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Bound to be Burned by rupertgrintislove
Chapter 13 : Chapter Thirteen
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 Chapter 13


A/N: Hey loves! Another chapter, let me know what you think in the comments below. See that box down there? It is hungry.. and only eats reviews ;D you don’t want to starve the poor thing. ANYWAYS on that note, enjoy the chapter.  *



Disclaimer: I do NOT own Harry Potter.











Cas sighed, her arms above her head trying to fasten her hair into a high pony. She looked at herself in the mirror, her hair finally cooperating. She looked at her appearance, checking for anything out of line. 




Today was her first day at her new job at the ministry and she had to make sure to nothing went wrong. She nearly had a heart attack when she got the job, especially after all the chaos caused over her being home schooled. She had to make sure they took her position serious so she could get information for the Order. The ministry these days was turning darker, more and more stories were being covered up and more ministry officials were under the suspicion of being under the imperius curse. 




Cas sighed again, smoothing out the wrinkle in her skirt before nodding to herself.




“You can do this.” Cas nodded, trying to swallow the feeling of butterflies currently taking place in her stomach.




Cas walked into the kitchen, shrugging on her jacket as she went. She looked around once more before apparating to the Burrow, where breakfast awaited her.




Cas landed roughly, as per usual, and walked into the Burrow. 




“Hey Molls.” Cas greeted, her stomach lurching again at the thought of what the day had in store.




“Hello dear, grab a plate and load up on food! You have to have a good breakfast before your first day!” Molly demanded, pushing a empty plate in her hands. 




“You act like I want to make a good first impression Molls. You know I am only there because Dumbledore asked me.” Cas smirked, pilling bacon onto her plate.




“You can drop the bad ass attitude, we all know you’re nervous.” Sirius joked from behind her.




Cas turned around, almost spilling her bacon off her plate. Cas saved it at the last second and glared at Sirius, no one came in between her and her bacon.




“And what makes yourself so sure about that, Black?” Cas glared, putting two pieces of toast on her plate as well.




Sirius laughed and followed as she went to go sit with the others.




“Easy she-devil, I was only stating that you seem a bit green today.” Sirius added, holding his hands up in defence.




“She-devil?” Lily choked out, having taken a sip of her tea at the wrong time.




“Yes, she is a she-devil. With her mind games. Ask the boys, they agree.” Sirius stated, stealing some of Lily’s toast. 




“Boys? Is Cas a she-devil?” Lily asked, smacking away Sirius’ hand from her plate.




“Complete she-devil.” James nodded along.




“It’s because of her she-devil mind games.” Peter added, picking at his bacon.




“Cas? Yeah, complete she-devil.” Remus agreed, taking a sip of his tea.




“Remus even you? I trusted you!” Cas joked, her face in mock disgust.




“Sorry mate, but you have she-devil qualities.” Remus defended himself, the boys nodding along in agreement.




“What? What the bloody hell-” Cas started, before a voice cut her off.




“Langauge dear!” A voice said from the hallway. Everyone’s head snapped up, Remus’ groaning once he realized who she was.




“Mom.” Remus started, only to but cut off.




“That is enough Remmy-dear. I heard what you called this young lady! She does not look like a she-devil to me so drop it. If you keep teasing her, people are going to think you fancy her.” Remus’ mom lectured.




Cas took in Remus’ mom and smiled slightly. She was very Molly like in her posture, but had a very soft edge. She was a plump woman with long sandy-blonde hair. She wore a apron and had a grin that was inviting. Cas took a liking to her right away, mostly because of the shade of red she could turn Remus’ face.




“Now dear, I assume you are Cassie?” Remus’ mom asked, stretching her hand out to reach hers. 




“Cas, actually. And you must be Remmy’s mother?” Cas joked, meeting her hand with her own. Cas could hear Remus groan again and she smirked.




“Yes, hasn’t my baby cub spoke of little old me? Forgetting your momma already Remmy?” Remus’ mom scolded, taking back her hand.




“Mom, seriously. Cut it out.” Remus pleaded, his face beat red.




