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The Bet - Speed Dating by megthechef43
Chapter 1 : The Bet
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“Ha! I win Weasley.” Scorpius yelled triumphantly. Rose rolled her eyes in response.



“It was one point Malfoy.” Rose groaned. It was a stupid bet and had Scorpius not have called her a coward she would have never taken the bet in the first place.


“Whatever Weasley, I’ll meet you in the Great Hall at 10 in the morning.” Scorpius laughed. “I expect a dress.” He winked in her direction before turning and leaving the potions class room. Rose huffed as she gathered her potion making supplies and shoved it in her bag. This had been an on going competition since they both entered the school over six years ago.  




Valentine’s Day aka The Next Day




Rose had on a dress with heels and Lucy insisted she help Rose with her hair and make-up. Rose had to admit she was looking good, too bad it would be wasted on Malfoy of all people. Rose was standing in the Great Hall and it was five minutes past ten o’clock. She sighed in frustration wondering why she didn’t just leave because the self important git couldn’t ever be on time for anything in his life with the only exception being Quidditch. Rose  was pulled from her thoughts when she heard the wolf whistle coming from behind her.


“You clean up nicely Weasley. Is all this for me?” Scorpius mocked.



“Don’t read too much into it Malfoy, but a bet is a bet. One thing you should know about me is I NEVER back down from a bet.” Rose growled defensive. The nerve thinking that she would dress up for him. 


“Defensive much, ready to go?” Scorpius took a step back and waved for her to go first. 



“Let’s get this over with.” Rose rolled her eyes.



“One of these days your eyes are gonna get stuck in the back of your head.” Scorpius poked fun at her.



“God, you sound like my father.” Rose told him. She saw Scorpius feign horror at her comment.



The carriage ride to Hogsmeade was uneventful. Rose stared out the window to avoid unnecessary conservation with her “date” and soon the gates between Hogsmeade and Hogwarts drew closer and they had to get out to walk the rest of the way to the village. Luckily Scorpius hadn’t made an effort to be chatty yet.



“So, what do you want to do today?” Scorpius asked as they walked down the main street in Hogsmeade.



“I don’t know. This is your “date”. I thought you had a plan.” Rose couldn’t keep the sarcasm out of her voice. Rose felt Scorpius stop on the road next to her and she turned to see what had caused him to stop but he was just looking at her.



“Look, if spending your Saturday with me is so horrible, I’ll consider you showing up as making good on our “bet” and you can go back to the castle or whatever.” Scorpius told her in a sincere voice that threw her off.



“Look, it’s not the worst way to spend a Saturday, so whatever. What did you plan on doing today?” Rose felt bad, almost. Scorpius grinned at her.



“Good, now that that is out of the way. We can go on our first date. To Spintwitches.” Scorpius told her.



“First date? Are you implying there is going to be a second date?” Rose asked as she started walking in the direction of Spintwitches, which Rose couldn’t help but think was a good choice. With it being Valentine’s Day she hoped the Quidditch shop would be empty.



“Weasley, after a date with me, you’ll want more.” Scorpius grinned and waggled his eyebrows.



“You Malfoy will never change.” Rose sighed as she reached out to open the door but Scorpius beat her to it.



“Ladies first.” 



“Wow, pulling out all the stops.” Rose laughed. Rose couldn't help but be happy surrounded by all the Quidditch supplies. Rose was the seeker for the Gryffindor team. Rose wandered the store for quite some time but she ended up looking at the same pair of white dragon hide riding gloves that she had been saving up to buy for six months. Her old gloves had been a Christmas gift from her father over two years ago



“See anything you like?” Scorpius asked as he noticed her eyeing the gloves in the display.


“Um, Everything.” Rose joked and Scorpius grinned. “But all joking aside, those will be my next pair of riding gloves.” Rose pointed out the white dragon hide gloves to Scorpius.



“You want them?” Scorpius offered with a shrug. Rose stared at him in shock wondering if he was asking or offering. She figured he meant the latter of the two.



“ Yes, but no thank you. Why would you by me gloves?” She asked bluntly, she didn’t do the whole sugar coating thing.  



“Just trying to be nice here.” Scorpius rolled his eyes in return. “You are really difficult; most girls want me to spend money on them.” Scorpius’s voice held a small tone of annoyance.



“For one, I’m not like most girls. The second thing, why are you angry with me?” Rose asked.



“Whatever, let’s just go grab a butterbeer.” Scorpius blew off the rest of the conversation because he couldn’t tell if she was being stubborn or if she really couldn’t tell that he was trying to really take her on a date. He stood at the door with it open and waited for her to follow him.



