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Object of Their Affections by ReignLee
Chapter 49 : The Ambush in the Library
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“Don’t you dare go disappearing back into that dormitory, Harry James Potter,” Rosevine grumbled as soon as Remus had left them to go say a private goodbye to his wife and son.  “It’s about time you pulled your head out of your arse and told me what the bloody hell is going on!”  Harry looked to Ron and Hermione for support, but found no sympathy.  Hermione dragged Ron out of the Common Room, mumbling to herself about how daft Harry could be. 

Left alone with Rosevine, Harry felt true, striking fear as he looked at her.  She was livid, of that he could be certain.  For some reason, the boy who lived was terrified of this woman in front of him in that moment.  “Rose, I don’t think this is a good time for this.  We both need to calm down a bit,” Harry attempted to reason.

“And what exactly do you need to calm down about?  Everything was going bloody brilliant until you mucked it all up and started avoiding me!”

“I’m sorry!” Harry yelled. “I just need a little time to think.”

“About what?  What could possibly be worth making me feel this way?” Rose asked.

“Yesterday in the hallway, I started to tell you something that I wasn’t sure I was ready to say.”

“What, Harry?! Just spit it out already!”

“I’m trying to tell you that I love you, you idiot!” Harry shouted, shocking Rose into silence. 

“You what?”

“I almost told you that I loved you,” Harry said.  “And I knew as soon as I said it that I meant it.  People that I love get hurt.  Saying it somehow makes it real.  It puts you in danger.”

“I’m already in danger,” Rosevine argued.

“Not like this.”

“Voldemort wants me alive.  If he kills me, he loses access to the Elemental bloodline.  My kind stays well hidden, so his chances of ever finding another one of us are so slim he won’t risk that.”

“That doesn’t mean he can’t hurt you,” Harry pleaded.

“Do you really think he isn’t going to hurt me as it is?  Voldemort will use any means necessary to gain my allegiance.  The only way he knows to do that is to make me fear him.  When I don’t comply with him, he will torture me, and it will have nothing to do with you.”

“I know, but-.”

“No buts,” Rose laughed.  “I’m not going anywhere, because I love you too,” she sighed, wrapping her hands around Harry’s and pulling him into her.  She could feel his reluctance, but he let her hug him anyway.  When he knew she couldn’t see him, she could feel him smile into her hair, and her own lips formed a similar grin.




Hermione and Rose walked through the corridors on their way to the library a few days later, desperately in need of some study time without the constant distraction of their boyfriends.  “I need your help with something,” Hermione said cryptically.  “But you can’t tell Harry that I told you.”

“Why not?”

“This is really his secret.  I know he is planning on telling you on his own, I just need help figuring out the way to solve the problem.  I’ve been trying for months now, but two brains are really better than one.”

“Unless one of them is Ron,” Rose laughed.

“True,” Hermione chuckled.  “He just sits there and pesters me about whether I’ve found something or not.”  The girls took their seats at the back of the library where no one would hear them.  Hermione grabbed a few books from the restricted section, placing one in front of Rosevine and opening up to a section as though she had read the book a few to many times. 

“Horcruxes?  What’s a Horcrux?” Rose asked. 

“Read,” Hermione insisted, slamming her own book shut when Malfoy approached them from behind Rosevine. 

“You have to leave,” he said without hesitation.

“We’ve just as much right to be here as you Malfoy,” Hermione said.

“Not the library, Mudblood,” he sneered, turning his attention back to Rose.  “You have to leave the school.”


A/N: Thank you so much for all the reviews, you lovely people!  Keep 'em coming! <3

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