“Oh you’re quite fine dear. I forgot, you prefer Man-cub now that you’re out of Hogwarts.” Mama Lupin stated, causing Cas to choke on her tea. Dorcas smacked her roughly on her back, trying to get her to breathe.




“Man-cub” Cas asked, her voice shaky from trying not to laugh.




“My baby is all grown up of course, he is no longer my itty bitty baby cub. How is makes me howl with pain. All grown up now, all of you. Where did the time go. It seems just yesterday you four were scampering under the Moonlight in my backyard. Now now Sirius, no need to look so put out.” Mama Lupin continued, causing the girls to burst out laughing.




“He looks like he needs to howl in pain too.” Dorcas whispered to Cas, causing her to snort in laughter.




“There there Sirius, you will always be my special little pup. That will never change, with such loyal features as yours.” Mama Lupin continued, patting Sirius’ lovingly on the hand.




“Mom seriously.” Remus repeated, the guys howling in laughter.




“Okay, okay. I can see when I am not wanted.” Mama Lupin started.




“No!” The girls rushed out, not wanting their fun to be over.




“What we mean to say is, we would love to do this again. Maybe when your mancu- I mean when your son isn’t busy.” Cas covered, her voice breaking at the word man-cub.




“A girls day? Why it is always lonely back at the Den. Stop by anytime ladies, we will wolf down some tea and crumpets.” Mama Lupin called, blowing a kiss to Remus before leaving.




She was gone a solid five minutes before everyone burst out in laughter. Dorcas started howling at Remus, her face about to split from laughing so hard.




“Hey man-cub, can you pass the butter?” Cas called, causing the girls to burst out in another fit of giggles.




“Or do you need to go outside and do your business first?” Lily added, slapping Cas’ hands with her in celebration.




“Very funny guys.” Remus muttered, passing the butter to Cas anyways.




“No you’re right Rem, we must be mature.” Dorcas started, throwing a wink to the girls before continuing. “Anyways, Remus howl are you doing?” Dorcas added, barely able to make it through the sentence before she burst out laughing.




Cas clutched her sides as she laughed, her eyes brimming with tears. The guys were all laughing along too, Remus looking crossed between being mad and laughing.




“Oh c’mon Remus, we are just taking the piss.” Cas joked, finishing up her tea.




“We are never going to drop this, you hear me.” Cas whispered to Dorcas, before getting up from her chair.




“Well I am off, no wolf play when I am gone.” Cas joked, shrugging on her jacket. 




Cas left the kitchen, her stomach doing the uneasy flip flopping feeling once more. She was almost at the apparition spot when she heard her name being called. She turned to see Sirius rushing towards her.




“Hey, what’s up?” Cas asked, doing up the front buttons of her coat.




“Um, well.” Sirius stuttered a bit, causing Cas to raise an eyebrow.




“Out with it Black. I have a job to go fail at.” Cas joked lightly, her voice betraying her.




“I know you’re nervous Cassie. But I just wanted to wish you luck and everything.” Sirius murmured, grabbing Cas’ hand gently.




“Thanks Sirius, means a lot. I’m guessing as long as I leave out the part of being a spy for a secret organization made to stop Voldemort, I’ll be fine.” Cas joked, squeezing his hand lightly.




“Yeah, not always a good conversation starter.” Sirius laughed, pulling his hand back.




Cas stared slightly, watching as Sirius reached towards her face. Her breath caught as he got closer, only to be disappointed when he only was pushing a strand of hair away from her face. 




‘Disappointed? Get your shit together Morris.’ Cas thought viciously, trying to get rid of the pink colour rising in her cheeks. 




“You look so beautiful Cas, they will be idiotic if they didn’t like you.” Sirius muttered in a soft voice, a voice that Cas was unaware he had.




Cas cleared her voice awkwardly before nodding.




“Thanks Sirius, anyways I should be going.” Cas said, nodding to her watch.




“Yeah right, sorry. Have a good first shift!” Sirius called, walking back to the Burrow quickly.




‘What the bloody hell is getting into me?’ Sirius thought, going over the previous scene again and again in his mind. ‘When did I become such a pansy.’




“Have a good first shift.” Sirius muttered mockingly to himself in the kitchen.