Rose couldn’t understand why he was getting mad at her. She wasn’t going to take his money and it wasn’t as if this was a real date or anything, but then it hit her like a ten ton truck. She looked over as they walked down the alley. He was walking close to her, his hair was fixed instead of it’s normal tousled look, he was wearing cologne, and he was dress to kill in a nice button up, wool coat, and well fitted trousers. Did he want this to be a real date? She had thought this was all a joke to humiliate her but it turns out it might not be.



Rose was momentarily thrown off over her thoughts when she noticed Albus was walking towards them with an attractive blonde. Rose was pretty sure that her name was Emmalyn.



“Hey Scorpius” Albus called out when they got close enough and Scorpius smiled back at his friend but was still too annoyed with his date to say much.



“Oh! He gets a hello and I get nothing?” Rose teased her cousin. Albus smiled and waved back at her as they passed.   Rose figured now was as good as time as to ask Scorpius.



“Scorpius?” Scorpius gave her a surprised look when she used his real name. “Um, … Is this a thing? I mean like a real thing.” She wanted to slap herself in the face for being as articulate as ever. Scorpius looked at her sideways and frowned. He opened the door for her once more.



“Well, by “thing” I think you mean date. Yes, it was but you make things quite difficult.” Scorpius told her as they entered Three Broomsticks Inn, Scorpius motioned to the barkeep with two fingers before leading Rose towards the back. They managed to find a two top in the packed bar. Scorpius removed his coat and left Rose sitting at the table as he returned to the bar to fetch the butterbeers. Rose’s mind was going in circles, but the most important thought was “Why?”. Scorpius returned to the table with two pints of warm butterbeer.



“Why?” Rose blurted out.



“Why not, your good looking, I’m good looking. We both are prefects and are the top two students in our class.” Scorpius shrugged and looked at the time piece on his wrist. “I guess I shouldn’t have expected you to except a nice gift from me. You probably aren’t used to nice things.” Scorpius had remembered the stories his father had told him growing up. His father had always drilled into his mind that Weasley were scum of the earth and live a dirt floor abode. Scorpius was shocked when he had met Rose for the first time because she was clean, witty, and pretty.



“What does that mean?” Rose growled. Her anger was growing at her arrogance.



“Well, I’ve heard stories about your family. I understand, its okay.” Scorpius told her as her hadn’t realized he had angered her. He was being the stuck up little boy that Rose had always known.



“You arrogant arse.” Rose spat. Scorpius looked at her and realized she was flaming mad.



“What, my father used to tell me stories about your father and his family” Scorpius commented. Rose’s grip on her glass had gotten tighter at the mention of her father and she could not stand in any longer. She picked up her glass and threw it in Scorpius’s face and stormed out of the Inn. She didn’t even notice that Scorpius had ducked and she had thrown her drink on someone else.



Scorpius turned around to see that Rose’s butterbeer had land on none other than Albus’s date. Emmalyn looked between Albus and Scorpius as she spit out the butterbeer that had landed in her mouth. She turned and nearly ran out of the Three Broomsticks Inn leaving Scorpius and Albus in the mess. Scorpius grabbed his coat off of the chair and they took off after their dates. Scorpius stood outside of the Inn and watched Albus run down the alley yelling for Emmalyn to stop. Scorpius had no clue where Rose had gone and in hindsight he had been horrible and rude to her. He had insulted her family and her.



Rose was sitting in the Gryffindor common room after her date studying for her potions exam. She had been completely angry at Scorpius but in hindsight she hadn’t expected that much from her date to begin. She shouldn’t have been so disappointed in his behavior and the outcome. She had thought he was just trying to humiliate her with the “Date” so why act like he was sincere? She was confused.



“Rose Weasley.” A second year approached her with a box in his hands. Rose looked up and nodded to the young boy and giving him a questioning glance.


“There was some blond guy waiting outside the door with this. He asked me to give it to you.” He handed her the white box with red bow and turned around and shuffled away.


“Is he still out there?” Rose called out. The boy shrugged and returned to his friends.



Rose looked at the box on lap and she picked at the red bow to untie it. She pulled off the lid to reveal the pink tissue paper and the white dragon hide glove were nestled in the box. She pulled the glove on her hand and was more confused than ever. She noticed a note taped to the bottom on the lid.



I’m a git. I’m sorry. Second chance?



Rose felt a grin spread on her face. 




A/N:  Written for the Speed Dating Challenge. 


Please read the companion piece Quirky by navyfail


Thanks for the read. 



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