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'Till Death Do Us Part by marauderslover15
Chapter 14 : Engagement Party
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Hermione pulled Draco back against the wall, shielding themselves from the nasty reporter before she could took notice of them. “Listen,” she hissed. “This woman is foul.

Draco leaned back slightly to take a peek then shuffled closer to Hermione. “I know,” he agreed. “I wasn’t expecting her either.”

“So what are we going to do?”

“Here’s what we are going to do. We are going to hex her, bind her body, make her turn into beetle and bury her in the garden, Granger,” he said sarcastically with venom seeping through.

Hermione rolled her eyes. “I’m serious. I can’t face her. Everything she will say, she will twist our words around.”

He heaved a heavy sigh. “We can’t do anything. Granger, you’re the brightest witch of our age. I’m sure you can figure out a way without fucking up.”

She grinned, poking him in the chest. “So, is that another indirect compliment I’m hearing?”

She had to admit she liked when Draco gave her compliments. They always seemed honest and without thought to them. It was almost natural when he gave her a compliment. Unlike Ron, who always complimented her to suck up or when he did something he was not suppose to do, knowing it would upset her.

“How cute,” a familiar voice purred.

Draco and Hermione turned their head to see Rita’s grin her pearly white teeth. His reaction was to pull Hermione close to him, as if to protect her from any possible threat Rita could do.

“Oh yes he is,” agreed Hermione with a sweet false smile plastered on her face.  She leaned in and pinched his cheek, lightly, but teasingly. And she saw something deadly flashed in his eyes despite the smile.  Hermione had to admit, she was all too thrilled to be on the other side of the teasing.

“Aw, how sweet. The  lovely couple. Come, come.” Rita motioned them to follow her and they did. Rita walked, swaying her hips with confidence in every step. She walked as if she owned the Manor, as if she was the queen. She took her seat in an armchair as the couple took their own seats in the loveseat, across from her. With a snap of her fingers, a peacock quill and parchment shot into the air.  

“So,” Rita purred. “This is quite a surprise. You two together. My, my, my. It’s quite unexpected.  The sexiest bachelor” at which Draco smirked, “taken by the Golden Girl. Tut, tut. What went on here? Ms. Granger, weren’t you with Mr. Weasley?”  

Hermione gave a quick nod.

“Say it, please. Quill needs to record it.”

“Yes,” she said firmly. 

“How were you then with Mr. Malfoy?”

“Me and,” she gave a false giggle, “Draco had a secret relationship. Exciting if I do say so myself. Somewhat forbidden. We used to have to always sneak around.” At this Hermione looked into Draco eyes, trying to act as much as she can as his lover. “And we had an open relationship. We didn’t want to tie each other down so soon.” 

Draco smiled at Hermione, nodding.

“Marvelous!” Rita clapped her hands together in excitement. “Almost like forbidden love. Something obviously changed your ‘open relationship.’ So what made you finally propose to her, Mr. Malfoy?”

“With everything that is going on, I need to protect the one I love. The one I fell in love with.” Draco nuzzled her neck playfully and immediately felt aroused. Hermione flushed, but let out a girly giggle she didn’t even know it was possible for her to do. He felt the heat from her neck and pulled away to avoid discomforting her any further. 

“You two,” grinned Rita. “How did you know when you fell in love?”

Draco cleared his throat, shifting uncomfortable. “When I looked into those beautiful brown eyes, my heart just…it feels something that I never felt for anyone.” He began playing with Hermione’s hand and fingers. “And her warmth in her eyes. She doesn’t view me as everyone does… She doesn’t…” His eyes lifted to Hermione’s and there he really did see the warmth and tenderness her eyes could hold.

“How about you, darling?” 

Hermione nodded, thinking, but thinking quickly. “I knew I fell in love with him when he showed me how much of a good person he was… that he wasn’t like what everyone else thought him to be. As I got deeper, the more he showed me this. And I couldn’t help, but to admire him and just…fall in love.” 