“Not go so well out there then?” Remus joked, over hearing Sirius talking to himself.




“Shut it man-cub.” Sirius breathed, trying to shake off the previous encounter.







Cas was still smiling as she waited for the ministry official to hand back her wand. It was weird how quickly she grew attached to Sirius, and it scared her. 




‘Remember what he did.’ Cas repeated to herself, thanking the wizard and pocketing her wand. She made her way to the elevator, her stomach flip-flopping at the thought of the new job. 




‘Remember he lives for the chase and the game’ Cas repeated to herself, standing next to a professional looking witch. Cas looked her up and down before flattening her skirt again. Her hands shaking as she did so, trying to get herself together.




‘You’re Cas Morris. Start acting like it.’ Moody’s voice rang in her mind and she nodded to herself before getting off at her floor. She walked with her head held high, her stoney expression setting in. 




“I am Cas Morris.” Cas whispered to herself, standing outside the two double doors to her new job. “And I will act like it.” Cas nodded to herself and pushed open the doors with purpose, walking up to the receptionist confidently. 




“Hello! You must be Cassie Morris!” The girl beamed, rushing around her desk to shake my hand.




“Just Cas.” Cas nodded tightly, her eyes still widened in surprise. 




“Ah! You must be nervous, don’t worry! With me on your side you’ll do just fine. Now your office is through here, you share it with two other women and you will be working on cases with them. I’ll quickly show you around and then you will start you training with Kayle, that’s her right there, the one in pink!” The girl gestured to an older woman with a firm brow, Cas sighed. 




‘Great, I get the mopey one.’ Cas thought, following the girl around like a lost puppy.




“And over there is the staff room, feel free to help yourself to tea or biscuits anytime. Well, look at the time, we are done our tour! You can go in and see the girls now, they’re harmless I swear. If you need any help just call for me, I’m Jeannette.” Jeannette smiled warmly, walking back to her desk.




“Thank you Jeannette.” Cas called, raising her hand in an awkward wave.




Cas turned around and headed to the women, they were sitting together eating their lunch.




‘Breathe. You’re Cas Morris.’ Cas chanted to herself as she approached.




“Oy! You must be the new meat.” The one in the pink piped as Cas came closer.




“Erm- I guess so. The name is Cas.” Cas responded, put off by the woman’s forward attitude. 




“Cas eh? What kind of name is Cas?” The woman piped in again. Cas snorted, putting her hands on her hips.




“Couldn’t tell yeah. Can’t help what your parents name you.” Cas added stiffly, her voice defensive.




“Easy Kayle, its the broads first day.” The woman in the blue added, cutting off of Kayle’s retort. 




“Paige.” The woman added turning her attention back to Cas. Cas nodded and went to the empty desk, Paige following her.




“You’re pretty young for working here, pretty impressive.” Paige continued, sitting on the edge of her desk.




“Yeah, I was kind of a nerd in school. Liked to stay ahead.” Cas muttered, pulling her drawers open to find nothing.




“Must’ve had a pretty impressive folder to get a job so quickly out of school.” Paige pushed forward, closing Cas’ desk drawer with her foot.




“Or she slept with the right people.” Kayle snorted from her desk, pushing off of it and grabbing a large folder off the table.




“Kayle! On your best behaviour.” Paige scolded, slapping Kayle on the arm playfully.




“Sorry to disappoint but not quite. Just because I am young doesn’t mean I don’t belong here.” Cas stated sternly, her hands gripping the side of her desk.




“Whatever you say grumpy, listen this isn’t Hogwarts. If you mess up you don’t get a slap on the wrist, you get sacked. You aren’t the first pretty girl and you won’t be the last.” Kayle stated moodily, her voice harsh. 




“Listen here pink.” Cas started, her temper rising along with her body. “You are messing with the wrong pretty girl. I would hold your tongue.” Cas snapped, taking the folder from Kayle’s hands. “Now are you here to train me or do you want to run your mouth a bit more?” Cas muttered, her eyes flashing with anger.




It was silent for a few moments before Paige started clapping, Kayle along with her. Cas looked up, confused and unsure of what had happened.




