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Just Go With It by True Author
Chapter 7 : Leaving Together
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CI by patronous_charm!


“Wake up, wake up, you-“


Viktor sat up with a jolt, taken aback by the constant shaking and calling, an annoyed look on his face. He couldn’t remember exactly when he had fallen asleep after the long hours of thinking about Hermione and… well, and Amy. He was sure he had slept for quite a long time as he felt kind of lousy.


He squinted his eyes and shook his head. He gave a yawn and looked up to see Amy standing by him with nervous and impatient kind of expression on her face. She was neatly dressed in bright colored casual muggle clothes and had tied her hair in a long ponytail. Though he didn’t dare ask her, he thought she had put on a little make up. He couldn’t figure out what was wrong or what was right either.


“What’s the matter?” he mumbled, rubbing his eyes with his fists, a habit he hadn’t managed to get rid of. She made an impatient sound, went to the window to open the curtains swiftly, letting the gleaming sunlight in. it was so bright that Viktor had to cover his eyes with his hand.


“It’s already noon, do you get that? Do you normally sleep that late?” she questioned him rather roughly. No doubt she was worried about something.


“Noon!” he exclaimed as he got to his feet and grabbed his head in his hands with annoyance. “I never sleep this late… anyways, are you going out or something?”


“Well, it’s much worse than that,” she said in a tense voice and sat on the bed nervously. “Matthew stopped by a couple of hours ago to let us know that my parents are coming. He left these clothes for you by the way and told they are new, not used. Anyways, do you get that? It means that I will have to lie to them too!”


Viktor shook his head and took a deep breath. This girl was making things pretty much difficult for him, what with all the lying and also being a good friend last night. Lying to her parents was something he wanted to avoid and there she was, telling him they must do it. But there was something weird in her behavior. She didn’t really seem to plan about lying but it rather seemed like she was driving him to a conclusion she had already reached or something. Confirming his suspicions, he noticed a small bag lying beside her on the bed and he knew what she was up to. This was the same bag she had carried with her to Diagon Alley.


“Wait a minute,” he said cautiously, “where are you going?”


Amy gave him a sarcastically innocent smile and jumped from the bed to face him.


“Isn’t that obvious? I’m running away!”


“What!” Viktor groaned, “Can’t you just think about anything else? Why are you running away all the time?”


“What other choice do I have?” snapped Amy. “There is no other option than marrying you or that drooling idiot-“


“There are thousands of options!” Viktor interrupted her fiercely. “Running away is a silly, childish, impractical and cowardly thing to do. Do you get that?”


“Shut up! Don’t you dare call me a coward,” she almost shouted, pulling her wand out of her pocket. “I do not have any other option. My parents are awful, just awful and I’m pretty sure they will arrange the wedding tomorrow. Yes, our wedding! They don’t trust me anymore, you see. And I don’t want to marry you!”


“Yeah, I can’t wait to marry you either,” Viktor retorted, his temper rising, “I can’t believe you’re doing such a thing, Amy. You dragged me in this mess, I helped you and you are leaving me alone?”


“I’m not!” she yelled, her eyes wide. “You can tell them I cheated on you, and then go out with them to help them in my search and misguide them. I will be safely off to Hogsmeade before they even-“


“Oh please, Miss Weinberg, I’m not following any of your childish plans now,” he said with a note of finality. “You’re not going anywhere right now, understand? We will meet your parents and tell them the truth eventually. We will tell them about that guy you love-“


“Charlie! No, Viktor we can’t do that!” she yelped. “They will not take it lightly; you don’t know how they are.”


“I know what purebloods are like, I’ve spent nearly all my life with them,” he stated, “At the worst they can banish you from the house and blast you off the family tree. Do you care?”


Amy fluttered, batting her eyelashes with confusion. She didn’t seem very comfortable with the idea of being without her family.


“I don’t know,” she said weakly.


Viktor ran his hands through his hair.


“I sort of thought you wouldn’t like that,” he muttered. “But still, you’re not running away anywhere, at least without me. Let me see what your parents are like, I’m sure we would come up with a plan.”


Though Amy looked very unconvinced, he picked up the clothes Matthew had left and asked her to let him changed. She marched out looking angry and displeased, but dropped the subject of running from the house again.


Viktor shut the door once she left and sighed. He had gotten himself into trouble now, but now he was determined not to let Amy have her own way. She couldn’t be practical maybe, but he could and he was definitely going to be.


