, and you would never sell us out, not even under torture. I want you to know who is after us......... its Voldemort”

Sirius looked from James and Lily to Dumbledore, who nodded gravely.

“Then without a doubt, I will do it. You know I would die for you guys. You’re my family James; Lord knows I have more in common with you than anyone else.”

“I will ask you to do one more thing Sirius” Dumbledore stood up from his chair. He wanted to make sure Sirius could be the trustworthy friend, not the potential traitor the prophecy had mentioned.

“Anything” Sirius replied looking at his former headmaster.

“I want you to make the unbreakable vow alongside the Fidelius charm”

“No Albus, I trust him” James said sternly “He does not need to do this”.

“I want to James” Sirius quickly replied “Anything to keep you safe”

James looked at Lily. He loved how he could communicate with her without any words. She stood up and took James’ hand. She moved it over to Sirius and they clasped wrists. Dumbledore picked up his wand.

“Will you, Sirius Black promise to be secret keeper for the Potter’s until they are no longer in danger?”

“I will” Sirius replied looking straight into James’ eyes.

Red wires started to wrap themselves around James and Sirius’ wrists and arms.

“Will you promise to not give up this position or pass on the responsibility to someone else?”

“I will”

The wires started to glow brightly.

“Do you promise to look after Harry and to make sure he is safe and loved for the rest of your life?”

Sirius tore his gaze away from James and looked at Lily who was holding Harry.

“Always” he whispered.

The red hot wires glowed even more brightly like barbed wire, burning into James’ and Sirius’ flesh. Dumbledore muttered the final words of the incantation and the wires disappeared into their skin. The spell was complete.

“Sirius, you are now in more danger than you have ever been before. I offer you safety by becoming your secret keeper. I insist that you choose me” Dumbledore firmly told Sirius.

“Done” Sirius answered.

“Then we shall go back to your home first and we shall put the charm in place.”

The elder wizard and his younger companion flooed away and Dumbledore returned five minutes later.

“Sirius is safe and under my protection, you will do the same. I must warn you not to leave your property and to call me if you have any problems at all. I know you all too well James; boredom is a necessity, think of your child, think of Lily.”

James nodded in reply to Dumbledore’s advice.

They flooed back to their house in Godric’s Hollow. Dumbledore immediately went outside the house and drew his wand.

“Fidelius Tego Texi Tectum” He muttered and waved his wand over and over until a golden light appeared over Willowy. The light held and shimmered as the invisible protection over the house cemented in place providing safety for those dwelling within. Dumbledore stepped back into the house and headed towards the fireplace

“What about this girl mentioned in the prophecy, won’t she need protecting?”

“Unfortunately we have no idea who she is; she may not even be born. My gut feeling is that she is already living though. As soon as anything happens between Harry and any girl, I need to know immediately. Do your best to stay involved in his love life; do not lose his trust in this matter.”

“I won’t” James replied.

Dumbledore flooed away and James smirked to himself with a thought. “I wonder if she will be muggle born like Lily”.


“Snape” the voice hissed from the darkness. “Come over here”.

“Yes, my Lord” he moved forward and bowed before the red eyes that looked over him.

Voldemort looked Snape up and down, could he be trusted with this task? He had been loyal after all. He had come straight to him after the prophecy, had divulged the secrets, and had given him the crucial information.

“I need you to bring me Pettigrew, Severus.”

“My Lord, what for?”

“Do not question me” and with a flick of his wand Snape was silenced and made to bow.

“You do not need to know Severus, just bring him to me!” Voldemort said with finality to their conversation.

Snape was suddenly released from the binding spell. He knew what this meant, he knew what would happen. Suddenly, memories of his only love came flooding back to him. Surely he couldn’t betray her. Her long hair, those eyes and her laugh, he made her laugh once upon a time. He couldn’t let any harm come to her, he had to act.

