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Confronting Temptation by EarthsTrueGreen
Chapter 23 : From Ms. to Mrs.
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Chapter 23
Scorpius kissed Rose feverishly. She moaned, as their sweating bodies were tangled in one another’s embrace. His fingers stroked up along her hip, following the curve into her waist, to her ribs, then her breast, continuously moving until he had found his way to her shoulder.

The signs of early dawn, peered through their windows. Scorpius’ had woken her up with the intent on them getting ready to go to his parent’s, but he somehow managed to get preoccupied with his new bride.

Tracing his touch down her arm, Scorpius entwined the fingers that held both their wedding rings. Rose gripped him tightly, her knees buckling while she moaned against his neck, and he stopped moving, his muscles stiffening.

Pulling his head back, Scorpius balanced it against hers, gasping heavy breathes, just staring at her. Rose breathed, as she rubbed his cheek taking in his panting. Her body wrapped in only him and the bed sheets over them. The still dark purpled sky casted shadows around the room, making the world still feel asleep, and for the time being they were in a moment entirely of their own.

Breathing together, Scorpius could feel the race of her heartbeat through her bare chest; it moved with his. They kept silent taking each other in for what they were; husband and wife.

With the realization of the previous night’s events finally sinking in Scorpius whispered “We're married,”

Rose gave a shy smile at the thought, as she arched her body up but still remained under him, “Married,” she confirmed in the same quiet tone.

They hadn’t done anything fancy. Rose didn’t carry flowers or walk to a song. They simply went to a small wizarding village’s courthouse and requested to be married. The whole thing was over in less than fifteen minutes.

They spent their wedding celebration locked away in their room. Rose remembered feeling Scorpius’ wedding ring graze against her spine as he unzipped her dress. Her body nervous even though she knew what was going to happen.

Scorpius brushed some strands of hair out of her face, pulling her from her thoughts, still unmoving his eyes from her. Glancing to the clock that was on the side of the bed, he hated to ruin the moment, but had no choice “My parents are expecting us by noon.”

“Can’t we be late?” Rose asked coyly, looping her arm around his neck.

Scorpius gave her a look, and Rose sighed, “My parents don’t do late.”

Rose groaned inwardly, that was one trip she wanted to put off as long as possible. No matter how much Scorpius reassured her, she couldn’t help but feel nervous and unprepared to spend the next seven days in Malfoy manor, spending Christmas with them.

A seductive smirk began to spread across her face. Pressing her lips to his collar bone, “And…What…About…You?” she said through kisses, watching as Scorpius’ eyes were closing in pleasure “Do you do late?” she quirked an eyebrow up at him.

Scorpius wanted to lie in bed with Rose all day, but he looked at the clock, “Rose, we’re supposed to be there in an hour.”

“So,” Rose said innocently, going back to what she was doing before, “That’s plenty of time.”

Scorpius felt his blood rushing and his body tensing. Her lips burning into his skin, shocking chills through him. He tried to resist, he truly did, but as her mouth moved up to just below his ear, he lost his resolve and mumbled “Bloody hell,” before crushing his lips on hers, making Rose laugh.


An hour later Rose stood in front of their fire place, listening as Scorpius was scrambling things together behind her. “Are you still freaking out?” he said humorously from the kitchen.

Rose tugged on the sleeve of her shirt. “Are you seriously that calm?” she countered whipping her head around to eye him.

Scorpius rolled his eyes “It’s going to be fine,”

Crossing her arms “Oh really, and how do you think they are going to feel when they find out we’re married?”

Scorpius scowled as he walked out from around the counter, carrying both their bags. “I have that figured out,”

Rose raised her eyebrow at his confidence.

“We're just not going to tell them until they love you,” Rose’s jaw fell open, as she thought about throwing her shoe at him, but when she heard Scorpius laugh, she realized he was joking.

“That was not funny,” she fussed.

Walking over to he hugged his arms around her “Will you just relax, we’re going to tell them on Christmas Eve, when everyone is there and they won’t make a scene.”

Rose gave a shaky smile, not entirely sure of his plan. “And what about our rings?”

Scorpius gave a remorseful smile “We’re going to have to take them off for a couple of days,” he was serious this time. “Only when we’re around them.”

