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Get in Line by dobbyismyhero22
Chapter 5 : Drunk and Disorderly
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thank you times a million to the uber talented sanadamaiko at TDA for the amazing chapter image of the deeply attractive Mitch Walker

“All I’m saying is that you’d look badass with a nose ring.”


“For the millionth time, Mose, I’m not going to get a nose ring,” Hazel responded dryly, sighing slightly as this was a conversation that we’ve had many times. 


“I don’t just understand why,” I whined back. 


“If you want one so bad then you get one.”


“Hell no,” I answered shortly while roughly raking my fingers through Hazel’s thick, dark brown hair causing her to wince. “I’d look trashy with a nose ring because over half of this school thinks I’m a slag whereas you have this whole cute and innocent thing going on that needs to change.”


“Maybe I like being cute and innocent. It helps me get out of stuff.” She insisted defensively and I rolled my eyes while I did a waterfall braid on the back of her head. I was always the one responsible for doing her hair and makeup when it came to parties and special occasions and tonight was a combination of the two. 


It was the precious Rose Weasley’s seventeenth birthday and her cousins were making sure it was a night that she’d never forget. The good thing, or bad thing depending on how you looked at it, about Hogwarts was that even though the school was bloody massive, we really didn’t have that many students so everyone that was a fourth year and older got invited whenever there was a party. Unless, of course, it was a house specific party like a quidditch win celebration. Everyone got invited no matter if you were a Slytherin going to a Wotter party or a Wotter going to a Slytherin party. 


“Like what?” I snorted with another eye roll. “You don’t even do anything bad.” 


“I didn’t get detention with all the boys, now did I?”


“You hid in a bush,” I pointed out, causing her to frown because she knew I was right. I put the finishing touches on the braid and chucked her outfit for the night at her face. “Now strip,” I ordered. “The boys are probably already irritated that we’re running late.” 


Cassie and Astrid left ages ago unsurprisingly wearing matching stripper heels and pregamed to the point where they were tripping over each other on their way out. Even Izzy, who was most likely being dragged there by the Scamander twins, left about ten minutes ago in a quidditch tee shirt and athletic shorts. That was the reason why I had a little bit of respect for Izzy. She simply didn’t give a shit. 


“You’re not dressed yet either,” Hazel shot back but took off the oversized hoodie she was wearing anyway, leaving her in her predictably boring, matching nude bra and knicker set, careful not to screw up her hair in the process. 


I ignored her and mused up my own hair in the mirror to make sure it still looked alright. I decided to wear it down in loose, messy curls and the fact that it was already in my face was irritating the hell out of me. I searched for a pin to hold a particularly annoying lock out of my face when a shriek came from Hazel’s mouth causing me to jump and knock my elbow into the dresser. 


“If this is the sight I’ll be greeted with every time I come over here, maybe I’ll stop by more often.” 


I looked up to see Mitch leaning against the doorframe with a shit eating grin on his face while Hazel hastily tried to cover her half naked body. 


“Mitch, what the hell?” She practically squawked angrily with her face coloring into a vibrant red. 


“Relax, Hazza,” Mitch said in an indifferent tone. “If you were flashing me something I’ve never seen before then I’d throw a couple galleons at you.” 


She let out a small growl, stormed off to the bathroom, and slammed the door behind her. 


“Nice tits by the way,” Mitch called after her and then proceeded to flop himself down on my bed. 


“Can you not be a douche for five minutes?” I sighed as I pawed through my trunk to find the outfit I planned for the night which consisted of a pair of burgundy high waisted shorts and cream colored crop top. 


“That would be highly uncharacteristic of me so I’m going to go with no,” He responded with a smirk as he sat up and leaned his back against my bed post. 


“What do you want?” I questioned shortly, knowing he wouldn’t be here if he didn’t have a purpose. 


The guys rarely came over to our side because Silas couldn’t stand Izzy, and Mitch and Cyrus attempted to avoid Cassie and Astrid at all costs. Plus Hazel and I were almost always over in their room so they didn’t really have a need to venture over to the girl’s side. 


