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The Alternative by SlightObsession
Chapter 6 : Hello, friend.
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 Pain, was all that Hermione could feel at the back of her head. She groaned and heard some voices around her. She couldn’t take the pain of the light yet, so kept her eyes closed.

‘’Hermione?’’ she heard a muffled voice.

She strained to hear the voice, it wasn’t Harry’s voice, it was Draco’s.

She groaned some more and dared to open her eyes. The light was too much but after a few flutters of her eyelids, she was able to keep them fully open.

‘’Draco?’’ she said as she looked around her and saw the blonde haired man sitting in a chair next to her, his face showing more emotion than what she had seen so far. She also realised that she was in a hospital bed in St Mungo’s.  ‘’What happened?’’ she squinted her eyes again to get use to the light.

‘’Well…we saw Dumbledore die again, and…I remember you screamed and fainted, but you took the fall bad. You hit your head badly. They had to stich it shut.’’ He blinked a few times and shut the emotion out on his face. Hermione looked down and realised that his hands were on top of hers. He looked down and realised what he had down and went to remove them when Hermione shook her head. She realised she quite liked his hands on hers.

She smiled and looked up at him, Draco where are you staying, I know we aren’t friends or anything, but since it’s just us and Harry, I think we ought to be, so that means im going to care. So…why are you in the same clothes as the ones I first saw you in on the day this all started to happen.’’ She looked at him, using her other hand to rub the back of her head.

Draco frowned, ‘’erm…’’ he looked down, ‘’I don’t have anywhere to stay, or clothes. Apparently the other me went bankrupt and got kicked out of Malfoy Manor just before everything changed.’’ He shrugged and looked back down, feeling extremely vulnerable.

‘’Draco! Where have you been staying?’’ she frowned, ignoring the dull ache in the back of her head.

He shrugged, ‘’on a bench. Disgusting, I know.’’ He threw his eyebrows up.

Hermione shook her head, ‘’you can’t carry on staying on a park bench.’’ She said to him in a matter of fact-ly way.

‘’I can’t stay anywhere else. I have no money.’’ Hermione started to see a different side of Draco, a side he didn’t show much, and she knew this. 

She sat back in her bed and began to think, she had a spare bedroom. He had nowhere to stay. It sparked a thought.

‘’Draco…I know this sounds stupid, you hate me, but I have a spare room. You can stay in there for a little while until you find somewhere.’’ She said slowly, slightly scared of his reaction, not knowing if he would flip and have a go at her, or if he would react unexpectedly, luckily for her, it was the latter.

He screwed up his face in thought, she almost wanted to laugh at it but he soon replied,

‘’wont it…be weird. After all of what has happened, at school and…’’ he left it trailing.

Hermione began to think, her mind said no, ‘’no, no it wont because that’s all in the past, isn’t it.’’ She smiled.

‘’Hermione…are you sure?’’ he frowned, wrapping his fingers around hers.

She nodded and smiled, ‘’im sure.’’ She smiled and felt the warmth flood through her, starting at the same fingertips that he was now stroking, and she was pretty sure he didn’t realise he was.

They sat there in silence for merlin knows how long- enjoying the silence when there was a cough at the door, Hermione looked up and saw Harry standing in the door way. Hermione felt Draco take his hand back.

‘’They said that you can go home Hermione, um…do you want me to take you? it’s best if you don’t apparate so I’ve got the car waiting outside. I told Ginny that I was working extra this morning so I could take you home. I’ll let you…ahem, get dressed.’’ He smiled and nodded towards the clothes sitting on the chair in the corner. He smiled and went back out the door.

Draco coughed awkwardly, ‘’ I’ll…uh, meet you at yours?’’ he asked.

She nodded and watched him walk out the room and shutting the door behind him.


‘’So…what’s going on with you and Draco?’’ Harry said as he turned left in the car.

‘’What do you mean?’’ she frowned as she looked out the window.

‘’Well, I was obviously interrupting a moment there.’’ She heard the smirk in his voice.

She turned and looked at him, ‘’nothing is going to happen Harry.’’

‘’do you want something to happen?’’ he looked at her through his round glasses as they stopped at a traffic light.

She peered at him, ‘’what do you mean by that?’’

‘’Come on Hermione, you’re smart. You know what I mean.’’ He raised an eyebrow as he pulled away.

‘’No, Harry! Of course not!’’ her voice came out a bit higher than expected, surprising herself and Harry.

She saw him smirk, ‘’you look like him when smirking.’’ And he dropped it immediately.

The car ride was silent the rest of the way until they pulled up outside of Hermione’s house.

Hermione went to open the door when Harry spoke, ‘’Hermione…be…be careful.  I don’t want to see you getting hurt again.’’ He smiled at her.

‘’Thankyou Harry.’’ She smiled at him, leant over and kissed his cheek and got out of the car and went inside her house.


She stepped inside the door, forgetting that Draco would be in there. She jumped when she saw Draco tangled up on the floor in a mess off cotton, glue and sticky string. She started to laugh when she saw the look on Draco’s face.

‘’I forgotten that would happen if someone who wasn’t allowed through the wards tried to apparate through.’’ She managed to say as she started to control her laughter.

She got her wand out of her back pocket and quickly got rid of the mess that Draco was in.

‘’what was that?’’ he said as he got up and raised an eyebrow, a stern look on his face.

‘’It was a muggle trap I had put if someone tried to enter my house without permission through my wards.’’ She said as she hung up her jacket on the back of the door and went through to her room to put her bag away.

‘’So…’’ Draco said as Hermione walked back into the front room, holding some male clothes.