Frowning she took the ring off her finger and slipped onto her opposite hand, “And where’s yours going.” Scorpius reached the collar of his shirt and pulled out a metal chain that was around his neck, with his ring dangling off of it. She hadn’t realized that he had already taken his ring off.

“You about ready?” he asked tucking the ring back under his shirt.

Staring back to the fire place she gave a weak nod.

Putting on a smile, Scorpius walked in to the fire place “See you in a few minutes,” he said dropping the floo powder and calling the name of his house.

Since they were flooing overseas there was a time delay, and apparently it was just enough time for Rose to receive a howler from Carla, blasting her every name she could. Making a mental note to send Matt and Carla and explanation once she got to London, she went inside the fire place. Her hand quivering as the chalky grey powder was slightly spilling from the cracks of her fingers, she said “Malfoy manor,”


When Rose opened her eyes she was in the fire place of a large parlor room. Looking around the room had very little furniture in it and white marble floors. There was a large window on the back wall, with its green drapes pulled open so that the sun would come in.

Taking a heavy breath of air, Rose saw Scorpius hugging his mother, who was fussing about him not eating enough, and his father standing not far behind them rolling his eyes at his wife’s comment.

“I’m sure he’s eating just fine Astoria.” Draco said amused, as Scorpius pulled away from his mother and turned to greet his father. Placing a hand on his son’s shoulder, “Well you look alive which is a step up from the last time we saw you,” he said sarcastically.

“Thanks dad,” Scorpius replied in the same voice, making Draco smirk. Turning his head he winked at Rose. Walking over to her he dragged her out of the fire place and threw an arm over her shoulder, “Mum, dad, this is Rose,” he said with pride.

Astoria gave a kind smile, and walked over to her “It’s a pleasure,” she spoke sweetly, delicately holding her hand out for Rose to shake. Her grip was weak and her hands soft, having never worked a day in her life.

“You do resemble your father don’t you,” Draco's voice stern and expression unreadable.

Rose wasn’t sure how to respond to that “And Scorpius certainly does resemble you,” she said, not as stern.

She felt Scorpius grip her shoulder tightly, while Draco eyed her up and down. The entire time it felt as if the room was waiting for his response. Finally his lips seemed to quirk slightly, as he nodded in what seemed to be an accepting tone.

Rose released a breath she hadn’t realized she had been holding. Scorpius didn’t loosen his grip though, instead he continued to hold it, while giving his father an all knowing eye.

Draco’s smirk returned, and he gave the same look, like they were having a private conversation “We’ll talk later Scorpius, but right now you should get our gust settled in,”

“What about grandmother?” he asked knowing the few choice words his grandmother Narcissa would have if she ran into Rose unprepared.

Astoria gave a half-smile “She has been nursing her brandy in preparation. You shouldn’t have anything to worry about.”

Rose couldn’t help but feel like the entire house had been preparing for her arrival, not just Scorpius’ grandmother.


Scorpius was tense as they walked up a very large staircase, and turned down a hallway that had two double doors at the end. Rose wanted to ask what was bothering him but she kept quiet, knowing he’d tell her in his own time. Stopping at the door, Scorpius opened it, lingering behind Rose so that she could see it.

Glancing her eyes around the room. The walls were a beige color that made the room feel clean but not lifeless. Hanging by the window was the same green drapes, which were pulled open to give a view of the grounds below.

Feeling Scorpius lightly nudge her back, to enter, Rose steeped inside, noticing how the room was much larger than she thought. In front of his bed was fireplace with a mantel that had a long row of pictures along it.

Going over to the mantel she traced her finger along it, examining the frames. There were pictures of key moments from his childhood while growing up, him and his parents as he was growing up: Astoria being the doting mother and Draco usually carrying a smirk. There was one with him standing next to a small blond girl, who looked abundantly happy as she leaned forward laughing; it took Rose a moment to recognize that it was Vivian. Later pictures included Scorpius at school and standing with Bryan. Almost reaching the end Rose stopped moving, picking up a picture of just him.

It was Scorpius the way she remembered him years ago. He was sitting by himself in the quidditch stands wearing his Slytherin quidditch gear. His eyes were staring forward in thought, and he had his arm propped on his knee, which was bent up. The wind was occasionally blowing his hair, and he was breathing deeply, looking as if he hadn’t noticed that the picture was being taken. Noticing the captain badge on his uniform, this was taken during their seventh year. “Was this taken when we were?”