“Is this the kind of reception I get? Jesus, are you both on the rag or something?” 


I shot him a very annoyed look to which he grinned. “Here, have some of this,” He said and handed me his metal flask that had a picture of the Minister of Magic on it with ‘I approve this beverage’ written by his head. “Maybe after a few sips you’ll won’t find me so irritating.” 


“Doubtful, but I’ll give it a shot.” I snorted in slight amusement and took a few swigs because who am I to pass up free alcohol? It burned more than usual going down and I could help but wince and let out a small shiver. “Holy shit, is this muggle?” 


“Yeah, it tastes like Satan’s ass going down but it fucks you up faster,” He explained eloquently. 


“Cheers to that,” I smirked and gulped a bit more down before tossing it back to him. 


“So speaking of Silas, Scorpius, and Cyrus,” Mitch began and I interrupted him with a raised eyebrow as I took the seat on the opposite end of my bed at the headboard. 


“We weren’t speaking of Silas, Scorpius, and Cyrus…” 


“Ah, but we are now, aren’t we?” He pointed out with a tilt of his head and a grin that caused me to roll my eyes. “They sent me to tell you both to hurry your pretty little asses up so we can get moving.” 


“Somehow I find that highly doubtful.” 


“And why’s that?” He inquired innocently while playing with the silk green hangings on my bed. 


“Because I know those three boys better than anyone.” I answered confidently. “Silas is content wherever he is when he drinks and, knowing him, he’s probably already pre-gamed with at least three shots so he’s in no rush to go. Scorpius is probably still fucking with his hair because he’s a pansy. And Cyrus can’t drink until after he smokes so he’s probably comfortably lounging on his bed, smoking a joint. Am I right or am I right?” 


“Okay, okay I want to get moving.” He admitted impatiently. “I’m trying to get laid tonight and unless you’re willing to oblige, then I need time to pull some moderately attractive bitches that are up to making some bad decisions.”


I truly wish I could say that this wasn’t a normal thing for Mitch to say on a regular basis. 


“Sometimes when you speak I don’t know whether to hit you or your mum for screwing up so royally when it came to teaching even the smallest amount of respect for women.” 


“You could hit me. After all, I like it kinky,” He said suggestively but with an easy grin and a laugh that made me know he was joking. Well, sort of joking at least. I threw my pillow at his head regardless. 


“You might as well just collect the rest of the boys and head over awhile without us. I still need to get dressed and besides, Hazel will never come out of that bathroom while you’re still in the room.” 


“Fine, but just know that my offer of incredible, mind blowing sex still stands.” Mitch sang gleefully and I laughed as I chucked a second pillow at his head with far more force. “Farewell, Hazza!” He called to Hazel as he was leaving. “I hope you decide to change out of the grannie panties. Try some lace for once. Or better yet, nothing at all!” 


“Go to hell!” She shouted from inside the bathroom and he exited the room while cackling like the wicked bastard that he is.



By the time Hazel and I got to the Room of Requirement, the party was already in full swing. Flashing lights threatened to give everyone there a seizure and they had Rose’s younger brother DJing the surprisingly okay music that blasted throughout the room. Streamers and balloons in both gold and light pink lined the ceiling. Confetti covered everything in sight and they had bewitched it to fall softly from the roof, making it look like golden snow drifting down at a lazy pace. The whole effect was a bit much but Hazel, being Hazel, claimed that she thought it looked beautiful. 


After having some of Mitch’s drink as well as two shots of my own firewhiskey that I had stashed under my bed, I was feeling more than pretty good but I dragged Hazel to the bar area anyway to get myself another one. Louis, the fifteen year old Wotter, was playing bartender and he seemed to be enjoying himself immensely. He was a bit too young for my taste but there was no denying that he was close to rivaling James in looks and had about five Hufflepuffs flirting shamelessly with him from across the bar. I convinced Hazel to at least have one drink which she agreed to after me begging for five minutes straight. 


Once we both had a plastic cup in hand, it wasn’t very difficult to find the boys. We went around couples unabashedly grinding against each other to the point where it was impossible to distinguish the space between their crotch and ass to see Cyrus, Scorpius, and Silas standing on the outskirts of the dance floor in our usual spot. 