“Hm… but it’s strange how all this got started. I poked, oh no, no,” she laughed. “Some people were willing to give me private supplementary interviews. And none can recall when you two were actually together.” 

Again, Draco cleared his throat. “Well, Rita, Hermione helped me in a situation in Hogwarts. You can ask Caine Joss. But uh, after that, me being the romantic person I am, sent her roses to thank her.” At this, Rita squealed in delight, looking dreamily at Draco. “And she met up with me later, to thank me for the roses and tell me how sweet it was.” Hermione tried so hard not to snort at this. “We met up at a secret spot. And believe it or not, she threw herself at me.” He smirked. “I was her first.” He gave a playful wink to Rita. 

Hermione licked her lips, frustrated and closed her eyes for a few seconds. When she opened them, she gave Rita a wide grin. “Yes, this is all true. And even if he was a playboy, he was so nervous.” She gave a false giggle. “He was saying things like what if I’m not good enough. Silly things like that. Who knew Draco could be so insecure?” She flashed a grin at Draco and he grinned madly at her with a deadly glint in his eye. 

“Yes, yes,” Rita smirked. “So how is it you are able to do this? With so much prejudice surrounding you two, how do you deal with it?” 

Hermione answered quickly, “It doesn’t matter anymore. At first, yes we did try to hide it, but now, it just doesn’t matter. All that matters is how we feel about each other.” She smiled at Draco.  And he genuinely smiled back at her then kissed her on the neck.  

“So what’s changed?” Rita asked. 

“We’ve matured,” Draco replied firmly. “Times like this, made us mature. And I’m glad for it.” 

“What would you say is the most attractive feature of the Golden Girl? You have to admit, she isn’t really a looker,” Rita giggled and Draco chuckled at this, enjoying the insult. Hermione suppress a deadly glare and averting her eyes to the ceiling.

“Well, for starters, she is the brightest witch I know,” he smirked at Hermione. Hermione bulged her eyes out in order to keep them from rolling in annoyance.  “But,” he continued. “She’s grown into a woman. And I think she’s…beautiful and sexy. She has grace now. She’s kind and patient. Finds the best in everyone. She’s a giver, a caregiver. Courageous. Loyal. Brave. Never gives up on anyone.” He cleared his throat awkwardly, realizing he knew a lot about Hermione than what he thought. “Her eyes… They’re my favorite feature.” He nodded, refusing to look into the stunning brown orbs. Hermione felt her heart squeeze.

“Captivating!” squeaked Rita. “And you, Ms. Granger?”

“Draco is obviously the most handsome man I’ve ever met. He’s unpredictable. Always surprises me. And even to this day, I learn something new about him. He’s actually playful too and can be warm. He has a good heart too. And when he laughs…” Hermione faded off, realizing everything she was saying were things she honestly really liked about Draco. “…all the worry seems to go away…” she finished quietly.

“How do your parents feel about this, Mr. Malfoy?” Rita questioned.

“Hermione is growing on my mother. You can just tell.” He gave her hand a little squeeze, reassuringly. “My father’s opinion, I do not care for.”

“Ah, it must be hard to fit into the lifestyle of the Malfoys. How are you adjusting, dearie?” Rita shot a challengingly glance at Hermione.

“Very well, actually, but that’s thanks to many people. Oh,” Hermione pretended to swell up with fake pride, “and I got this.” Hermione turned over her forearm and leaned forward to show Rita the Malfoy crest embed into her skin. “It was a bit unexpected, but it is certainly beautiful.”

Draco felt something strange… Was it pride? Looking at Hermione show the tattoo, was it pride he felt that she was his?

“Yes,” agreed Rita. “I have to agree. The most beautiful crest I have ever seen. So you are…officially a Malfoy.” Rita grinned wide, but Hermione could tell there was a sense of falseness beneath it.

