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Deadly Affairs by DracosSexxiSlytherins
Chapter 8 : Begging
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Disclaimer: We do not own any of the themes or characters referenced in this story that are the wonderful J.K. Rowlings, such as Hermione, Draco, Astoria, and of course the magical world. 







​            Draco looked at me with a look of utmost horror upon his face. Truthfully, I probably looked like I was having a seizure, for I am incredibly ugly when I laugh. I was laying on the floor giggling my brains out, and for a moment, I forgot both where I was, and the sadness that filled the room like a fog.


​            “Oh Draco, I am so sorry-“ I started.


​            Draco doubled over with laughter, cutting my apology short. His laughter washed over me like a wave again. Lapping against me, covering my body, like the water at the shore of a beach. I cannot explain what his laughter sounds like exactly, only that I could listen to it for the rest of my life.


​            Soon, we were both laughing like idiots. Me on the floor, and Draco leaning heavily on Astoria’s bed. Upon seeing Astoria, lying there looking pathetic and giving the room an air of solemnity, I got up from the floor, brushed imaginary dust off of my clothes, and walked next to the bed. Sitting down in the uncomfortable chair, I put my hand on Astoria’s head. It was a useless gesture, the muggle way of checking for a fever.


​            “She’s as cold as ice!” I exclaimed, recoiling my hand away from the icy feeling of her skin.


​            “Yes, she’s been like this for over two hours already.” Draco said with a steady voice. He might have put on a cool exterior, but I could see that he was breaking inside.


​            “Can’t the healers do anything about it?!”


​            “They’ve tried everything they can, but they do not know what it is. They don’t know how to wake her up.” Draco said, running his fingers through his hair. “That’s why I called you here, Hermione. You see, no one knows how to help her. And I think that if anyone could help her, it’d be you. Please, Granger. Help her.”


​            My eyes widened in shock, “Malfoy! What makes you think can help her when even healers can’t?! I am no healer, I work in the Department of Magical Education! I was terrible at potions, you were the good one!”


​            Draco rushed to the side of the bed that I was sitting on and knelt in front of me. He took my hands in his, I tried to pull away but he held fast. “Please, Granger. I am beyond grief with this predicament. I cannot think straight, I am so distraught.” As if to accentuate that point he laid his head in my hands, and made no move of getting up anytime soon.


​            “Ummm…” I said, not knowing exactly how to comfort him. All I thought about was how I wanted to run my fingers through his hair, but I contained that feeling. “Malfoy…Malfoy, get up. I’ll look in several books and look-“  


​            Draco stood up so suddenly, it cut me off. Suddenly, I was out of the chair with his arms around me. Warmth spread through me as he held me tight to his chest. Oh his chest! I thought, for I could feel the sculpted muscle underneath his black dress shirt. Personally, I could have stayed there forever. The smell of him ensnared me, making me want not to let go. He smelt of spiced woods, masculine florals, and a hint or wormwood. You sound like a bad perfume commercial. I thought to myself as I stayed in his arms.


​            A couple of seconds later Draco let go of me, much to my disappointment. I stared at the floor, hoping he could not see the blush that was creeping onto my face. He stood awkwardly there for a moment before breaking the silence, “Thanks, Granger.”


​            Trying to keep my face blank of showing any emotion, I looked up at him and said, “Well I should probably get going to The Library of Everything Magical and Unmagical, to see if there are any books on what Astoria might have done to herself.”


​            I turned to walk out the door when Draco caught my arm. The feel of his hand burned through my sweater, electrifying me. “I really do mean it, Granger. Thank you.”


​I smirked and rolled my eyes, giving off an air of indifference, “You owe me, ferret.” And left Draco with a flourish worthy of a veela.








​            I smiled at the way Hermione left, like she owned the world. No longer was she the bushy-haired, book worm that I remembered from Hogwarts. Her eyes will still bright with knowledge, but she was no longer a girl. She was a woman. A woman who was worthy of the world.


​            But now is not the time to be fantasizing about Hermione. I have more things to worry about, like Astoria. I thought to myself while walking over to the chair where Hermione was a couple seconds ago.


​            I looked at my wife, wishing she’d wake up and say something witty about me getting ugly because I’m worrying. I wished I could take her in my arms and bring her to bed with me like we had done on our honeymoon.


​            But then Hermione came into the picture. I had known that she was Astoria’s coworker, but not friend. At least, Astoria did not tell me she was even talking to Hermione until after we got married. That’s when she had a meltdown about not inviting Hermione to our wedding.


​            The meltdown was big. I had been warned by her family that during the battle of Hogwarts, Astoria had been hit in the head with a deflecting spell and a killing curse. She didn’t say who shot the deflecting spell but she did know the killing curse was shot by my favorite aunt. Bellatrix Lestrange. She was knocked unconscious, and later found in the rubble by her family. When Astoria woke up, she seemed fine. Only a couple of cuts and bruises. That’s what her family thought, until they suggested Astoria finish school. Astoria had her first meltdown, it caused the whole Greengrass mansion to go up in flames. The Greengrass’s said that Astoria’s magic went haywire and everywhere she went the flames just spread. They tried to calm her, but she kept saying, ‘Get out of my head!’. The family then left the house without Astoria, hoping she’d find her way out. But when the house stopped smoldering, they had found Astoria once again lying among the rubble.