One of our favorite pastimes was watching our fellow students make complete fools of themselves while they were wasted so Hazel and I joined them in doing so. “Anything good so far?” I asked when we reached them. 


I didn’t bother questioning where Mitch was. After what he said earlier, frankly, I didn’t want to know. The rest of the guys looked great, which is probably the best thing about being a Slytherin. All of the blokes were taught from birth to dress to impress and impress they did. Cyrus, especially, even with his glassy, partially bloodshot eyes, looked unbelievably fit and I downed about half my drink in one go just to avoid looking at him. 


“A lot of poor rapping attempts from Hufflepuffs and a fourth year Gryffindor asking his mate if he’s ever squeezed a grape between his buttcheeks,” Scorpius answered nonchalantly, taking a sip from his own cup.


“Interesting,” I muttered boredly and decided I needed to be more drunk to get through this night and still have fun so I tossed back the rest of my drink in one gulp, handed my empty cup to Hazel, and then stole Cyrus’ cup so I didn’t have to refill my own.  


“Woah, easy there, killer,” He cautioned lightly with a little laugh and grin after I chugged what he had remaining of his drink. “We don’t want a repeat of Silas’ seventeenth, do we?” 


He was referring to the night where I had the brilliant idea to take a total of ten shots within a span of two hours. Most of the night was a complete blur and I woke up half naked in the kitchens with my hand in a pool of melted ice cream. The house elves didn’t know what to make of it. 


“If I recall correctly, you were just as fucked up as I was and I gave you shower sex that night so I don’t know why you’re complaining,” I pointed out reasonably, cocking my head slightly and adding a tiny smirk, which he returned. 


“So my best mate and sister decided to celebrate my coming of age with dirty fornication,” Silas bitterly mumbled in a rather disgusted, carrying tone. “That’s great.” 


Cyrus and I, predictably, ignored him. “I also recall holding back your hair while you dry heaved into the toilet twice,” He countered with an amused, reminiscent grin and twinkling eyes. 


“Details,” I said, waving him off. I then attempted to try and steal some of Scorpius’ drink but he just held it high above his head until I pouted and left him alone. “Stinginess does not suit you, Scorp.” 


“And drunk does not suit that girl,” Cyrus muttered, indicating with a nod of his head to a clearly wasted Gryffindor fifth year. She stumbled by us with her heels in her hand and her dress looking like it was about to fall off. 


“Her boob’s about to pop out, I have to go help her.” Hazel sighed and Silas, quick as lightning, reached out, grabbed her arm, and wrenched her back. 


“Just let it happen!” Silas insisted desperately. “I haven’t seen a bare boob since I dumped Cora and I need something to get me through the night.” 


Much to his dismay, a swarm of Hufflepuff girls infiltrated and assisted in pulling up the girl’s dress and throwing a cardigan around her shoulders. The girl, in her own version of thanks, then proceeded to vomit all over their shoes. Apparently being kind to drunk people has its price. 


“Tough break, man,” Cyrus laughed and ruffled his hair. Silas irritably slapped his hand away, evidently still somewhat annoyed that he found out we had shagged on his birthday. 

“Did I sense some hostility in that hand swat?” Cyrus teased goodnaturedly but Silas wasn’t having any of it. 


“Hostility, yes, as well as repulsion at the thought of you two doing it,” Silas grumbled and I rolled my eyes.


“It was months ago. It’s time to get over it, don’t you think?” I sighed exasperated and Cyrus snorted in agreement. 


Before he could open his mouth to retort with something that was most likely very stupid, Mitch came into view, stumbling toward us looking excited to tell us something that was most likely very stupid. It was obvious that he was smashed just by one look at him and his shirt was partially unbuttoned and his hair was tousled in a way that it wasn’t when he saw me earlier. 


“Kylie Forbes, that fit sixth year Ravenclaw just sucked me off in one of the closets,” Mitch announced loudly over the music when he reached us and he looked more than pleased with himself. “Can I get a hell yeah?” 