By the time he had finally managed to get into the weird and awkwardly tight robes Matthew had arranged for him by using an Extension Charm which was nearly of no use, Amy was so nervous and restless that she had bitten down all of her fingernails and was banging the door.


“Just stop annoying me, will you?” he muttered as he emerged from the room tugging uncomfortably at the sleeves of his robes. The way they clung to his arms was very odd. He had a little doubt that the robes were meant to fit tightly to show off the muscles or something. But what other option did he have? He could spend a day looking like an idiot.

Well, though he didn’t approve of the robes, everyone else did.


When he lifted his gaze from the sleeves, expecting another nervous rambling about him taking too much time, he was astonished to see Amy leaning against the bars of the staircase, eyeing him with admiration.


“What?” he puzzled.


“You look hot,” she said in a genuinely impressed tone as a sly smile played on her lips. And even though he wouldn’t agree with himself, she did look like she meant it.


Viktor cleared his throat loudly. His face felt suddenly hot and an odd swooping sensation in his stomach.


“I mean it,” she urged, smiling at him brightly. “Just look at your physique, man. You’re unbelievable! You know what, if I hadn’t already fallen in love with Charlie I would have tried to woo you. I can’t believe Hermione rejected you for Ron Weasley. By the way, since when are you working out for these?” she queried, pointing at his biceps.


Viktor took a deep breath. How could she mention Hermione so casually after last night? But surprisingly, he couldn’t deny that the cloth was showing off his muscles… well, impressively.


“That’s because of Quidditch, I guess,” he shrugged, turning to close the door behind him and not making eye contact with her.


“Oh, come on, that can’t be it,” she persuaded him mischievously, “All you have to do in Quidditch is sit on a broomstick.”


“Well, I just like to stay fit then,” he said, “now come on.”


He began descending the stairs hurriedly, trying to recover himself from the unexpected compliments. Such compliments weren’t new to him, but the fact that it was Amy this time left him oddly flustered.


“Hey, bro!” Amy’s cheerful greeting brought him back to reality. They had reached the living room and Amy was already walking past him towards Richard, who was sipping tea standing on the thick carpet.


“What made you so polite with me, dear sister?” he asked with a frown, “something has cheered you up, I guess. Had fun time last night did- ouch?”


Amy had hit him hard in the rib before he could finish his sentence. Writhing sarcastically with pain, he glanced at Viktor and suddenly stopped the acting and whistled.


“Look, who is looking attractive in those,” he winked. “I wonder why this girl is having such a wonderful prize.”


Viktor rolled his eyes as Amy chased him around the room, both laughing like little kids. He slowly moved towards a couch as he spotted a newspaper on it. then settling down, he opened it and scanned the headlines. Unfortunately, the bottom of the first page was something he hadn’t even thought about.


It was Hermione’s interview post her wedding. When he was about to flip to page two, he spotted his name somewhere and his hands froze.


Was there anything going between you and Viktor Krum? He has already accepted he used to like you or maybe he still does.  The reporter had questioned her. Viktor’s eyes eagerly moved towards her answer, which was not really consoling.


“Well, I will not deny that we went to the Yule Ball together as dance partners when I was fourteen, but we were nothing more than very good friends. I know that Viktor has said he liked me, but we were teenagers at the time and who doesn’t have crush on anyone during the golden days? But I’m quite sure that he has moved on with life. We still respect each other and are friends; he was even here a little while ago and after all, I wouldn’t like myself asked these questions now that I am married.”


A pain pierced Viktor’s heart so hard that he wondered how he did not die or at least faint. He clutched the edges of the paper so hard that it almost ripped and breathed, “It wasn’t a crush, and it wasn’t!”


“Alright, bro?” a voice made him almost jump. He folded the newspaper hastily and flung it beside him. Matthew was walking towards him looking confused.


“Yeah, I’m fine,” he lied as Matthew settled down beside him making sure they were left well alone in the room. Surely they were, as Amy and Richard were nowhere to be seen. Viktor turned his head towards Matthew and raised an eyebrow questioningly. He had a feeling that Matthew wanted to talk, but was at loss of words.


“I’m really happy for you guys, you know,” he said suddenly, “you’re getting married and all…”


“Yeah, thanks,” answered Viktor, his heart beating wildly. For a second he was sure that Matthew was going to ask where he had met Amy and how they had fallen in love, but he didn’t seem to have thought about that.


“Well, I just wanted to tell you- tell you that- well, to ask you to look after her well.”




