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The Last Heir by Smile_Beautiful_
Chapter 1 : Invisible
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I do not own Harry Potter. I picture Charlotte as "Chloe Moretz" by the way! 

Autumn leaves changed, oranges and reds fluttering down as they loosened their hold on the branches. My sister and I lay on the green grass, soaking in the last few days of warmth, our fingers intertwined.


Four years separated us, but none of that mattered, because we held the same blood, protecting each other from harm. I reached my unoccupied hand out, trying to grab ahold of the falling leaves, but all of them avoided my touch.


I sat up, frustration filling me to the point where my pale face turned red with anger. My hand met the earth, smacking down hard in a desperate attempt to release my annoyance, but something unexplainable happened. All at once, the fallen leaves lifted off the ground and flew off, like birds, back into the sky.


My mother witnessed the whole thing, having brought out two cups of lemon aid for my sister and I, but the glasses quickly fell from her grasp, shattering into the ground.


That was the last time I was in America, for my mother and father sent me off to live with my grandmother in England that very same day. I wasn’t told what was going on, or given any explanation; they didn’t even say goodbye.


Tears spilled down my cheeks, staining them, remembering the look on my parents face; they looked at me like I was a monster. I haven’t seen or talked to any of them since that day, six years ago, not even my sister.


I lost my best friend that day, and hadn’t gained another since. People at Hogwarts made fun of me because I was different. They laughed saying that I was a sorry excuse of the only heir of the Peverell name; being they only child to have magic running through their veins. After some time, the teasing stopped, only to be replaced by being ignored.


I was invisible and silence became my only acquaintance.




It was late, the clock reading well passed midnight as the flames started to diminish in the fireplace. The green hue of the windows that showed the depths of the lake turned dark, minimal light being given as I sat on the leather seat reading. I wasn’t far into the pages, but sleep had not welcomed me either, forcing me to read until I could retire to my room.


Light footsteps sounded behind me, notifying me that I was going to gain company soon. The echo of shoes hitting stone ran through out the large common room, before the couch sunk under added weight.


I didn’t look up, nor did I move besides my eyes that moved back and forth silently. Who ever joined me had their eyes trained at the side of my face, seemingly burning holes through my skull in the process.


A loud sigh escaped my lips; my green eyes met grey as I looked up to find none other than the Slytherin Prince himself. I said nothing, still, but moved my head slightly to the side, wordlessly asking what he wanted.


“You’re Peverell, yes?”


I nodded my head, raising my eyebrow in question as to what he wanted.


His face light up in a smirk, “I don’t think we’ve been formally introduced. I’m Draco Malfoy.” He held out his hand to shake my own.


I hesitated for a moment, before reaching out my own hand. Once my flesh met his, he flipped over my hand and placed a small kiss on my knuckles. Blush stained my cheeks, never having physical contact with anyone, especially Draco Malfoy.


He let out a chuckle, “Do you not know how to speak?”


“Charlotte. My name is Charlotte, but I go by Charlie.” I said with confidence I wasn’t aware I had.


He gave another smirk, “Well, Charlie, lovely to finally meet you.”


I nodded back, “Likewise, Draco.”


Easily, we jumped into a conversation filled with anything that came into mind. He found out I did enjoy quidditch; playing with my cousins during the summer, and I found he was fond of reading whenever he could. It seemed as though we have been friends for years, silence never coming between us as we spoke of our dreams.


I would have never thought that Draco Malfoy would have sought out to have a conversation with me; the same boy that many of the girls in my dorm had raved about. I finally saw what everyone had been taking about; Draco Malfoy was a God.


The clock struck four o’clock, both of us jumping at the sound that seemed to fill the room. He stood first, extending a hand to help me off the couch. He pulled a bit too hard, my body pushed against his, leaving little to no space between us.


I blushed again at the close proximity, “Well thank you for a wonderful chat, Draco.”


“Of course, Charlie. It’s my pleasure to give a beautiful girl company for an evening.”


I bit my lip at the compliment, not fully believing what I had just heard.


I turned to move away, my feet carrying me to my respective dorm, but his hand still held onto mine, stopping me from moving any further. I looked back in question, my body turning back to face him.


His lips met my hand once more, before he let go.


“Goodnight, Charlie.” I watched his retreating figure, as he disappeared behind the stonewall that led up to the boys dorms.


“Goodnight…Draco.” I whispered, before I turned to copy his movements, knowing full well I wouldn’t be able to sleep with my heart pounding in my chest.  


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The Last Heir: Invisible


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