All three boys gave him a congratulatory pat on the back while I scoffed. Hazel shot him a look of disgust and ran off supposedly to go fill her drink. “Forbes will blow anything if it’s in front of her face more than two seconds.” I said unimpressed. “Not exactly an accomplishment.” 


Mitch looked in my direction and gave me a long, calculating look which involved unabashedly scanning my body up and down before turning to my brother. “You know what your sister needs, Silas? A really good shag and I can provide that for her.” He drunkenly slurred and Silas’ face set into a deep scowl while I slammed a hand to my face in frustration. “Like, Cyrus, mate, you know I love you but you can’t give her the proper amount of sexing that she needs like I can.”


“Mitch, stop speaking. I’m begging you.” I groaned as I could feel the high level of irritation just flood off of Silas especially after he just voiced his strong opinions about Cyrus and me. 


“Oh you’ll most certainly be begging,” Mitch insured suggestively with a wink that made me consider slapping him. Silas definitely wanted to do a lot worse than that which was clear by the eye twitching facial expression that he was currently making. 


“And that’s my cue to get you the hell out of here,” Scorpius half shouted and rushed to drag Mitch away from my murderous looking stepbrother. 


While Silas glared after Mitch’s retreating figure, I leaned over to Cyrus and muttered to him, “Attempt to get my dear brother laid tonight or at least to second base. He needs to loosen the fuck up.” 


“Consider it my mission for the night,” He promised with a smile that showed off his dimples that always managed to cause my heart to flip and my inebriated mind started thinking dirty thoughts that I banished away. 


I wanted to ask him to go dance but I figured Silas’ head could only take so much before it exploded. So in respect for my darling brother, I left them both to go search for a) someone that was relatively good looking and not a creep to dance with and b) more alcohol. Before I could find either of those things though, I desperately had to pee. 


The line for the loo was about a mile long and I contemplated using my authority as a 7th year as an excuse to cut to the front, but eventually decided against it. I began to regret that decision as I had to listen to a girl whine incessantly to her friend about wanting a slice of pizza. I also bared witnessed one of the girls in the queue throw up into her purse which was just wonderful. By the time it was my turn, I was about to wet myself. It happened every time I drank but it wasn’t until I was actually peeing that I registered how drunk I was. For some reason, pissing and eating always triggered my realization of the level of intoxication that I was currently in and right now I was feeling excellent. 


I made my way out of the bathroom and over to the bar area because I figured I could use a few more shots and I saw something I never expected to see. Hazel, my Hazel, with her back pressed against the bar, her arms looped around some bloke’s neck, and said bloke with his tongue down her throat. What in the fuck is happening to the world? 


“Hazel Jocelyn Scott!” I half shouted with wide eyes and a jaw-dropped expression. She detached her face from his and gave me an excited squeal. 


“Mose! I missed you!” She exclaimed in a gleeful, rather squeaky tone that told me that she was rather fucked up. The guy that she making out with turned to me and although he was presently red-faced with swollen lips, I had to hand it to her, he was decently fit. He had a mop of shaggy blonde hair and a pair of dark chocolate eyes that felt remarkably warm. I didn’t recognize him from any of our classes so I figured he was a grade below and most likely a Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff. “This is Luke and he is very nice and he is very good at snogging!”


“It’s actually Liam, but thank you,” He interjected politely and Hazel collapsed in a fit of giggles causing me to sigh. My beloved best friend was at that point where she’d wake up in the morning hating herself so I knew she should call it a night. 


“Okay, you’ve certainly had enough to drink. Time to go night night, love,” I cooed patronizingly, holding out my arm for her to take so she didn’t fall when she tried walking. She pouted, but took it anyway. “It was lovely meeting you, Liam. Say bye bye to Liam, Hazel!” She leaned almost her entire weight into me as we drunkenly stumbled away together and she flopped her arm up and down at him in goodbye. The poor guy looked disappointed that I stole his hook up but as much as I wanted Hazel to lose her v-card, I didn’t want it to be with some rando while she was wasted. 