​            The meltdown that she had had at Malfoy Manor was insignificant compared to the others. Though it did make a big whole in my bank account. Only the house elves sustained minor injuries, a couple glass cases burst, some irreplaceable books were diminished, the windows shattered, and a little fire in the parlor. But again I noticed that she was telling someone or something to get out of her head.


​            After that, Astoria brought Hermione up all the time and how she should contact her and how this and that. I never took them to heart, because I thought that since she was a Slytherin at Hogwarts and Hermione was a Gryffindor, Astoria was just playing with her to get what she wanted. Oh what a fool I was. I was a fool not to see that they were both part of each other’s lives, and that Granger would be introduced back into my life.


​            Since when have I become so sentimental? Turning my thoughts back to Astoria, I called for a healer to give me the update on my dear wife’s health.


​            “As you know, we took some of her blood with our wands and transported them to the lab to test for pathogens. You should be happy, there is nothing wrong with the physical health of her.” The healer said with a smile.


​            I didn’t notice that the healer said ‘physical’. The healers smile then faded, “But I regret to inform you about something we found with a brain-ex spell. Do you know what a brain-ex spell is?”


​            “No, I am not familiar with it. What does it do?” I said confusedly.


​            “It’s a brain examination spell that helps us see if it is stable, and whether there are any conditions we should be aware of. Usually all wizarding brains are stable because we have to deal with parallel- well in short, witch and wizard brains are clear of all problems. But there are some rare occasions where a witch or wizard has a muggle mental problem. When a witch or wizard has a mental problem, it is usually caused by an experiment with a spell or being hit by a spell accidentally.” The healer said sadly.


​            “What does she have?! Is she going to be okay?! What’s going to happen to her?!” I said worriedly.


​            “Mr. Malfoy, have you ever heard of schizophrenia?”








​            My mind was spinning and turning. Stomach churning. Hey, that rhymed! But, back to my torturous sleep. At least I think I’m sleeping. But I can’t wake up. So where am I? Probably safe…Draco will take care of me.


​            Memories of today came rushing back at me. At least I think it was today, I have lost track of time. Lunch with Draco and Hermione. Draco and Hermione. The voice in my head. The blowing up of the windows.  


​            Oh Merlin, what have I done?!


​            Quit that pathetic whining. It’s terribly annoying and you’re going to give us a headache.


​            Who is that? Who are you? Where are you?


​            Where do you think I am you pathetic excuse of a pureblood? I’m in your head.


​            Who. Are. You.


​            Your new best friend.


​            Suddenly, I recognized the voice. You are not my friend, you have made me do this before. I haven’t heard you in my head for over a year and now you decide to come back into my life. Do you just enjoy making my life miserable?


​            Making you feel terrible just makes me feel powerful. And power is everything.


​            Who are you?! I said as worriedly as I could in my mind.


​            I told you, you sniveling fool. I am here to make us powerful.


​            Us? There is no us. There is only me.


​            You see? You’ve already started to think like me. Soon ‘us’will become you.


​            I don’t want to be powerful. I just want you to leave me alone.


​            You will never be rid of me, filthy mudblood loving pureblood.


​            I have had enough of this. Show yourself! NOW.


​            Are you sure you want to do that dearie? The voice said scoffingly.


​            That’s what I said didn’t I? Now show yourself.


​            The voice just laughed. I didn’t think it was going to show itself. For a long time I was just sitting there in the black of my mind.


​            Suddenly, a light started to form at the lids of my eyes. A shape started to form against the white light. It was blurry at first but then sharply cleared. I gasped at the woman who stood in front of me. Yes, woman. The woman was wearing a black dress on that was coming off at the sleeves. It was low cut and she had a skull necklace on. Her black curly hair was everywhere in a mess on the top of her head. Her heavily lidded eyes stared maliciously back at me.


​            I felt whole and looked down. I saw my hands, arms, and legs. This isn’t right, I said, How can I be a person in my own mind?


​            The woman sneered at me, It’s called magic, idiot.


​            I looked back up at the evil woman, Who are you?


​            She smirked, reminding me of Draco. You should know who I am. I am infamous! You pathetic witch.


​            How should I know- , I started.


​            She laughed evilly, a laugh that sent shivers up my spine. Don’t you recognize the person who hit you with the killing curse at the battle of Hogwarts?


​            No….no…


​            Oh yes! She laughed again and stalked towards me, For you and I are now one being. How does it feel, dearie? To be controlled.


​            And I was lost to the dark torment of my own mind.



{A/N} hope you enjoy this chapter!! R&R please!!!!!




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