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The Invisible Thief by lovestings
Chapter 29 : It's Actually Christmas
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It's Actually Christmas




My eyes were red from silently crying to Dominique last night but it was fine because I could easily pass it off as not being able to sleep last night or having a little alcohol before bed. Dominique was confused when I explained the situation. She thought Albus was being a moron and she wanted to go over to his sleeping bag and punch him in the face but I wouldn’t let her.




Can’t ruin Christmas for the kiddies.




“CHRISTMAS! CHRISTMAS!” There was a herd of little, high-pitched voices screaming from all directions and a collection of adult laughter. It seemed that the adults had taken the children off their leashes and let them attack us.




I felt the blanket be pulled back from me and an enormous weight was pressed onto my chest.








Oh, yes, it’s just Louis waking me up on this fine morning by sitting on my chest and spitting in my face.




I hate him.




“Get off,” I mumbled, pushing at his body. He smiled coyly at me before rolling off before continuing his assault now on Dominique. He prodded and pushed her sleeping body. He began to pull at her silky, blonde hair and she finally attacked back, swinging her arms at him and yelling bloody murder.




Louis should know better.




After nearly breaking his nose Dominique finally sat up, dusting off her silky pajamas. “I am so ashamed to call him my brother,” She said in a matter-of-fact tone before pulling herself up and offering me a hand. “You okay, B?” She asked, giving me a pitiful smile.








“I’m doing just peachy.”




Correction: I’m not doing peachy at all.








“Come on girlies! Zee’ children are waiting for you all to come into zee’ room!” Fleur’s voice floated into the room as she stuck her pretty face into the doorframe, scrunching her nose up at the mess. “Chu’ kids have trashed zee’ house!” She shook her head before zeroing in on Dom and I, “And still in ze pajamas too!” She sighed and began to walk away.




I turned to face Dom who was pinching the bridge of her nose before muttering, “It’s way too early to deal with my family.”




“Cheer up, Dom, you always got me.” I gave her a small smile.




She looked at before shaking her head and walking away.




Ok, bitch, am I not good enough?




I followed behind Dom and wasn’t shocked when I saw the whole entire Weasley-Potter clan plus more people I didn’t even know filling the huge center entrance of the Potter mansion. In the middle of the room there was a huge tree that was magically charmed to be the length of the three floor open ceiling.




It was decorated with all these beautiful colors of gold, red, green, and silver. The tree twinkled and sang holly tunes. Despite my sour mood I couldn’t help but smile. It was Christmas and I can’t let the fact that I’m stupid and Albus is even more stupid than I am get in the way of it.




The tree was overflowing with presents underneath it. Last night Ginny had us all put our presents into a portal key hole that was magically charmed to hide the presents until the morning where they would all magically appear underneath the Christmas tree. I had never seen so many colorfully decorated boxes before in my life.




“Isn’t it beautiful?” Rose gushed, standing in her Christmas decorated pajamas as she pressed her hands to her face in excitement.




“It really is,” I smiled. My Christmas may not be perfect but it’s starting to be a hell of a lot better than I expected it to be. I just hope all my other friends get their gifts and are happy with them. I had sent them out – even Amelia’s – to arrive today.




I had gotten Leslie a necklace that I had charmed to heat up whenever Fred was in a fifty foot radius and a comical joke book from the Weasley’s store. For Amelia I got her an exact blanket that I have that she always tries to steal during naptime and quidditch tickets to her favorite team.




For all the boys on my quidditch team I got them various random things that I knew they would love and for Jenna I got her some shabby gift card just because I didn’t care much for what she liked considering she’d hate it either way because it was from me.




“Can you pansies stop staring at the tree so we can open our presents?” James asked in annoyance, jumping up and down next to his mother.




I swear sometimes I can’t imagine that this boy is going to be graduating in a few months time. He acts more childish than his younger siblings and cousins. The only thing that reminds me that he is nearly 18 is the subtle stubble on his chin that Lily hadn’t shaved for him yet and his adam apple.




Ginny scolded her son, swatting at him to get off her. “Despite my son being a moron I suppose he is right,” She muttered before putting on a big smile and looking at Nana Weasley. “Do the honors mum?” She asked.




Nana Weasley smiled bright and fished her wand out before looking at everyone. “Everyone stay put, y’here me children?” She said, sending Louis and Fred calculating glances before continuing to talk. “The presents are all charmed to go to their rightful owners so no stealing and Happy Christmas!” She cheered before swishing her wand.




It was like a scene out of movie because billions of presents floated in the air and became magnetically attracted to their now owners. Freddy beckoned us over to a little circle he had started so we could all see what we all got. I jogged to catch up with them and I was belated to see my presents float behind me in a trail and my did I have a lot of presents.




When I sat down in between Dominique and James all the boxes floated above my head in a little halo.




“So, who’s presents are we opening first?” Dominique asked in a greedy tone.