We wove in and out between groups of people until we reached the exit and I cautiously poked my head out of the door. When the coast was clear, I pulled Hazel out into the corridor with me and we both ducked behind the nearest tapestry. “Peeves!” I hissed as loudly as I dared. He was usually lurking about hall when he knew there was a party, hoping to catch students on their way back to screw with them and get them caught. 


Peeves appeared in front of us and I let out a breath of relief. “I need you to do me a solid,” I told him and his tiny face broke out in an obliging, wicked grin. 


“How may I assist you, Miss Moseley?” He inquired. We got Peeves on our side about halfway through our third year when Silas, Mitch, Cyrus, and I accidentally blew up half of Filch’s office during one of our detentions. We, in turn, got about three more months of detention but it was worth it because we had Peeves’ respect and help whenever we needed it. 


“I just need you to get her back to the Slytherin dorms without getting caught,” I explained and then attempted to straighten up the girl that was practically passing out on my shoulder. 


“Hazel, I need you to act sober for a few minutes, okay?” 


“But I’m drunk.”


“That’s why I’m telling you to be sober.” 


“But I’m drunk,” She insisted, slurring slightly.


“Jesus, just don’t talk, okay?” 


“I want to go back to the party and snog Linus!” She whined, swaying a little bit, causing me to have to hold her steady before she went slamming to the floor. 


“You’re going to do something way more fun!” I promised in an upbeat voice that got her to perk up. “You’re going to race Peeves back to the common room and the winner gets to sleep in your warm, cozy bed with the devil spawn Paula! Doesn’t that sound great?” 


“Yay!” She squealed, throwing her arms up in the air in excitement. I nodded at Peeves and he whizzed down the corridor and Hazel instantly went tearing after him looking enthusiastic. I wouldn’t have entrusted her with Peeves if I didn’t think she’d get back safely, but I prayed that she wouldn’t trip over her own feet on the way there and send herself into a wall, but as she turned the corner, it was no longer my concern. 


I found my way back into the party and took the shots that I was going to take before I was distracted by Hazel sucking face. I took three for good measure and I was at the point where they stopped burning going down and things began to get fuzzy. 


With my other friends no where in sight, I tossed back one last shot and made my way to the dance floor. I spotted Izzy dancing wildly in the center by herself so I decided to join her. She cheered when she saw me and I laughed as we linked hands and spun around in circles. 


Unfortunately for me, that wasn’t the only thing spinning as the effects of the past few shots fully hit me. The blaring music, flashing lights, and surrounding sweaty bodies weren’t helping. I let go of Izzy’s hands and stumbled over to a wall that was a little bit aways from all of the dancing and slumped down until my ass hit the floor. I suddenly regretted those last shots with every fiber of my being and I wished that there was some way I could be sober again. Or at least more sober, I should say. I closed my eyes, not planning to pass out, but not planning to get up any time soon either. 


“There you are!” Someone exclaimed, sounding relieved, from above me and I popped an eyelid open to see Fred Weasley standing in front of me. He was looking proper fit as usual, not as fit as his cousin, of course, but no one is as unfairly fit as James bloody Potter. “Rose and Malfoy haven’t been seen for over an hour. James kept using his coin to try and get to you but you weren’t responding.” That got my attention and I frowned in confusion. My mind wasn’t cut out to process such information at the current moment. 


“How did you--”


“Oh please, James is my best mate. I’ve known for ages.” He explained and while I presently couldn’t summon the anger toward James at how he blew the secret, it would come later, trust me. “Let’s go, he wants you to help him go find them.”


I had no energy whatsoever to stand let alone go find Rose and Scorpius. I just stared at Fred as he waited for me to get up, wishing that he’d just understand that I’d never move. 


“Come on, Moseley, come on!” He exclaimed cheerfully and began clapping his hands and bent slightly to pat his thighs. 


“I’m not a dog, Fred Weasley. Go fuck yourself.” I snapped at him and then closed my eyes again, ready to peacefully relax and possibly pass out by myself. 


That’s when I was suddenly ripped from my comfortable spot against the wall and found myself being lifted into a standing position, supported by Fred himself. “Hate to break it to you, love, but you’re coming whether you like it or not.”


