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Object of Their Affections by ReignLee
Chapter 51 : Be Safe
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The Gryffindor Common Room was unsurprisingly empty, and Rose didn’t doubt that the majority of the student population was in the Great Hall being updated on the state of the Ministry.  Rose wondered how close Voldemort was to infiltrating the very government that was created to keep all witches and wizards safe.  She sprinted up the stairs, taking the steps two at a time despite how much she had to stretch her short legs to do so.   

“Rose, thank goodness you’re here!”  Hermione shrieked as Rose started to grab her trunk and pack her things in it. 

“Will we even be able to bring trunks? They aren’t portable.  ‘Mione, where are we going to go?” Rose asked, her fear finally setting in now that she was preparing to run. 

“First we have to go see my family, but we can’t stay there.  Pack your trunk.  I put an undetectable extension charm on my handbag.”  Rose tossed the last of her clothes into her trunk and sat on it to force it closed before Hermione somehow gracefully shoved it into her tiny purple handbag. 

“Where are Harry and Ron?  Are they still packing?”

“No.  Ron went to say goodbye to Ginny and gave her a letter for his parents.   Harry is with McGonagall, discussing our options, I suppose.”

“Will they be back soon?” Rose asked.

“Yes, but we need to go raid the Potions Cupboard.  I already grabbed all the books from the library I could find that might help us, but I’ve no idea what we’ll end up needing.  I want to at least grab some Essence of Dittany and the ingredients for a Polyjuice Potion.”

“You go; I’ve got to go find Harry.  Where should we meet?”

“McGonagall’s Office.  It’s the only way for us to Floo out.”


Rose made her way to McGonagall’s office, narrowly avoiding the crowds of panicked students racing about.  She did her best to eavesdrop as she maneuvered the corridors, only catching fragments of conversations.  Unfortunately she couldn’t waste the time on staying to listen in on entire discussions.  The bits of information she did gather swirled around her head in a tangled mess. 

“Muggle borns are being sent away.”

“Hurry up and get to your common rooms!”

She found the Headmistress’ Office in record time despite the students standing in her way.  She murmured the password to the statue guarding the stairway, and hurried past it when her path was clear.   “Harry!” she called at the door.

“Rose!” His voice said from the other side of the door, peeling it open hastily.  Rose ran into Harry’s arms, hugging him to her tightly.  “What happened?” he asked.  “Hermione said Malfoy told you about the Minister.”

“He did,” Rose answered. 

“I don’t understand why.  What does he gain by telling you to run?”

“Absolutely nothing,” she said.

“Then why?”

“Because Mr. Malfoy has recently come to question his allegiance to the Dark Lord,” Minerva interrupted.  “Since the dissolution of your engagement, young Draco has often come to me seeking sanctuary from his family when school is over.”

“Really?” Rose asked.

“Yes.  He is very honest about the fact that he is still a supporter of separation of the classes between Pureblood and Muggle born society, but he no longer agrees with Voldemort’s methods.” 

“Will you help him?” Rose asked her Headmistress.

“When the time comes, yes, I do believe Draco has earned the Order’s assistance.  He gave us an invaluable head start in terms of smuggling our muggle born students to safe houses in other countries.  I’ve arranged for the four of you to go to a house in France together.”

“We can’t,” Harry said.  “We have to finish Dumbledore’s work and to do that we must be close by.”

“Harry, we don’t have a clue what we’re doing yet.  Perhaps a safe house is the right solution for the time being—just until we have a place to start.”

“As long as you’re underage you can’t do magic outside of school.  Not with the trace still on you.”

“They can’t trace my magic, Harry.”

“They can if you apparate.  We have to be close enough to travel by foot.  Side-along can be too dangerous with too many people.  I won’t risk you getting splinched.”

“I’ll never be able to apparate, Harry.  I will always have to use side-along apparition.  My traditional magic is too weak; the elemental overpowers it too much.”

“We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it, but for now I have a house where we’ll be safe in the country,” Harry said.

“Are you sure?” Minerva asked.

“Yes.  We’re staying.”

“Then I’ll arrange for another family to be sent to the house in France.  You two best be on your way.  Hogwarts is no longer safe for you.”  Harry and Rose turned to the door, ready to leave the Headmistress behind.

“Potter?” she called.  Harry turned back to her, Rose hesitating just outside the threshold to wait for him.  “Be safe.”

A/N :  As always thank you so much  for the reviews!  Keep them coming! :D

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Object of Their Affections: Be Safe


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