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Only Witches and Wizards Can Catch by HEG
Chapter 3 : The First Test
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“Well the patient is Petunia,” said Lily “But I’m Lily.”

“Hello Lily, I’m Healer 258.”

Healer 258 shook Lily’s hand.

“So, what’s happened?”

“Tell him the whole story,” prompted Mrs. Evans.

“Well yesterday, I was sent home from Hogwarts due to an unexpected case of Dragon’s Measles. When I woke up the next morning I had completely recovered. However, my sister Petunia seems to have caught them now, even though she’s a Muggle,” Lily explained.

“So you’re a Muggle-Born right?”

“Yes Healer 258,” said Lily politely.

“And your sister is definitely a Muggle?”


“Well we’ll be checking that later on just to make sure but in the meantime I’ll have to check some of the symptoms to make sure that it’s Dragon’s Measles so Lily and er........”

“Call me Gill,” put in Mrs. Evans.

“Ok so Lily and Gill, you’ll have to stay in the Guest’s Department of the Dragon’s Wing which is just two doors down. It’ll provide food and bedding and you’ll be able to stay there until Petunia has recovered. Is that fine with you?”

“Well yes but can we watch all the tests?” asked Mrs. Evans.

“Of course you can, though it may get a little boring especially for young Lily here,” said Healer 258.

“I’ll be fine,” Lily assured them.



“It’s more Petunia that we’re worried about,” said Healer 258 raising his eyebrows.



Petunia lay down on the white hospital bed. She was about to be tested for the symptoms of Dragon’s Measles. Healer 258 waved his wand across Petunia’s body murmuring an incantation while Petunia winced in fear. Sparks of red and green light flashed up above Petunia’s body. Neither Mrs. Evans nor Lily knew what they were for but Healer 258 obviously knew what he was doing. The sparks of light flickered on and off and Healer 258 read them like a book. It was fascinating to watch wonder – just like watching a magician perform his tricks at the circus for Mrs. Evans. A very good magician in fact.

After about ten minutes of watching the sparks flash on and off, Healer 258 looked up.

“I’m afraid that it seems like Petunia has got an infected case of Dragon’s Measles so we will have to move her to the Infected Wing which is rather crowded at the moment but there is still a space or two for Petunia,” Healer 258 informed them “Also she will be taking the ‘Muggle Test’ soon just to let you know and we are doing everything we can to save her. If you notice anything odd about Petunia which does not normally occur, please report it straight to us. But don’t worry if she starts getting orange and purple spots – that’s normal because her case of Dragon’s Measles is infected.”

Mrs. Evans took a deep breath.

“Ok,” she said “So shall I go to the Guest’s Department with Lil now?”

“Yes you can. Is Petunia allergic to anything just so I know?”

“She’s probably allergic to a lot of wizarding products,” Mrs. Evans murmured under her breath.

“What was that?” asked Healer 258 brightly.

“Nothing, I er.... was just saying nothing. She’s allergic to nothing,” said Mrs. Evans.

“Ok so you two can go down to the Guest’s Department while I move Petunia to the Infected Wing. Don’t get lost! Its No. 240.”

“We won’t,” they assured him, heading for the Guest’s Department and passing all sorts of exotic wounds, injuries and illness. Mrs. Evans gaped in horror at a man who had a gigantic cat stuck in his mouth.

“I worry about what you’ll become sometimes Lily,” she said, shaking her head.

“Why?” Lily asked, baffled.

“Just take a look at all these wizards and witches,” she said pronouncing the words ‘wizards and witches’ in utter disgust.

“What about them?”

“Well they’re not the same as normal people are they?” said Mrs. Evans.

“Are you calling me weird?” demanded Lily; offended.

“Well..... You are in a way,” murmured Mrs. Evans “I was just saying that I wouldn’t like it if you ended up like some of.....”

She waved her hand at the wizards and witches in the corridor and shivered.

 “These people!”

They entered the Guest Department to see about five or so people sitting on sofas and eating a lunch of cold pasta salad.

A plump woman with blond hair tied up in a tight neat bun briskly approached them with the type of trolley they use on aeroplanes to sell you food.

“What would you like for lunch?” she said sharply.


She clicked her fingers.

“I haven’t got all day you know!” she exclaimed in a Scouse accent.

“Sausage please,” Lily told her “For both of us.”

“Accio sausage!” cried the woman and a pair of sausages came flying onto her two clean plates.

“Thank you,” said Lily taking the plates and sitting down on a nearby chair.

The wooden floorboards were covered with a threadbare rug which gave it a tatty effect. Lily hugged her knees to her chest and tried not to breathe in the musty, old air. Compared to the rest of St. Mungo’s, the Guest Department was a rather poor affair. The food was good though.

Mrs. Evans cautiously nibbled the corner of her sausage as if she thought that it had been poisoned and peered round the room in abhorrence. How long do we have to stay here for? She thought. It’s terrible.

Lily noticed this and butted in before she started to complain. 

“So, are you er looking forward to the er next test?” she asked.

“What is it? I mean I know it’s a test but what do they mean by a Muggle test?”

“Obvious. They want to test if she’s a Muggle,” said Lily in a bored voice.

“Well she’s obviously a Muggle!” contradicted Mrs. Evans.

“You think,” said Lily “Not some people. I’m going to bed.”

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Only Witches and Wizards Can Catch: The First Test


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