Instead of battling with him though, I just made myself completely dead weight and even let my head drop down so it appeared that he was hauling my corpse away to go throw in the Black Lake. 


I was expecting someone to at least be like ‘hey, what are you doing with that dead body’, but alas, I was mistaken at how much I thought the school would care if I had croaked.


“I found her.” Fred announced proudly after a couple of minutes of my lifeless body being dragged past the dance floor area and over to a section of the Room of Requirement that didn’t feel as busy. 


“Jesus Christ, did you drug her as well?” James’ voice questioned but he sounded more amused than concerned with whether or not I had been roofied. 


“Nah, she’s just piss drunk. I want to go try and get head from Allison, so I gotta run.” He attempted to hand me off to James, but James being James, let me fall to the floor. 


I was simply too lazy to get up at that point and glared up at them both as they watched me, looking rather entertained. “Fuck both of you.” 


“Later on, Moseley. It’s been real.” Fred said with a chuckle and saluted me and I don’t even know why but I found myself saluting him back before he ran off to go get blown by fellow 7th year Gryffindor, Allison Reed. 


I tilted my head so I was looking up at James. “You summoned me, master?” I said in a sarcastic drone that he managed to crack a grin at and he crouched down a bit so he was more on my level. 


“Well, I was going to have you help me deal with the Malfoy/Rose situation but you’re clearly too shit faced to be of any help.” 


“You’re sounding rather judgy right now, Potter and it’s not a good look on you.” 


That wasn’t exactly true though. Honestly, James Potter could be severely constipated and be dying of a deadly disease and even that would be a good look on him. My eyes were on his face which was closer than I originally realized. I could smell the alcohol on his breath and the way his cheeks were flushed told me that he was fairly intoxicated. This was was the first time I had ever been around him when he was drunk and something about him felt a lot more laid back than usual. 


“Absolutely zero judgement here, Moseley. I respect that fact you’re currently behaving like a fourth year after taking a half of a shot of flavored vodka.” He teased with a little grin. I narrowed my eyes suspiciously because the way in which he teased was as if I was a friend and James and I were the furthest thing from friends. 


And in the spirit of not being friends, I decided to challenge him. “Oh please, I could outdrink you by a mile, Potter.” I scoffed but as soon as the words came out of my mouth I realized that it probably wasn’t wise of me to start a game that I knew I currently couldn’t win. 


In the beginning of the night, starting out sober, I’d possibly have a chance, but now, when I was already completely sloshed, it maybe wasn’t best decision. “Take a second and look at yourself, Moseley. Are you sure you want to continue with that thought?” 


I blinked up at him for a second, considering, and then proceeded to flick him off with a massive grin on my face. 


“Oh it’s on,” He smirked, reached down to grab my hands, and then hauled me to my feet before I was even aware of what was happening. My head whirled at the sudden motion and I fell into him. He caught me easily and cocked an eyebrow up as if to ask if I was alright. To that, I rolled my eyes but I stumbled a bit as I tried to make my way forward. 


He guided me through the hoards of people and I was made very aware of the fact that his hand was on the small of my back. I was grateful for the help though because without him the journey to the bar would’ve been a hell of a lot more difficult. He was a tad stumbly himself which told me that he was more intoxicated than I originally anticipated.


In my seven years at Hogwarts, I had come to discover that there were a lot of different types of drunks and partiers. 


There were the Hazel’s who didn’t usually drink so when they did they completely let loose like out of a scene from Girls Gone Wild. Exhibit A being her making out with the bloke at the bar tonight. Exhibit B being almost every other time she drinks and happens to end the night half naked. 


There were Silas’ who were bitter and irritated about everything in the party setting while they were sober but once they had a few shots in their system, typically became the life of the party. I didn’t care enough to crane my neck in any direction to look, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Silas was in the middle of the dance floor, getting ridiculously excited to each passing song that he even remotely recognized. 


