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The Adventures of Abigail Higgs and Potter Boy by alicia and anne
Chapter 6 : The One With The Four Hour Nap
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Chapter image of Abigail and Michelle.

I had always found it strange how sometimes the days at Hogwarts would pass in a blur, whilst others would pass at a snail’s pace.

My first week at Hogwarts seemed to pass quite slowly in my opinion and I was grateful for it to finally be the weekend. Michelle, on the other hand, didn’t seem to thrilled about this fact. Quidditch trials had begun for Hufflepuff the other day. The reason it was so early was on Michelle’s insistence to the new Captain that they needed to try out for quite a few places.

Even though he had agreed and set up a tryout for new members, she was annoyed with the fact that he needed a second day of tryouts. I thought he had a good idea; you can’t base it all on one practice alone. But Michelle apparently didn’t see it that way. She was told that morning that tryouts would take place after lunch, which we had just come back from, so Michelle could change into her uniform and I could grab my bag so that I could do homework.

“I can’t believe that I have to go to another Quidditch tryout because of the ‘new Captain’.” Michelle made quotation marks with her fingers as she spoke. “Couldn’t decide between a few people. It’s bloody ridiculous I tell you! If I was Captain I would have chosen straight away, like that.” She clicked her fingers. “I would be cut throat in my decisions. As a Captain you need to make decisions quickly and efficiently. You need someone who’s good from the start, someone who lives and breathes Quidditch.”

“Are we talking about new members or Captains now?” I asked her. She turned to look at me.

“Players, of course. Although I would have been a better Captain. What were they thinking putting him in charge? He’s useless! He clearly has no backbone.”

“I don’t think he has no backbone, he’s clearly giving people a second chance to show their skills. Maybe the people trying out weren’t good enough the first time?” I told her, coming to the defence of Lucien, which probably was a mistake, judging by the look that Michelle just shot me.

“It’s a stupid decision, though. Now we’ve got to waste our time on this instead of actually practicing,” Michelle said, throwing her arms up in the air in anger. She gave a loud groan before picking up her broom and turning to look at me. “Are you going to come down and watch?”

“I’ve got some stuff that I want to do up here, and then I might pop down for a bit. I probably should in case you attack Lucien.” I said jokingly.

“He wouldn’t need attacking if he wasn’t making such bad decisions!” Michelle huffed, before she left the room.

“Well, that was interesting,” Isabella said from across the room. I turned to look at her with a smile on my face; she had been around for all of Michelle’s rant, watching on in silence.

“She does get a little crazy about it all,” I said, picking up a few things and placing them in my school bag to take with me to the library.

“Speaking of her being crazy, Is she still as obsessed with Ethan as she is with Quidditch?” she asked me curiously.

I stalled at her words, unsure what to say about the subject. Sure Michelle did have a crush on Ethan, a big crush, but I didn’t know if anyone else knew. I continued looking down at my bag as I thought about how best to respond to the question she had just asked me.

“What makes you think that Michelle likes Ethan?” I asked coyly; it was the best that I could come up with. Isabella laughing out loud made me look up at her quickly.

“Oh, Abigail, everyone knows about Michelle’s ‘obsession’ with Ethan Richards. The entire school knew last year; she wasn’t exactly good at hiding it, was she?”

I had to admit that Michelle really wasn’t that good at hiding her obsession. The amount of times that she would drag me places because she heard that Ethan might be there. Or the amount of times that she took me the long way around, on our way either to or from classes. It was just so we could go passed Ethan’s one, that he didn’t share with us. Mainly on the off chance that he would be walking down the corridor and she could see him. It was a little bit full on at times and Michelle had thankfully either grown out of it, or calmed down a lot, if only to make poor Ethan’s life a bit easier.

I gave a small shrug and a smile over at Isabella in reaction to her question. She smiled back at me as she stood up from where she had been sitting on her bed.

“I understand, Abigail, you don’t want to spill your friend's secrets. I’d be the same way; I shouldn’t have asked you that question,” Isabella said, and I felt immediately better that she understood. I didn’t want Michelle thinking that I had been spreading things about her, even to our roommate.

“Listen, if you’re not actually doing anything and you don’t end up going down to the Quidditch pitch to watch the training, you’re welcome to come and join me down on the field. I’ll be sitting down there and reading a book in the sun; a few Ravenclaws might be joining me at some point, but if you want I’ll be down there,” she told me. She had her book in her hand and a pair of sunglasses in the other.

“That sounds nice; I might take you up on the offer if I can get down there,” I told her. It was really nice of her to offer for me to go and hang around with her.

She gave me a smile before she bid me goodbye and left the room.

Once she left the room, I looked down at the bag that I had just packed. I knew I should be going to the library and do homework, but in all honesty I was feeling quite lazy.

Maybe I should just stay up here and lay on my bed for a while.

That sounded like a very good plan to me.

I kicked my shoes off and placed my bag on the floor after I had pulled my new comic book out of it. I lay down on my bed and got myself comfortable as I looked at the front page of it. The blood red wording of the title stuck out brilliantly. ‘The Headless Ghoul’ was one of my father’s darker pieces of works and at times it really scared me. But that’s what made it a best seller and one of the ones that rocketed the sale of his work.

I loved when my dad would send me the newest edition of his work before anyone else would get it in shops or delivered to their homes. It was a great perk to being his daughter.

My cat joined me on the bed once I had made it to the second page. I was secretly glad as the comic was beginning to get darker and I knew it wouldn’t be long until pictures started to jump out of the pages and scare me.