“Mine!” Fred beamed with excitement. “Everyone open my presents.”




I soon found out that you had to call out the name of the person that gave you the present for it to come to you. There was a chorus of people around the circle calling out Fred’s name as different size boxes floated into our laps.




Fred had given some…interesting gifts.




James, Albus, and Louis all got gag jokes which they didn’t seem surprised by. Scorpius got a book called “The Proposal: A guide for stupid men on how to fit into the family” which made him flip Fred off and shout something about how he didn’t love rose. Speaking of Rose, she got a rose. Literally, Fred picked a rose from the garden and wrapped it. Mind you, he gave her a dead rose too.




He’s so thoughtful, obviously.




He had always given Dominique a teddy bear joking that now both she and Vic could have their own teddy. Dominique wasn’t so thrilled about this and told him she was going to light him on fire while he slept. Sounds a bit extreme but I don’t doubt that she’ll do it either.




My box was slender and wrapped in newspaper. I pealed it open while Rose was crying about how inconsiderate Fred was, blocking out their words. I furrowed my eyebrows together when I saw my gift, looking up. “Fred…did you give me a school text book?”




In my lap was a shrunken down version of our Potions Honors text book but it wasn’t the seventh year addition one that I was using in the advance class with Fred and James this year. No it was the one fro last year, I recognized the horrid green color.




“Yeah,” He said sheepishly. “It’s your old one actually. You left it in class the last week and Professor Weakly wanted me to give it back to you but I guess I forgot and I found it in my truck like two months ago. You have all these notes in it and stuff from when you were studying.”




I nodded my head.




“It’s not as lame as it sounds. I charmed it so that whenever you go to read it you’ll hear me speaking it. It took a whole shit tone of time to record it so you better like it.”




I was actually surprised. This was a really thoughtful gift from Fred of all people. I smiled at him before reaching over and giving him a hug, “Aw, Fred, you rock.”




“Are you kidding me?” Rose broke the silence. “You gift her some personal text book while I get a dead rose.”




“Shut up, Rose.”




You tell her, Fred.




We went around like this for nearly half an hour opening all our gifts.




The next presents we opened were from James. His gifts were just as interesting as Fred’s. Fred got some foreign joke book he wanted, Albus got an exact copy of the glasses he already had because apparently he breaks them a lot, Louis got a t-shirt with James’s face on it, and Rose and Dominique both got vouchers to ‘STARE AT JAMES’S SEXY FACE FOR 24 HOURS’.




Like I said, they were interesting.




James got me a t-shirt with his face on it as well except on the back it says ‘SLYTHERIN QUIDDITCH TEAM SUCKS JAMES POTTER’ which honestly doesn’t make sense but it’s the thought that counts, right?




It sounds kind of dirty to me so I’m just gonna put that t-shirt in the back of my drawer and call it a day.




Louis and Scorpius gave more practical gifts, thank goodness.




Louis gave all the boys some dvd to learn how to speak French because they’re always complaining how that’s the only reason why Louis gets girls, he gave his sister a new charm for her bracelet, Rose a giftcard to buy new clothes because apparently – and I quote – “She dresses like a old lady drag queen that reads to many books”, and for little old me he got me a plain charm bracelet that matched Dominique’s.




And like Louis, Scorpius gave more appropriate gifts per mentioned already. He got the boys a various of things, nothing really special except for Albus’s gift which was a pair of fancy suit cuffs that had his initials engraved on it.




They shared some special bromance moment when Albus opened the gift. They stared at each other smiling before doing some awkward hug thing.




Scorpius gave Dominique some spa voucher since they really aren’t close and he didn’t know what to get her. For Rose, I wasn’t sure what he would get her but he surprisingly got her a really nice gift. It was some muggle book she was always off talking about how much she loved and – wait for this – he got it signed by the author too.




Apparently Scorpius’s mum is really into muggle books and she had some connections.




Rose stared at the book in awe before looking at Scorpius with a touched expression. “Scorpius…thank you so much.” She breathed before sending him a friendly smile which he just acknowledged with a head nod.




Oh my gosh. They’re too cute. I’m gonna make that happen. It’s official.




Scorpius got me a charm of a girl flying on quidditch broom to go on my new charm bracelet that was pretty and meant a lot to me.




Albus went next with giving out his gifts and I was nervous when I called him name and a little box came flying my way. I was still all strung up about what we discussed last night to be honest and I just couldn’t understand how we were so close but not at the same time.




It was standard about what everyone else’s gifts. The boys got little things that they  had mentioned or were more practical jokes instead of presents. Scorpius got a more proper present since the two of them have some budding bromance. He gave Rose a giftcard to her favorite book store and Dominique a heavy knit scarf from a shop in Paris.




I slid open the wrapping paper when Rose was too busy going on about how excited she was to buy more books. The box was a muted down blue color with a pearl ribbon wrapped around it. It looked like the store had wrapped it and then Albus had unwrapped it as if to check that the present was still in the box because there was some messed up bow on the top.




