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A Blossoming Romance by potterfan310
Chapter 4 : Ayli's Birthday, Making Friends And Drunken Kisses
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Stunning CI by Elysian @ TDA!


"Let's go party!" Ayli called out as she jumped down off her bed, putting the now empty glass she held on her desk along with the other ones and bottles.

"Happy Birthday, Ay, welcome to the nineteen club." I laughed as I hugged her as Dom came out of the en-suite.

"Yeah the baby of the group has finally caught up with us oldies," Rose chimed in.

Ayli stuck her tongue out as she poured more wine into her glass and then drank it in one. "You all ready?" she asked as she smoothed down the skirt of her dress which was a hot pink colour.

"Yes!" we all yelled happily.

I checked the time and then slipped on the shoes Ayli had persuaded me with to plan this and picked up my bag, putting it over my shoulder. I followed Bri out of Ayli's room and down the stairs. Mr and Mrs Finnigan were in the living room along with Ayli's younger sister: Aoife.

"Have fun girls," her mum called smiling at us all as she came out armed with a camera. "You all look beautiful!"

I'm pretty sure that I heard Seamus say, "And no boys," in the background as Niamh took pictures of us.

Well that rule will probably go out the window within ten minutes of getting in the club. The second she got outside Ayli squealed and started to jump up and down on the spot she was so excited.


I knew I had got it right and her reaction was perfect, I loved seeing her happy. Walking down out of her parent's driveway we were all able to see why she was so happy. The reason so, was the large pink hummer limo that was parked on the road in front of us. Complete with Caleb looking rather handsome as he stood looking out through the sun roof.

"Happy birthday, Ayli!" he called, "Surprise."

She turned to me with a big sappy grin on her face. "Alyssa, you are the bestest friend in the entire world! Thank you."

I nodded as she ran over and climbed in after Rose, leaving myself and Dom standing on the pavement waiting to get in after her. Inside it was crazy and that wasn't just us, there were strobe lights and a disco ball as well as a cocktail bar.

"Amazing," Dom muttered in awe, as she turned the music up.

We set off, music blaring as Ayli popped open the bottle of champagne and started pouring us all a glass. "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to Ayli, happy birthday to you," we chorused as she happily swayed along to the music.

"I love you all," Ayli replied.

By the time we stopped outside my house to pick up the others, we had already gone through two bottles as well as a load of party poppers.
Ade chucked her shoes in before climbing in herself. "Hey," my sister greeted everyone.

Behind her was Deano, his brother Shaun, Scorpius, James and none other than Albus. They all piled in one by one, as they sat down they got passed a glass. I felt myself groan at a little at the sight of the last person but at least I wouldn't have to make small talk with him tonight.

I turned back to Ayli and the others unaware that the only seat available would be next to me.

"Pass the bubbly," he said into my ear, making me jump, my heart speeding up for just a second.

How great, well at least I had alcohol to make me forget about him and to have fun.


The nightclub 'Rave' that Ayli had chosen was by far the best I had been too and believe me, ever since I turned of legal drinking age I've been to some of the worst places as well as the nicer ones. This topped them all in comparison.

After arriving in style we went in and were guided straight to the VIP area which was fairly close to the DJ. We had our own private bar up here as well as a dance floor and the fact that we were able to look over the rest of the club. It was decorated with balloons and banners printed with the words 'Happy Birthday'.

"Whoo!" I called as I danced to some upbeat jumpy song along with Ade and James.

"Fancy a drink?" someone shouted over the roar of the music, turning around I saw Albus.

I thought about before answering. "Yeah go on then," I yelled back as I followed him to the bar.

"A pint of your finest beer and..." Albus asked and then looked over at me.

"I'll have the sweet summer cocktail please," I said and then watched the bartender make my cocktail and then he topped it off with a strawberry stuck on the rim of the glass.

Albus handed over the correct money to him and we walked over to the tables and sat on the bar stools. "Having fun?" he asked before drinking some of his beer.

I nodded as I took a sip of my drink, which was rather fruity and very nice. "Yeah, I'm just glad Ayli's having the time of her life," I replied as I watched Ayli who was dancing with a really cute guy with red hair.

One of the staff then came out with a birthday cake and a free cocktail for Ayli and we gathered around to sing Happy Birthday to her.

"Best birthday ever!" she cried out in excitement.

I stayed with Albus talking about nothing in particular before Caleb came over and pulled me away to dance. Laughing I waved goodbye to him as Caleb span me around in his arms and took me to dance.


I think it was two maybe three o'clock in the morning by the time we left Rave. I had spent the night dancing away with my friends, Albus Potter and some of Ayli's friends who I hadn't bothered to ask the name of. Then again it was so hot, sweaty and noisy I probably couldn't have pointed them out if I ever met them again.

I was in the toilets holding Ayli's hair back when Rose came in and told us the limo was back to pick us up.

"We'll be out in a minute," I told her as I rubbed Ayli's back. "You okay?" I asked her as she resurfaced.

"Yeah," came her muffled replied as she wiped her mouth and I proceeded to help her up. The red head she had been dancing with earlier helped us across the VIP area and out through the club.

