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Albus Potter and the Lost Riddle by HEG
Chapter 2 : Departure
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“Ah Albus, I wasn’t expecting you,” said Professor Drame softly.

“Er no,” answered Albus “I was meant to be going home for the holidays.”

“And Rose too,” he drawled, ignoring Albus’ answer “I wasn’t expecting you either.”

Rose trembled.

“Hugo and Scorpious you come in and sit down,” commanded Drame “You two need a word with me.”

Drame beckoned Rose and Albus to the corner of the classroom.

“Now,” whispered Drame “I want none, I repeat none of your cheekiness today. If you do then you will be sent straight to Professor McGonnagal.  Do you hear me?”

“Yes Professor Drame,” chorused Rose and Albus meekly.

“Sit down. You there; you there,” Drame told them.

Rose and Albus hurried to the requested seats obediently. Drame quickly walked over to his desk where the blackboard was.

“Get out your books and turn to page forty seven,” Drame told them. He clapped his hands. “Come on I haven’t got all day you know.”

Albus dipped his head under the desk and found his tattered potions book at the bottom of his Hogwarts rucksack. He hastily found page forty seven and scanned it. They were doing remedies.

“You should have found it by now,” said Drame.

“Well if you haven’t found it then we’re just carrying on with the lesson,” he told the meagre class “We’re doing remedies today. Can anyone tell me what a remedy is?”

None of the class raised their hand.

“Albus, how about you? What is a remedy?”

“A cure,” answered Albus.

“Well how d’you make one then?”

“Depends on what you want to cure,” said Albus “because it’s always different.”

“Stupid little wise acre,” sneered Drame, narrowing his eyes and trying to provoke Albus to answer back. But it didn’t work. Albus simply stared at Drame, not speaking at all. Drame stared back like a statue while the small, fuchsia alarm clock ticked and tocked in the corner. No body dared to say anything through fear of getting a whole load of trouble come their way. The only person who seemed to have a bit of courage was Hugo.

“Er....... Professor,” he stammered “can we continue with the lesson?”

“I’ve had enough of this!” hollered Drame “Every lesson I get interrupted, insulted and answered back. I’m fed up! These Hogwarts pupils are disgraceful! Durmstrang has much better behaviour. You should be ashamed. Hogwarts should be ashamed. I’m leaving,” he announced as he swept across the classroom.

For a moment the class didn’t know what to do. It was a moment of shock and thrill. Drame was gone, they were free for the rest of the day and they could fulfil their original idea of practising Quidditch! It was perfect luck. Rose, Scorpious and Albus exchanged glances of delight.

“Who wants to play Quidditch!?” exclaimed Albus.

Hugo and Scorpious stood up; ready to go while Rose pulled out her book instead.

“Come on,” she said “I’ll read while you practise.”

“Oh come on Rose! You can’t not play Quidditch on a day like this!” said Hugo.

“Hugo. You know that I hate Quidditch,” said Rose.

“Why?” asked Hugo “you never know you might be good.”

“I don’t care whether I would be the best or worst player in the world. I don’t like Quidditch!” exclaimed Rose.

“Stop being stupid,” argued Hugo “of course you would play Quidditch if you were the best player in the world!”

“Well maybe yes but I’m not am I?”

“How do you know? You never play!” said Hugo.

“I do play,” protested Rose.

“You’ve never played in your life!” laughed Hugo.

“Well I am now” said Rose haughtily leaving the room.

“Always does the trick,” Hugo murmured in to Albus’ ear.

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