“Hey, Fatty,” I said, letting go of the comic book with one hand and scratching him on the top of the head. Snowball purred at me before giving a ‘meow’ and sitting down next to me. I stopped scratching the top of his head and picked up the other end of the comic again. Snowball moved closer to me and lay down on top of my arm, his head close to my face as he purred loudly into my ear.

“Every damn time,” I muttered, as I felt his paws move to touch my face. Ever since he had been a kitten he would always lay as close to me as he could, moving his paws so that they were touching my face whilst he slept away. I thought that maybe it was a comfort thing; knowing that I was so close by possibly made him feel more at ease and able to sleep better. It was my own fault really. I was the one who insisted on carrying him around like he was a baby half the time. It was my fault that I woke up many times with him laying across my face and finding myself struggling to breathe.

His purring in my ear and slight snoring was beginning to make me feel sleepy. I could feel my eyes beginning to sting a little as I struggled to make them focus on the page, feeling the tiredness sweeping over me. I gave a yawn and closed the comic book, placing it down on the floor next to my bed.

“I think that you’ve had the best idea I’ve heard all day, Snowball,” I muttered to my cat as I closed my eyes and felt myself beginning to drift away to sleep.

“Have you been asleep the entire time that I’ve been gone?” a voice said, waking me up from my sleep. I blinked up at the source of the voice to see Michelle sitting on her bed and taking off her Quidditch boots.

“How long have you been gone?” I asked sleepily, sitting up and noticing that my cat had moved and was now laying down near my feet. I must have accidentally moved in my sleep and disturbed him.

“Nearly four hours,” she informed me and I had to hide my shock.

Did I really just take a four hour nap? If I did, then how on earth was I still feeling utterly exhausted?

“It’s nearly dinner time, you better start getting ready,” Michelle told me. “I’m going to have a quick shower.”

I nodded slowly as I stifled a yawn that tried to escape my lips, whilst running a hand through my hair and noticing that it was sticking up and slightly matted at the back. One of the only downsides to napping was waking up with bed hair. Another downside was waking up, having bed hair and not having enough energy to actually want to do anything about it.

Quite a dilemma I tell you!

Thankfully by the time that Michelle had come out of the bathroom after her shower, already dressed and brushing her damp hair. I had managed to stand up, put my feet into shoes and put my hair up in a messy bun in the hopes that it looked like the mess was intentional.

“You ready?” she asked me.

“Yeah,” I yawned as I stretched, trying not to think of how big a mistake it was to actually nap. “Let’s go and get some food.”

The short walk to the Great Hall took almost all the little energy that I had from me. I was struggling not to fall back asleep on the table in front of me after we had sat down. I shook myself slightly in an attempt to jolt my body into waking up, before reaching for some food. I glanced up and saw that Isabella wasn’t that far from me and grinning at my actions. I couldn’t help but smile back, slightly embarrassed.

As I placed some pork onto my plate and waited for Michelle to be done taking roast potatoes, I looked up at the Gryffindor table. Mainly out of habit now instead of anything else.

I noticed, as I do quite often now, that James was looking over at me. He was sitting next to William, who was eating his food and attempting to talk to James. When James noticed that I was watching him, he gave me a wink and a smile. I gave him a smile back before looking back down at my dinner quickly, still getting slightly embarrassed whenever he talked or acknowledged me. Michelle was watching me as I grabbed for some roast potatoes and I knew that she had seen me smiling at James.

“Have you thought of maybe beginning to ignore James yourself? I mean, if he won’t do it just yet and is clearly stringing you along, maybe it’ll do the trick and make him realise that you’re not going to be fooled by whatever it is that he has planned,” Michelle said to me, causing me to look at her in slight shock at her words. She seemed so hell bent on James talking to me and having some clear alternative intention. She wouldn’t even try and accept the fact that maybe James was being nice for no reason other than he wants to be nice to me.

“I can’t do that, Michelle. Besides, I don’t want to do that. It’s really mean,” I told her. I knew that I was worried that maybe he had an ulterior motive, but I didn’t want to think of James in that way.

“Well, when you realise that he’s probably doing all this for entertainment, then don’t come crying to me,” Michelle stated. I gave an annoyed sigh at her words; she was really starting to annoy me with all this talk. But she either couldn’t see how it was affecting me, or she just didn’t care; either way she wasn’t stopping.

“What would you do if this all happened with Ethan?” I asked her, letting my annoyance and tiredness take over my mouth before I could rein it in and stop it.

“It hasn’t, and even if it did, I would know that it’s not true. I would stop it before letting it get too far and letting myself get hurt by it all. You’ll realise soon that it’s not worth it, Abigail,” Michelle told me, in a tone that suggested that the conversation was finished. “I just don’t want you to get hurt.”

I almost scoffed at her words; bit ironic that she would say that and yet she would say things that hurt my feelings anyway. But I kept my mouth shut and chose to glare down at my dinner, having so many thoughts running through my head of the things that I could and should say to her in response to what she had said.

Why couldn’t she understand that it was my choice whether I wanted to keep talking to James and let this play out? That maybe she should grow up and stop interfering in my life? That she should stop being so jealous and just maybe be happy and supportive of me? But I couldn’t say those words. I wanted to. But every time I would try to pluck up the courage to, a little voice in my head would stop me and remind me that if Michelle stopped being my friend then I don’t have many, if any, other options for a friend. I would rather have a friend to hang around with then not have one.

So I settled for being the pushover that I always am, and hated myself for it.

Why couldn’t I grow a backbone and stand up for myself?

A/N: Poor Abigail, she really needs to stand up for herself.

I know this chapter doesn't feature much of James and Abigail, but the next chapter is full of James and Abigail moments!

Thanks for reading and for the amazing reviews! I love you all! :D *gives hugs and cookies*

Once again my Beta Sam is awesome!!! :D

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