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Erasure by Mischief_managed18
Chapter 2 : King's Cross
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Well, I certianly  hope you guys enjoy this! :D I'm lovign this story and Sam.

Disclaimer: I am not JK Rowling. I do not own some of these characters nor do I own the world they live in, that's all the work of the incredible JK Rowling. The only one I do claim is Samantha. I apologize. Chapter Image by me- Image of Ashley Benson is not mine, but the edit is.

((MARY! Chapter Image by me!))

The car ride to King’s Cross was silent- typical of my mother when she was upset. I internally rolled my eyes as I glanced over at her and saw the tears trailing down her face.

“Mum, do you need me to drive?” I asked, hoping that I didn’t sound as annoyed as I felt. I wasn’t really good with tears… or emotions for that matter.

“Y-you don’t h-h-have a Muggle d-driver’s license,” she said, her tone firm though the sobs and stutters shattered that illusion. “B-besides, I’m f-fine.” Sam. Don’t yell; do NOT yell at your mother. It isn’t worth it. I told myself over and over as I took a deep breath.

“You are not fine, mum. Your voice is catching every other word. I can manage the drive there. Besides, if I get pulled over there’s always the Confundus Charm,” I say with a laugh, though it’s clear from her wide eyes that the joke is wasted.

“SAMANTHA!” mum yelled. Well, shit.

“It was a joke,” I mumbled as I sank back into my chair and pulled my curtain of hair over my face in a lousy attempt to hide from my mother and her words.

“What possessed you to find that funny?” What can I say, mum? I’ve got a twisted sense of humor, no fault of yours, don’t you worry. You can thank my friends for that. I had to fight the urge to say, “The Imperius Curse” but I shook my head.

“Nothing, mum.”

“Sometimes I really wonder where your sense of humor comes from,” she said harshly. Believe me mum, I don’t. I figured Mary was trying to hide a smirk right now and I resisted the urge to laugh.

“No idea, mum. I’m sorry.” C’mon, can we PLEASE just drop it? It certainly isn’t from you as you’ve made that absolutely perfectly clear.

I started straight ahead though I could feel my mother’s eyes glancing over at me every few seconds when she could afford it. “You’re always just so… so… morbid,” she whispered.

The drive continued in silence for a few moments when I heard a cough from the back seat, snapping me back to the present. I’d only thought of her minutes ago and yet I’d nearly forgotten Mary was in the car.

I turned around and saw that Mary was staring out the window, clearly uncomfortable with the silence, she absolutely HATED when it was silent. I sighed and turned back around, bringing my knees up to my chest, wrapping my arms around them and letting out an involuntary huff as I rested my chin on my knees.

“We’re here,” I heard my mom say quietly a few minutes later and, sure enough, I glanced up as King’s Cross came rising up in front of us. She pulled up to the drop-off zone and I jumped out of the car, resisting the urge to slam the door. Just a few more minutes, Sam. Mary slid out of the back and I made my way to the car’s trunk to remove our school stuff.

“Sam,” mum called and I took a deep breath before making my way over to her window. She had it cranked down and was hanging out of the car slightly, her eyes red from all the crying. “You be careful, okay?” she whispered quietly and I could tell she was scared. I nodded and bent down to wrap her in an awkward hug with the door between us slightly.

“Be careful, you two,” she said a bit louder as Mary came around the car and I watched my mother’s eyes gloss over as if she were about to cry again. Damn.

“Of course, Mrs. Nash!” Mary said, bending down to kiss my mum on the cheek and wrap her in a hug before grabbing my arm. “I’ll make sure Samantha writes you all the time. I’ll keep her in check.”

Mum gave us a watery smile as we rounded the back of the car and removed our trunks. I closed the hatch and mum waved. Mary and I stood there waving for a few moments as I watched my mother’s car drive away.

“Sorry mum is always so weird about us getting to school, control issues. You know how she is, if she isn’t in control it scares her,” I said, glancing up at Mary who was looking absolutely mental. Her eyes were wide and a lopsided grin was planted on her face.

Mary squealed and wrapped her arms around me, causing my body to go completely rigid. I could just see the car rounding the corner out of sight and a pang of guilt coursed through me. School gives me a, quite welcome, break from taking care of mum. Though I often wondered how she got by while I wasn’t at home.