“Well, well, well. They finally brought in a girl with a back bone.” Kayle laughed, slapping Cas on the shoulder lightly. 




“What?” Cas demanded, her mouth still slightly open.




“Don’t mind Kayle, she does this to all the new girls. Most of them cry-“ Paige started.




“But you were the first to actually stand up for yourself.” Kayle finished, smirking as she took back the file from Cas.




“Now, since I am done running my mouth, as you so kindly mentioned, I am the one who should be training you. Let’s get started with this case.” Kayle motioned to the file.




The hours went on as they poured over the case. As it turns out, Kayle is actually really funny in a very Dorcas kind of way. Something Cas was highly grateful for. Paige was a lot quieter but was very witty, a trait Cas found hilarious. The day was almost over until there was a soft knock at their door. 




“And how are my ladies today.” A deep familiar voice called from the door way. 




Paige and Kayle started giggling before muttering their hellos. Cas however, had felt like she had swallowed a curling iron. Her head slowly looked up from her file and into the eyes of the man. The same man who she rushed out of her bed weeks ago. The same man she had a dirty one night stand with. The same man she thought she would never see again.




He hadn’t seen her yet, so Cas ducked under her desk. Trying to make it look like she had dropped something.




“Shit, shit, shit. Buggar off world. Why me. Shit.” Cas muttered to herself, her face rising in colour. 




‘Maybe he didn’t see you.’ Cas thought hopefully, before hearing a knock on her desk. 




“Cas Morris?” The voice said, causing Cas to knock her head off her desk loudly. 




She sat up slowly, her head pulsing. 




“Yes.” Cas answered smirking as she saw the look on his face change.




“Cindy?” He muttered, causing Paige to choke on her drink.




“Who the bloody hell is Cindy?” Paige choked out.




“Um. Not quite. Cas actually, it is a pleasure to meet you.” Cas stated, pushing her hand out to meet his. She shook it quickly and dropped her hand to her lap.




“Cas? What happened to Cindy?” The man joked, sitting on the edge of her desk. 




‘What is with people and my desk?’ Cas thought irritability. 




“Cindy who?” Cas asked, innocently, her eyes flashing with mischief. 




The man caught on and nodded quickly.




“Sorry, Cas was it? I thought you were someone else I had met briefly a couple weeks ago. My mistake. Anyways, I’m Kris Claine and I am the Head of the Improper use of Magic Department.” Kris continued, saving himself from embarrassment. 




“Meaning this piece of ass is your new boss.” Kayle summed up from her desk, causing Kris to smile.




“Kayle, we talked about this. You’re happily married remember?” Kris grinned, causing Cas’ heart to melt a little.




“Happily married? Do I look like a girl who is happy?” Kayle continued, pointing to herself.




“You look like a girl who needs to get laid, if we are being honest.” Paige piped in, causing Cas to burst out laughing. 




“Ladies, ladies. Always a pleasure. But I better go before Kayle molests me, its break time anyways.” Kris stated, leaving the room quickly.




“Break? For how long?” Cas muttered quickly, her eyes still on the back of Kris, her heart pounding. 




“We get a 20 minute break.” Paige muttered, a fag hanging from her mouth as she shrugged on her jacket. “You smoke?” Paige asked, gesturing to her cigarette.




Cas shook her head, waiting for the girls to leave. The moment the door closed, Cas jumped to her phone and dialled Lily’s number. It felt like it took forever until Lily finally answered.




“What the bloody hell took you so long?” Cas rushed, her words coming out quickly.




“Cas? Aren’t you suppose to be at work?” Lily asked, confused. 




“Shut it Ging, I have a situation.” Cas spilled, her heart racing as she watched the door for anyone.




“What is it?” Lily’s voice rushed out, her voice in a higher pitch.




“That guy I took home from the bar that one night? He is my new boss!” Cas exclaimed, causing Lily to drop the phone. “Lily? Are you still there?” 




“Yeah! I am, one second! I am grabbing Dor, Alice and Marlene.” Lily said quickly, calling her friends names.