“Of course, my Lord. Anything you command” Snape bowed low and swept from the room, his black cloak flowing behind him. He reached the double doors and opened them with a swish of his wand. He stormed out of the foyer and into the grounds of Malfoy Manor. He reached the iron gates and passed through them like a shadow. With a pop he disapparated into the night.


He appeared in front of Hogwarts gates; he looked around nervously and was hoping that he could somehow enter the castle grounds. He knew there would be no such luck, there was too much magic guarding the ancient area. He stared at the castle, wanting to talk to him, to help the women he loved.

Out of the trees to his right came Dumbledore and his eyes were not twinkling. There was hatred pouring out of his body. He looked at Snape with contempt and disgust.

“I had a feeling I would be seeing you Severus, I assume you have told Tom about the prophecy” Dumbledore said coldly.


“So why are you here?” Dumbledore asked simply.

“To ask for your help, to ask you to protect her, Lily”.

“Ah, of course. You wish only to save one life for your own selfish reasons; the same reasons why you chose to follow Tom Riddle. Does it not bother you that others are in danger?” Dumbledore enquired.

“Yes, save them all, protect them all. The Dark Lord has chosen the Potters, he has chosen their boy” Snape replied with a hint of begging in his voice.

“As I expected, he chose the half-blood. Voldemort does not know love Severus, but you do and now you are turning against him because of it” Dumbledore paused “I want something in return”

“Anything” Snape replied without thinking.

“I want your loyalty Severus....and I want information. You love Lily and I want you to prove your love, become one my spies, help defeat him.”

“He cannot be defeated” the black haired man sighed.

“I beg to differ Severus, you heard the prophecy. Although it is not an exact science, they do tend to come true...most of the time” the elderly wizard paused “Lily, James and Harry are already safe, under the fidelius charm. No harm shall come to them.”

A sense of relief washed over Snape. That is all he wanted to hear. His muscles visibly relaxed.

“What do you want to know, Albus?”

“What are Voldemorts' plans with the prophecy? I know he fears me and I think a final battle is nearing.”

“He asked me to fetch Pettigrew, he has turned traitor and he wants the Potter’s whereabouts from him”

“That will be impossible. I am glad I acted swiftly” Dumbledore said to himself rather than Snape “I want you to get a message to Voldemort. I want you to tell him that the Potter’s are under protection and that Sirius Black is their secret keeper.”

Snapes eyes narrowed at the mention of Black’s name.

Dumbledore continued “You must then go on to state that Black is also consumed under the safety of the fidelius and that I am his secret keeper”

Snapes eyes widened “What was the old man up to?” he thought to himself?

“And how am I meant to tell him this without him being suspicious of the origins of this information”.

“Tell him you overheard Mundungus Fletcher at the Hogshead inn. He is part of the order and would know information such as this.  It is imperative that he takes the bait Severus.”

“He will, don’t worry about that”

“Then go to Pettigrew Severus. I want us to meet regularly to share intelligence. Your life is now precarious to say the least.” Dumbledore finished the conversation and mumbled an incantation before apparating away from his spot. With a twist of his cloak Snape also disappeared from the spot leaving nothing but silence behind him.


Snape arrived back at Malfoy manner with Pettigrew and both passed through the gates as the symbol burned into their flesh allowed them. Pettigrew was jumpy and nervous as always. His rat like teeth chewing on his bottom lip. Snape swiftly strode towards the massive house with Pettigrew struggling to keep up. They entered the mansion into the grand entrance. Their shoes made loud noises on the unyielding stone floor beneath them. Snape opened the doors to the drawing room and entered. A pair of red eyes turned their attention towards the two death eaters who he was expecting.

“Pettigrew” he hissed. A large snake was coiled around his shoulders.

“Yes, my Lord” the small, fat man whimpered.

“Tell me where James Potter lives”

“My Lord” Pettigrew questioned.

“Answer me!” Voldemort shouted back.