‘’these are for you, since you have no other clothes. Some pj’s are in there too.’’ She smiled at him, ‘’if you follow me, I’ll show you your room.’’ She nodded at him and proceeded to the opposite side of the room and to the wooden door, she nodded to it and he opened the door. Inside was a double bed in the centre of the back wall, a double window on the wall to the far left and a wardrobe and drawers.

‘’sorry it isn’t much, I never expected to have someone stay here.’’ She smiled and walked in, placing the spare clothes on top of the bed.’’

‘’its plenty, thank you Hermione.’’ Draco hadn’t realised how close he was to Hermione, he felt the air thicken between them. He quickly gained back his sense and drew a deep breath and walked to the other side of the room to open the window.

‘’what would you like for dinner?’’ she asked as she leant against the door frame.

Draco turned away from leaning from the window seal, ‘’im going to make it for you, since you just came out of hospital from cracking open your head, and letting me stay here for a bit.’’ He smiled and walked past her into the kitchen, when he stopped.

‘’uh, Hermione, where is all your stuff? Your food?’’ he frowned.

Hermione remembered, ‘’poo, I haven’t got anything in. ‘’ she frowned when she saw him starting to laugh, ‘’what?’’

‘’did you, Hermione Jean Granger seriously say the word ‘poo’ in a sentence?’’ he leaned on the work surface.

‘’Yes, I did. Here is twenty so you can get some food.’’

Draco’s face dropped when Hermione put the money on the table, ‘’i…I will pay you back. Im going to get a job.’’

She smiled at him and waved her wand, enabling Draco to apparate in and out freely and turned and went into her bedroom, falling asleep as soon as her head touched the pillow.


Hermione soon woke to three knocks on her door, ‘’Are…are you awake? Dinner is ready?’’

‘’One...’’ Hermione coughed, ‘’one minute.’’ She shook her head, trying to get rid of the erotic dream she just had between her and a certain blonde.

She counted to ten to calm down and brushed her clothes straight and walked into the living/kitchen area.

‘’what is it?  It smells amazing.’’ She smiled as a flurry of scent’s hit her nose. She went and saw down on the sofa and watched as Draco came over and handed her a bowl of meatballs and spaghetti, sprinkled with parsley on the top.

He gave her an awkward smile and sat on the opposite armchair and started tucking into his own bowl.

They sat in awkward silence until they were both finished.

It was weird for them both, not wanting to leave each other’s company, enjoying it-actually. Never did both of them think that they would be sitting here.

Hermione looked up at Draco, she had never taken note of what he actually looked like. Of course she knew what he looked like, but not the little things. Even from this small distance, she could see the dimples in his collar bones, and the way his nose screwed up as he made a face as something he had begun to read.  They way his hair was now slightly too long and was now poking him in the eye. How his hair was darker at the roots, yet she knew he didn’t die his hair. This was the real Draco Malfoy, and he was now living with her.

Of course Draco has admired Hermione-secretly. He hadn’t previously realised that she was asleep. He went straight into her room but didn’t wake her up. He had noticed that her hair wasn’t as frizzy as he previously thought. The way she looked small and fragile just lying there in her bed. The way her nose was slightly up-turned at the tip and how she looked almost angelic like just lying there, not being a smart ass for once or making a smart comment about something. Of course he shook these thoughts out of his head and went back out her room.

He could feel her eyes burning into him but refused to meet them. He tried to concentrate on reading his book, but he felt the comment burning on his tongue.

‘’Do I have two holes in my head yet?’’ he said without looking up.

‘’What do you mean?’’ he could hear the confusion in her voice.

This made him smirk smally, ‘’well, with all the staring, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was too holes.’’

‘’I…I wasn’t staring.’’ Draco finally looked up and saw a flushed Hermione looking at a book that was previously sitting on the coffee table in front of them.

‘’Yes you were. Admiring my chiselled looks, where we?’’ he winked at her and got up, putting the bowls in the sink and started to wash them. He laughed silently to himself as she didn’t say another word, instead getting up and starting to dry up the dishes.

‘’What type of job are you going to look for?’’ She said as she put the towel down and put her hair up in a bun on the crown of her head. ,

‘’I was going to go through all the shops in diagon alley and see if anyone would take me on, but I doubt that would happen, due to the stupid mistakes of the other me. So I might have to go to a muggle place, but I don’t know what I would do.’’

Hermione hummed in thought as she placed a bowl in the cupboard, ‘’I think you would suit as a shop assistant.’’ She said to wind her up.

Draco looked at her, ‘’really Hermione?’’ he pulled a straight face.

‘’You cant take a joke can you?’’ she poked her tongue out at him.

‘’I can!’’ he said as he put the final dish in its place to be dried and cleaned the sink.

He watched as Hermione dried it, she had a loose piece of hair on her face and Draco got this overwhelming urge to tuck it behind her ear. So he did, and it caught Hermione by surprise.

‘’Sorry, you…just um, had a piece of hair….and…yeah.’’ he turned away awkwardly, not sure what to do.

Hermione smiled to herself, ‘’its…uh fine.’’

‘’I think im going to go to bed.’’ Draco turned to his bedroom.

‘’okay, same. The bathroom is through there.’’ She pointed to the door which was the main bathroom. ‘’there are towels in the cupboard in the bathroom, feel free to use one.’’ She smiled at him and went into her room, biding him a goodnight before turning in, Harry’s words echoing in her mind. 

A/N: So! what do you think?

Do you like the fact that Draco is staying with Hermione now?

Did you like their little moment? :p

SlightObsession xx

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