"Thaanks," I drawled at him, not having a clue what his name was only that he was some friend of Ayli. One with a crush it seems, from the way he was looking at her longingly.

Rose was looking slightly impatient as she she got James and Scorpius to help steady Ayli as she got it and then Rose and no other than Albus hawled me in. I fell into the seat happily and kicked my heels off as after dancing most of the night as they were killing me.

I have no idea what possessed me, maybe it was the alcohol but I snuggled up to Albus, stretching out my legs. I felt his arm go around me, his hand settling on my waist as I sighed. The others were laughing and mumbling around me but I blocked them out. My only focus right now seemed to be the boy with black hair and green eyes who was looking down at me with a dopey smile on his face.

"You're so pretty, Lyss," Albus told me as I blinked out of the trance his green eyes had put me in.

"So are youu," I giggled. "But you can't be pretty coz you're a boyyy."

"And you're a girlll, I'm not supposed to like girlsss."

I fell off the seat as my scrambled drunken brain put together what he had said whilst Caleb looked over, his ears pricking up slightly.

"What?" Caleb shouted.

Looking at Albus as serious as I could I muttered, "Does Al-Al-Albus like boysss?" To ruin my serious face I couldn't help but laugh.

"I mean, girls are icky," he retorted as we all laughed some more. "And if I did like boys would I do this?" Albus asked before leaning down over me and kissing me smack bang on the lips. It wasn't even a peck, it was a proper kiss despite it being a bit one sided as I was too shocked to retaliate.

"Ooo," Briana cooed. "Albus and Alyssa sitting up a tree."

Ayli and Dom chanted as they joined in, "K-I-S-S-S-I-N-G!"

"I think you added an extra 'S'," Rose pointed out as she seemed the most sober of us, just as Ade started singing. After a few prompts from one another we were all singing the same song as if our hearts depended on it.

We eventually arrived back on my street and  I would have nearly fallen out of the limo if it wasn't for Albus, he caught me as I jumped out without a care in the world.

"Whoah, Lyss, careful," he said as he cradled me in his arms, spinning in a circle.

"Wheee!" I squealed as I looked up at the dark sky, some stars still shining brightly. I was vaguely aware of James and Ade getting out behind us as the waved goodbye and thanked Ayli. "Bye my bestest friend in the whole world!" I called as Ayli stuck her head out the sun roof and blew me kisses.

"Loves you Alyssa Darcey!"

Albus put me down before grabbing my hand and before me the world turned into a blur. My stomach jumped slightly before my feet touched the ground again. I found myself in the same messy room I had weeks ago.

Laughing I opened his window and chucked my shoes on the garage roof before climbing out myself as Albus did something behind me. I was doing my best to creep to my bedroom window but next thing I knew there were two pillows being thrown at me.

"Stay," he said in what he thought was a whisper, which was so not.

After throwing his quilt down along with two more and then his pillows he sat down and patted the space beside him. I went back over and sat as he kicked his shoes off and threw them into his room. The one collided with something as we heard the crash but ignored it as we led back and looked up at the sky.

Albus put his arm around me as he pulled a blanket over us. "I've missed this, Lyss, just us.

"I've missed you too, Albus, I miss us being weird together like when we were little," I admitted as I rolled onto my side to look at him. "I miss those days."

"I miss those days as well, Lyss." Albus admitted before leaning over and kissing me. It was a bit like earlier on except this time I responded, it wasn't that which surprised me. What surprised me the most was that I very much one hundred percent liked it.

After what felt like an eternity we resurfaced for breath and I snuggled close to him. It was there together that we fell asleep under the stars.


I have no idea how long we slept but when I woke up I did not feel so good, in fact I felt so crappy that I crawled to the edge and promptly threw up over the side of it.

"What's the time?" Albus mumbled as he sat up, clutching his head.

"No idea," I muttered in reply as I looked up at the sky, which was blue and I could hear birds twittering away somewhere. Crawling back to him I sat there for a minute before saying in a small voice, "Can we be friends again?"

A smiled emerged on his face before he hugged me. "'Course we can, Lyss, now go to bed."

I helped him drag the bedding back inside before picking my shoes up and going to my own window. I knocked on my bedroom window and Ade opened it looking thoroughly confused and slightly hungover, and a little bit pissed off. Chloe was staying next door with Lily for the night, so Ade was sleeping in her bed as mum and dad were looking after Hayden.

"What?" she started to say but I ignored her as I climbed in, falling on my bum as I did so.

"Night!" I called back to Albus as he too climbed in through his own bedroom window.

I headed to the bathroom to get changed. When I came back Ade had fallen back onto Chloe's bed and was back to sleeping soundly. Looking at the clock I saw it was half six, well at least mum wouldn't be waking me any time before eleven if she knows I'm hungover. I climbed in to my bed and settled down.

Tonight had been a good, but weird night.

A/N This chapter hated me because it would not be written, my thoughts and words did not seem to want to co-operate, but there was Albus/Alyssa action!!!

Edited - 02.04.2014

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