There were Mitch’s whose whole goal of the night was to gain as many notches on the bedpost as possible. I don’t exactly know how he did it and it wouldn’t shock me if he was lying, but in sixth year, he managed to hook up with five different girls in one night. Hazel gave him the silent treatment for a week, claiming that it was because he was a ‘degrading, womanizing, piece of shit’, and I couldn’t really argue with her there. 


There were the Scorpius’ who never seemed to get sloppy drunk because they were almost always babysitting their friends yet they always seem to have a good time themselves. On my sixteenth birthday, Mitch, Cyrus, Silas and I decided to get roaring drunk and Scorpius managed to make out with two different girls, dance to almost every song, and get all of us tucked into bed, peacefully passed out without any injuries or permanently bad decisions made by 1 AM. 


There were Cyrus’ who were hard to place but just kind of bumbled around, typically totally wasted, doing whatever seemed appealing to them in that moment, which, in Cyrus’ case, was usually me. 


Then there were apparently James’ who seemed to be a lot more carefree and easygoing than they were when they were sober. His type of drunk were the most fun to be around because they liked pretty much everyone when they were intoxicated and appeared to be more open than usual. They were touchy, flirty, funny, and easily amused all at the same time. They were infectious but also very frustrating because you couldn’t help but enjoy their company immensely when you were around them. 


We both leaned against the bartop, with him leaning slightly into me with his hand still on my back. It felt natural and I liked the physical contact with him way more than I should. 


“Lou!” He yelled to his younger cousin who was currently serving a pair of redhaired, Gryffindor twin girls that had been rumored to make out with each other in front of different guys to turn them on and toy with his emotions before they left the poor bloke horny and begging for company. “LOUIS!” He shouted and banged his hand against the countertop until he was able to draw his attention. 


Louis’ head snapped in our direction and shot his cousin an annoyed glare before making his way over to us. “Dude, could you not see that I had the Hanover twins and their ‘twin twins’ in my grasp. I’ve been half in love with them since second year.”


“This is more important.” James insisted shortly. “I need more alcohol.” 


Louis’ eyes shifted in my direction. “I’m not sure that’s a good idea.” He said after giving us both a scrutinizing look. “You and Fred polished off an entire thing of firewhiskey between the two of you in like an hour and she’s been up here like at least seven times tonight each time more blasted than the last.” 


“Oh piss off, Lou,” James snorted and then proceed to hop over the countertop and push his cousin out of the way to have access to the liquor. For some reason I found the whole sequence of events hilarious and I started laughing more than normal. 


“Don’t do anything stupid, James.” Louis warned with a shake of his head and one last glance towards me before going back to flirt the Hanover twins. I didn’t really know what he meant by that and I didn’t care to know. James ignored him and poured us each two shots and effortlessly climbed back to my side of the bar. 


“Time to put your galleons where your mouth is, Moseley,” James challenged with the corner of one of his lips crooked upwards ever so slightly. He was closer than he was before and he voice was low in a way that was almost flirty and it made me want to jump of the Astronomy Tower. We kept eye contact as we both tossed back our shots in perfect synchronization but unlike him, I couldn’t help but wince and shiver in disgust as I slammed the shot glass back down on the bartop. 


“Fuck that, holy shit,” I said, partially gagging from the taste. For me, alcohol was terrible in the beginning and then it became tolerable a bit later and then it went straight back to being terrible as the night progressed. 


“Admitting defeat so soon, Moseley?” James quipped with a smirk and took a step even closer so that our front of our bodies pressed together. When I looked up and him and raised a questioning eyebrow, he merely blinked innocently and grinned. “I’m disappointed.” 


He knew what he was doing. He knew he was driving me crazy with his subtle, sort of flirting and I tried to remain nonchalant but truthfully all the physical contact made me want to do nothing other than tear off his clothes and have my dirty way with him. 


“Okay big shot, you give both of those a go,” I retorted, avoiding his eyes and trying to ignore the inner turmoil of horniess that I was currently feeling, and slid the remaining two shots in his direction. Without a pause, James threw back both in a matter of seconds.


“Fifty galleons says you toss your cookies by the end of the night,” I said even though I was staring slightly open-mouthed in awe.  