“Together,” he nodded his head, his lips pressed together.

Running her fingers around his profile, she absently wondered what he had been thinking about. “I’m keeping this one,” she announced after a minute.

Scorpius smiled as put their bags down on top of a large dresser. Plopping down on the bed her groaned loudly rubbing his eyes “My parents are going to freak out when we tell them,” he mumbled dreadfully.

Putting the picture down, Rose crawled onto the bed, giving a soft chuckle. Positioning herself beside him, they were laying on their sides facing each other. His hand instinctively sat on her hip, and their legs were tangled together one on top of the other.

“You think your parent’s reaction is going to be bad, could you imagine my parent’s.” she joked.

Scorpius’ gave her a blank stare before laughing, “Good point,”

Rose laughed with him, trying to imagine herself standing in front of her father and telling him that they were married. She could see his face turning red, as he was ready to murder Scorpius. Her smile fell at the thought and she shifted her eyes away from him. The realization that she was never going to get the opportunity to tell her father anything of the sort.

“Not that we will ever get the chance to see it,” she said solemnly.

Catching on to the expression Scorpius calmed his laughing and asked “You want to tell them don’t you?

Meeting his eyes, Rose shook her head no “I want to tell them and have my father be happy for me, for us. But…” She raised her hand, and started to stroke the hair behind his ear with her thumb. “I know my father and I refuse to listen to him tell me that marrying you was a mistake.”

Rolling on his back, Scorpius tugged her closer to him, and kissed the top of her head “Well if at some point over the week you decided that you want to visit them, then I’ll go with you,”

Rose nodded but closed her eyes, balancing her head on his chest, “The only people I plan to visit is Albus, and Hugo and that’s because he asked me to come and meet his daughter.”

Scorpius looked confused “I thought that they were having a boy,”

“Yeah you and everyone else, they named her…”

“Belinda,” Scorpius answered before Rose could finish.

Turning her eyes up to him she gave him an odd look.

“I was with Lexie for three years. I know what she wanted to name her kids.” He said simply.

Rose gave an accepting nod, and closed her eyes again. They laid together in silence, Scorpius gently stroked her back with his hand. Her slow breaths hitting his neck, “So what did you think of my room?”

“I thought you would have more books,” she said nodding to the cushy chair and the single bookcase by the fireplace. It was large, but somehow she always pictured Scorpius’ childhood room having an abundance of books in it.

Chuckling to himself, Scorpius pointed to the ceiling. Rose hadn’t noticed it before, but bordering the top of the room was one long and continuous shelf. Taking in the large size of the room she could have guessed that there were hundreds of books sitting on the shelf, as they wrapped around the room.

“That’s more like it,” she said, feeling Scorpius’ lips smile against her temple.


“So Rose,” the words startled her, as Rose jerked her hand, hearing the fork she was holding collide with her plate of food in an unproper way.

Scorpius muffled a snort, which resulted in a small kick from Rose, who was beside him. Turning her head slightly down the dinner table, which was much too large for only five people, she pushed a nervous smile to Astoria.

The woman gave a look that tried to suggest that the action didn’t bother her as she went on with her question. “So what is it that you do besides convincing my son to live over three thousand miles away from home?” She asked with no bitterness in her tone, although Rose wasn’t entirely sure if that meant she had none.

“I uh…” she looked down to her plate of hardly eaten food, hoping that it would produce an answer, “Well I read and I…” This was one of the few moments in Rose’s life that she  wondered if she was boring “I work,” she managed to say.

Astoria nodded her head, expecting more, only to realize that none was coming “Oh,” the woman’s hospitality never faltered “I can see that you and Scorpius have a lot in common,”

A low judgmental sigh came from across the table, “A working woman,” Narcissa said “How pleasant,” her voice dripping with sarcasm.

Rose popped her head up and stared at the woman whose grey hair was pulled back in a tight bun and her dinner robes were more expensive than anything she had ever owned. “I actually enjoy working,” she stated it bluntly.