“Sorry to interrupt, but guests are arriving,” said Narcissa at the doorway. “Come. You both need to greet the guests.”

Draco stood to his feet and Hermione followed his suit. “Thank you, Rita,” he smiled. “We will be seeing you later during the party. Enjoy yourself and please make yourself comfortable.”

He gave a slight bow and after seeing his mannerism, Hermione gave her a curtsy.

Narcissa ushered them to the entrance of the Manor. Each guest arrived, one after the other, and they were responsible for greeting every single last one of them. Hermione and Draco barely had any time to chat with each other. As the herd of guests died down, Draco’s smile faltered.

“I swear if I have to smile at one more bloody person, I’m going to jinx myself,” he hissed crossly.

Hermione gave a giggle as his mood lightened. “Draco, I think you’ll be doing all of us a favor.”

“Ha, ha, ha. Miss Gryffindor princess has a sense of humor.”

“And what made you think I didn’t?” she shot.

“Bookworms just don’t,” he smirked.

As she was about to retort, Narcissa herded them into the ballroom. Finally Hermione was able to soak in all its features as she has never been in this grand room before. It was the most beautiful room she has ever laid eyes on. In the middle on the far end were grand staircases, splitting into two and curling from the second floor to the first. The staircase and the railing of the second floor walkway were in a flawless mahogany wood. The walkways were spacious and hosted grand windows with sweeping cream-colored curtains. The bottom floor was open with a couple of roman pillars standing high and proud and slicing through to the second floor. Waiters with trays of flutes and hors d’oeuvres were weaving in and out of the crowd, offering the delicacies. Many people were lounging around the pillars. Hermione’s eyes followed the pillars up to the art painted ceiling.

The ceiling was a “forget me not” blue with wisps of white clouds swirling. There the witch sat on a rather fluffy cloud, her wings fully spread. But she wasn’t dark at all. She was grinning happily in a white ancient roman dress and her wings expanded and its feathers the purest white. He stood on the opposite of her, wearing his warrior suit again. He was playing the harp for her, smiling at her dreamily.

“Gr—Hermione.” She felt Draco’s hand nestle on her lower back. “We need to talk,” he whispered in her ear. She nodded and he led her to the suite far from the guests. He closed the door behind him and she quickly casted a silencing charm.

“What happened?”

“We haven’t been able to talk rules.”At this Hermione rolled her eyes. Him and his bloody rules! She nodded, all the same, for him to continue.

“We obviously need to call each other by each other’s first names,” he stated.

“That I know.”

“And we need to act like a couple.”

“I know.”

“Despite the fact, we might not be around anyone for the rest of the night, we need to be careful what we say. Remember that foul Skeeter can turn into a beetle and follow us. So, our conversations need to play a part in our couple appearance.”

“Yeah, that’s right. I completely understand and agree with you.”

Draco moved toward her and patted on her on the head. “Good girl.”

She pulled herself away from him, snarling. “Don’t do that!”

He gave her a smirk. Before he could leave, Hermione called out to him. “Thank you!” He turned towards her, cocking an eyebrow, questioningly. “For the roses. I have the note on me. It’s really sweet of you… You know I meant everything back there in the interview. What I like about you…”

Silence fell over them for passing minutes which felt like overwhelming hours. He felt his heart fluttering, squeezing, throbbing and anything else the heart can do when emotions fell over them. She’s so honest and not afraid to be honest. She actually liked him. She no longer hated him, no longer dislike him, but liked him. And this was not forced. He was thrilled at this. Then there it goes again. The urge to kiss her. He diffused the situation by saying,

“Don’t get cocky, though, Granger… I didn’t mean any of the stuff I said about you.”

Hermione swore she was going to burst into flames from the anger she was feelings within herself. But she followed Draco out, without another word. Best to be quiet, she thought. As they were heading back to the ball room, Blaise was outside the open grand doors. His hands were hitched in his pocket and when Hermione and Draco came into view, he looked up at them.