“You’re talking to the guy that did three keg stands, two beer bongs, and took six shots all in one night and then ate five slices of pizza and still managed to not puke,” He boasted, a tiny bit slurred, and his cheeks were red with heat as an effect from the alcohol he had just consumed.


The mention of food suddenly sparked an intense craving in my brain. The kind that I only ever got when I was drunk and/or high and it made me want to cry. “You know what I want right now? Like what I would probably sacrifice my first born child for if I had kids?”


“What?” He asked looking genuinely interested but with that partially vacant drunk look in his eyes. 


“Fucking waffles, dude.” I practically moaned and threw my arms out in the air in frustration at my longing. “With like melted butter and syrup and shit.” 


“Shut the fuck up, Moseley.” He whined clutched his heart like he was in pain because I knew as soon as I said it he wanted them too. “Don’t do that to me.”


“Can we go get waffles, Potter? Please! I just want waffles, please,” I begged desperately, clutching his arm and tilting my head to the side. It only took him about a half a second to consider. 


“Lead the way.”


That was all I needed to hear before I set off in the direction of the door, weaving in and out of people at an unreasonably fast pace, fueled by my desire to stuff my face with breakfasty goodness. It wasn’t until we had gotten outside of the Room of Requirement and into the corridor that James told me to slow down. 


“I’m on a mission, Potter,” I replied shortly and then added without turning around, “And don’t pretend that you don’t like looking at my ass in the shorts from behind.” 


Hell, if he could flirt then so could I. Although what I said doesn’t really fully qualify as flirting, more like unabashed cockiness, but I was okay with that. 


“If you turned and walked backwards, I could stare at your chest instead,” He proposed and I grinned because I could tell just from his voice that he was grinning.  


“Don’t be greedy, Potter,” I told him yet I spun around anyway so I was facing him, causing him to smirk, as I continued to take smaller steps backwards so he caught up easily. While my eyes were on his face, his were scanning my body and in that moment, I had never been so attracted to anyone. 


We were probably less than a foot away when I stopped walking backwards all together and he paused too and I felt like I could cut the sexual tension with a knife. We both knew what we wanted to happen yet we knew it couldn’t. Too much pride to get with a Slytherin and vice versa. Plus, it would totally fuck with our semi successful (okay, so far unsuccessful) couple breaking up duo so we both just stood there in the middle of the corridor, completely frozen. 


But then my eyes caught something small turning the corner and my stomach sank. “Shit,” I grumbled when I saw Miss Norris slowly prowl in our direction. Peeves watched for everything and anything for us except for Miss Norris because he apparently had an aversion to cats for some reason. Miss Norris was exactly the same in almost every way to Filch’s previous cat that died a few years before we came to Hogwarts except for the fact that Miss Norris apparently wasn’t married. I had never had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Norris but I was convinced that Miss Norris was most definitely more evil. This bitch would not only snitch but she’d bite your ankles until you bled before she snitched. 


James turned his head around and swore before grabbing my hand and pulling me into a run. We darted through the corridors, nearly tripping and falling many times, before James pulled me into a broom closet and slammed the door. 


He fell backwards with his back against the wall and I fell into him slightly. Both of us were breathing deeply and our hands were still attached. James looked down at me and my eyes met his as I looked up at him. 


“Fucking hell,” He muttered huskily under his breath and then his lips crashed onto mine. 


AYYYY I’m back and already have ideas for the next chapter. I had most of this chapter written for the longest time but it just took me forever to finish for some reason. I hated to leave you guys at a cliffhanger but who am I kidding cause I love cliffhangers. When I’m the one writing them at least. I’m probably going to write the next chapter of this next just cause I have a lot of it planned but I am going to try and get some Enemies with Benefits done too. I know I left you all at a cliffhanger for that too and I apologize. I’m terrible, I know. 


I really hope you guys like this story as much as I do because it’s so much fun to write. Please, please review cause I am going to start answering those again (once again, I’m terrible) and I’m desperate to know what you all think. Favorite characters? Least favorite characters? Favorite ships? Anything? 


Okay, I’m done talking now. I love you guys to pieces xx.

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