Narcissa’s eyes became slits as she reached for the current glass of brandy she was drinking. Rose had to admit this woman was scary. When she and Scorpius first walked down to dinner, Rose could feel the woman’s gaze judging every detail. She had made an effort to actually look semi-formal, brushing her hair in to lager curls and wearing the one formal work dress she owned for work, it was a black scoop neck with sleeves that cut off at her elbows. It was beyond her why these people dressed up to eat dinner in their own house. Scorpius, who was in a white oxford shirt that he’d tucked into his blank dress paints, said “There is nothing causal about the Malfoys.”

Rose silently thought that these people were in for a rude awakening when they found out that they were married, because this was one get up that she was not about to make a habit of. Jeans were something that she loved, and could wear for every meal of the day.

“Now, now mother what else do you expect from a Weasley.” Draco said from the end of the table, waving the house elf, Kippy, over to pour Narcissa another glass of brandy.

Rose gave a tight smirk. The way Draco spoke, it could have been a compliment, or criticism.

Feeling Rose’s body stiffen Scorpius spoke up “I find it attractive that Rose works grandmother,” he caught her smile from the corner of his eye.

Narcissa nearly choked on her brandy, but didn’t speak. Leaving Draco with the opportunity to speak “I have a question,” he said with a loaded tongue “Why is it that my son had to move to New York, instead of you moving back to England where you’re from?”

Both Scorpius and Rose shifted in their seats. “To be honest sir, in New York we don’t have the influences of our families.” Rose answered laying her fork and knife down no longer hungry. “And I am sure that you are well aware of how problematic that can be for us.”

Draco gave a dry twitch of the lips, “Yes, I am.” he said curtly, “But tell me what happens if this doesn’t work out? My son has everything to lose.”

“I’m not sure what you mean?” Rose said her neck becoming heated and her cheeks turning red.

“Well Scorpius has given up his job at the ministry, and the closeness of his friends and family, to be with you. If you two were to break up then he has basically given up his entire life for nothing.” He eyed the red headed woman as she stuttered for a response.

Forcing a polite smile on her face “We're not going to break up this time,” she said sternly.

“Of course not,” Draco said in a way that she couldn’t distinguish if he meant it or not, “But what if you do?”

“Then I…” Rose began to scratch the palm of her hand.

“Darling please,” Astoria said, but was ignored by her husband.

“You what…” Draco pushed

Rose shrugged her shoulder and shook her head “I don’t know sir,”

Seeming to accept the answer “I’m not attempting to be rude, I’m simply trying to express my concern about Scorpius’ recent actions,”

Becoming more flustered, Rose opened her mouth but quickly shut it,

“Do you see my concern Ms. Weasley?” Draco continued.

“Her name is Malfoy, dad.” Scorpius interrupted while cutting through his lamb chop.

Rose’s jaw hung open as she stared at Scorpius, while Draco scrunched his forehead “What?” he asked.

Scorpius continued to cut, “Rose is my wife, so her name is Malfoy.”

“You’re MARRIED!” Draco yelled fiercely.

But Scorpius didn’t falter, “Yes we are,” he said calmly before looking around the table “Would you pass the salt mother?”

Rose slumped back in her chair, not caring how improper it was, and pinched the bridge of her nose, massaging the bone in tiny circles. Draco and Astoria were in utter shock as they stared down their son, and Scorpius acted as if nothing was wrong. The only thing breaking them from their silence was the sound of Narcissa’s crystal glass shattering from how tightly she had been griping it and then fell out of her chair and  to the floor.


Rose sat at the bottom of the grand staircase, listening to Scorpius and Draco’s voiced yelling at one other through the closed doors of Draco’s study. Tugging at the back of her shoe, she pulled of her high heels and placed them beside her, silently wondering if they were going back to New York tonight.

“I hope you don’t think that they are arguing about you?” Astoria’s kind voice said from behind her.

Rose turned to see the woman standing a few steps above her. Astoria had just helped Narcissa to her bedroom, and made sure that she was alright.

“I’m not sure what to think,” Rose answered quietly.

Astoria gave a genuine smile as she walked down and gracefully sat beside Rose. Hearing a loud thud, Rose’s eyes shot back to the closed door of the study “Was it a nice ceremony?”