I laughed softly as I turned the top of the box over but I choked on my own laughter as I looked at the gift Albus had gotten me.




I had expected, based on the jewelry box, to have gotten another charm for my bracelet because it seemed like they all had talked about what they had gotten me but instead there was a beautifully delicate necklace sitting in the box.




The chain was silver and extremely thin, like angel hair spaghetti. In the center there was a small silver with my initials engraved on it. He had even when through the trouble of figuring out my middle name because it was there too.




I ran my finger over the little groves before looking up and finding Albus’s eyes. He was looking at me carefully, trying to figure out if I liked the gift or not. There was commotion going on about how Rose wanted us to open her gifts next.




I smiled at him and mouthed, “It’s perfect.”




He grinned at me before winking. I slowly slid the box back closed and placed it at the front of my pile, wanting to keep it in my eyesight.




Rose went next at giving her gifts with Dominique to follow her.




I don’t really want to go into depth about what everyone got because I’m a lazy bum and it’s almost my turn anyways. Rose had gotten me a giftcard which wasn’t all to surprising since we weren’t really that personal of friends. Dominique had gotten me another charm for my bracelet which made me smile. She had gotten me a best friends charm and I made sure to hug her tightly when I opened it, promising her that I liked it.




I also had a few extra boxes from people that had sent their gifts prior so I would receive them. My family had gotten me random stuff here and there; clothes and money being the standards. Leslie had gotten me a bottle of this new hair potion I was looking at to help with unruly thick hair and a pretty headband that was intricately decorated. Amelia had sent me, despite our fight, new chasing gloves that were bedazzled and a knit hat.




“Okay, my turn!” I beamed once I had finished my immense pile of gifts. It was probably the most gifts I had ever received.




Everyone looked excited as they called out my name and boxes of all different sizes came up and onto their laps.




“You didn’t give us bombs or anything, right?” Fred asked skeptically.




Might as well.




I smiled, “Nah, I’m not that keen on killing off some of my only friends.”




“Who said we’re friends with you?”




“Shut up, Louis, you love me.” I stuck my tongue out before shaking my head. “Well? Open them!”




I was nervous to see their reactions. I had stressed for weeks about to get everyone when suddenly it all just clicked. I was cleaning my room and while searching underneath my bed I had found them and remembered the fond little memory that helped build my friendship with all the people here.




Of course I couldn’t just give them what I found so I also bought them little things.




James was the first to respond by laughing loudly, shaking his head. “Only you Brielle,” He said with a smile before holding up a pair of shoes.




Not just any shoes – the shoes I stole from him months ago.




That’s right, Brielle Patil the thief that steals quidditch teams’ shoes returned them as a holiday gift.




I hope you all get a kick out of that.




Everyone was giggling and laughing, pushing jokes at me here and there.




I hadn’t stolen Dominique’s shoes so instead I had bought her a pair of running shoes so she’d stop borrowing mine and I also got her a charm to go on her bracelet since I was with Louis when he bought her gift.




I had added little knick knacks like I said with everyone’s shoes as well. Despite cleaning them, of course.




I gave all the boys tickets to go to a quidditch game together (good tickets too, mind you!) and a pass in the restricted area in the library for Rose (don’t ask about what I had to do to get that – that is quality black market shit in her hands right now).  




“Do you guys like it?” I asked in a insecure way. What if my gifts weren’t personal enough? They had all surprised me with their level of appreciation towards me in their own odd ways and I had returned shoes that I had stolen from them in the first place.




“Like it?” Dominique asked before continuing. “We love it!” She beamed as she already added the butterfly charm I had gotten her onto her bracelet.




I beamed at them, “Merry Christmas guys.”




I may not be best friends with Amelia right now.




I may not have the perfect quidditch team right now.




I may not be spending the holidays with my perfect family right now.




But I know what thing I do have.




I have pretty amazing friends and that’s good enough for me. 


A/N: Heyo guys! So, to be honest, I'm not really thrilled with this chapter. I've gotten to the point where I've run out of chapters I can just post so now I have to get back to writting which I love to do but this chapter was just off. 

I don't know why it was so difficult to write but I hope you guys liked it anyways! Obviously, you guys weren't so fond about Albus and Brielle being just friends but it is crucial for the story plot to develop!! 

What did you think about this chapter? I have been planning Brielle giving them back the shoes as a gift for a pretty long time. Hopefully it wasn't lame. I'm thinking of doing a really long chapter next time! I'm kinda going to skip around to the ending of the break. They're gonna be getting for the New Year's Eve party next chapter and than the following chapter it'll probably happen I believe so! Can you believe we're almost at 30 chapters? It's just crazy! I wouldn't be anywhejre without you guys!

I love hearing what you guys think and it really makes my day when you review so please tell me what you think! I love you all and hopefully I'll update soon! 


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The Invisible Thief : It's Actually Christmas


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