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L&L: The Dark. by signedheart
Chapter 24 : Epilogue.
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The pain that weakly shot through the center of your body, accomplishing its one goal of letting you know you're alive, painfully so. It splintered off into shafts that jabbed at my insides, cutting me raw. This was a pain you couldn't get away from. It engulfed me like a wild fire.

Just like he had.

Greyson was the monumental factor of my life. He changed me from the little privileged girl into someone who knew the world's evils. He helped me find myself helped me see that I needed to change. I got lost along the way of finding my true self, but I finally thought I was there now. I vowed to become an auror. I wanted to be someone that could help do away with the fiends that plagued the wizarding world. I wanted to do something that would make it so less people had to grow up like he had. No one deserved to have their childhood ripped away from them like that.

The funeral was held on a day that didn't fit the theme. A bright sunshiny day, uncharacteristic to our region. Blue sky was dotted by only a few clouds, white ones instead of the ominous grey ones that were a common sight. There was a light breeze that blew the flowers that were scattered around in a tasteful manner. Lorelei had been the funeral planner and I knew it must have killed her to do so. Yet he had no one else to do it, no family left other than her.

The black she wore was different, she added a pop of color. Maybe this wasn't normal attire for such a sullen event but I knew it was because he always chided her for only wearing black.

There were few to the funeral. My family, Lorelei, a few people who had worked in the business, another couple, and what looked like their daughter.

Chet had been sentenced to Azkaban, he was gone from their lives forever. His wrongdoings just kept unveiling themselves, even his most loyal of goons turned on him when they were given lessened times and found out what he was actually capable of. Most of them had known that Chet had killed Greyson's parents, but none of them could imagine him ever hurting Greyson himself. It was to their horror that he had done more than just hurt him.

My father was straight faced but I knew this was bothering him. From what I know of his own past it must have been eerily similar. If my father had not have gotten out when he did this could have easily been his own fate. My mother seemed to be thinking the same, placing a comforting hand on his arm as they looked on.

"Hi, you must be Sophia," the girl I had seen before looked up at me, she was young...maybe nine or ten. Dirty blonde hair and big blue eyes void of any makeup on her pretty face. "I'm Teigan," she spoke again, barely a whisper, "he may not have mentioned me."

It clicked then and I didn't know how I didn't see it. They shared many similarities. I had heard so much about Greyson's sister over time, I had always been curious. I never had any siblings and wondered what it was like. Though I knew Greyson and his sister didn't exactly have the most normal bond since it was rare he could see her.

I studied the girl and felt like Greyson must have all those months ago. Wait, was it really months? It felt like years...lifetimes. Staring at the girl I saw the pure innocence that was practically pouring from her. Innocence I knew after Greyson had given so much to protect her. I wasn't completely fooled by that innocence. There was a pain in her eyes that said she had lost too many things in her life.

"No, I know who you are," I attempted to smile at the girl but couldn't, the muscles in my face twitching but not allowing to show an emotion I hadn't felt in a while.

"He visited me recently," she whispered as she faced the closed casket. "He talked about you."

I hadn't know he visited her, especially wouldn't have ever guess that he would have mentioned me. He had told me about her so many times. He would talk about their childhood. He would also talk about their parents on occasion as well. I wondered if she knew how much he gave up for her. I wondered if he ever knew about her uncle's business. Eventually I was sure she would be told, that wasn't something I thought should be kept from her. "He loved much. He would of done anything for you."

A ghost of a smile played at her lips as her eyes stayed fixed on the casket. Turning those eyes towards me she spoke, "you know, he loved you too."

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