“Zab—Blaise,” smiled Hermione. “Listen I want—” Draco left into the ball room where Hermione noticed he began talking to Astoria, “—to thank you for that day… You were there and I just wanted to give you my thanks.”

He nodded. “Yeah, it’s not a problem. You are my best friend’s future wife…”

“I appreciate it.”

“Well, since we are being all polite. Sorry.”

“For?” she asked.

“I promise you I was going to teach you how to fly. But I haven’t.”

“Well, I know you’ve been busy,” Hermione smiled. “Maybe some other time when you are free.”

“I’m free tomorrow. I can teach you tomorrow if you’d like?” Blaise suggested.

“That’ll be nice…”

“And congratulations to both of you.



The minute Draco knew Hermione was going to thank Blaise, he didn’t want to hear it. None of it. It was the unknown feeling of jealousy settling in his stomach that he felt like he couldn’t be around either of them. He walked into the grand room as he eyed Astoria warily.

“Draco,” she said in her usual soft whisper.


“Is this what you meant—”

“Yes,” Draco cut her off before she could give any details to their conversion. “I am very much in love with Hermione, Astoria. I hope you will respect this.”

“No,” she said firmly. “I won’t give you up.”

“Astoria, please,” he hissed.

“What’s there to even like about her?” she snapped.

Everything,” he answered crossly. “Please, do not insult her.”

“She doesn’t deserve you!” whined Astoria. “I do! She can never amount to you!”

“What is there about me that you like so much that you cannot give up?” he questioned harshly.

Astoria retorted, “For starters—”

“There isn't much to like of my son anymore,” said Lucius coldly from behind Astoria.

Astoria looked into Lucius’ gray, icy eye and bit down on her bottom lip in silence. She refused to either look at Draco or Lucius due to the intimidation of Lucius. Draco glared at Astoria in disappointment. He couldn’t help to compare Astoria to Hermione. Hermione would have easily resorted to defending him.

“You’re right, Lucius.” Draco’s eyes landed on Hermione who was now besides him. “There isn’t much to like about your son. Instead there is so much to love about him.”

Draco wrapped his arm around Hermione’s waist, smirking at Astoria. Astoria’s mouth was slightly agape and her eyes followed them as they moved to a private corner of the ballroom. Once alone, Hermione gave a heavy sigh.

“What did you even see in her? She didn’t even defend you,” growled Hermione lowly.

“I don’t know,” he admitted. “I honestly really don’t know.”

“Champagne for the couple?” asked the waiter, holding out a tray with beautiful glass flutes filled with the champagne.

“I want firewhiskey,” scowled Draco as Hermione took a flute into her hand. The waiter immediately retrieved the firewhiskey for Draco and handed it to him. Draco took a gulp as Hermione watched him warily.

As he continued to drink, Hermione scanned the crowd, quickly analyzing each person. “Do you even know everyone?” she asked. “There are so many people here.”

He shrugged. “No.” He took another large gulp.

“How about that guy with that awful furry mustache?” The more Hermione stared at the man, the more she was intrigued by the furry mustache with curls at the end. “It looks like a white rabbit.”

Draco snorted into his drink with laughter. Immediately, he lowered the glass and wiped his mouth. “I don’t know who that is. And you’re certainly right. You know what would be funnier?”

“Merlin, don’t say it, Mal—Draco.”

“Careful,” he warned. “Hermione. And what was I going to say? I bet you don’t even know what’s going on in my mind right now.”

“I bet I do,” she replied smugly. “You’re still a guy and as immature as the next. I bet you want to see his mustache float away.”

He smirked, “I dare you.”

“Absolutely not,” she hissed, turning toward him and her back facing the man.

“Yeah, of course you wouldn’t do it. Miss Hermione is way too good for nonsense like that. She’s like a prune. I bet you don’t even know how to do the spell,” he challenged.