“Sam!” Mary practically screamed as she began jumping up and down, shaking me as her arms were still around me. Merlin! This woman would be the death of me. My brain felt like mush by the time she slowed down and I tried prying myself away from her death grip, though to no avail. I sighed, though I don’t think she even noticed I was trying to escape.

“Mary?” I said with great difficulty. I received no response and her arms grew tighter still. It was becoming increasingly difficult to breathe. Why oh why did I elect to become friends with people who enjoy this sort of painful physical contact? Weren’t hugs supposed to be nice? Who’d’ve thunk you could die by hug? The things I did for love. I snorted internally and barely got out, “Mary, I would really love to actually get to school in one piece.”

She let go but before I could duck out of the way she gripped both of my shoulders with her hands and held me at arm’s length. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” she said and I realized she was crying. I held back a groan, “I know you hate emotions,” the laughter in my head rose to a sharp crescendo, you’ve got that right! “I’m just so beyond excited! And Sad… all at the same time. It’s our last year at Hogwarts! We’re about to be adults, Sam,” she shrieked and a few Muggles turned to stare at my hysterical best friend.

Shit. I don’t want to think about this whole ‘adult’ thing right now… or ever for that matter. Yeah, never sounded good. “Mary! It’s fine, it’ll be a fantastic year, you’ll see,” I said, hoping for her sake that I sounded more reassuring than I felt.

“You really think so?” she asked and it took everything in me not to laugh. My Gryffindor best friend was terrified of something… oh, the irony! She looked truly afraid though, so I nodded.

“I do, Mary. You’ll see. I have a feeling this is just the beginning of our best year yet,” I said with a smile. A smile crept up on her face before becoming a full-fledged grin within a split second. You’d never know she was sad before that moment.

Mary began bouncing up and down on the balls of her feet, now grinning from ear to ear. Well, crap. What’ve I got myself into now? Before I could say anything, Mary grabbed my hand and her trunk and whipped me around so that I could grab mine and we lugged them towards the front of the station until we managed to find a trolley. She pushed our trolleys as I followed closely behind, not wanting to get in the way of her or anyone else.

Not for the first time, I was glad we didn’t have animals to draw further attention to us. We already got weird looks and whispers from Muggles around us as they saw all the odd stickers on our trunks, Hogwarts stickers and Quidditch teams plastered here and there.

We finally arrived at platforms nine and ten and I realized Mary was saying something. Focus, Sam!

Mary sighed and rolled her eyes, “Already off in dream land, Sam?” I kicked at the ground sheepishly and she continued, “I asked if you think I can manage to get a boyfriend this year. I would really rather like to find a guy who can keep up with me for more than a week.”

Oh, hell. Mary was one of the most beautiful people I’d ever seen. Tall, graceful, and totally at ease with herself. Nearly half the school was in love with her and the other half was in love with Lily, though to her frustration, no one would go near her in fear of James’ retribution.

Mary was the kind of girl who was never single despite my having only dated one guy… in third year. Most guys I liked I came to find out only talked to me in the first place in the hopes of getting closer to Mary. Yet here she was, as usual, doubting her own charm.

“Mary, you need a serious reality check if you think there’s even the slightest chance of you staying single this year.” Or even staying single this week.

“Thank you, Sam!” she said, hugging me before glancing around. I really didn’t say anything. “Should we head onto the platform?”

I looked up at the clock a few platforms down and groaned. It was only 10:12.

“We still have nearly an hour until the train leaves,” I grumbled and Mary shook her head and laughed.

“I may not be a Ravenclaw, Samantha, but I was smart enough to plan ahead and give us time to get to the train, change, and still have time to do your makeup and hair all before the train leaves the station!” she said in a sing-song voice. Merlin, no! I was NOT about to become Mary’s guinea pig. I jumped back from her and glanced around before running at the barrier.

I appeared onto platform 9 ¾ and glanced around, the brilliant scarlet engine glittering in the sunlight. I smiled to myself before realizing my mistake, I’d given Mary time to join me. I turned back towards the entrance and sure enough, Mary was standing there with our trolley, a wicked smile on her face.

“Oh, Sam. You can’t exactly run,” she laughed.

I turned and tried to jump onto the train but Mary lunched forward and caught my wrist, pulling me back to her. I hissed. Really, Sam? A hiss?

“Sammy Sammy Sammy. Just you wait, this is going to be fun, okay?” Mary sang. Damn it.

“Uh oh,” I heard from behind me and knew at once that it was Lily. “I hear a singing Mary. Never a good thing.”

