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Only Witches and Wizards Can Catch by HEG
Chapter 1 : Sent Home From Hogwarts
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“I’m fine,” groaned Lily as she turned over to face Madam Pomfrey.

“No,” said Madam Pomfrey firmly “I have telephoned your parents using the Muggle system and they have agreed to take you home for a week or so. You are too un well to be in school, so they will be picking you up shortly.”


“No Buts Lily Evans,” said Madam Pomfrey shaking her head “you’re going home and that’s final.”

Lily sighed and rolled over in her hospital bed. Why? Why did it have to be her who got the Dragon’s Measles? Why not that idiot James Potter? Why was it always her? She looked out of the misty window and saw her Muggle mother’s yellow car pull up at the entrance of Hogwarts. She knew that her mother couldn’t even see Hogwarts anyway – there were protective spells cast around Hogwarts to make sure that Muggles wouldn’t see the building. She couldn’t help herself from giggling at the sight of Dumbledore trotting out of the grand Hogwarts doors to greet Mr and Mrs. Evans. Lily’s thirteen year old sister was slumped at the back of the car while a surprised Mrs. Evans chatted to mad old Dumbledore.

“Your daughter is currently in the hospital wing. If she is not better within four or so days, I recommend that you send her to St. Mungo’s,” Dumbledore informed Mrs. Evans.

“What’s St. Mungo’s?” asked Mrs. Evans politely.

“It is the hospital for witches and wizards,” said Dumbledore “they can cure all sorts of illnesses you know!”

“Ok, so where is she?”

“Oh, Madam Pomfrey is bringing her out now,” said Dumbledore “want a strawberry bonbon?”

“No thank you,” said Mrs. Evans, waving her hand “here she comes! Well thank you Mr Dumbledore but I’m afraid we have to go now.”

“No problem,” said Dumbledore “Lily is a wonderful child.”

“Thank you,” said Mrs. Evans as she lifted Lily into the car and placed her on the back seat next to Petunia.

“Bye Mr Dumbledore!” waved Mr Evans as they drove out of the Hogwarts gates.

As they drove along the winding country lanes, Lily’s eyelids slowly started to close and she drifted off to sleep. The only sound that could be heard was the low rumble of the cars driving past. Hogwarts was a well hidden school which made it a long journey from there to home. Petunia stifled a giggle at the look of her sister with tiny, lime-green spots all over her. She  certainly wouldn’t want to even be seen with that illness. She pulled out her pink, plastic comb and brushed her silky brown hair across her face and looked out of the window. She could see her mother’s reflection in the side mirror giving her a warning glare. Petunia could read it like a book. Her mum was saying ‘stop laughing at your poor sister! How would you feel if she was doing that to you?’

Petunia ignored it. She was just that type of person. Ever since Lily had started Hogwarts, she had been jealous of her mysterious talents. She had been trying to find a down side of being a witch and now she had found one. Normal people couldn’t catch Dragon’s Measles.

As the car pulled to a stop, Petunia watched Lily start to stir in her sleep and eventually wake up.

“Are we back?” she yawned.

“Yes my dear,” said Mrs. Evans “what would you like for lunch?”

“Can I have toasted bagel please?” asked Lily.

“Of course Lily,” replied Mrs. Evans.

“What about me?” whined Petunia “can I have toasted bagel too?”

“No,” said Mrs. Evans irritated by her question “You’re not ill.”


“No. I’m only making one toasted bagel and it’s for Lily,” said Mrs. Evans taking a bagel out of the fridge and slotting it in the toaster. Some of Lily’s classmates would be amazed at how a toaster worked.

Lily lay on her brown leather sofa and waited for the bagel to be ready. She was determined not to spend too much time with her Muggle family rather than be at Hogwarts. Going to St. Mungo’s definitely wasn’t an option.

“Here you are Lily my dear,” said Mrs. Evans, handing Lily a china plate with a warm, golden bagel, dripping with melted butter.

“Thanks mum,” thanked Lily tucking into her delicious lunch while Petunia, who was sitting in the corner sulking, watched her lick the salty butter off her lips.

“It’s not fair!” moaned Petunia “I want bagel too!”

“You’re not ill and besides you’ve already had your lunch,” said Mrs. Evans fairly.

But Petunia had not heard the end of it. She kept rambling on about fairness and ‘stupidity’.

“Oh shut up for goodness sake!” exclaimed Lily “I’ll be going back to Hogwarts soon I expect so you won’t have to put up with me. I’ll probably be better tomorrow.”

And Petunia shut up.

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Only Witches and Wizards Can Catch: Sent Home From Hogwarts


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