Really? Okay, let’s try this.”

She shuffled closer toward Draco and he lazily laid his hand on her lower back. With a slight turn, but concealing her wand, she waved her wand at the man. The mustache popped off right under his nose and floated up with several hops. The man slapped his hand over his lower face and attempted to jump up for his mustache, but he was too short and porky. Soon, other guests were flailing around to get a hold of the mustache and tripping over each other. Hermione unconsciously buried herself into Draco’s chest as if he was Harry or Ron, to suppress the laughter. Draco bit down on his bottom lip hard with snorts of laughter, but he no longer was able to control it and laughed into Hermione’s shoulder. With one last wave, the mustache shot back onto the man’s face and he patted down on it, grateful, with a heavy sigh of relief. They shuffled into the shadow corner, bursting out in an attempted low laughter. Draco had tears slipping through his eyes as Hermione’s legs were shaking. Both were unable to control themselves, holding each other up in their fits of laughter. When the laughter died down, Draco wiped his eyes and looked at Hermione. Immediately, with realization, he staggered back as she looked at him questioningly.

“Er— Excuse me sir, another firewhiskey,” he called for the waiter awkwardly. He immediately received the drink and guzzled it down in one shot. “Another one!” He held up the glass.

“Sir.” The waiter waved his wand at Draco’s glass, enchanting it with a placement charm to be automatically refilled with firewhiskey from the cellar.

“Thanks,” mumbled Draco. He cleared his throat and glanced at Hermione then returning his gaze to the crowd. “I guess you had it in you…”

“Hm? Oh yes. I guess I did. I proved you wrong.”

Draco shot her his infamous smirk. “No, you proved me right. I knew a Gryffindor couldn’t back down from a challenge.”

“Oh, really?” She shot him a playful, fake glare as his smirk grew wider. Hermione’s favorite song came on, “A Cauldron Full of Hot, Strong Love.”

“Oh this is my favorite!” she squeaked, excitedly. “Do you want to dance?”

He scowled at her, but held out his hand. She took it happily and was led onto the dance floor amongst other dancing couple. They began swaying to the rhythm of the slow song, their bodies awkwardly close.

“Picture please,” said a man with a camera. Hermione and Draco looked at the camera, smiling, but continuing to dance. The bright flash went off and purple smoke arose, meaning the picture was taken. The man nodded at them and left.

“And tell me why is this your favorite song?” he asked.

“Oh, come and stir my caldron,” she sang sweetly.

Her sweet voice filled his ears and used their engagement party as an excuse for what he was about to do. He dipped her low and pressed his lips against hers hungrily.

“Malfoy,” she hissed so low against his lips.

“Publicity stunt,” he whispered back on her lips.

He felt the softness of her lips, enjoying the sweetness and delicacy taste of them. A flame ignited within him, something he never ever experienced. It grew wilder every second his lips lingered on hers. He parted his lips as she followed his suit, inviting him in. His tongue snaked through and in the heat of the passion, Hermione took him in hungrily. She never felt so thrilled and excited for a kiss. Draco’s hand slithered behind her head, entangling his fingers in her hair. She did the same, ruffling his hair only slightly. After Hermione’s body was heated and her cheeks stained with pink, Draco pulled back. His chest was heaving up and down, his heart thundering in his chest. He swept her onto her feet and led her back into the dance.

“Great, I got a picture of that!” cheered the man with the camera.

Draco gave him a dazzling toothy grin and a wink. He then kissed Hermione on top of her head as an affectionate kiss.

“That was impulsive,” she growled at him as her cheeks were still rosy.

“You did say that what you liked about me was that I was unpredictable,” he smugly smirked.

She rolled her eyes playfully, but before she was able to retort, the song ended and the round of applause roared and echoed in the room. Then a more modern, upbeat song played by the same band came blasting on as the older folks cleared off the dance floor and were replaced by younger adults and teenagers. 