“It wasn’t anything special, it was just a courthouse,” twisting the ring that was now back on the proper hand, she nodded “It was perfect.”

“That’s good,” Astoria mumbled, “Wish I could have seen it.” She said with a hint of sadness.

Rose turned “We didn’t want anyone to tell us that what we were doing was wrong. We know that it is fast and sudden but…” she thought of how to describe it “We have wasted six years not being together, six years of being in love but apart. We didn’t want to waste any more time.”

Silence fell between them again as the shouting continued. “Draco is mad but it is not personally against you, or who you are.” Astoria paused, “When Scorpius went missing, Draco was more worried than anyone else. That was one of the worst nights of my life, watching that building burn, and him never showing up.” Astoria took a moment “It’s a feeling that I never wish any parent to have.”

Astoria laid a soft hand on Rose wrist and gave it a squeeze. Shocked Roe looked up to the woman who had a determined expression. “You risked your life to save our son, and that makes up for any distaste we may have felt towards you in the past. Give it some time Draco will calm down he is just concerned.”

Rose nodded her head in understanding. Astoria held her stare and there was a grateful look in her eyes. “I hope you know that I do love your son very much,”

“I know,” Astoria smiled “I haven’t seen my son so happy in years.”

Rose blushed, and then jerked at the sound of a door being slammed. Pulling her arm from Astoria’s hand Rose turned to see Scorpius looking exhausted.

“Am I as stubborn as he is,” Scorpius asked his mother.

“Sometimes worse,” she answered slyly.

Stopping in front of them, he looked down to Rose who had expectant eyes “So how did it go?”

“He’s not happy,” Scorpius said.

“Did you honestly expect any other reactions; you did sort of surprise it on him.” Astoria said.

Scorpius shrugged, “He thinks we're moving too fast, but he didn’t say anything bad about you,” he smirked at Rose.

“Well that’s a relief.” She muttered.

Astoria stifled a laugh as she stood up and patted Scorpius on the cheek, “I’m going to go try and talk to him,” she announced, before turning to Rose “We’ll go out to lunch one day this week, it will give us time to properly talk.”

“Ok,” Rose said in shock, watching Astoria walk into Draco’s study and closing the door softly.

Scorpius raised his eyebrows “Nice chat?” he asked occupying the seat that Astoria had been at. Laying his hand on her knee, he rubbed it.

“I think so,” she said.

Scorpius closed his eyes and took a moment to breath. “Welcome to the Malfoy family,” he joked.

Laughing Rose covered his hand “I will admit you are going to have a hard time beating today’s drama.”

“You haven’t met the rest of the family yet,”

“Speaking of which, I thought we were going to wait until Christmas to tell them?” Rose asked.

“Rose he was just interrogating you, and I…” He shook his head “I go mad,”

Rose gave an understanding smile “The next time you decide to do something like that I would appreciate it if you gave me a little bit of a warning.”

“I’ll try,” Scorpius said lifting his fingers up through the spaces of hers and clutching them. Staring at her wedding ring he reached for the chain around his neck. “I suppose I don’t have to wear this anymore,” and her jerked the necklace off holding it in the palm of his hand. Giving Rose a coy smile, he held his hand out “You care to do it Mrs. Malfoy.”

Rose smirked, and grabbed the chain. She slipped the gold band off of it and reached for his left hand. Forcefully but playfully shoving the ring onto his finger.

“Ouch,” he said bluntly, but Rose still gripped his finger.

“So help me Scorpius Malfoy if you ever make me take off my wedding ring again I will divorce you,” Rose said in a serious tone.

“You’ve gotten attached to that thing,” Scorpius joked.

Rose entwined their fingers together, “Is that really such a bad thing,”

“I suppose not,” he said with a grin, and leaned in to kiss her.

A/N: So I am not going to lie, I had an extremely hard time getting the Rose personality from Twelve out of my head and if you have been fallowing that then you know that her personality in that story is almost the exact opposite of the Rose in this story. Anyways I was finally was able to get back in with this Rose, and I hope that you liked the chapter. So what did you think of the Malfoys and Rose? This chapter felt a bit filler and I promise that the next chapter will have some Weasley action in it. Anyways please review and let me know what you think. Thank you for reading and once again please review, I love reading your feedback.

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