‘Marlene? I didn’t know she was back?’ Cas thought to herself, however there was more pressing matters. 




“Okay! So dish. Tell us everything.” Lily exclaimed, putting Cas on speaker.




Cas went over the encounter, making the girls die with laughter.




“Glad you think this is SO funny guys. I am literally dying here.” Cas muttered darkly, her brow scrunching angrily. 




“It’s not.” Lily started.




“Don’t lie ging, this is the funniest fucking thing I’ve ever heard.” Dorcas howled in the background.




Cas heard a satisfying smack, and a disgruntled Dorcas yelling out.




“Watch yourself Red, did you forget who I am?” Dorcas yelped. 




“Guys! A little bit of focus?” Cas snapped, her fingers drumming slightly on the desk. 




“Right! Sorry!” Lily piped.




“What do I do? He is my boss! I have to deal with him everyday!” Cas moaned, pushing her hair from her face.




“What do I do?” Lily mimicked, “You sound like a baby. Man up woman! So what you guys did the nasty, it meant nothing.”




“Yeah! So what if you were a complete tramp and did you boss. It is the best way to move up in the ministry!” Dorcas joked, causing Lily to smack her again.




“Dorcas! Focus.” Cas snapped again. 




“Marls? Your input?” Lily asked, passing the phone to Marlene. 




“Honestly, the only thing you can do in this situation is pretend that you used HIM, not the other way around. Make him feel like you do this type of thing all the time.” Marlene’s smooth voice stated through the phone.




“How the hell do I do that?” Cas asked quickly, seeing Kris approaching.




“Shit, guys he is coming. Abort. Help me.” Cas muttered, her eyes fixed on her desk.




“BE YOUR SEXY SELF!” Alice yelled, causing the girls to shriek with laughter.




“PUSH OUT YOUR BOOBS.” Dorcas added.




“DO HIM ON THE FLOOR.” Marlene laughed.




“Just be yourself Cas.” Lily added before Cas hung up the phone with a click.




“Important call?” Kris asked, gesturing to the phone.




“Just a couple of mates.” Cas stuttered slightly, before composing herself.




“Wanting to know how your first day went?” Kris continued, pacing her one of the coffees in his hands. 




“Coffee? Thanks.” Cas muttered, sipping the warm liquid. 




“Not a problem. Listen Cas, Cindy whoever you are.” Kris started, his laugh cutting himself off.




“Sorry about that. I really don’t know why I told you the wrong name.” Cas muttered, her cheeks turning pink.




“No its fine, I get it. I just wish I knew that before I called you Cindy in front of the girls. Don’t want them thinking I have favourites.” Kris joked, running a hand through his brown hair.




Cas stared at his hair, noting the slight grey tinge on the side. An older man. Cas smirked to herself. She eyed him, taking in his warm brown eyes and muscular posture. 




“Perfect.” Cas murmured to herself.




“What was that?” Kris asked, his face tilting to the side.




“Um, nothing. Sorry, what were you saying?” Cas stuttered, her cheeks warming again.




“Just that I was sorry how earlier went down. I never thought I’d see you again to be honest, but I am kind of glad I did.” Kris stated softly, his voice making her melt slightly. 




Cas made an awkward noise in the back of her throat before she cleared it.




“Yeah, me too.” Cas nodded, her voice coming out steady this time.




“Anyways, see you around Cindy.” Kris joked, walking out of the office.




As soon as he left, Cas slumped in her chair. 




‘Why me.’ Cas thought as she put her head onto her desk. 









“Did you hear her voice? Priceless!” Dorcas giggled, stuffing her face with chips.




“I nearly died when she asked us what to do. How adorable.” Marlene added, grabbing the plate from Dorcas and nipping a few.




“Guys be nice! She is new to this!” Lily exclaimed, defending Cas.




“Who is new to what?” Sirius asked, as him and the boys walked into Lily’s living room.




“Cas and boys.” Dorcas stated, glaring at Remus as he sat far away.




Lily eyed the two, but decided not to pry. Whatever happened this time is between them.




“Cas and what now?” Sirius choked. Peter whacked him hard on the back, trying to help him gain back his breath.