Here on this bewitched dance floor

I’m pretty sure my soul mate been found

You’re about to be my lovely score

Oh! Oh! Baby, you’ve got me spellbound

Hermione began to dance wildly to the upbeat song with Draco, who danced around her and she couldn’t help but grin. He twirled her and dipped her low as he himself tried to suppress an oncoming grin. They were so absorbed with each other, every scowl and snide remark bounced off of them. Even though many people gathered for the party, no one was really celebrating because they frowned upon the potential marriage between the noble pureblood and almost peasant muggle-born. Despite them, the faces of the couple glowed with pleasure and it seemed they couldn’t take their eyes off of each other. As the song ended with one last rocking tremble, Blaise approached the couple.

“May I please have this dance?” he asked Hermione then looking at Draco, “If you don’t mind.”

Draco scowled, but agreed reluctantly, “No, go ahead its fine.” He walked off the dance floor, grabbing his drink again and gulped it down in one shot. As the glass refilled, he did not hesitate to take it down as another shot. And he continued to do so, feeling the heat of the bitter taste of the firewhiskey stinging his throat.

“Keep drinking like that, you’ll be drunk in no time, but that’s the point isn’t it?”

“Pansy,” he growled without even taking a look at her.

She stared lazily at Hermione and Blaise in a slow dance and then took a sip of her champagne. “You gonna share her?”

He snorted in disgust, “He better not lay a hand on her.”

“Do you honestly fancy her?” she whispered.

His eyes darted around looking for Rita Skeeter and found her on the other side of the room, laughing high-pitched with Mr. Greengrass. “No,” he firmly said. “Me? Love a mudblood? Fuck, no. You know better.”

She slapped him softly and playfully on her arm. “So let Blaise have her then. He seems to fancy her.”

The flaming sensation of jealousy was pushed down by the burning of the alcohol that warmed his body. He watched Hermione and Blaise, but their dancing figures began to be a bit blurry.

“Fuck Blaise,” he cursed aggressively.

Pansy laughed then it dissolved into a small smile. “You know, I always wanted it to be me. Thought it would be me…” After some silence and Draco drinking heavily, she continued,

“But after Hogwarts, we grew apart… You didn’t even use me as a friend with benefits anymore. You became close to Astoria. Then I thought it would be her, but wanted it to be me. Hell, I still want it to be me.”

He grunted into the glass and took another gulp. “You prefer her or Astoria?”

“For you? I prefer me, but considering you only gave me two options. It’s obviously Astoria. Look at her, Draco. Take a good look at her. She is nothing compared to Astoria.”

“She’s got bigger ones than Astoria’s.” Another glass gulp and it refilled for the sixth time.

“You had—”

“No.” His word almost slurred.

Now, it was Pansy’s time to snort.

“She’s got a beautiful body. I have seen it before and she’s tamed that hair. A stunning smile…”

He hiccupped. “And she’s the best person in here.”

“Merlin, you’re drunk,” said Pansy distastefully, rolling her eyes. “Anyway, catch you later. That bloke is winking at me.” She walked away, leaving Draco to his thoughts.

He began to squint as everything around him was becoming unbearably dizzy and nausea began to dawn on him. Okay, so he was drunk. That wasn’t a question anymore, but he felt so sure what he said to Pansy was not out of drunkenness. Maybe he voiced his thoughts aloud due to the drunkenness, but that was how he definitely felt.

After a few more songs and loads of heavy drinking on Draco’s part, Blaise let Hermione go with a slight bow. From the distance, Draco knew she giggled and saw her curtsy. She gave him one last fleeting smile before cautiously taking the hand of Goyle who began to awkwardly dance with her. Blaise avoided Draco by scooping up Pansy into an embracing dance. Finally, the song came to an end as Goyle nodded at Hermione and she returned it with a curtsy. She walked toward Draco.

“Nice little dance?” he growled at her.