“I-I know it’s pretty awkward,” stumbled Matthew, “and you probably know her well by now, but I must tell you that she’s different, Amy.


She’s- she’s twenty-three, but still a child in the depths of her heart, you see. She needs to be looked after; she can’t be on her own. She’s just unable to understand the dark side of the world.”


“What do you mean?” Viktor asked, now concerned.


“What I wanna say is that she just sees the good and not the bad. Or let’s say she sees what she wants, not what there is. Like she brought a muggle-born guy named Charlie or something like that few months ago and introduced him as her friend. He was alright, but when he left she said she was in love with him and she knew he loved her too but was just scared to propose as he wasn’t a pureblood.


That might be true, who knows, but I personally didn’t think he was in love with her. In face he seemed to avoid her or get annoyed by her childishness or something. We told her we wouldn’t accept him due to his blood status, but the real reason was-“


“I understand,” Viktor said quietly. Matthew looked relieved.


He beamed at him and suddenly pulled him into a hug.


“I’m glad she chose you,” he muttered. “You have the strength to protect her from the bad world. Don’t let her see the bad, Viktor, keep the child in her alive. I know you won’t let her down, but please never leave her alone. I really like you. And one thing- our parents are coming tomorrow. Behave yourself in front of them, impress them. I want you to be her husband, you’re the best she could do. Please.”


Viktor felt a sinking feeling he had never felt before as he patted Matthew on his back.


Viktor thought about what Matthew had told him in the morning as he lay back on his sleeping bag, staring at the dark ceiling. He couldn’t deny he was a little concerned about Amy and her so called love. Though Matthew wasn’t the wisest, one could tell if a person loved another and if Charlie didn’t really love Amy back that was something worth worrying. She was practically sacrificing her whole family for him and if Matthew’s assumptions were right, Amy will have no home to return.


I must ask Amy he thought with determination and raised his head inches above to see if Amy was awake. To his surprise, Amy was sitting up on the bed, pushing clothes into her small bag. He was almost sure she had extended the bag from inside with some kind of spell. He sat up, alert.




She turned herself quickly so that she was facing him. Then she jumped off the bed and knelt beside his sleeping bag on the floor. She was in jeans and a t-shirt and her hair was neatly tied.


“Where are you going?” he asked alertly. She bit her lower lip.


“Actually-“she stumbled, but Viktor stopped her by raising his hand.


“Of course you must be running away,” he said in a matter of fact tone.


“I don’t really have any other option. Now please don’t try to stop me. I’m going straight to Hogsmeade to meet Charlie and then will figure out things after that.” She pleaded. But Viktor rolled his eyes, practically grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her.


“Amy, for God’s sake, stop acting like Hogsmeade is just a mile away!” he muttered, “And if you insist on going, you’re not going away without me, do you get that? I won’t lie to your parents or brothers that you cheated on me or anything like that. If you leave me alone, I will tell them the truth.”


Amy opened her mouth to speak, and then closed it. She just nodded, getting to her feet and waited patiently as he changed from Richard’s pajamas to the robes he wore yesterday. It looked like Amy’s house elf had washed them for him.


A few minutes later, they were locking the front door after them. Viktor was much smarter than Amy while leaving the house, preventing their capture by silencing spells and they were easily out in minutes.


As they walked along the cobblestone paths that lead to the house, Amy suddenly stopped and turned around to see the house she was leaving. Her eyes looked so unsure and worried that Viktor placed a comforting hand lightly on her shoulder. She looked at him nervously.


“Am I doing the right thing?” she whispered, her voice full of feeling.


Viktor smiled.


“No,” he answered softly, “you’re not doing the right thing. But I’m glad you’re at least trying to get your love; you have the guts. I couldn’t do it, I hid. I will help you get your love and will always be there, no matter what.”


Amy looked at him with tearful eyes and laughed heartily. He had a sudden thought that she looked beautiful when she laughed or her laughter was beautiful. But before he could decide on one, she threw her arms around his neck and gave him a quick, tight hug. Totally taken aback, he patted on her back as she released him and gave a cheerful smile.


Then she caught his hand and they made their way out together.

A/N- So, what do you think? :) This was a fun chapter to write, especially the last part, I hope you like it! They are finally setting out for a journey that will (probably) bring them together. :D

I would also like to mention that this was the first time I’m writing chapter seven of a story! That’s like a milestone for me and I could reach it because all your wonderful reviews and your love. Thank you so much guys! :’(

Now, will you leave another review??



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Just Go With It: Leaving Together


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