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All This Time by Mischief_managed18
Chapter 15 : Cheaters
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 I am so sorry... I know that doesn't even BEGIN to cover it for those of you who have been waiting for another chapter, and I am so sorry for that. I promise, I'm going to be better about updating, especially since this story is so close to wrapping up. 

Disclaimer: I know I'm not JK Rowling and that she owns this wonderful world and these incredible characters. This story is loosely based off Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin and I do not own that story line, and some parts may be very close while others veer off entirely. I just thought her story worked perfectly as a Dramione and here we are. Nor do I own Cinderella, she belongs to either Charles Perrault or the Brothers Grimm, depending on which version you're going by. 

Hermione’s POV:

“Ginny… Gin… I-” I paused, feeling as if I were about to throw up. She cheated on him? “What do you mean you cheated on him?”

“It was just once. Once, I promise!” Ginny said, turning red.

“With whom?” I asked, nervous to find out who the mystery guy was.

“It was just one of the guys that traveled with the team a lot, I ran into him that weekend that you and Draco weren’t able to go with us to Hawaii. Once thing led to another, and it just happened,” she whispered, looking guilty.


“Don’t worry, Hermione. It didn’t mean anything, and I felt real- feel really guilty about it. I almost came clean to Draco after it happened, but I decided I need to wait a bit and after the wedding I’ll come clean and tell him what happened…” her voice cracked and a tear slid down her cheek.

“Oh, Gin, you’re fine,” I said, pulling my best friend into a hug. “He loves you so much, it won’t even matter. It’ll all be okay.”

“You think so?” she asked, sounding more hopeful.

“Ginny… I know so,” I said, hoping that I sounded convincing to her.

“It’s just weird… Draco and I were so fine up until a few months ago. I mean, he hasn’t even slept with me since before I cheated on him. And I think it’s all just us being nervous over the whole wedding, but I still just feel awful…” before the trip? That would mean right around when he and I started… oh.

“Ginny, this will all blow over. Your wedding will be spectacular and you’ll live happily ever after, like Cinderella and her prince,” I said, brushing her hair out of her face as I pulled back.

Her eyebrows scrunched together, “Cinderella?”

“Right… Muggle fairytales. You and your brother never seem to understand the references I make to them,” I mumbled. I needed to tell Draco about all this and I… no. This wasn’t my place. “Ginny… as hard as it might be, I really do think that you need to tell Draco. It isn’t fair to him keeping this whole thing in the dark, you know?” I said cautiously, hoping to not give away the fact that some part of me was aching in the hopes that he would end it with her if he knew.

Draco’s POV:

For the first time in weeks I was clueless as to what I was supposed to do. I mean, on the one hand I had been so absolutely sure that I was making the wrong decision when the thought of breaking it off with Ginny began to creep into the back of my mind.

I loved her… just not in the same way that I had always loved Hermione. Ginny was this fiery, passionate woman, who caught my attention when I thought Hermione would never feel the same way.

But Hermione… I’d loved her from the beginning. Sure, I’d tried to convince myself otherwise time and time again. But from the beginning, I was inspired by her thirst for knowledge. Her ability to thrive in a classroom and turn into this beautiful knowledgeable person who you knew from looking at that you could always depend on her from the answer. I tried to hide my feelings by being the complete arse I had been all those years at school, until that became habit, the only way I knew how to act.

And then there was my father. Him telling me what to do only made me want to do the opposite that much more, but he did have a point. I mean, there were lots of things I’d been called and I’d had several things assumed of me, but being a cheater was never one of them and it was never someone that I wanted to be. Yet, here I’d made myself and Hermione a cheater… causing this whole mess.

And I had promised that I would marry Ginny… that was the promised I’d made her when I gave her that ring. I knew that no matter no matter how much it pained me to think about, we had to come clean if any of this was going to end even slightly well, though I didn’t expect that to happen.

But what was I going to say? “By the way, Ginny, I know we’re getting married and all, but I wanted to tell you that I slept with your best friend. On multiple occasions and yes you look beautiful in that dress!” Somehow I didn’t think that would go over too well.

Was Hermione willing to tell? I needed to talk to her, but when I’d tried last night Ginny had been there which meant it wasn’t possible.

Hermione’s POV:

I felt awful sitting her telling Ginny that she needed to come clean about cheating on Draco when the two of us had been doing the very same thing without telling her for several months. What kind of best friend was I?

The guilt was a constant ache in my gut and yet I couldn’t force myself to say those four little words. I slept with Draco. I mean, in theory, it should be easy, right? Like rattling off the answer to a question. It was a fact, something I knew to be true and yet I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

I didn’t know if Draco wanted to come clean about the whole thing and I didn’t feel right blabbing it out right before the wedding, what sort of Maid of Honor did that make me? Good or bad? Right or wrong? When had life become such a difficult puzzle to figure out?

I took a deep breath, trying to steady myself. I was going to tell her… it was my duty as a best friend, as a Maid of Honor, and in the name of doing the right thing, no matter how wrong I felt saying the words.

Ginny’s phone rang just as I was about to say it and she jumped up, grabbing it and smiling before answering it quickly, shutting my brain off as well as the decision to say something.

“Mhmm?” she smiled again, “Yes, I’m aware it’s you, Draco, caller ID is a splendid thing!” she chirped and my heart skipped a beat.

“Of course, where do you want to meet?” a few seconds of silence as my heart hammered away in my chest. “Be there in a few minutes.” She hung hum and set the phone down, looking confused.

“Apparently Draco wants to meet me at some coffee place so we can ‘talk’ about something,” she said, putting air quotes around “talk”. “Mione, what do you think he needs to talk about?” her eyes were full of worry and in that moment I would do anything to make that pain and confusion go away.

“Nothing, Gin, I’m sure he’s just nervous and wants to see you is all,” I said firmly though my insides were squirming out of control. I knew what was coming.

He was going to tell her.




A/N: Again, I am so sorry for the wait, reviews are always highly appreciated and if you bare with me, I promise more will be up soon. 

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