“I was surprised when Goyle asked me to dance, but it was awkward. He was silent the whole time. I suppose he was concentrating. He kept looking down at his feet.”

Draco gave a slight humorous chuckle into his glass then finished his eleventh drink. “And how about Blaise? Was it nice?” he snarled.

“Just small talk. Nothing too serious. He’s actually really nice.”

He whispered in her ear, “Nice guys finish last. Trust me, Granger. You don’t want a man like that.”

Hermione could smell the harsh stench of alcohol as she shot Draco a quizzical look. “Are you drunk?”

“Let’s hope not,” said Narcissa. “We need to do a toast. Come.”

Draco stumbled forward and Hermione immediately grabbed his arm lacing it with her and folding her fingers between his with a firm grip. Draco leaned forward, nibbling on her neck and sent a hard blush to Hermione face.

“Draco,” she forcibly chuckled.

She led him up onto the second floor and followed Narcissa to the railing, above the crowd.

“Excuse me! Excuse me!” called Narcissa for everyone’s attention and in response it slowly died down. Narcissa handed Hermione and Draco a flute of more champagne and held one up for herself. “I would like to make a toast. Wishing the couple…” she faded out, thinking, “good health and happiness to both.” She looked into Hermione’s eyes. “Sometimes you don’t get what you asked for, but sometimes what you didn’t ask for, may be the best thing.” With this there was murmur in the crowd as Lucius bared his teeth amongst the crowd in disgust, but she continued, “There might be prejudices and obstacles you’ve never imagined, but as long as you have each other, you will become stronger and appreciate each other more than you’ve ever thought.” Her voice dropped so low only Hermione and Draco could hear as the murmuring continued, “And possibly even fall in love.”

At this Hermione’s eyes widen in shock as Draco stilled in surprise, staring hard at his mother.

“Congratulations to you both,” she smiled at them then the crowd. She held up the glass and took a sip with the rest of the crowd. With this, Draco and Hermione followed her back down to the bottom floor with Draco almost tripping down the stairs if it wasn’t for Hermione. Narcissa wheeled around, hissing at Draco, “Pull yourself together.”

“Maybe we should retire?” suggested Hermione. “Hopefully, people won’t think it’s too rude.”

Narcissa scowled at Draco, giving him a disappointing look. “I will just tell them the couple wanted alone time.”

Hermione nodded her thanks and dragged Draco through the crowd, shooting smiles in every direction. Finally, she opened the door to the bedroom and had an eerie surprise awaiting for her there.

She gave Hermione an evil smirk. “Oh, I’m just…you know, finishing taking a shower.”

Draco who was looking down the entire time to focus more where his feet were going, looked up to find a fully naked Evelyn. Draco’s eyes flashed as he roared, but still slurring, “CHERRY! CALL SER—CURE—A—ITY!”

“I’m leaving,” smirked Evelyn. She threw on clothes and walked past the two, with one last purr, “Good night.” As she was walking out with exaggerated swaying hips, two brawny men with black cloaks entered, eyes darting in the room.

“Search,” croaked Draco.

They stood at the entrance of the door for hours, watching the guards warily search and turn over the room. After an half an hour, one of the men came back, holding a tiny clear bottle and Hermione’s shampoo. “Don’t touch,” he warned.

Hermione examine the bottle an eerie skull with the word “Caution” etched up at top.

“She tried to poison you,” whispered Draco, his eyes unwavering from the bottle.

Thank you so much SassySlytherinGirl for editing this chapter XOXO. So much thanks. 


A/N:  Hey, everyone! I made an author’s page if anyone wants to check THAT out. Ask my any questions you like. Also I made a blog. I don’t if that will be any interest to any of you. But everyone is welcomed =D

On a second note, I will probably cut back to one chapter a week instead of two. It’s the start of the semester so I have to devote more time to school. BUT I can promise at LEAST one chapter every week.

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