“You know that guy she brought home from the bar?” Dorcas asked, her eyes gleaming with mischief.




“Unfortunately.” Sirius muttered darkly.




“Well it is her new boss! He called her Cindy and everything!” Dorcas exclaimed, causing all the boys but Sirius to burst out in laughter.




“I told her she shouldn’t have lied about her name.” Remus joked.




“Why Cindy?” Marlene asked out of no where.




“Couldn’t tell you. Knowing Cas she probably thought it was her name that night. She was completely trashed.” Peter joked, his voice higher than usual. 




Remus shot him a look, the poor boy hadn’t been the same since the attack. Even his attempts at having a normal conversation were awkward. Remus and the guys laughed along, remembering how drunk Cas had been that night.




“She is really something.” Sirius muttered, catching Marlene’s eye.




Marlene winked and gestured to the bathroom. Catching the gleam in her eyes he nodded, his playful smirk coming back to his face. 




‘Later.’ Sirius mouthed, winking again. Marlene giggled and went back to the conversation, her eyes wandering to Sirius every now and again. 




“You alright there Sirius?” James asked, taking in his brooding best friend. 




Sirius grunted in response. 









2 hours later




Sirius grunted as finished, his breaths coming out uneven. 




Marlene finished a few moments after before rolling off him. She lit a fag and took a heavy drag from it, offering it to Sirius. Sirius took it and gazed at the ceiling.




“That was amazing Sirius.” Marlene breathed, taking back the fag.




“I’ve got to hand it to you Marls, you must’ve learnt something special when you were away. That or I haven’t gotten laid in a bit.” Sirius joked, pulling her naked body against his.




“Enjoy yourself then?” Marlene teased, her hands lightly caressing his chest.




“With you, it is hard not to.” Sirius murmured, taking in her naked body.




“Wish I was someone else though, don’t you?” Marlene asked suddenly, putting out the fag in the dish beside her bed.




“What do you mean?” Sirius asked, propping himself up on his elbow.




“The new girl. The one who used to be a bloody nobody but now is just wonderful.” Marlene mocked, her gaze on the ceiling.




“Jealous bird aren’t yeah?” Sirius laughed, rolling on top of her.




“No, okay a bit. I’ve never seen a broad have this hold over you before. Can’t blame a girl for being a wee bit jealous.” Marlene breathed, loving the feeling of Sirius so close to her. 




“I kind of like you being jealous.” Sirius whispered, biting her ear.




“I bet you do, pervert. Now tell me about her.” Marlene demanded, pushing Sirius off of her. Sirius pouted before sighing heavily.




“What do you want to know, Marls?” Sirius asked quietly, playing with a bit of her hair.




“Do you want to be with her?” Marlene asked, running a hand down his side gently.




“More than anything.” Sirius breathed, so quiet Marlene wasn’t sure if she had heard it or not.




“Well if it makes matters easier, I approve. She sounds hilarious.” Marlene stated, nuzzling her head against Sirius’ chest.




“She is pretty funny, in a awkward sort of way. I just can’t shake her Marls, it is driving me crazy.” Sirius admitted, shaking his shaggy hair out of his eyes.




“Then you know what you have to do, don’t you?” Marlene asked, as she began to stroke him. 




“No?” Sirius admitted, his voice hitching as she quickened her pace.




“You better do something about it before that Kris guy does.” Marlene warned.




Sirius considered her words before nodding to himself.




“Alright, I’ll do it. But after round two.” Sirius smirked, pulling Marlene back up until she was straddling him.




“Typical man.” Marlene joked, her head thrown back as she laughed.




Sirius smirked, trying to enjoy his favourite friends with benefits. But all that he could think of was what Marlene had said. ‘Wish I was someone else though, don’t you?’ 




Sirius grunted as he flipped Marlene over, his mind picturing Cas in her cute first day of work outfit this morning. His tried to shake his head of thoughts of Cas, but his mind was clouded.




‘I wish you were Cas.’ He thought, before diving paying attention to the art that was Marlene. 









A/N: Well there it is :) Hope you enjoyed it! Who likes Kris??!?! Let me know in the comments below.



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