“He lives............he lord he lives in ..........” No matter how heard Pettigrew tried he could not give away the Potters’ location. He wanted to. He wanted to feel the power of the Dark Lord, wanted to be rewarded. He was ready to betray his friends. It felt like his tongue was independent from his body and kept locking when he wanted to reveal the secret of the Potters location.

“Perhaps I can explain this, my Lord” Snape interrupted.

“What do you mean Snape” Voldemort questioned and inclined his head so he would continue.

“On my way to picking up Pettigrew I stopped in at the Hogshead to see if I could find any other information about the prophecy or reaction to it. I overheard a member of the Order speaking about arrangements that have been put in place tonight. The Potters' are under the fidelius charm. No one can give away their location.”

Voldemort bore his eyes into Snape and he knew what was happening. Snape focussed and projected an image of Mundungus into his mind at the Hogshead. He knew that Voldemort would want some kind of clarification. Voldemort seemed to believe the fake image was true.

“Do we know their secret keeper?”

“It will be Sirius Black, my Lord” squeaked Pettigrew, eager to please his new master.

“Well then, we bring Black in and torture him, or kill him if he does not give us what we want” Voldemort said slowly and calculatingly.

“I’m afraid that will not be possible, my Lord” Snape replied.


“Black is also under the Fidelius charm” Snape paused.

“And the secret keeper?” Voldemort asked.

“Is Dumbledore himself”.

“Are you sure?”

“One hundred percent, ask Pettigrew again”

“Where does Sirius Black live” Voldemort turned towards Pettigrew.

He was met by a series of stutters and pauses and the information once again eager to be given was kept inside by powerful magic.

Voldemorts’ anger was building. He knew what the prophecy had said. He wasn’t afraid of the old man, despite what it said. He did not feel fear. Had he not proven himself the most powerful wizard of any generation? He had to get rid of Dumbledore once and for all. Too long had this fool been meddling in his business. He could not be defeated by a one year old and anyway, the boy could not stay locked inside his house forever. Who was the girl that was referred to in the prophecy? How could she be a special power? How could she be greater than him? He felt the anger overtake his body.

“CRUCIO” he pointed his wand at Pettigrew.

Pettigrew’s’ body twisted and contorted, his screams filling the drawing room. Snape could feel Voldemorts’ anger pulsing through the magic on display. He knew not to say anything or he would be next. He continued to watch over Pettigrew who was now crying and sobbing from the torture. Snape made a promise at that point; he would not let Voldemort win this war.


Hundreds of miles away in a quaint sleepy village called Fetcham, located in Surrey; a baby woke up and immediately started crying.

Her mother was first into her room. The women rubbed the tiredness out of her eyes and stretched. She was average height for a female, average build as well, with curves where you would expect them to be. She was no beauty queen, but attractive in a take home to your mother sort of way. She had long wavy brown hair that fell past her shoulders.

She looked down upon her child and picked her up. She rocked her back and forth in her arms, wondering what could have woken her up. “She normally sleeps right on through”. She slowly managed to soothe her baby and made sure she was comfortable. She looked into the chocolate eyes of her child, so much like her husband’s. She loved those eyes and got lost in them for a brief moment. The child’s eyes slowly closed as she embraced sleep again. The women slowly placed her precious daughter back into the cot and kissed her head as she moved back to her bedroom. She turned to take one last look at the cot and whispered

“Goodnight Hermione, mummy loves you.”


A/N glossary for some key things in the story

Willowy – I thought I would give this name to the Potter house in Godric’s Hollow. This was the house name where I grew up as a child due to the massive willow trees in my back garden. My parents still live their today.

Tego Texi Tectum – Not that I really know my Latin but Google translator offered me up this phrase which means to hide or conceal. It sounded good so I put it in.

Fetcham – A real village in Surrey. Where I grew up. Very quiet and safe, bakeries, butchers, post offices, cottages and local park etc. Very much an English place with a middle-class/higher class background. Surrey being one of the most expensive places to live in the UK.



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