“Lily!” Mary shrieked and let go of me, running over to tackle Lily, whose eyes grew twice their usual size as she was tackled into the wall behind her. “HOW ARE YOU?”

“Mary,” I said, rolling my eyes and walking over to pull her off Lily who never seemed to realize that she was literally on the verge of killing people with her love. “Let her breathe, woman! Merlin, you should just let people hug you first.”

I finally pulled them apart and Lily gave me a thankful glance. “What’re you guys doing here so early?” she asked, massaging her ribs.

“This genius wanted me to get up at the arse crack of dawn. And yet, here we are… early,” I said, fake glaring at Mary though I didn’t want to add in that whole plan of hers. I HATE makeup. I will not let Mary get away with it if I can help it.

“I wanted to get Sam here early so I can do that damn makeup of hers,” Mary said bluntly and I cringed.


“So, Lily… what brings you here so early?” I asked, my voice barely a squeak. I didn’t like that look in Lily’s eyes. Bad Lily. No. I resisted the urge to hiss again.

“Oh, you know…” she said, taking a step forward. I took a step back involuntarily. “I packed up all my stuff from the house a few days ago, for good, and spent the past couple nights in London.” I kept my eyes on her as she smiled. I didn’t trust that look in her eyes.

Suddenly, my whole body went rigid and I tried to move but found it impossible. Damn it… Mary.

“Mary! Stepping it up!” Lily said and Mary appeared in front of me to stand next to Lily. “Shall we?” Lily said with a grin. Merlin, help me!

I stood there for the next ten minutes, though it felt more like several hours as Mary and Lily pulled and poked and prodded before they finally released me from that body bind.

“Damn it, guys!” I screamed and recoiled stepping back quite a few steps as they stood there smiling at me. “Why are you guys smiling?” I asked incredulously, hoping that my glare just might make them see my anger. “Can’t you tell I’m angry?”

Lily smiled, “Of course, Sam. But you won’t be upset when you see yourself. And if you are, then I promise this will never happen again. If you aren’t, well then, we’re there to help you anytime you’d like,” she said sweetly and I could feel the anger seeping out of me like air from a balloon. Damn Lily and her totally easy way of making every person around her feel better.

As I went to go pick up my trunk, still terrified to see how I looked, I glanced up at the clock, it was 10:29. Thirty minutes until my final year at Hogwarts begins. A few people began to trickle in and the three of us made our way over to the train to load our luggage.

The three of us boarded the train and grabbed our robes from the trunks while making our way to the bathrooms to change before dealing with all the trunks being buried.

I closed the bathroom door behind me and turned around, gasping at my reflection in the mirror. My makeup was light, just a little eye shadow and dark lipstick. And my hair was braided back into a high ponytail and I had to admit… it looked nice. I changed quickly and walked back out, tossing my clothes into my trunk and closing it. Mary and Lily walked out a few moments later and we went to go find a compartment.

We found a compartment next to the Head’s Compartment so that when Lily and I had to go to the meeting for prefects then Mary wouldn’t be too far.

As we closed the door to our compartment, Mary beamed at us. “This is going to be fantastic!”

Lily nodded and pulled out a box, “I got something this summer.” She opened it up and revealed a shiny silver badge that read, “Head Girl”. She beamed and Mary and I began gushing our compliments though we’d all known it would happen.

Our door slid open once more and someone said, “Hey gorgeous!” We turned to see James Potter standing there, wearing a silver badge nearly identical to Lily’s.

“No,” Lily said, dropping her own box and sending the badge flying to James’ feet. I bent down and picked up the box as James picked up the badge and sauntered over to Lily. He fastened it onto Lily’s collar, taking full advantage of the fact that she was still in shock.

“Looks like this is going to be a fun year!” he said with a wink and Lily groaned before suddenly snapping out of her frozen state and smacking James full across the face. “Save that for later, Evans,” James said with a laugh.

Despite the fact that over the last year or so Mary had bridged that awkward gap between Lily and James so that we were all close now, Lily still couldn’t stand being around James very long.

“Meaning what, exactly?” she hissed and James smiled knowingly.

“There’s a separate dorm for us Heads,” he said, waggling his eyebrows. Who knew that seven words could cause all hell to break loose?  

Soooooo?! What did you think? How do you guys like Sam so far? :) Please leave a review!! It would mean a lot! 

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