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Double Trouble by LightLeviosa5443
Chapter 1 : A Twin Affair
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Aziza smiled as she hid behind the tree with her sister Akila. They were watching as their fiances, Fred and George Weasley, ushered the entire Weasley family into their large backyard. Fred and George had decided it was time that they get married, but didn’t want Molly to plan a wedding. Instead of a traditional wedding, they were incorporating parts of their Egyptian culture, with funky caribbean music and polynesian decorations, including palm fronds on cushions for the seating.

Aziza had always wondered how they had gotten so lucky as to find two people who complimented them so perfectly. If one studied the dynamics of Fred and George Weasley they would see that Fred is the one who starts, he’s more quick to speak, and get angry, he’s also the one who puts it all in action. George, on the other hand, is less hot-headed, he’s the inventor of the two, he always finishes, and pulls Fred back when he goes to far. Akila and Aziza were exact opposites.

Akila was always the one to say something first, start a conversation, she could always take an idea and put it into action. It was no wonder she fit so perfectly with George, they complimented each other as well as his brother did. Aziza was always finishing Akila’s sentences, giving the ideas rather than making them into something. And she always pulled Akila in when she went too far. Fred was her perfect match, they made sense. They were the pranksters of the century, four similar minds working together brilliantly and flawlessly. Both at work and at home.

As Aziza focused on the doorbell ringing and the boys going to answer it, she wondered who would be first to arrive. Both Fred and George looked utterly ridiculous in their traditional Egyptian robes, it was almost unflattering, if they didn’t wear it with a smile. They knew how silly they looked, and they loved every second of it. The girls couldn’t help but giggle as the boys led a bewildered Mr. and Mrs. Weasley to their seats.

“For heaven’s sake! What is going on?” Molly was getting flustered and she clearly didn’t like being on the attending side of parties.

“You’ll see mum, just sit down.” Fred winked at her and walked away.

Akila looked over at Aziza and snickered at the boys skipping away to greet more of their family.

“Do you remember the first time we met them?” Akila’s accent was unchanged from her time in England, almost as if she had never left Egypt.

Aziza thought back, it was the day they had been putting the sign up for their joke shop, ‘Massris’ Magical Mischief’, when Fred and George came running out of Weasley Wizard Wheezes just across the street asking them what they were about. She remembered being completely entranced by the way Fred would start saying something and George would end it. The opposite of herself and Akila. She also remembered Akila telling them that Mischief was no fun if there wasn’t any competition. Always quick to start trouble, that one.

Aziza was snapped out of her reminiscing when Akila nudged her with her elbow and was holding her hand over her mouth to stop her laughter. Ron, Harry, Hermione and Ginny had just walked in, and while Ron and Harry were clearly enjoying the setting, Hermione and Ginny were just as perplexed as Mrs. Weasley and interrogating the boys about what they were on about.

Akila looked over at her sister and smirked, being careful to not move her head too fast, as the beading on their headdresses and their earrings kept making tinkling noises and would give away their hiding spot in the trees. She recalled the second time they met the twins.

It was at a convention for magical twins to meet each other. Most of them were boring or prim. Ministry officials and Aurors. Aziza and Akila were considering what prank they could pull when the boys walked up on either side and greeted them. They left the building just as the guests started screaming about the cakes turning into all sorts of bugs. That was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

She was brought back to the present by the sound of Proper Percy (their nickname for him) giving the boys a lecture on how it’s impolite to make guests sit on the ground and not tell them to dress accordingly for the occasion. It took all of their restraint to not burst out laughing at that moment.

Bill came walking in not moments later, followed by a very confused Fleur, who rushed up to Mrs. Weasley and began to apologize saying she was sorry and that she tried to get him to change but he wouldn’t listen. He was wearing a bright blue suit that was lined with what looked like rainbow velvet and adorned with suns and moons for buttons. Akila couldn’t help but think that only a mad person would wear something like that. But then, the four of them had nearly driven Bill mad trying to include him in their plan.

She’d never forget the first time they met the family, and realized that the Bill they knew from home in Egypt was Fred and George’s older brother. He greeted them with a monster hug and asked how the joke shop was going, which of course upset the twins because they hadn’t been told that competition would be on it’s way.

Then there was poor Mrs. Weasley who was just trying to figure out which girl was who, and Fred kept confusing her by switching their names around. For a good month she thought they were Azila and Akiza not Aziza and Akila. It was brilliant.

Aziza nudged Akila as the caribbean music got louder and much more cheerful. Bill and the twins took their place in the front of the family seated in the yard, where the boys had manipulated two palm trees to come together as a very sad looking arch. She still wondered how they managed to get the palm trees in the yard in the first place, but decided not to ask. Aziza grabbed Akilas hand and they adjusted their golden dresses before making their way down the makeshift aisle. The whole thing was preposterous, with Fred and George wearing traditional Egyptian Dress Robes and headbands made of flowers.

As they made their way down the aisle, the girls took in the faces of everyone. Some of the people were finally putting together what was going on, like Mrs. Weasley, Hermione and Ginny. While others were so focused on the strange decorations or attire, like Fleur, Ron and Charlie that they were oblivious to the fact that the two women walking down the aisle were clearly wearing wedding dresses, adorned with Egyptian wedding accessories. It was an attempt to tie in both cultures to this bizarre wedding that only Fred and George could have come up with.

Mrs. Weasley went from frustrated to flustered to pleased to upset. She was probably a little upset that she didn’t get to plan the wedding, but that was precisely as the boys had wanted it. They wanted a small family affair full of jokes and pranks that nobody would see coming. With the wedding being the biggest of them all. As Akila took her place in front of George and Aziza in front of Fred, they could hear members of the family snickering, letting out sighs and others muttering angrily about choice in attire, (well, really just Fleur). It seemed she wasn’t going to forgive Bill for his choice in apparell for this particular event.

Bill began to speak, the whole ceremony made no sense, and there were a couple of times that Bill himself had to stop to compose himself all over again. They were close to the end of the ceremony when Fred interrupted Bill when he fumbled a line.

“For Merlin’s sake Bill, pull it together.” Fred looked at him with a face of disappointment.

“We did give you a script.” George nodded, adding onto Fred’s statement.

“You call yourself our brother.”

“Should I just read it, then?” George was of course the one to end this witty banter, and it did nothing to help Bill’s laughing, instead it egged it on.

Percy could be heard muttering about whether or not this would be considered a legal wedding, but Aziza and Akila were so focused on Fred and George they had no response. They laughed all the way through the vows, and even into the I do’s. It wasn’t until they slipped rings onto one anothers fingers that they stopped laughing. Molly burst out into tears saying something about her babies being married, and everyone else began to clap.

Aziza winked at Fred, and George winked at Akila. This wedding was the prank of a lifetime. A mix of everything ridiculous and a representation of their personalities. It was the biggest joke ever made, and the four best pranksters had pulled it off.



Hi! So this is my entry for the Speed Dating Competition! I hope you guys liked it! Mine is the first chapter of this duo, the second is being written by 1917 farmgirl, and you guys should all definitely give it a read, it's under the same title!!

xoxo Sarah

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